Would you know my name?

Chapter 1: If I saw you in heaven

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Note: For future reference Hinata will mainly go by his first name of Hideki, and yes the title comes from the song "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton. That song just popped into my head while watching the end of episode 10

It was a warm Saturday during the summer, her mother was preparing lunch, and Yui was staring out her window. She was watching the field next to her house waiting for something, but she couldn't quite decide what. Somehow she knew something was going to happen today, in fact she could picture it. It was like a half forgotten memory, but she was sure it hadn't happened yet. On a day just like this something was going to happen out in that field, and because of it she would meet someone special. Maybe she had seen it all in a dream, the blue haired boy coming into her room, talking with her, befriending her, spending so much time with her. Yet it didn't feel like a dream, it felt real, like it was definitely going to happen. It felt like a promise.

Hideki walked towards a large green field, a cool breeze at his back battled the sun's heat that washed over his face. For the past three weeks he had been wandering the city, searching for a place he had seen in a dream. In the dream there was a large grassy field slightly lower than the surrounding areas. On the far side of the field there were houses, and something about those houses seemed important. The dream felt important too, unlike any other dream Hideki remembered having. Maybe it was because he couldn't remember ever having the dream, or maybe it was because something inside him was telling him that he had something he needed to do in that dream. Something he needed to fulfill.

On this Saturday, the third week of his summer break, Hideki was sure he had finally found the place. He had carried with him some baseball gear, because that was what he had with him in his dream. But now what? Was exactly was he supposed to do here? For the life of him he couldn't remember. So he decided to practice batting a bit to help him figure it out. He always did his best thinking while he practiced batting.

Yui noticed something entering the far side of the field. Her mind raced with excitement, this has got to be it. Surely this was the person from her dreams. They were carrying something with them, a bag of sorts. They removed something from the bag before heading a bit further into the field. Then she remembered the window breaking, and how the person had come to retrieve something. She heard the ping of a bat, a sound she had heard many times before from the TV, but it sounded so much nicer in person. Then a baseball came crashing through the window, it bounced once before landing softly in her lap. She glanced out the window and noticed a blue haired boy running towards her house.

Her mother rushed into her room, alarmed by the sudden shattering sound, "Yui! Yui are you ok?"

Yui nodded her head, looking at the baseball in her lap, "I'm fine mom, this just came through the window"

"Oh thank goodness" Then the doorbell rang. "Ill be right there!" Yui's mother smiled at her daughter before leaving the room, satisfied that her precious child was unharmed.

Yui heard muffled conversation coming from the entrance of their small home. It's him, the person from my dreams, she thought just before her mom and tall blue haired boy appeared in her doorway. She recognized him from somewhere, sometime, like another life, but she couldn't remember his name.

"Yui this is Hideki Hinata, the boy who hit the baseball through your window."

"I'm terribly sorry, if there is anything I can do…" Hideki said, bowing his head.

"I-it's alright, I wasn't hurt or anything" Yui stammered, still somewhat in shock that the kind person from her dream was standing right before her.

"Why don't you stay a while, you can help clean up the pieces of the window. Lunch should be ready soon as well, you can have some if you'd like, we don't get much company."

"T-thanks Mrs.…"

"Nyazuki. Well, I think I will leave you two to the window, I'm going to finish making lunch."

"R-right" Hideki continued stuttering, rather shocked by the hospitality from the family whose window he just broke. He moved past Yui's bed to the window and began to clean up the mess.

"I'm sorry I can't help, it's just that I'm…"

"It's alright, it would be dangerous without shoes, and besides I'm the one who broke your window." Hideki cut in before Yui could finish. "Say, do you have a broom or something?"

"I think there is one in the closet in the hall" Yui answered, trying to decide if she should tell him or not, about her condition. Assuming nothing was wrong with her and that she had just woken up, he really was nice. "I… It can't help b-because I'm… paralyzed." That last word hurt, she'd never had to tell someone that before. It had always just been her and her mom, who would never be disappointed in her because of her disability. "I'm sorry"

"It's ok, it's not like it's your fault." Hideki looked up and gave Yui a reassuring smile. Even lying in bed she looked cute, and for some reason he just couldn't stand her getting upset.

Hideki finished picking up the glass as Mrs. Nyazuki entered the room with a tray of food.

"Mom, could we eat at the table today?"

"Sure, Hinata would you mind helping Yui?"

"S-sure thing Mrs. Nyazuki" With that Yui's mom left for the kitchen while Hideki moved to the side of Yui's bed. "Ready?" Yui responded with a simple nod, and Hideki scooped her up in his arms. She was so light, but Hideki supposed it was to be expected, she probably had almost no muscles to speak of and needed almost no body fat to support them. She rested her chin on his shoulder, and inside he felt at ease. He had finally found what he had been looking for.

Yui smiled to herself, and whispered a soft "Thank you" to Hideki. Although he may not have known it, she wasn't thanking him for picking her up and carrying her to the kitchen table, she was thanking him for finally finding her.

It has been a while since I last wrote a fanfic, but after watching Angel Beats episode 10 I couldn't get Yui and Hideki Hinata out of my mind, I felt that their story was very touching. Reading through other fan fiction I noticed a lack in any sort of long series that followed this couple in what I'm assuming is heaven so I decided to make my own. And that's how this fancic came to be. I had to make up Yui's last name because it isn't given as far as I know, I hope you like it.

Tips, opinions, and critiquing is always much appreciated, like seriously just go all out.

Special thanks to my anime buddy who showed me Angel Beats and my loyal friend and editor, you guys rock.