"Star-Crossed & Sky-Crossed Loves! An Amazing Night Begins!"


It was 7:00 in the morning as the sun had almost fully risen, and the Pidoves flying across the sea, were chirping happily.

It was the day after the Unova League had ended. The victor, was none other than Ash Ketchum himself, who defeated his greatest rival, Gingka Hagane in order to claim the championship.

He still remembers the event of beating Gingka, fresh in his mind, like it was happening right now:

"And both trainers' Pokemon are pushed to their limits!" the announcer shouted.

On the right side of the battlefield, Ash was standing strong, his cap turned backwards, indicating he was serious business. While on the left, Gingka had his fists clenched, grinning happily, as this was the battle he had ever experienced.

Their friends looked on with concerned, desperate, and nervous faces from the stands. Iris and Cilan, Ash's companions, were both worried about the raven-haired trainer's capability to actually win this battle, especially Iris. Gingka's friends, Team Gan-Gan Galaxy, were concerned about the beyblading trainer who had almost reached his limit.

Their Pokemon were extremely tired. Ash's Pikachu was covered in scrapes and dirt as it was breathing rather heavily. Gingka's Pokemon was a Swellow, that also was experiencing the same exhaustion as Pikachu while floating in air, with wings fully expanded, but both Pokemon refused to go down.

Both Ash and Gingka then grinned and said simultaneously, "All right. Let's finish this!"

Gingka called out to Swellow first, "Special Move! Swellow, Star-Booster Giga Impact!

Swellow became en-cloaked in a blue light with red streams, (unlike a normal Giga Impact with purple light and yellow streams) and began to charge towards Pikachu, who was still so exhausted.

Ash thought, All right. Time for our special move! He then shouted, "Pikachu, Special Move! Electro Ball Rasengan!"

Pikachu began to generate electricity all over his body and raised up his tail, which then formed a ball of electrical energy. Normally, Pikachu would throw the Electro Ball at Swellow, but instead, he began to charge towards Swellow, with it still on his tail.

The crowd cheered tremendously as the two weakened Pokemon charged towards each other one last time.

"Could this be it?" the announcer shouted.

Pikachu jumped into the air, and then had his tail facing Swellow's special Giga impact. The two Pokemon screamed as they were about to collide.



The two attacks collided ferociously and both Pokemon didn't let up for a single second. Sparks flew across the battlefield as the two gave it everything they got for these final attacks. Their trainers watched them battle, smiling for the excitement they were witnessing before their very eyes.

"GO!" they both shouted.

Then all of a sudden, the collision resulted in an explosion, covering the entire battlefield. Black smoke flew by everywhere Gingka and Ash could see. Thanks to the wind though, it began to clear.

Everyone remained silent as Pikachu and Swellow were barely standing with completely exhausted looks on their faces. One was going to fall down, for sure. But both Pokemon looked they weren't done yet, and wanted to keep fighting.

Then a slumping noise was heard, followed by the sound of something falling down.

It was Swellow. With the swirls in his eyes, which indicated his untimely loss, lead to the referee's decision.

"Swellow is unable to battle! Pikachu wins! And therefore, the victor is Ash!"

The crowd began to cheer loudly once again as confetti and fireworks began to go off for the victor of the Unova League, Ash Ketchum.

"I... won?" he asked himself, confused. But then he began to smile as he ran onto the battlefield. "Pikachu!" he cried happily. The electric mouse then jumped into his arms happily crying, "Pika! Pi!"

Meanwhile, Gingka looked on shocked at his loss, but then smiled for the raven-haired trainer, for he was his friend and he was glad he won. He then then walked onto the battlefield to check on his Swellow who had become depressed from his loss.

"Swellow...", he said upset at his defeat. His flaming-headed trainer then said, "Hey no worries! You did your absolute best and you were so awesome. Thank you Swellow." He proceeded to hug the bird making him feel a lot better about his loss. "Okay then, take a nice long rest." Gingka said as he returned Swellow to his Pokeball. He then walked over to see Ash.

"Hey! Ash!", he shouted. "Oh, hey Gingka. That was a great battle right?" "The best! You were totally amazing and deserve the chance to enter the Champion's League!" Ash then rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, "Gee, thanks Gingka you were awesome too-" "HEY!" A voice interrupted the boys' conversation. It was Iris who was running out onto the battlefield, followed by Cilan, extremely happy that Ash had won.

"Way to go Ash!" Iris yelled out as she hugged the the winner tightly, forcing Pikachu to get out of his trainer's arms. "Heh heh, thank you Iris." Ash said. His cheeks began to heat up a little, but he obliviously didn't know why. Cilan then approached, "That was an amazing battle! So many different flavors and spices, I couldn't keep track!" "Heh, thanks Cilan." he said while still being hugged by Iris.

Gan-Gan Galaxy also looked on the conclusion of the battle smiling as well. Madoka however, wasn't so happy.

"If only Gingka still had his Galvantula or Sawsbuck, then he would've completely creamed Ash!" she shouted, upset.

Tsubasa looked onto her opinion saying, "Gingka may have lost, but at least he's learned something from this." "Huh?" the goggled-girl was confused. "Gingka learned that battles are about giving it your best rather than thinking with a strategy, and he reason he used Swellow against Pikachu was to make it a partner V.S. partner battle. Swellow is Gingka's inseparable partner, and the same goes for Ash and his Pikachu. They both wanted to put their partners to the test against each other."

Madoka still seemed upset, but then smiled as she saw Gingka laughing with his friends out on the field. Tsubasa's right. Gingka gave it his all out there, and I can't argue with that, she thought to herself.

But there were more surprises to come as Unova's reigning Champion, Alder stepped onto the battlefield to greet the trainers with some surprising news.

"HAH HAH HAH!" he laughed loudly. "Huh? Alder?" the two finalists asked. "You boys have done very well as trainers, you deserve a pat on the back!" Alder said as he rubbed the boys' heads as the whole group sweat-dropped. "Anyways, I came here to give you both some surprising news." "Surprising news?" the boys asked. "Yes, indeed." he then turned to the crowd. "Everyone! I have some news for all of the fans of Ash and Gingka in this stadium!" All the fans began to cheer once again, then Alder calmed them down. "We know Ash may be the victor and will get to participate in the Champion's League, but who says he'll do it alone?" Both boys were confused. "What do you mean?" Alder grinned and then said, "Ash and Gingka, the Elite Four and I have decided to accept you both into the Champion's League!" Everyone in the crowd went into a frenzy of cheering as both boys were stunned by what Alder said. But they then proceeded to smile, high-fiving as they shouted, "All right!" they were completely overjoyed. Iris then proceeded to hug Ash again, while Cilan, Gingka, and Alder laughed, and Pikachu looked on his trainer happily.

Ash then awoke from his amazing dream.

He was still in bed, 7:30 in the morning already. "Uh-oh! I'm gonna miss breakfast!"

he cried out as he frantically tried to put on his his clothes. He rushed out the door hoping to at least get a bite of food before it was all gone.

A couple of things:

Gingka and Ash met a long time ago back in Sinnoh where they became rivals, and best friends.

Gingka's Current Pokemon Team: Swellow, Sawsbuck, Galvantula, Chandelure, Bisharp, & Simipour.

Ash, Gingka, and Iris are all 15 years old, Cilan is 17.

If anyone is wondering where Axew is at all, he's now a Haxorus currently training with Drayden. Iris let Drayden raise Haxorus until she was ready to work with him and become a Dragon Master.

And that's Chapter 1, folks! I don't know if I'll be posting chapters frequently, but I hope this was good for everyone!