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I know this concept has been up like a million times on this site, but I had this document written on my computer, so it may as well at least entertain somebody then just being untouchable on my laptop. Hope you'll like it!

Autobahn: motorway in Germany where you at some points can drive how fast you want.

Ausfahrt: slip road.

These words just may come in handy :)

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This story isn't just all about Dotty-Dotty. I've tried to written it more like a sequel to Fast Five. But since Dom/Letty is one of my favorite pairings, I decided to focus more on them.

I can't write too much in the summery because I would spoil the whole story if I did.

Summery: Mia and Brian live their happy life on an island in peace, when of all sudden a call from Han and Gisele makes them pack their stuff and leave.


Berlin, Germany

The metropolis in Europe was never a quite city. Always filled with noises of living. As soon as the sun rose, the people woke up to drive off to their work even though some of them might had partied the whole night in a bar, with a beer in the right hand.

Although before the people would end their job for the day, enter the bar, drink and later on fall asleep to wake up once again – a heist was about to take place on a motorway, autobahn.

A bag was thrown into the front seat in one of the black Hondas. The black haired woman with fashionable attire leaned against the door while chewing her gum. Her brown eyes got stuck in a redhead's further away, slight skinnier then herself. They were around the same height but the redhead was paler and had green eyes. Another thing in common – both former runway models.

"Hey Diane!" the darker woman called out to the redhead who raised her eyebrows, causing her slopping eyelids to widen a bit. "You coming with us, junky?"

The green eyes travelled around the garage to make sure nobody had heard what the woman had called her, even if the veracity was that everybody already knew. The others stood gathered in a group with the Latina-Americana in the middle spot, gesturing them what to do later on.

"I don't have a function in this mission, Italiana," Diane emphasized the last part and leaned against the other side of the car door.

The Italian woman folded her arms and quirked an eyebrow. "What are they thinking? We need someone to shoot the driver, don't we?" she demanded.

Diane shrugged as the gathered team split to get into the cars with the natural orders getting shouted by their female hijacker-boss.

"Let's go and get the car!" she shouted and walked towards them. "Diane, you will stay here and note every single one of us as we return," she ordered the redhead.

"You got it, Leticia," Diane smirked and walked in her nightgown towards the door, back into the building. "Better to stay here and sleep a couple of hours then working 2.30 am in the morning," she threw over her shoulder.

A man carrying the bag filled with bombs made a stop on his way out when Diane passed, to leave a peck on her lips. "Sleep well, baby,"

She mumbled something for an answer before the door closed behind her.

Letty with a high placed ponytail and black slimmed leather pants with a matching sweater, took a look over the black cars behind hers to watch the rest of the team prepare.

Firstly when they held each a hand up in the cars, as to confirm they were ready; she jumped into the front seat next to the Italian woman who would drive the two of them.

The black Hondas were driving along autobahn till they were right outside the capital of Germany. The Italian woman with Letty next to her drove to an ausfahrt, followed by a similar black Honda behind them.

The Italian woman took a deep breath as they passed other cars in 170 km/h. Both of her hands with perfect manicured nails were firmly placed on the wheel.

"Jeez, don't be so tense. You're almost breaking the wheel," Letty stated after seeing her nervous companion in the corner of her eyes.

"I am not," the woman answered so clearly in denial, in a tryout of defending herself.

Letty rolled her eyes and sighed while resting the side of her head in her palm from where the elbow leaned against the car door. "Whatever you say, Lia,"

"By the way, you shouldn't wear jewelry while working," Lia said, referring to the bracelet hanging around Letty's wrist. "Someday that's going to be your death,"

"I prefer having it there so you better shut it," Letty snorted back at her companion, even if she knew she meant for her own good.

Suddenly the target was in sight. The truck was driving on the right side with all cars on the load, placed in lines on what looked like a giant shelf.

"Here we go," Letty announced and pressed down the button to make the window slide down.

"Good luck. I'll be drivin' next to ya when you need me," Lia smirked and pressed the accelerator down to the bottom.

"Gerry?" Letty had lifted her walkie-talkie over to her mouth-level and waited for his answer.


"You see the truck?"

"The one with the cars? – I do,"

Letty turned around in her seat to see the other car behind her. The wind blew her hair into her face even though she had it in a ponytail. Constantly, her hands had to remove it.

"Good. Let's get this over with," she told him in a confirmation that they were about to begin the hijacking.

Lia drove to its side while Letty crawled out of the window over to the roof. When Lia did a move with the car so it would be closer the truck, Letty took the opportunity to jump over between two cars on the load.

She stood up and grasped a chain around one of them to keep herself steady to not fall down on the road while watching the other Honda run up to the truck.

Gerry crawled out of the window and did the exact same movements as Letty had done moments ago. He crouched and then jumped over to the truck next to Letty. One of her hands flung around him to pull him away from the edge.

"So which is the car?" he shouted to not drown in the noises by the engines from the truck.

"We'll take the car next to the ramp and drive it down to the road!" Letty called out before she climbed over a car on her way to the back of the load, bumping up and down and hitting her head once or twice in the low roof above her where other cars where parked.

Gerry joined her and landed next to her on the other side of the car. "This one?" he asked and threw his backpack off his shoulder to open it. He fumbled up a bomb which he was about to place on the truck to blow it up after they had left it.

Letty grabbed her saw and began sawing the chain around the selected car.

"Okay, three minutes before it blows up," Gerry told her and helped her by grabbing another saw himself.

"Sure, this was the last one," she acknowledged as the chain was divided. She opened the car door to get in when suddenly her hand got stuck. She was thrown backwards with the chain in an abrupt movement and it took both of them completely off guard.

"Gerry!" she shouted in panic. She hung across the car with the chain tangled in her silver bracelet.

He hurried over to the other side, feverishly trying to untangle her wrist.

"I need to saw it!" he shouted and hurried back to the other side to bring the saw with him.

He began sawing, sweating and panicking in the cut chains as he realized it wasn't going the way it was supposed to.

The giant man sitting behind the wheel, awaiting Gerry to jump back to the car; noticed Letty lying over the car and Gerry was bent behind it. Something was obviously wrong.

"Lia!" he shouted in the walkie-talkie to the woman driving in front of him.

"Yeah, Dmitrij?"

"Something's wrong," he called out in his Russian accent. "It looks like Letty is stuck!"

"Then do something! You are the strong one!" she shouted into the item.

As if it was an order, Dmitrij drove up to the truck's side and put a stone on the pedal to adjust the pace. When it was the same as the truck's; he jumped over to the truck in the last moment before the Honda would smash into the truck, be thrown aside to flip several times.

"She is stuck Dmitrij!" Gerry called out panting by the hard work. Without hesitation, Dmitrij went over to his side, having hard to balance on the small piece of floor between the parked cars and the road below, since Letty was blocking the way over the car.

He grabbed the saw from Gerry's hands and began cutting the chain while Letty looked at them pleadingly, well aware if Dmitrij wouldn't fix it; she would be dead.

"There!" he shouted when it divided into two halves.

He helped Letty down from the car's roof to the edge of the floor where Lia drove next to. The roof of the car was gone and it had changed into a cabriolet to make it easier for them to jump back.

"Let's go!" he ordered Letty. She was just about to jump when she threw a glance over her shoulder, only to meet the sight of Gerry tangled in chains.

"Gerry is stuck!" she screamed and pushed passed Dmitrij who followed her over to Gerry.

The both of them bent down to grasp the saws once again when Gerry stopped them. "No!"

They looked up with horrified expressions.

"Don't! Thirty seconds left. There is no time! Go!"

Letty shook her head. "I'm not leaving you! This is my fault!" she screamed and picked up a chain to begin cutting.

"Go Letty! GO!" he shouted but she ignored him. "Dmitrij do something!" he shouted to the wiser larger man who in an instant picked up the struggling Letty.

"Let me go Dmitrij! We can't leave him!" she screamed as she looked into Gerry's eyes further away. Dmitrij however, lifted her up to help her jump back to the cabriolet. She landed in the backseat, and Lia was fast to notice she only had one passenger.

"Where's Dmitrij and Gerry? They took the car?" she asked. Letty didn't answer. She felt as if she was about to break as she swallowed the urge of crying. She sat up and watched Dmitrij drive down on the road with the stolen car, leaving Gerry behind on the load.

Even if Dmitrij had driven up to them and partly blocked the view of the truck; she could still see the flames and cloud of something that had gotten blown up.

"Gerald," Letty panted and crawled over to the front seat. She gasped in an attempt of calming down.

First then, Lia noticed something was wrong. Letty never cried, nor did she hyperventilate as she was doing for the moment. A few tears were on their way down her cheeks and she breathed soundly, panting as if she had run a marathon.

"Hey, what's up, chica?" Lia demanded, also beginning to panic.

"Gerry got stuck in the chains!" Letty gasped and then was on her way to turn around, forcing her tears back. Her jaw was clenched sternly, not wanting to let herself collapse.

Lia almost didn't hear her clearly. She had to think twice before she knew she had heard right.

"Oh my God…," she let out, completely in shock to notice the speed camera.

"Shit! Did that just take a photo?" she then shouted. She looked on the momentum meter to see the speed. "Fucking shit! I am not driving fast enough for it to miss nor am keeping the correct speed!"

Letty ignored Lia's statement and tilted her head backwards, hoping they would crash into another car. Sadness streamed inside as she thought about Gerald. It was her fault.

Chapter I

Crowne Plaza Berlin City Centre

It had rained for the past days but it was nothing the two agents yet had experienced. Their arrival had been this morning and as soon as they had taken a step outside the airport, the female had muttered about the weather. Apparently, her shoes didn't cooperate with the rain. Her stilettos fitted better in an exclusive bar then walking on streets with stones.

Meanwhile Hobbs paid the driver, Fuentes got out of the car and strolled over to the hotel's stairs. The red carpet was partly moistened by the rain but the closer the hotel she walked, the drier it became.

After eventually standing below the protruding roof, she turned around and eyed Hobbs struggling with her two suitcases while he only had a backpack thrown over his shoulder.

He panted and eyed her with slight irritation when he dropped her suitcases on the ground. "Did you seriously have to bring your whole closet?" he snapped.

"What are you talking about?" she spat back. "Matter of factly, I picked out my favorite attires and…," her words died after watching him totally ignoring her and entering the hotel lobby. "Hey, Luke!" she called out after him, frustrated.

He stopped and swirled around on his heel, raindrops dripping down his bald head. "Is something wrong, Fuentes?" he inquired with sarcasm.

Monica placed her hands on her hips and raised her eyebrows. "You're not carrying my bags?"

"No," he answered with a grin and turned back to walk inside the exclusive hotel lobby, leaving her outside cursing.

Further in the room was the check in/out-counter with a staff standing in a line, some of them talking in phones while others conversed with guests. The white floor glistened so clearly it was possible for Hobbs to reflect himself in it. A group with brown leather couches were placed in the middle of the lobby where two men with black suits and laptops where sitting.

There were three elevators and a broad stair with a red carpet in the middle that apparently lead to the second floor.

"Look at the crystal chandelier," the familiar female voice said impressed behind him.

Hobbs turned around and nodded. "I suppose this is what Europeans call luxury,"

"More like standard," Monica stated cockily.

Hobbs scowled at the short-tempered woman who passed him with her nose high in the air. He followed her to the front desk where a blonde young woman was standing behind.

"Willkommen im Crowne Plaza. Wie kann ich lhnen helfen?" she asked politely.

Monica quirked her eyebrow even though she had gotten used to the language already, it still took her off guard at some points.

She cleared her throat and looked at the woman. "Excuse me? Do you speak English?"

The woman opened her mouth and then nodded. "Yes, ma'am. Welcome to Crowne Plaza. How can I help you?" she asked in a German accent with a wide smile.

"We have reserved rooms," Monica replied.

"Your names, please," the receptionist said.

"Monica Fuentes and Luke Hobbs,"

The receptionist fingered on the keyboard to a computer with a smile. It was first when it dropped, Monica's mood also did for real, having the knowledge something was wrong.

"There has been a double booking. I am so sorry. Unfortunately the man who had reserved Mr Luke Hobbs room has already checked in. I am certainly sorry," she apologized to them.

"You got to be kidding me?" Monica burst out.

"Well, is there any other room I can take?" Hobbs spoke from Monica's side, deciding to participate in the soon debate.

"This is a very popular hotel and there are unfortunately no more available rooms," the receptionist informed them.

"Look," Monica muttered between clenched teeth but then calmed down as the realization hit her. She turned around to Hobbs with a smirk. "Since I have a suite, I would suggest you to go out in the rain and search for another hotel – for your part. Then you can call me a cab and we meet up to discuss Ortiz. What do you say?"

Hobbs eyed narrowed at her exploring his limits. He returned a fake smile to both Fuentes and the receptionist. "We will share suite, thank you,"

Out of the parked black Lexus, right outside the front door of Crowne Plaza had Gisele with Han opening her door. A butler from the hotel had quickly hurried over to their side, holding an umbrella over their heads.

"Come on, m'lady," Han smiled at Gisele who was fast to plaster a million-dollar smile herself.

They lifted out the suitcases from the baggage before tossing the car keys to hotel staff.

Fuentes sighed in frustration as she slammed her back against the wall in the elevator, leaning her head backwards with closed eyes.

"This trip can't get any worse," she complained.

Hobbs took a deep breath as the elevator doors closed along with his dropping eyelids. "It ain't a trip, Fuentes. We're doing an important job,"

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