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Chapter 9: In the Pouring Rain

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Hatsune awoke to the smell of a cooking breakfast and the sound of cooking utensils clanging together. It still seemed strange to her, having previously found herself waking up on an oddly familiar couch in an oddly familiar apartment the previous afternoon. She remembered again how she had died, but was puzzled that she was still alive. After spending Christmas Eve walking the central plaza to witness the beautiful lights with her brother her health had taken a turn to the worst, until her body finally failed her. She could remember it all like it happened only two days ago, because to her it really seemed like it had.

More clanging of cooking utensils from the kitchen brought her back to reality. She remembered wandering the house until her brother came home, it was like she had been waiting for him, knowing he would come. He had been surprised to see her at first, but then something seemed to dawn on him.

"This is heaven after all" Hatsune whispered to herself in unison with the voice of her brother in her memories. A slight crash came from the kitchen, followed by hushed apologies answered by a small feminine voice. A girl? Curious Hatsune crawled out of bed, her brother had insisted that she sleep in the only bed in the house while he occupied the futon.

Placing a hand on the doorway as she rounded the corner into the kitchen Hatsune's suspicions were confirmed. There, beside her brother, stood a small girl with flowing grey-white hair. The girl quickly noticed Hatsune, and tugged on her brother's sleeve before pointing at the doorway.

"Oh, good morning Hatsune." Her brother said, evidence of him still in the process of waking up lingering in his voice. Hatsune simply stared at him with a puzzled look on her face.

"Hatsune this is Kanade my, girlfriend. Kanade this is my sister, Hatsune." Otonashi explained awkwardly.


Cast upon the dark grey clouds was a hint of blue, the clear sky's way of reassuring all bellow that it was waiting just behind the clouds. The rain that fell from the clouds was refreshingly cool, slowly transitioning the season from summer to winter. The smell of the rain surrounds the mind, calming it, and making it yearn for the comfort of another. This was how Hideki understood the rainy season, as he made his way across the park to Yui's house.


Flashback… After what seemed like hours Mr. Nyazuki ended his embrace with his daughter and noticed the tall blue haired boy standing behind her. This boy must be the Hideki Hinata that Maoi (Mrs. Nyazuki) had mentioned. He extended his hand towards the boy, "You must be Hinata, my wife has said a lot of good things about you."

Hinata simply nodded, shaking Yui's father's hand, the man's white hair in combination with Mrs. Nyazuki's purple hair explained how Yui had gotten her vibrant pink hair. He noticed a slight smirk form on the young looking man's face, and before he could realize it was brought into an embrace that nearly took the wind out of him. This explained where Yui's unexplainable strength came from.

Mr. Nyazuki loosened his hold on Hinata, "I heard about you and Yui's story, in that other world. Thank you, and… you have my blessing."

Flashback end


As Hideki rang Yui's doorbell he prepared for another one of Mr. Nyazuki's bone crushing embraces. He was glad the man hadn't taken an interest in wrestling. To Hideki's relief Mrs. Nyazuki answered the door.

"Good morning Hideki, I'll go get Yui, why don't you step inside." Mrs. Nyazuki greeted. Hideki just nodded and stepped inside.


Hideki pushed Yui through the front gates of the high school campus, the rain still falling heavily upon his back. There in front of the school, not under the cover of the entryway, was TK. He must have been out in the rain for some time now, as he was completely soaked, and skin was showing behind his white shirt under his jacket. It seemed he was lost in one of his random, or rather frequent, dancing sprees. As Hideki and Yui approached Hideki made a point NOT to ask what TK was up to.

"What are you doing?" Yui asked, somewhat shocked at TK's behavior. She obviously didn't know him well enough.

TK answered with a single, almost practiced line, "I'm singing, in the rain!" he said, in between a twist around the nearby flag pole. Leaping from the pole he continued dancing off towards the gate of the school. Yui turned in her wheelchair to continue watching TK, but Hideki just continued through the front doors.

Inside the entry way Hideki took off his the thin school jacket, the back of which was soaked. Yui noticed this before starting to take off her own jacket. She would have to figure out a way for both of them to fit under the umbrella on the way home. Or just hope that it stopped raining by then. When she finished her struggle with the jacket Yui looked back to Hideki, who was staring intently at his locker and blushing slightly. Puzzled she asked, "Did you forget something?"

"N-no" Hideki answered before closing the locker and pushing Yui towards their first class. Today seemed like it was going to be an odd day.


Yui and Hideki arrived at their classroom to be greeted by Yuri, the formal leader of the SSS still taking it upon herself to be the first of the gang to get to school. Other classmates came in gradually, until a certain shirtless Takamatsu came in.

"What the hell are you thinking? Walking around school with your shirt off… idiot." Yuri scolded, where was that rocket chair when she needed it?

"B-but this body… was meant for the rain!" Takamatsu declared, water still dripping from his hair and making its way down his heavily toned upper body. A small group of girls unfamiliar with Takamatsu's crazy shirtless declarations huddled by a window were covering their stained-pink faces and half looking away. It was obvious they were stealing glances.

Yuri got out her seat and walked up to Takamatsu, promptly slapping him in the face then pushing him out of the room and down the hall. Hideki thought he heard the words "idiot" and "shirt" muttered under her breath. He sighed… the rain seemed to be getting everyone excited, or something.

Otonashi and Kanade came in just before the bell rang, which was unusual for the former school council president. It was probably for the best though, Kanade hadn't gotten used to Takamatsu's crazy shenanigans yet. Then again there was only one way she could get used to it, because Takamatsu certainly wasn't about to stop tearing off his shirt any time soon. Otonashi later explained that they were almost late because his sister had shown up the night before, and routine morning visit to Otonashi's apartment didn't go without questioning. That and breakfast turned out to be something short of a disaster after the rice cooker unexpectedly broke.


The last bell rang, announcing the end of the school day. Everyone got out of there seat and made their way to the door. Otonashi pulled Noda aside and told him something, judging by Noda's promptly putting Otonashi into a headlock and cursing at him under his breath it was probably about THAT. Then again it being Noda it could have been just about anything.

Following the train of students out the door while pushing Yui Hideki made his way down the hall to the entry way. Students up ahead were putting on raincoats and fumbling with umbrella's, the rain had renewed its campaign to soak the world. The familiar smell that came with the rain drifted through the air, making its way into the students' noses, clouding their brains and making them search for the warmer things.

Closing his locker Hideki looked out the large glass doors. Noda was running to catch up to Yuri, holding an umbrella. When he reached her she seemed to thank him, but Noda just looked the other way, probably grunting something with meaning only he understood. What an idiot Hideki thought, smiling at the two now walking out the front gate.

"H-hey Hideki, could we try walking home?" Yui's question tugged Hideki's attention away from the gate.

"What?" He didn't quite understand what she meant. They walked home every day.

"Well, you know how I've been getting stronger lately right? Well I saw how soaked your jacket was this morning and, well maybe I could…" Her voice trailed off into a mumble, drowned out by the falling rain outside.

"Don't worry about it, It's fine really." Hideki said, moving behind Yui to start pushing her out the door.

"B-but…" Yui started, before realizing she couldn't win this argument with words.

She sat under the cover of the umbrella almost half the way home. She kept thinking about how cold and wet Hideki was probably getting, he'd just shrug it off, saying it was nothing, but she still didn't like it. It seemed this rain was making everyone just a little bit crazy.

Yui pushed herself up and turned around in her seat, standing on her knees in her wheelchair and facing Hideki. He opened his mouth to ask what was up but Yui wouldn't give him the chance. She wrapped her arms around his waist and held herself there.

Hideki had wondered how long it would take for Yui's stubborn side to fully resurface. It was like she'd said, she really had been getting stronger lately. Her grip on him wasn't quite that of the wrestling strength that nearly knocked Otonashi out, but she was holding herself up. "You really are stubborn aren't you."

"S-Shut up…" Yui said, she could feel the cold water seeping through Hideki's jacket and into her's. It was rather pointless now, he had already gotten soaked again, but Yui wouldn't let go anyways. There was more to it than just making room for the two of them under the umbrella, even if she couldn't exactly describe what more to it there was.

Hideki lifted Yui the rest of the way out of her wheelchair, folded the wheelchair up, and continued on their way home. It was rather awkward, walking the wheelchair with one hand, while supporting Yui and holding the umbrella with the other. Then again it was working. Yui shuffled her feet along in a walking like manner while still latched onto Hideki. It wasn't exactly walking, it was more the steps of an infant learning to walk. But still… Hideki thought he could feel Yui smile against his side. Great, she's going to get addicted to this…

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