A 3 x100 word triabble by Amberdreams, Dizzo and Edina Clouds (not necessarily in that order)

WOW: triabble word = air; EO Challenge word - line

Disclaimer: we don't own them and however much we plot and scheme that's not going to change anytime soon!

Summary: The Winchesters' old friend, Jerry Panowski calls the boys. His passengers are being confronted with their worst fears in a series of mysterious attacks.

Seems it's time for phobias to be conquered. Again.


The EMF-meter had been trappist-monk-silent, so Dean digging fingers into his bicep and hissing in his ear made Sam jump.

"I thought this plane's supposed to be grounded!"

Sam glanced out of the window. All he could see was the flat expanse of concrete air-strip. They were clearly not airborne, yet Dean obviously thought different, if the terrified expression on his face was any indication.

Sam was torn. Tease or reassure?

Then he caught a flash of primary red and yellow, and the line into mockery was never crossed. It was Sam's turn to grab Dean.

"Did you see that?"


It was the slap in the face that Dean needed; the only thing that could ever shake off fear and anxiety - Sammy needed him.

In an instant he had rounded on the knife wielding clown.

"Okay Ronald … wanna kill us? ... get in line," he growled, firing a salt round into the painted faced freak.

But the ghost-busting ammo had no effect; moments later a large, white gloved hand was wrapped around Dean's throat and lifting him into the air.

"S'my," he gasped, struggling to break free, clawing at the appendage that was slowly choking him to death.


Fear for Dean overcame fear of the grotesque whiteface, and Sam lunged, throwing his nemesis off-balance.

"Stake," Dean yelled, "this stinks of the Trickster."

Sam acted swiftly; Dean's stake found the clown's heart.

The intercom crackled into life; "nice try Bucko; thanks for flying Trickster Airlines ... feel like some turbulence?"

Suddenly, the plane lurched into a screaming dive; leaving it's passengers huddled together in helpless terror.

It's not real ... " they gasped; "not real."

Opening their eyes, they found themselves burrowed into a corner of their room, entwined in a puke-inducingly humiliating tangle of limbs.

That, unfortunately, was totally real.



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