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Fast and the Furious

Euphoria, Furious Six

Chapter XV – I could lose my heart tonight

For what tops was a second, felt like a complete lifetime passing. Dom's world paused while he stared directly at Letty. Then, he awakened and asked questing. "Letty?"

It didn't take long for him to open his mouth again, now calling out louder and louder. "Letty? Letty!"

He began struggling in the chair and tried to stand up even if it had been impossible before, but the adrenaline caused him to feel no pain and become stronger than ever.

"LETTY! LETTY!" he roared.

Letty on the other side of the glass gasped by surprise. She could read Dom's lips roaring her name over and over again whilst he struggled as much as he possible could in the ropes. Yet, no sound entered the office she was in. It was built that way.

Alexander turned his wondering look from Dom to Letty. "Something wrong babe?" he reacted to her gasp.

Letty glanced for a brief second to Alexander. "No," and when her eyes travelled back to Dom, his actions had increased overly. Naturally, he had heard what nickname Alexander had on her.

Without realizing it, Letty shook her head. "Dom…," she whispered.

"Huh?" Alexander raised his eyebrows.

"What?... Nothing."

Even though feeling slight pain now striking his wrists and ankles, frankly in all places of his body; Dom never stopped fighting. He was going to get himself free! Nothing could stop him now.

He could have sworn she was dead. She had been dead. Or maybe it was he who was dead already? But then why did it seem so real? Why did that woman look like Letty, and why did she talk like Letty? Why was she Letty? Letty wasn't supposed to be there.

But at the end of the mere moment, the dog tags hanging in a chain around her neck to rest over her pondering chest let him know the insane truth – it was his Letty.

Then, without tearing her gaze from Dom, she began speaking. "Where did you find him?"

"He is the one who killed Jerry and Mr Stevens. You know him?" Alexander asked, very stern when he requested the last part.

Letty figured the possible tramp and immediately shook her head. "Absolutely not."

What was Dom doing there? He wasn't supposed to be there! He was supposed to rotten in hell somewhere on an abandoned island with that skank! He wasn't SUPPOSED to just come back into her life!

But there he was, getting himself killed.

Getting himself killed? He was fucking getting himself killed!

Letty stared into Dom's eyes as he stared into hers. That idiot of a man could never stay out of trouble, huh?

"Diego Sandro will kill him within the next hours," Alexander's acknowledgement was it. She couldn't stand the situation anymore.

As she felt the fluid hit a certain spot in her throat, she ran out of the room. She ran across the hallway. Her arms banged the bathroom door open and then her knees folded in front of the toilet as she threw up.

Seeing his woman disappear, Dom felt as if a piece of him died once again. "LETTY!" he yelled after her.

Now he had no doubts of it being her. What the fuck though did she do there? And to top it all, she had let another man calling her babe? Who the fuck was he? – Her BOYFRIEND? Alexander – calling HER babe! Was she his 'woman'? 'Course she was! Even in that state, Dom wasn't that dumb to not put two and two together! SHE HAD ANOTHER MAN!

Of all sudden the struggling seemed to pay off. The ropes began loosening. If he managed to get out of them, nothing would be able to stop him. He needed answers from her. He needed to see her, to touch her.

What the hell did she do there? In Berlin? His Letty was there. She had been dead for almost two years, and then of all sudden – there she was – in the living body! ALIVE! What the hell! Acting as if nothing had ever happened! Living commonly as she had done back in the days!

And what more? Oh that's right - banging that son of a bitch!

Suddenly it hit Dom like a ton of bricks. The conversation he previously had shared with Alexander echoed in his mind. "Your kid?" "Kind of. My woman's."

Was it Letty's kid then? Once again, his struggled increased as the thoughts streamed inside him. If that was his daughter…! But if it wasn't…? Oh, either way the fuck she was in trouble! His anxiety, shock and throbbing heart had turned into pure rage. Hence he was beyond furious.

"Letty! Get your fucking ass back here!" he roared.

The lower ranked employees eyed Letty wonderingly when she passed them on her way back to the office with weak, shaking legs. Dom was there. And she had to get him out. That moron couldn't keep his ass out of trouble longer then his hair's length.

"Get your asses out of the basement!" Letty called out to give all the teams orders. Scared of her, some of them sighed and tried to stay but eventually gave up and left. The advantage of being in team 1 and girlfriend of Alex, gave her more space to shout out whatever order that pleased her.

Taking a deep breath; Letty gathered herself, pushed the door open into the room and saw two men handle Dom back into the seat. Apparently he had almost succeeded to get out of the grasp.

When he saw her again, he began fighting against everything that wasn't his body - again. He struggled like a manic and obviously roared her name all over again, she could tell by his familiar way of moving his lips.

All she could do was staring at him from her side, not being able to give any evidence of whom he was. Even though Alexander loved her and Elaine, Letty was still concerned about the idea of Alex doing something to Ellie in front of her and Dom's eyes as demonstration. That dickhead called Dominic was simply made to fuck up everything. Why could he never stay out of things like this? Mia and Brian had saved his ass from Lompoc. Now it was her turn to save him from this shit.

"You okay?"

Letty nodded.

"His name is Tom Baker. I found his identification card in the wallet," Alexander told her. She raised her eyebrows and then looked at Dom. Tom Baker? So that skank, was she still Elena Neves or somewhat a Baker too?

"Oh, American or Englishman?" Letty inquired.

"American, from New York."

Letty nodded and folded her arms at Dom, seeing him struggle even more. She rolled her eyes at him when she saw his mouth opening and closing, probably still roaring her name. He certainly needed to shut the hell up or the guards would comprehend her name with his yelling.

Alexander put his arm around Letty's waist. She tried to jerk herself out of the grip but it was unpredictable. Dom looked at them with darkened eyes as he finally was tied up for the second time. This time though, the bonds were almost breaking his wrists and ankles by tightness.

"I'm going to breakfast. You coming babe?" she saw Dom's head snap up again at what Alexander had called her. She turned her eyes to Alexander and forced a smile to appear on her face.

"I need to talk to Leon about baby-sitting Ellie tonight," she made up an excuse for not joining him.

Alexander misinterpreted the statement and grinned flirtatiously. "Yeah, can't wait until we get home."

That upset Dom even more. He looked like an enraged bull, ready to attack.

Without having time to react and prevent what was coming, Alexander had already leaned down to give her a longing kiss before leaving. Great. At least her plan seemed to work with getting everybody out of the basement, except one thing though. She only added more anger to Dom with whatever motion she did.

Without tearing her eyes from Dom, she could see in the corner of them how men from team 4 made their way out of the room. He stared back at her with a clenched jaw. She knew him well enough to know he was hurt, in pain. Both physically and mentally.

She eyed the two men who sat in the office, relaxed into a couch each while keeping an eye on the inmate. Letty strolled over to them and nodded towards the exit. "You may leave."

"Huh?" one of them asked.

"You heard me. Leave. Konrad Löwenberg wants me to prepare everything for Diego's future experiment," Letty explained, feeling a bit grumpy when she thought about what would happen if she failed rescuing Dom.

"Okay, whatever. Crazy woman," one of them retorted as he stood up. She swung her arm and punched him right in the stomach, making him double. What she didn't expect was how the other strong man caught her off guard, lifted her with a firm grasp around her jaw line and forced her to face him.

"You may be Löwenberg's girlfriend but in the future when I run this place, you better show us some respect," he spat into her face.

The left arm was out of his grasp and she immediately brought it to his face.

Dom watched distressed how the man had lifted Letty. This time when he tried to wrestle in the hold it was to no avail. He simply couldn't get out of the grasp. He was stuck, vulnerable and left to experience what fate brought him to.

To his relief, he witnessed how Letty made the other man doubled with a hand over his groin as he stumbled out of the room, joined by the colleague behind.

Right after that, she swung the glass door open and hurried to Dom's side.

"You!" Dom burst out to his woman. Or was she his woman? Of course she was!

Letty looked up at him but kept her mouth shut. Instead she brought out a knife and began cutting the ropes.

"Who was that fucking man?" Dom demanded angrily. When she ignored him he went on. "I asked: Who. Was. That. Fucking. Man?" Dom repeated, emphasizing every single word. When she still ignored him he exploded. If they ever would meet again, this was certainly not what she had expected. She had awaited a hell of a lot more sympathy and happiness she was alive. What he seemed to be focused on; was her being with another man. "Answer me, Letty! You're here alive when you're supposed to be buried in Los Angeles!"

Eventually, Letty looked up after managing cutting a few of the many ropes. "Would you rather have me that way?"

Dom's face got red of anger. "Don't you fucking give me that shit! Hell no!"

"There," she said as the last rope was divided into two halves. She stumbled backwards and tried to stand up but Dom caused her to lose her balance by shoving her harshly.

"You have a kid!" he burst out of anger and pushed her against a wall that wasn't made of glass. Not too hard though. He still didn't want to hurt her.

"You know?" Letty asked startled.

"Oh, yeah! Elaine!" Dom exclaimed before calmly adding. "Mine?"

He grasped her upper arms to pin her against the wall, causing them to feel light breezes from each other lips.

Letty rolled her eyes. "Who else's would it be?"

Dom's jaw clenched again as he rambled potential daddies in his mind.

"You tried to knock me up for months, you son of a bitch!" Letty exclaimed as Dom's expression changed into confusion. "Yeah? You thought I wouldn't notice you switched my birth-control into sugar pills, did you!" she accused.

"You noticed?" Dom suddenly asked very calm as he forgot all about the situation they were in and somewhat proud he had succeeded reaching his target.

"When I wondered how I had ended up pregnant – yes!" she got out his grasp and took a few steps towards the exit.

He was fast to hurry after her and pin her against a new wall. "Don't walk away from me!"

"We have to go, now," Letty tried to get out his hold again but failed when he only pressed his body tighter. His fingers ran along her jaw line over to her cheeks, crossing her lips on their way.

"It's really you," he stated and examined her face carefully. He watched her as if she was some kind of a living ghost. "Where is the Elaine?"


"You have her-,"

"Dom, talk in the car. But you need to shut the F as we go to the garage. If anybody sees us, you may say goodbye to Elaine. Got it?" Letty warned him.

His eyes widened in fear before he grunted furiously again. "You got to be fucking kidd-!"

"DOM!" Letty spat and nodded towards the door. She slowly opened it and poked her head out, studying the empty hallway. She heard steps not far away in another hallway. "Come on," she hissed and stepped out of the office. As soon as Dom had joined her, she took a deep breath. Okay, there was no returning now.

She looked around and jogged towards the corner, leaning out with her upper body with narrowed eyes, trying to see if any door was open and the people inside might be able to witness her escaping with Dom.

She grabbed his wrist and pulled him with her as they ran down the hallway right to the staircase. Taking the elevator was too risky. Not only because it was a camera inside which had caught her and Alexander in intimate moments, but anybody could step inside without them being able to predict the scenario.

They ran down the stairs a floor until Letty slowly pushed a heavy metal door open. Dom walked right behind her and took a great look over the big garage. If it hadn't been so dark down there in the big excavated mountain, they would've been spotted long time ago.

They walked along the walls in the shadows to her car. "Get in the backseat and hide," she ordered Dom who rather wanted to drive.

She read his mind, gave him a look and he surrendered. Disapprovingly, he opened the backseat door and lay down.

Letty pulled the car in drive and drove towards the ports. Her heart began beating faster when she saw Eric and Peter approach her car with torches.

"Yo, Letty!" Peter called out and was only by then a few feet away from the car. If he would move the torch in the direction of the backseat he would definitely see Dom.

"I'm about to meet Alexander," she quickly made up, knowing it always made people back off when she didn't want them to be too nosey in what business she did.

"Oh, okay," he said as if it was a reasonable reply.

Letty smiled, put her hand on the screen-plate that was placed next to every port. It opened and in an instant, the tyres of her car screeched.

As soon as she was out on autobahn and nobody could spot them anymore, Dom made his way to the front seat.

"The argument isn't over!" he told her angrily and pointed his forefinger not far from her face.

"What do you want me to say?" she sighed.

"Who was that man?" Dom demanded.

Letty kept her gaze forward on the road. "My man."

Dom growled in frustration and clenched his fingers so hard around the seat that he made holes through the leather. "Married?"

"Not yet."

Dom placed his hand on her arm and dragged it towards him in a similar way Elaine did when she wanted Letty's attention. "What do you mean with 'not yet', huh? There is no 'not yet'! Never going to happen I say! He is out of the picture!"

Letty turned her chocolate eyes to Dom's auburn ones. "You can't just come back into my life after willingly leaving it and think you're the boss!" she said and turned back to the road.

"I did what I had to do! If I had known what trouble you got yourself into I'd never do that!"

Letty chuckled of angriness. "Look who's talking."

"Hey! I was doing fine!"

"No you weren't."

"Still! You pretended to be dead! And keep my daughter from me! What the fu-!"

"Shut it Dom," Letty calmly snarled.

"No I won't shut a damn thing! What have you done Letty? Playing dead?"

Letty bit her lip before answering. "I wanted to move on and forget about my life in L.A. Wanted an exchange after the incident man."

Dom was so frustrated and enraged he was quite out of words. Was she kidding with him? He had mourned her for years! And here she was, playing happily-ever-after with prince charming together with Dom's little baby-girl!

She pulled up into a driveway. "My apartment is in this building. Alexander and I usually live in our house so hopefully you can stay here for a while," she explained.

"I bet you do! Gold-digger! That's why you never came back! You wanted rich money-," His statement made him getting slapped.

"Oh, you know me better than that! And Alexander is a great guy," Letty declared and stepped out of the car. They walked towards the spinning door into the longue-room.

Dom was fuming under his breath and placed his hand firmly and protectively on her lower back. The receptionist eyed them carefully when the arguing 'couple' passed him. He knew who Letty was but that large man was new to him. What he knew about her was that she had a kid, and Alexander was her boyfriend. But that man definitely seemed to be in her close zoon by how he acted with her.

They stepped into the elevator with the same raised voices they had when they had entered the lobby.

"I can't believe you did all this to me! To Mia! To me!" he barked and pointed at himself.

Letty practically smashed the 15th floor button in and shot him a glare. "I did? You left me! I was the one to wake up like a hooker with money on the nightstand with this," she grabbed the cross that hung in a chain around Dom's neck and held it up for him to see. "I returned to the house and waited for you! I found out I was pregnant and spent my days waiting and waiting!"

Dom grabbed her jaw line with his hand and forced her to look up to him. "Why did you go to Brian? That was the worst idea ever!"

"How would I know? - I just wanted you to come home!"

"You shouldn't have gone to Brian!"

"I didn't know Fenix was about to kill me!"

"But he didn't manage! And the first thing you do is getting your ass on the first flight to Europe and pretending he killed you!"

Letty jerked her jaw away from his hand as the elevator doors opened and an old lady entered the tiny chamber.

"I was offered a job and new life. Why wouldn't I take it? Better than waiting for someone who never would return!" she yelled back at him, causing the elder lady to jump and raise her eyebrows at the arguing younger people in her eyes.

"Yeah, and you couldn't wait to get that fucking Alexander into your pants!" Dom accused.

"Maybe I couldn't!"

Dom's eyes blackened again as she yelled the last statement.

"You're leaving this apartment before noon and head straight to Tegel. Alexander wouldn't appreciate having the prisoner in his apartment," she then added, showing absolutely no interest in keeping Dom around. All she wanted was for him to go away and let her live her exciting life there with the ones she already had.

"The hell I am! You and Elaine are coming with me if I so have to drag you to the plane myself!"

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