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The day of the Witch

AU/VD: Set after 'All my children', Elena Gilbert disappears. Trouble soon arrives and gets the originals very worried. The town discovers they have bigger problems than ever before. Elena returns as the heir of the most powerful sorceress ever and has plans of her own for the vampire community.

Chapter 1

The Clarion Call

Elena's eyes flickered open. It was morning again. The sun was shining high in the sky, a promise for a good day, with just a smudge of clouds onto the north. The house was quiet as Rick had not returned yet or he was probably still asleep in bed. It was morning again.

It was the morning after the unsuccessful attempt of Esther to kill her children, the abomination of nature, the original vampires. They were still around. Finn had disappeared with Esther to the other side, Klaus and Rebecca were probably plotting something together and Elijah, well, he was gone too, just as the young brother Cole. And if this was the end of it anyone would be happy but it was not. Damon and Stefan set to convert Abby into a vampire to stop Esther so now Bonnie needed some time alone, with Caroline.

Elena was feeling alone again, left by everyone. She thrust her head and sat up in her bed. Today, she was not going to think about anyone of this past. Yes, she was going to ignore all of them as though they are part of the scenery, a tree, a rock. She was no vampire but even humans can do that when they put their mind to it.

She stood up and moved to take a shower. The refreshing cool water cleared all doubts. She had made her mind for today. He dressed casual though full of colour. It was a bit unlike her but it was high time she lived. Make up and all, she took her purse and opened the door.

On its frame, Stefan stood. He was obviously about to knock. Just shy behind him was Damon. They have come together – how touching. But she ignored him pushing him aside and locking the door.

"Elena!" – He called.

She stopped for a moment, turned around and then around. She looked like a person wondering where the sound was coming from. When she apparently did not find it, she shrugged and was on her way.

Reaching the car, she opened the door and sat in. She put the key in the ignition vaguely noticing the two standing completely dumbfounded looking at each other. But they were also standing before the car thinking she wouldn't. She flipped the switch and the engines roared. She put her seatbelt and stepped onto the gas. The two had no choice but to move aside. She smiled at herself. It was going to be a wonderful day.

"Did she just try to run us over?" – Damon asked still looking after the dust left by the wheels of Elena's car.

His brother shrugged. "Apparently,"

"And this doesn't concern you?"

"Nope, though..."


"She completely ignored us as though we were part of the scenery."

"I noticed."

"So, you being bad again, how does it feel?"

"Very funny, brother," – Damon said. A few wrinkles appeared on his forehead for Stefan was right. Elena had treated them as part of the view like a tree or a rock. "How does it feel for you to be considered a tree?"

"She'll get over it."

"Right," – Damon remarked rather sarcastically but in his usual manner. "I suppose you and I should do what we do best."

"Declaring war again Damon?"

"No, having a brother time..."

"Sounds fun,"

The two looked at each other again and then disappeared like phantoms in the night though it was day but that's what it looked like. Not far away, in the woods, a cloaked figure observed it all. It brought a smile. It was going to be a very good day indeed.

Elena arrived at school, parked and went happily inside. She reached her locker and took her books for the day. Closing her locker, she saw Caroline but ignored her as well.

"Hey Elena," – Caroline began apologizing. "You know about Bonnie..."

Elena, however, past by her without a second thought and went into class. Caroline joined in too. The class began but Elena did not look even once at her, and even when she did it appeared as thought she was seeing right through her. It was like she was not even there and it puzzled Caroline.

The class ended Elena joined with the rest of the class in joyful talk about anything but their current issues. It was so refreshing – no vampires, no werewolves, and no witches. It was a perfect teenager day.

Caroline was ignored all day and even when Bonnie came she felt as well as part of the walls for Elena ignored her as well.

"Has she been spelled or compelled?" – Bonnie asked before the third class began.

Caroline shrugged. She really did not know what to answer. Elena was acting so unlike her.

"Hey, what's up?"

"We're having girls' day at Elena's." – A classmate replied and sat on her place.

"What?" – Bonnie looked again at Caroline. "What's with her?"

"I don't know. You are the witch you tell me."

"Oh, thank you,"

"Sorry, Bonnie, I did not mean it that way." – Caroline apologized with a sigh. "We've all been through a lot as of late."

"Yeah, some more than others," – Bonnie could not resist retorting.

The classes ended for the day. Elena was back at her car while on the way talking with anyone but her best friends.

"Yes, tomorrow night, at home, I expect you there. Ok, bye," Elena reached her car, got in and drove away.

Passing through the woods on the way home, she suddenly heard a loud but soft horn. She was on the breaks. She got out and opened her ears for the sound. Shortly after, the sound repeated itself somewhat closer. Intrigued Elena followed it.

The sound led her deeper into the forest to an unfamiliar glade. The colour palette there was beyond amazing – vivid colours – green, blue, yellow, red – all almost alive. In the middle of the glade was the source of the sound – a beautiful horn though it looked more like a clarion. It was silver and with ornaments on the sides.

She walked to it without fear that something sinister was going to happen. She felt an attraction to it, like it was calling her or for her. She couldn't tell. It was an odd sensation and yet somehow familiar.

Her fingers ran on its smooth surface. The metal was cool at touch and warm at the same time. She frowned a bit. It was an unusual combination. She could not resist though picking it up. She brought it to her lips, her lungs contracted and she blew in it closing her eyes. The clarion call was so clear and so pure. She had never heard a sound so powerful and with such grace of a melody, and yet all of it felt familiar.

She opened her eyes. The glade was gone and so was the forest. She was standing on a clear hill overlooking the valley beneath. It was still near the end of the day but there were far more clouds in the sky than when she came to it. The horn was still in her hands warm and cool.

The only other difference was the fog around her. It was not thick or scary but soft like linen and crystal like. It was sparkling, breathtaking. In the fog, she saw a shape of a figure, and it was coming towards her.

Her heartbeat increased but not of fear. It felt more like anticipation, joyful anticipation. When the figure cleared the last layers of the fog and came into view, her eyes grew wide – surprise but also expectation, no, longing. Her heart was filled with joy and happiness, and brought her beautiful smile on her lips. Yes, today is really a good day. It was a dream come true.

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