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Chapter 3: McKenna Kills Her Big Sister

In the car ride none of us said that much we all made sure our weapons were ready but other than that nothing much happened. We pulled up to the building. It didn't look like the place where you'd find a magic map. It was covered in graffiti and was crumbling down in a couple places. So scary looking, definitely. But not particularly screaming magic map or Medusa's old lair either. But all we had to go on was the map and it still read, Auntie Em's Garden Gnome Emporium so we figured it was worth checking. We walked in looking all over the place for a torn scrap of paper that looked similar to the one I held in my pocket when all of a sudden McKenna shivered. "McKenna, are you alright?" I asked.

"I'm fine," McKenna replied, "but I just had the strangest feeling that we're all in terrible danger."

"Oh, I wouldn't doubt that," said a voice. I started to turn toward it but Alphie grabbed me.

"Don't look buddy," he warned, "Could be Medusa, put up your shield!"

I twisted my bracelet and it expanded into a shield, this shield was a birthday gift from a friend of mine named Doris who's a daughter of Hephaestus.

I turned my shield in the direction of the voice and looked in the mirrored image that was shown in my shield and almost screamed at the hideous face that I saw. I'd grown up hearing stories about how ugly Medusa was but nothing had prepared me for this disgusting snake haired beast that stared at me from my shield. Let me explain she was wearing a veil but the veil was nearly translucent so I saw a lot of her face.

"If it isn't the minor demigod who thinks he's a hero, the adopted son of Hades, the water girl, and my little sister the daughter of Phorcys. Have you come looking for something?" Medusa asked.

"Yes," McKenna said, "the map piece that can lead us to what we seek."

"McKenna why'd you say that, you idiot? Now she knows why we're here!" I shouted. I know harsh on the girl I like but what can I say I was worried.

"She's my sister she might help me!"

"Indeed I am your sister," Medusa agreed, "And so I will spare you as I think father would be angry if I turned you to stone but your friends, oh I think they'll make lovely garden statues."

"Never," Alphie and I chorused.

Then Alph shouted the first part of our ritual, "Serve us." Then he pulled his headphones and they shifted into his twin stygian iron swords and he pointed them at the ground.

I twisted my silver ring three times to the right to turn it into my scythe Blood Sprayer and called out my part of the ritual, "Legions of the accursed spartus hear me now. Head your master's call and be strengthened by his servant."

Five spartus grew out of the ground raising their skeletal hands in salute to me and bowing low to Alphie. I knew what they were waiting for and turned to Alph with an expectant look.

"Kill Medusa," he shouted. I looked over to Andrea and she pulled off her bracelet and it quickly expanded into her sword. A/N: I made a mistake in my earlier chapter McKenna has the necklace and Andrea has the bracelet. Together Alphie, Andrea and I snuck around behind Medusa while her attention was focused on the spartus. She was also paying close attention to McKenna who had summoned her scythe. Her scythe was different than mine though still stygian iron because unlike mine which had scenes of grisly death and skeletons engraved into the blade hers had waves etched in blue.

Medusa lifted off the veil which was covering her face and unfortunately her gaze works on dead things too because the spartus turned to stone. She began to turn in our direction when McKenna yelled, "Stop!" Much to my surprise, as well as Alph and Andrea's if the look on their face was any indication, Medusa froze mid-turn.

"Put your veil back on," McKenna commanded. Medusa did so. "Now come to me and when you're within five feet freeze." Again Medusa did as she commanded.

Okay, I thought, This is weird.

McKenna struck out with her scythe and Medusa disintegrated.

"McKenna," Andrea asked, "How did you do that?"

"Remember what I said about her being my sister? Well I can command any of my monster siblings. I don't know if other children of Phorcys can do that as I'm the only one I know about," McKenna replied.

"And you waited until now to use it why?" I demanded.

"I hoped there'd be some other way," McKenna answered, "Dad told me about the power but said it was for emergency use only. Losing you- you guys counts as an emergency in my book."

"Either way," I said still slightly angry, "We need to find the next map piece."

We searched everywhere for it and couldn't find it. We decided to look for it in the places others had looked in case we'd missed it. Andrea found in plain sight in a spot where McKenna had looked.

"McKenna how'd you miss that?" I queried, "It was in plain sight. Here Andrea hand it to me."

She did and it shifted when I touched it to the other map piece revealing the words Pirates of The Caribean Magic Kingdom, Disney World.

"Oh no!" we all exclaimed.

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