Hi I'm sonofthetrigod. I need characters for my story. So please send in Demigods. I will need 1 each of the big three but other than that I need minor gods. So if you want a good chance to get in send in a Minor God. I don't care if they're spirits those are acceptable too. Only three characters per person. If you have any questions leave it in a review or PM me.

Name: (First, last, and middle)


Gender:(Male or female)

Age:( 5-17)

Appearance:( Hair, eyes, any tattoos or piercings, body type, height, skin color, etc.)

Camp Clothes:(What do they wear with their normal Camp t-shirt?)

Regular Clothes:( only put if it applies clothes aside from camp clothes)



Accessories:(Do they wear scarves, headphones, necklaces, bracelets, hats, etc.?)

Personality:(How do they act?

Are they good at any particular camp half-blood sport?



God/Goddess parent:(Only one each for the big three. Remember other than those Minor Gods.)

Extra powers inherited:

History:(What was their life like before the camp? Any siblings?)

Romance: (Yes or no. Plus any specific non-canon character if you want too)

Other:( Anything else you'd like to add?)