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The day of the Witch

AU/VD: Set after 'All my children', Elena Gilbert disappears. Trouble soon arrives and gets the originals very worried. The town discovers they have bigger problems than ever before. Elena returns as the heir of the most powerful sorceress ever and has plans of her own for the vampire community.

'Mystic Falls, the town carried its name well. It was the home of mysticism. It was the home of the first vampire family the Michelsons, led by Nicklaus. It was place where witches were burnt, witches that have migrated from Salem. It was the home of the Salvatore brothers turned in 1864 by yet another vampire, Katherina Petrova. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.' – The Vampire Diaries. 'It was the place history will remember forever. It will recall the set – Elder Vampires no one knew existed until recently and the hybrid armies of Nicklaus. And it will also remember the day the heir of the most powerful sorceress took over. That day will be known as the Day of the Witch.'

Chapter 10

The Day of the Witch

Klaus gave the order for attack on the six Elder Vampires. The latter prepared for the onslaught to follow but it never came. Instead the hybrids separated in two forming line of people standing one next to the other from the Elders to the stairs where the Michelsons stood in awe.

"I said attack!" – Klaus shouted again but no one obeyed his hail.

The hybrids behind the Elder Vampires formed also two lines and it reminded Tobias of guards awaiting the arrival of their king. All they were missing were the pikes and the flags, and the shiny armors with the helmets.

From afar they noticed movement. It was someone familiar – the Salvatore brothers, Caroline Forbes and the Salem witch – Bonnie Bennett. But they looked just as stunned and surprised as the Elders and the Michelsons.

The group passed by the Elders and stopped at the foot of the stairs. Stefan Salvatore climbed up until he stood next to Elijah while his brother remained at the foot. Caroline stood by his side with Bonnie. It all seemed too surreal to be happening.

"ATTACK!" – Klaus shouted the command having turned red of the effort but still nothing. His eyeballs were spinning out of orbit. He was on the verge of losing control. No one could figure out why the hybrids sired by him were disobeying his command. It was a mystery.

Klaus shouted again his command and this he did lose control. He was already down and decapitated two hybrids without a second thought however they did not break line. He took the hearts of two others from the other side and still no response.

He moved to his next victims but this was as far as they were going to let him. The fallen were those who had recently killed. The rest of the hybrids except those behind the Elders moved as one. Despite Klaus' superiority they overwhelmed him and soon they put restraints strong enough to hold even him. Everything happened so quickly that the others had no time to intervene.

"HOW DARE YOU?" – Klaus was a pitiful sight. He had gone berserk. His eyes were almost out of their sockets. His sides were red of the effort it was costing him to break free of the chains. "I WILL KILL THE LOT OF YOU!" And a moment later, the struggle came to an abrupt end as they fastened the chain tighter around his neck and he choked and gasped for air before losing consciousness.

The Elders were so surprised and shocked of what had transpired that they have not moved even one inch from where they were standing at the moment Klaus had given the order for the first time. They stood speechless much like the rest of the Michelsons, the Salvatores brothers, Caroline Forbes and Bonnie Bennett.

The silence thickened. Out of nowhere a shadow came from above. The Salvatores gasped. It was another familiar face – Katherine Pierce. She landed near the chained Klaus with a glee of joy present in her eyes. She stood on the side of the hybrids and waited for the furthering of the plot. She had no idea what the figure in black had in mind but it was definitely turning to be mightily interesting.

Tobias was mostly surprised when Katherine appeared among them as he had not sensed her even approach. She might have been there all along of course but still he did not sense her and this was hardly possible. His senses could pinpoint anything within a mile of the manor and yet he had missed her. It made him frown. How was this possible?

Elijah made a step down and the hybrids immediately changed posture. It became clear the same would happen to him no matter how much faster was he than them. Their numbers were still overwhelming. Cole and Rebecca had not moved either but that was because they had mixed feelings about the whole thing anyway.

"What the hell?" – Damon finally exclaimed. He had grown out of his initial stupor. The hybrids near him bared their werewolf fangs suggesting he remains where he is otherwise he will be pushing daisies here and there.

Stefan also had mixed feelings about it. He was certain Bonnie felt the same way. And once more in his mind a thought reoccurred without invitation – where is Elena. She would be enjoying this as well. The hybrids had inexplicably turned on Klaus.

And then suddenly without warning in the middle between the stairs and the Elders out of thin air a figure dressed all in black appeared. All the hybrids bent down to their knees just as Klaus came back to consciousness. His eyes were fixed in utter disbelief into the figure that much was visible and it made Stefan wonder.

He was seeing only the back of the figure but there was something about it. The figure's hair looked so familiar. Only the silver wreath was unfamiliar to him. A better look showed him more familiarity. This figure resembled strangely the love of his life. But that couldn't be. It was not possible.

"ELENA!" – Stefan exclaimed shocked when the figure turned around and faced the people standing on the stairs.

She was hardly recognizable. The innocence and fear in her eyes and posture had gone. They were replaced with confidence and coldness he had never seen in her before. Her attire easily rivaled that of the superheroes in the comics – black leathered trousers, high heeled boots, and black shirt with sleeves in silver tassels, black mantle with a fire breathing dragon embroidered on the back when she was turned around, silver gloves with unfamiliar green gemmed ring, and the only familiar thing was her necklace.

"Arise!" – Even her voice had changed. It was steady and controlled filled with authority that knew no contradiction. "Put him there!" The command was obeyed instantly at the place she pointed.

"How?" – Klaus managed to squeeze when he had grown out of his shock.

"I'm sure everyone would like to know." – Tobias said and made a step forward.

"Keep your feet where they stood before, Elder Tobias or your blood will color the ground and your head adorn the nearest scarecrow." – Elena hissed warningly. The mere sound made Tobias retreat involuntarily.

Elena ignored the looks her friends were throwing at her. She walked to where the hybrids placed Klaus. Her eyes studied him for a moment then she waved her ringed hand and Klaus fell in agony he could hardly describe but it was perfectly visible in the contorted expression on his face.

Elijah barely held himself. He made a move. The other hybrids did not intervene though as it was hardly necessary. Elijah had barely reached Elena when he felt agony he could not even begin to describe and his face became as contorted as that of Klaus.

"Anyone else feeling heroic?" – Elena asked eyeing the rest. "No?" She jerked her head slightly. "Good. Intervene and you shall suffer." She turned her attention back to Klaus. She moved behind him while lightly running her fingers through his hair before making their way down his head till they reached his cheekbones then she grabbed him firmly and turned his head into the direction of the hybrids.

"So many lives have you ruined while trying to make them. How many more did you ruin afterwards? I had sent my brother away so he can be safe from you and your minions. But how many paid the price for that – Isobel, my biological mother, John – the man gave his life to save mine, Jenna, my aunt whom you turned into a vampire, Taylor who you made bite Caroline and almost killing her, Damon suffered as well, and Stefan whose love you ripped and you turned him into this ugly thing, Finn, Cole, Rebecca and Elijah, your own brothers and sister whom you stabbed, your own father who you killed with your own hands, and then your mother, and then last but not least all those in between that have suffered at your hand but no more, my dear, sweet, Nicklaus."

Elena released him of her grip and stood before him. His agony was so overwhelming he could not speak yet. She held it for a minute more before releasing him of it.

"Fate intervened and gave me the chance to fix the wrongs your mother began so long ago. By any right I should kill you."

"No one can kill me!" – Klaus spat.

"You are very wrong here. I believe Katherina gave you a taste of that unintentionally granted but still." She faced the others and proclaimed so everyone could hear. "The White Oak tree survived. It is the only thing every original fears, even you Klaus." And she turned to face him again. "You are not immune to it and you know it. But the tree is only one of the many various ways to get rid of you for good. I strike down Cole and you follow him into death's cold hands. You haven't forgotten you are still linked?"

Klaus has not forgotten that little parting gift of his mother's but he still wondered how Elena knew of it and or how she was obviously controlling his hybrids.

"Elena," – Stefan called and put much pleading in his voice so she would listen to him.

Her eyes found his but the dark cold flame in them had not subdued and the message was clear – stay away then her eyes moved to Elijah and released of the grip of the agony. She even helped him stand up. He couldn't on his own.

"You've always been honorable and I respect that, Elijah, but do not attempt to stop me again or I shall be merciless." – She whispered in his ears.

Even at such close proximity, Elijah could feel the barrier separating them. He knew even if he tried he would fail. One thing he knew for certain, Elena was no longer human, she was a witch and the power that streamed from her was a power he had never seen before. It was overwhelming all his senses so he nodded in understanding.

"How?" – He said aloud though. He was eager to know as much as everyone.

She looked at him and smiled pointing at herself. Elijah did not understand.

"Klaus, do you know why your mother's spell actually worked?"

"Which spell?"

"Which spell," – Elena chuckled. "The spell that created you, who made you vampires in the first place, of course?"

"It worked because she performed the ritual right." – Cole answered instead.

"Not at all, young Cole." – Elena shook head. "It worked because the right ingredients were present. To overwhelm the natural balance, you need something powerful. And as much as the human race would like it to think they are such they are not enough."


"She's right." – Tobias interjected. "You need a witch."

"There were two witches present – my mother and Anya." – Cole replied.

"You misunderstand, young one. The witches performed the spell yes but they needed the blood of an event of overwhelming strength in order to override the balance of nature to make it work. The Petrovas are witches. They have always been." – Tobias explained earning his strange looks from his fellow Elders. They thought what he had said to Hunter Samuels was fiction.

Stefan, Damon and the others looked in utter disbelief at this statement.

"No, that's impossible." – Stefan shook head. "She had never displayed any witchy signs."

"That's because my genes were dormant." – Elena explained. "If I had died in the ritual, truly died without interference of any kind, nature would have reset the whole event."

"Meaning what?" – Stefan frowned trying to understand.

"It means that over a thousand years of history would have been erased. Klaus would have never existed. Maybe it would have been Elijah in his place maybe no one. That part is difficult to predict."

Even Klaus was shocked of the answer. "My mother always intended for the doppelganger to die preventing me from creating the hybrids."

"True," – Elena acknowledged. "But what she did not know was that the spell she used was as binding as a magical contract and thus certain rules apply. Fortunately for you I did not die and fortunately for me I survived to this very point where your life is going to get a rather stern turn, a rude wakeup call as Katherina would say."


"Yes," – Elena smiled and it was devious.

"Kill me then!"

"Oh, no," – Elena shook head and her smile grew wider. "You're not getting off this easily. I have special plans for you and the rest of your kind. Join him!" She turned to the original family pointing at the place where Klaus stood.

Elijah stood next to his brother. Cole and Rebecca however did not come.

"I will not repeat again." – The threat was present in her voice.

"Yeah, right," – Cole replied. "Make me!"

"I will if you insist."

"You can't make me."

"Make you – no compel yes."

Cole started to laugh uncontrollably. "Compel me? You're insane."

Elena muttered something and Cole's expression changed drastically. His face relaxed as did his body. "Come here!" Elena commanded and Cole obeyed much to everyone's dismay and surprise. He stopped next to his brothers. The vacant expression on his face did not quit him. Elena's eyes turned to Rebecca. Seeing her ability to control even them, Rebecca obeyed.

"Good," – Elena said and faced them. "You will not get away this easily. For a long time, you've been able to hide behind the infamous switch of emotions. No more! By the power of the blood, which made you, I revoke your ability to switch off guilt, shame, and all these lovely feelings that make you human. I wonder Klaus what a thousand years of suffering and guilt would do to you and I feel pity but you earned it so now you're going to reap the benefits of all these years."

The ring on her hand shone brightly and they all felt the mentioned feelings with such overwhelming strength that they all lost consciousness. Elena then turned to Stefan and the others.

"The same is valid for you as well." – Elena said and her power removed the one thing that some of them found cool for being a vampire. For Damon and Stefan, it was overwhelming as well, for Caroline it wasn't that much as she had not been a vampire for long.

Elena waited for Klaus and his siblings to come around then she spoke again. "I banish you from Mystic Falls forever. Should you ever return you will die by the power of the blood that binds you, my blood and that of my ancestor – Morana that you carry as well! You have until tomorrow morning to leave after that the spell comes into effect."

Elena turned around and left them. She stopped before the Elders.

"You are banished as well."

"Your blood doesn't have control over us, young Elena." – Tobias countered.

"No, it doesn't but I have restituted Morana's curse upon you." – Elena stated coldly. The smugness of Tobias was wiped from his face. His eyes from amused contracted into tiny slits, fear was present there. "Leave before the night or suffer the consequences."

And she walked away from them. The hybrid army formed around her and together they left the manor.

The expression on Tobias' face was hard to read but two things were present in his eyes respect and fear. His eyes followed the young Elena until she and the hybrids were out of sight. Morana was the greatest and most feared sorceress this world has ever seen. And the Elders took the threat seriously. They had no business anymore into Mystic Falls. The town carried its name well.

The next day, Stefan and Damon were drowning their regrets and sorrows into a large bottle of whiskey. They truly no longer had the choice of turning off their feelings and the only now was to drown them into alcohol. The ability was gone though they certainly tried. It was as Rose had said – in time it doesn't work it is only pretence. But even that was not possible. They had to learn to live with it now.

"Well, you wanted to feel Stefan now we all have that joy!" – Damon stated.


"Hello boys!" – They looked up. It was Elena. She was no longer in her black attire but back in her usual clothes. Warm feelings streamed from her eyes for both of them. The truth was she loved both of them much like Katherina before. 'It is ok to love them both' she had said to her once and now she knew how right she had been.

"Where are your minions?" – Damon asked rising from the sofa to get another drink.

"Out there," – Elena smiled in reply. "There is a whole world waiting for them."

"Really? Well yesterday, they could not stay away from you."

"Yesterday was the day of the witch." Elena replied. She moved to him and kissed him passionately. "Today is the day of the Future, my love." She let go off him and went to kiss Stefan. "Tomorrow is when we will meet again." And she turned on the spot vanishing out of sight to make her plans for the vampire community flourish.

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