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Danny, Sam's body [third person].

Danny sprinted over to Sam's usual class, which was Mr. Winn's Social Studies. He knew he was over 30 minutes late and missed half the class, but he didn't want to get Sam in trouble.

Good thing I memorized Sam's schedule beforehand or I wouldn't know where I would be going. He thought. Memorizing Sam's schedule…wow, that doesn't sound stalker-ish at all.

He chuckled slightly at his own sarcasm and walked up to Mr. Winn's classroom door. Danny tried to kill his time by studying the symbols and designs that decorated the door. There was one word on the top of the door that caught his attention: Honors.

Oh crap. He winced as realization struck him. This is an honors' class. Danny was nowhere near being qualified for an honors' class! How was he supposed to act as smart as Sam without looking like a total idiot!

Well, there was always the solution of skipping class and avoiding total humiliation. Danny considered this for a second, then shook his head no. There was no way he was gonna risk getting Sam in even more trouble than what she was probably already bargained for.

Taking a deep breath (and accepting his fate), he creaked open the door. He could feel all eyes on him as he only made eye contact with the teacher.

"Ms. Manson! Why have you missed over half of the class!" he asked in a weak British accent, one that you can barely catch unless you listen closely. Darn it! Should've thought of a lie! Danny mentally kicked himself for not becoming prepared.

"I…uh…slept late?" Danny's said, raising Sam's voice at the end so it sounded more like a question than an explanation.

"That is ridiculous, I saw you this morning, Ms. Manson! So tell me the truth or that's a detention for you!" the Social Studies teacher snapped back. Danny inwardly rolled his eyes. Man, when Sam said this teacher hated her, she wasn't joking.

"I…um, fell asleep? Yeah, I fell asleep…in the…bathroom." The bathroom. Danny thought, mentally kicking at himself yet again. Really, Fenton? In the bathroom? Way to embarrass your best friend.

"You fell asleep…in the bathroom." the teacher echoed, and snickers and snorts of laughter were heard throughout the classroom. A red blush appeared on Sam's face and Danny looked down. "And why do I have a hard time believing that preposterous tale?" the teacher asked.

The blush vanished as Danny narrowed Sam's eyes at the teacher, shrugged, and said the first thing that popped into his brain. "Hey, you asked for the truth, so there you have it. If you don't believe it, then that's not my problem."

Silence. That's all Danny's ears picked up. Then he processed what just came out of his mouth. Mental face palm. Now why did I just say that! He didn't ask himself that question as a rhetorical question, but really pondered on the thought. Why did he say that?

Mr. Winn snapped him out of his confused thoughts, startling him with a smart 'humph!' that meant Danny was going to pay for saying that. Danny snapped Sam's head up to the ticked off teacher. "Well, Ms. Manson. I don't think one detention will quite do it. Today and tomorrow you will be staying after school with me, cleaning classrooms."

Sam's rebellious instincts told Danny to protest against the teacher, but Danny fought back by biting his tongue. He just angrily stomped to Sam's seat. His loud stomping took everyone aback a little, the stomps being maximized due to Sam's loud combat boots.

Danny sat down in Sam's seat, before glancing at the time. Now he had time to figure out Sam's thoughts. Wait. He realized something. Something small, but it was still significant. How did I know where Sam sat?

Danny pondered on this thought. It somehow mixed into the previous act he just did, talking back to the teacher. He wouldn't know where Sam sat. He wouldn't talk back to a teacher like that. But Sam would.

It's like Sam's normal instincts are effecting my capability to control my actions…and I would never have been able to comprehend what I just said without Sam's smart brain to help, he thought to himself.

It kinda made sense. Danny and Sam switched bodies, as well as brains, but maybe their natural instincts are kicking their brain switch from manual to automatic.

As Danny thought deeper into this, he thought of his natural instincts. "Oh no." he whispered under his breath. "My natural instincts are my ghost powers…" he softly said in the same tone. What if something goes wrong and Danny's natural instincts kick into Sam? What if she accidentally exposes him somehow?

Danny peeked at the clock: only 5 minutes left. He'll have to get to Sam to see how she's been doing ever since she got Danny's foot out of the wall. I wonder if Sam is having as cruddy as a day as I am…

Sam, Danny's body [third person].

Sam ran towards Danny's usual English class, taught by Mr. Lancer, and skidded to a stop once she reached the door. She didn't hesitate to wrap Danny's large hang around the doorknob, shove it open, and proudly pranced right in.

Luckily, Sam had went into this class before with Danny in it, so she already knew right where he sat. She was about to casually walk over to his desk before she was interrupted.

"Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Fenton! Why on earth are you so late!"

Well, at least this is Mr. Lancer, he'll probably let me off easy with a warning, Sam assured herself. "Well, Mr. Lancer, I sort of got into a…problem…"

"It couldn't be any more important than showing up for class! I'm counting as skipping class, so that's a detention for you, Mr. Fenton."

So much for being let off easy. Sam thought. She wanted to object her detention and refuse to go. And she knew, that if this was a normal situation, she definitely would. But she was in no normal situation. But that still didn't explain her hesitation on protesting.

She found herself automatically answering, "Y-yes, Mr. Lancer." Wait. What? Did I just stutter? She wanted to yell out in confusion and scream at the out-of-shape teacher for his ignorance. But something was forcing her to hold her tongue.

She huffed as she clumsily stumbled to Danny's desk, and plopped down. She was somehow making herself brush off the incident and move on, although she wanted quite the opposite. She thought it was something about the body switching.

Maybe Danny's emotions are mixing in with mine, or something. Sam couldn't figure things out with Danny's low IQ brain, she wanted her own. And she wanted answers, now! Sam smiled knowingly to herself. And when I need answers, I need Tucker.


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