"All right ladies, are you ready?" Kyra asked outside of the tent. Upon finishing practicing for their performances, Iris and Skyla had gone back into the tent to change into their new dresses. The tent flap opened, and they appeared with such beauty, that no one would even take their eyes off of them.

"Gorgeous!" Kyra exclaimed.

"Thanks Kyra! I appreciate it," Skyla said.

"These dresses are so amazing. It makes me feel like a princess being in one1" Iris said happily.

"I'm glad you feel that way," Kyra said, "Now, I need to show you the schedule for the celebration," she said, pulling out a piece of paper.

"A schedule?" the two beautiful girls asked.

"Of course!" Kyra said, "Schedules are necessary for important parties like this one. So, we need to make sure you do everything according to plan," she explained.

She handed the schedule to Iris, so that she and Skyla could look at it. The first part of the celebration would involve the opening performances by the girls after everyone had entered into the party. The next part of the party would be a karaoke competition to find the best singer, and people would dance along with the music played.

"A karaoke competition?" Skyla asked.

"Yes," Kyra said, "We believe that karaoke is a good exercise for trainers to help them feel less nervous in front of strange crowds," she explained.

"Oh. I see," Iris said, "So that means Ash and Gingka might be singing, right Kyra?" she asked.

"Actually Iris," Kyra began to say, "Those two will be going up on stage first, singing whatever they want," she said.

Iris and Skyla laughed. "It's gonna be a tough time for them, for sure!" Skyla said in between laughs. "Yeah, I know!" Iris said.

"Excuse me, girls?" Kyra asked.

"Hmm?" they both asked.

"You might want to continue reading the schedule," she said.

"Oh, right!" they both said, looking at the third part of the celebration.

The third part would be for a montage video, which would include all of the battles of the quarter-finals, leading up to the final battle between Ash and Gingka.

"Wow, that's cool!" Iris said.

"Yeah! And I'll get to see Gingka's other battles too!" Skyla said, excited.

"Now for the fourth and final part girls!" Kyra said.

"Oh, yeah," Iris said, glancing at the paper one last time. Skyla did the same.

The fourth and final part stated: To conclude the party, we will be playing the song, Enchanted by Taylor Swift for a final slow dance with everyone participating. We hope you have a wonderful time at this party!

"A s-slow dance?" Iris exclaimed quietly.

"Does that surprise you?" Kyra asked, "Because there's always going to be a slow song for most celebrations," she said.

"Well yeah, I know," Iris said, "I guess I must just be nervous to actually be dancing with someone for the end of the night."

Kyra giggled, "It's fine if you're nervous, but remember, don't let that anxiety take over when you sing karaoke, otherwise you won't be able to sing at all!" she exclaimed, pointing at Iris.

Skyla decided to butt in before things got out of hand, "Now, now! Shouldn't we focus on the party rather than making Iris more nervous," she said.

"I'm not nervous..." Iris said, blushing a little.

"Right, Skyla," Kyra said, "All right, when you two have your opening performances tonight, Alder will call you out one by one," she explained. "He doesn't know who Ash and Gingka's dates are, so he'll call you up by saying who's date it is," she said. "Once you're called up to perform, you'll give the crowd a few seconds to cheer, and then you'll begin your performance. Once you're done, you may step off of the stage that you will perform on, and say hello to your friends in the crowd before the karaoke competition begins," she thoroughly explained.

"Wow," Iris said, "That sounds like a lot to do."

"But of course, all of it will be easy right?" Skyla asked.

Kyra nodded, "Indeed. But you should know, that we're expecting this to be the biggest celebration for the two trainers. So we're counting on you not to let them down!" she said.

"You got it!" Skyla enthusiastically said.

"Same here!" Iris said.

"Very well," Kyra said, "You'll be waiting backstage at the ceremony hall until one of you gets called up to perform, one at a time. I was very honored to meet girls with such enthusiasm as you two," Kyra said, reaching out for a handshake from both of them.

"Thank you Kyra!" they both said, giving the maiden a nice handshake.

"My friends will guide you to the backstage of the ceremony, so there's no worry there!" she said, and then whistled out to the tent. A couple more girls, who were Iris' hairdressers, walked over to Kyra.

"Yes, Miss Kyra?" one of the girls asked.

"Take Iris and Skyla to the backstage of the ceremony hall please," Kyra explained, "They already know what they're doing, so that's all you need to do."

"Yes, Miss Kyra," said the girl, "Right this way please!" said the other, walking away towards the ceremony hall.

"All right, let's go!" Iris said excitedly. With that, she and Skyla left the mysterious salon tent, and walked over to the ceremony hall.

"So, are you ready Gingka?" Stephan asked the flaming-headed boy.

"I'm beyond ready!" Gingka exclaimed, "This is the first time I've battled you, so I'm really excited!"

"Same here!" Stephan said.

From the sidelines of the battlefield, Ash and Trip, with their Pokemon Pikachu and Conkeldurr, were going to watch the battle unfold before their own eyes.

"Wow, isn't this exciting Trip?" Ash asked.

"I guess so," Trip said, "Neither one of their Pokemon has a type advantage, and so it could be a close fight."

"Hey Pikachu," Ash began to say, "What do you say we battle whoever wins the match?"

"Pika Pika Chu!" the yellow mouse said, accepting the challenge with his red cheeks sparking in excitement.

"Awesome!" Ash exclaimed.

Trip sighed, "Honestly, we might not have time for your battle at all," he said.

"Huh?" Ash asked.

"Face it, the party's going to start soon, so we only have time for this match. Let's hope it doesn't last too long though..." Trip explained.

"All right!" Cilan called out, "The battle between Stephen's Sawk and Gingka's Simipour will now begin! When one side's Pokemon is unable to continue, the battle is over!"

"Can you please just get my name right for once..." Stephan sulked, making Sawk sigh over his trainer's loss of enthusiasm.

"Are you both ready?" Cilan asked.

"Yes!" the two trainers said, ready to battle.

"Then, begin!" Cilan exclaimed, swinging down his arm.

Stephan called out the first move, "Sawk, use Low Sweep!"

"Sawk!" his Pokemon said as it somersaulted it the air and then started to slide towards Simipour, with his foot aimed at her knee.

"Simipour, dodge it!" Gingka called out.

"Simi!" she said. She then jumped over Sawk, making his Low Sweep miss, and landed safely back where she once was, as Sawk got back to his feet, getting into another karate stance.

Now it was Gingka's turn, "All right Simipour, use Brick Break!"

"Simi!" she said, having her left hand turn a bright white as she clenched it into a fist and jumped towards Sawk.

"Sawk, dodge it quick!" Stephan called out to his Pokemon. Sawk easily moved to the side in the nick of time before Simipour struck.

When the smoke cleared, Simipour was looking at Sawk, still eager to fight.

"All right, use Ice Beam!" Gingka called out.

"Simi..." she began to say, creating a blue sphere in front of her mouth, "POUR!" she exclaimed, with zigzag lines coming out of the blue sphere, aimed at Sawk.

"Sawk, keep on moving!" Stephan shouted.

"Sawk!" he said, dodging every single beam of ice that created stalagmites of ice on the ground when the missed their prime target.

"All right, Karate Chop!" Stephan called out, swinging his arm down.

Sawk hand glowed white as he was closing in on Simipour, who was worn out from using Ice Beam for a while.

"Simipour, look out!" Gingka said.

But it was too late. Sawk was right in front of Simipour, and swinging his arm upwards he sent her into the air with his Karate Chop.

"Gotcha'!" Stephan said.

Sawk grinned, but only for a few seconds as Simipour had suddenly gotten its act back together.

"Wha-?" Stephan said.

"All right, Brick Break!" Gingka called out again.

"Simi!" the geyser Pokemon said with her glowing white fist aimed at Sawk once again. Only this time, it hit Sawk dead on in the face, sending him crashing to the ground.

"Sawk!" Stephan exclaimed, worried for his partner.

"Sawk..." he said, getting up from the ferocious punch.

"All right, way to go Sawk!" Stephan said, excited, "Now for a counterattack! Sawk, use Low Sweep again!"

Using his Low Sweep again, Sawk slid towards Simipour, hoping to get a good hit this time.

Unfortunately, Gingka had other plans, "Simipour, dodge it with Dig!"

"Simi!" she said, digging into the ground, avoiding Sawk's Low Sweep. As the dust and smoke cleared from Simipour's digging, Sawk was looking around the battlefield, trying to find out where Simipour was.

"Where could it be?" Stephan asked himself.

He didn't have much more time to think as Gingka made his move yet again, "Now, Brick Break!"

Simipour came out of the ground right behind Sawk, and struck it in the chest with another powerful Brick Break, sending him flying back close to Stephan.

"Oh man! Sawk!" Stephan exclaimed again.

"Saw..." he said, trying to get back up after taking two big hits.

"Come on Sawk, hang in there!" Stephan called out.

"SAWK!" his Pokemon shouted as he got back up.

"Now let's turn this around!" Stephan said, "Use Close Combat!"

"Sawk..." Sawk began to say as it jumped on the stalagmites of ice left over from Simipour's Ice Beam, shattering them, and landed right in front of Simipour, ready to strike.

"Sawk Sawk Sawk!" he said over and over as he struck Simipour with a barrage of punches of kicks that were so fast, even Simipour couldn't avoid them all at once.

"Simipour!" Gingka called out, hoping she would be all right.

"Simi..." she said, as she fell to her knees, trying to catch her breath.

"I know you can do it Simipour! Just hang in there!" Gingka called out.

"Simi!" she said, getting back to her feet, still breathing heavily though.

Stephan was impressed with Simipour's will to keep on fighting, "Not bad at all Gingka!" he said.

"Thanks! Simipour's not giving up to anyone so easily, she's a real fighter, through thick and thin," Gingka said.

Stephan grinned, "Well, let's see if it can handle Sawk after we increase our power!" he said, "Now, use Bulk Up!"

"Sawk!" the karate Pokemon said, expanding his muscles with a red aura surrounding him, indicating he was gaining more power from the increase in strength.

"Uh oh!" Ash said from the sidelines.

"Well, it looks like this match has gone down far enough already," Trip said, "So that's good that it's ending soon."

Gingka now had to do something before Sawk unleashed another attack, and had quickly responded, "Quick, Simipour use Ice-" "EEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!" screamed a girly voice that not only interrupted Gingka's command, but blasted everyone's eardrums.

"Oh these muscles have gotten so much bigger since the last time I saw them!" exclaimed the girl.

Everyone who had closed their eyes and ears from hearing the loud noise, now had opened them to see that Bianca was on the battlefield, feeling Sawk's muscles like she used to in the Donamite tournament, because she had an obsession with big muscles.

"B-Bianca?" Stephan said, confused at the girl's sudden appearance.

Bianca was wearing a beautifully bright orange dress, with her same old shoes to walk in, and her hair was the same, except she didn't wear her green hat.

"Well, we finally found Bianca," Trip pointed out.

"Yeah, but she interrupted the best part of the battle..." Ash sulked.

"Pika..." Pikachu said, also feeling upset that the battle had been cut short.

"Excuse me, Bianca?" Cilan asked. Bianca took the time to stop feeling Sawk's muscles and address Cilan.

"Oh, hello Cilan! You look very stunning!" she said.

"Thank you," Cilan began to say, "But you've just interrupted the battle Gingka and Stephen were having..."

Bianca didn't actually care that she had interrupted the battle, "So what? Just give me a few minutes to feel Sawk's awesome muscles and then you can get back to your battle, okay?" With that she began to rub Sawk's muscles again, making him a little uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Gingka who was also upset at this sudden interruption, knew that Bianca was going to be in trouble. If she doesn't get out of the way soon, Simipour's gonna... he thought to himself. Suddenly he heard a growl coming from the field. Simipour was furious, not only because Bianca had interrupted their battle, she was stalling it, making Simipour get extremely angry.

Bianca took notice of Simipour's growling and was annoyed by it, "Come on, and don't be stingy. Just give me a few more minutes' to-" "SIIIIIMMMMIIIII!" Simipour screamed, unleashing a huge amount of water from her tail, creating a gigantic Surf attack.

"That Surf's huge!" Ash exclaimed in surprise.

"Incredible!" Cilan stated.

Trip however, knew there was a prime concern to this sudden rage, "And Bianca and Sawk are gonna be caught up in it!" he pointed out.

"Oh no!" Ash exclaimed.

Sawk and Bianca held each other tightly as the raging tidal wave was about to come crashing down on them.

"Bianca, Sawk get out of there!" Stephan called out, "Oh forget it!" he said, running onto to the field to try and save his friends.

"Sawk let's move!" Stephan shouted, making Sawk realize that he needed to move quickly. As he let go of Bianca, Stephan picked her up princess style and they ran off of the field before the wave crashed down upon them.


When the smoke cleared from the Surf, Stephan had gotten Bianca out of there safely, and Sawk was with him, unfazed. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

"Man, that was too close..." Gingka said, "Simipour, can you please try not to be so upset when you can't battle?" he asked.

"Simi!" she huffed, still annoyed with Bianca. That is, until she noticed that Bianca was still being held in Stephan's arms.

"Simi? Simi Simi?" she asked excitedly.

"Hey, Bianca, you okay?" Stephan asked.

Bianca was still star struck about how Stephan came to her rescue, saving her so valiantly, "Yeah I'm okay," she said.

Stephan then put her back down, as there was an awkward silence for a few seconds.

"Oh, Stephen! Thank you so much!" Bianca said as she hugged him tightly, and kissed him on the cheek over and over.

"Hey, stop it! That tickles! And my name's Stephan!" Stephan shouted. Everyone else just laughed out of his embarrassment, even Sawk couldn't help but chuckle for his trainer's new "girlfriend".

"Hey, come on Sawk! This isn't funny!" Stephan shouted again.

"Okay, that's enough," Cilan said, splitting Bianca and Stephan apart, "Say, Bianca do you have the time?" he asked.

"Sure!" Bianca said, looking at her Xtransceiver for the time, "Let's see, it says it's 7:05 PM-" "OH NO!" Cilan screamed, interrupting Bianca.

"What's wrong?" Stephan asked the frightened connoisseur.

"I promised Burgundy that I'd pick her up at 7:00 tonight! And now I'm late! I've gotta get moving!" Cilan exclaimed, racing away from the battlefield, back to the Pokemon Center.

"Wait, so Burgundy's his date tonight?" Bianca asked.

"Yep!" Ash said, "He asked her without a problem, but I'm worried that he's gonna need some backup in case Burgundy gets angry," he said.

"Well then, let's follow him!" Gingka said.

"Right!" everyone said, racing towards the Pokemon Center.

"Hey, by the way, Bianca where's your partner Pokemon?" Ash asked.

It took a few seconds for Bianca to realize what Ash just said, "Oh, Emboar's right here," she said taking out a Pokeball and showing it to him, "I didn't want him to get tired from running around with me all day, so I'm keeping him in his Pokeball until the party starts!" she said.

"Oh, that's a good idea!" Ash said, "But anyways, let's get Cilan!"

Cilan and Pansage were standing right outside of the door to Burgundy's room in the Pokemon Center. He looked somewhat nervous, knowing he was late, but also the fact was that Burgundy had somewhat of a fiery personality, and had too much spice. Cilan began to quiver in anxiety over the situation that may be before him. His Pokemon began to become concerned.

"Pan Pansage Pan?" he asked, wondering what was wrong with his trainer.

Cilan looked down, still looking nervous, "Oh, I'm just nervous about how Burgundy will react to me being a little late to come and get her," he said, "Oh well, here goes nothing."

Knock! Knock!

"Hello! Who is it?" said a voice.

"It's me, Cilan," Cilan said.

"Oh, I just got done getting ready! Hold on a second," the voice said. Cilan and Pansage looked at each other for a second in confusion, then back at the door, just as the knob was turning.

When the door was fully open, Cilan couldn't believe what he saw, and neither did Pansage. Burgundy had emerged from her room, wearing a beautiful red dress going all the way down to her ankles, sparkling with beauty. she also wore small, but amazing earrings that looked like an Oshawott's scalchop. Her other features seemed to be the same, but it all worked perfectly, which completely stunned Cilan. Her partner Pokemon, a Samurott, stood right behind her, giving a grin towards Cilan.

"B-Burgundy, I... wow..." Cilan said, way too amazed to even speak any more. He didn't even take his eyes off of her as the others walked in, unnoticed by Burgundy as well.

"Well it looks like we didn't need to come here after all," Ash said.

"What a waste of time," Trip said, "This'll get their attention," he said pulling out his camera.

"Wait for me you guys!" Bianca called out behind them. All of a sudden though, Bianca began to stumble, "Oh dear! Oh dear!" she said, before bumping into Stephan, who then bumped into Cilan.


Trip had taken his picture right when Cilan accidentally kissed Burgundy right on the lips, surprising everyone in hall.

"What the-?" Ash exclaimed.

"Uh oh," Gingka said.

"This might not end well..." Stephan said, leaning against the wall after being hit by Bianca.

"Oh my!" Bianca said excitedly.

"Hmmm, lucky pic," Trip said coolly.

With that, Cilan and Burgundy broke apart from their first kiss, and just stared at each other, blushing all the while.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Cilan said, scratching his cheek, "I should watch where I'm going!"

"It's okay Cilan," Burgundy said, which confused Cilan greatly, "In fact, I've hoped for something like that to happen for a long time," she said, making Cilan blush.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!" said the connoisseuse, walking out of the halls with Samurott following her close behind. Everyone just stood there in awkward silence for a few seconds before Ash began to speak up.

"Hey guys, why don't we get going too?" he said.

"Yeah let's go!" Gingka exclaimed, pumping his fist.

"All right!" Stephan said.

Cilan sighed, and followed his friends to the ceremonial hall.

After a short walk to the ceremonial hall, everyone was amazed at how the celebration had come together bringing a lot of familiar faces. All the gym leaders Ash had faced in his time in Unova were gathered(except for Skyla) at the celebration. Tsubasa, Madoka, Yu, and Masamune were also there, waiting for the others.

"Hi Trip!" Madoka said, giving the camera boy a hug, making him blush. She was in a bright pink dress, no goggles on her head, and had an extremely cute face.

"Oh, hey Madoka," he said, trying to keep his cool, but everyone knew that he did like what he was seeing.

"So Gingka, how's it hanging?" Masamune asked. "Since you're here, you must've found a date by now," Yu pointed out. "Of course I did!" Gingka said, "I'm so psyched for this party, I just can't contain it!" he exclaimed.

"Simi Simi!" Simipour said, mimicking his enthusiasm.

"Ahem!" said a voice through the speakers in the room.

Everyone turned their attention to the stage at the end of the room, where the Champion Alder was standing beside the Unova Elite Four, Shauntal, Grimsley, Caitlin, and Marshal with each having their respective Pokemon as partners.

Alder then picked up the microphone he had in his hand and began to speak, "First of all, I'd like to congratulate Ash Ketchum and Gingka Hagane for making it into the Champion's League!"

Everyone in the room clapped for the trainers. Some of them even whistled and called out their names, but they didn't mind. They just waved casually towards everyone and were all so happy.

"All right then," Alder began to say into the microphone, "Now, we shall begin the celebration!"

Everyone cheered, excited for what was coming next. Ash and Gingka put their hands in the air, cheering loudly as well.

"Okay then!" Alder voice boomed into the microphone, making everyone stop suddenly, "Let's begin with our opening performances!" he called out.

"Opening performances?" Ash asked.

"I guess they must've brought in a band or something..." Gingka suggested.

"Or it could be dancers," said a girl next to the boys.

Ash and Gingka turned towards the girl and both looked at her. She was wearing a blue-greenish dress going down to her ankles, and had long, flowing red hair.

"Hey, who are you?" Ash asked. Fortunately, Gingka knew who it was from the moment he saw her.

"Hey Georgia, how are you?" he asked with a wave.

That surprised Ash, "That's Georgia?" he asked, shocked.

"Of course it's me, who else would it be?" she rhetorically asked, "Never mind that though, they're going to start the performances now," she said, glancing towards the stage, making Ash and Gingka do the same. The Unova Elite Four and Alder had gone off to the side of the stage to make room for the performers.

Alder spoke up once more, "Now, in order for Ash and Gingka to come here tonight, they had to bring dates! And these dates are giving us a Pokemon performance to start off the night," Alder's booming voice said, "So, with that all said and done, up first is Ash's date, known as..."

The curtains upon the stage rose, and revealed a young girl with dark skin in a beautiful white dress standing upon the stage with a Pokeball in each of her hands.

"Hey, is that-?" Ash exclaimed, surprised that he almost couldn't recognize that the girl upon the stage currently was Iris, the girl who knows the hearts of dragons.

Everyone stood in awe, and others like Drayden were surprised at the result of who Ash's date was.

"It's Iris!" Alder exclaimed into the microphone.

"No way! Did she cut her hair?" Georgia asked herself.

"She looks incredible!" Bianca said.

"No doubt about it, right Ash?" Gingka asked his friend, but only found him staring in awe at the beautiful girl.

"All right, take it away Iris!" Alder said.

"Right!" Iris said. She then took the Pokeball in her right hand and threw it into the air. The Pokeball opened, with a stream of blue and white light appearing, and then forming into Emolga, the electric flying squirrel.

"Use Attract!" Iris commanded.

Upon hearing the command, Emolga winked and pink hearts began to appear out of thin air, floating into the sky.

"Now, Discharge!" Iris called out.

"EMOL!" she shouted as she sent out bursts of electricity through the air that hit the hearts from the Attract. The hearts shattered, leaving sparkles in the air.

"Now!" Iris said, "Emolga, Hidden Power towards the sky!"

"Mol Ga!" she shouted, creating a greenish ball of energy that she shot into the sky.

"Now, use Volt Switch!" Iris commanded.

Emolga now created a ball of electrical energy, that she shot in the same direction as the Hidden Power.

Emolga then speedily was brought back to Iris, landing on her head as planned, and a white and blue light appeared from Iris' other Pokeball that she had aimed into the sky as well.

The Hidden Power and the Volt Switch collided, creating a smoky array around the once sparkling sky. Meanwhile, the light had begun to completely form into Iris' subterrene Pokemon, Excadrill, and emerged into him.

"Now Excadrill!" Iris shouted, "Focus Blast!"

Excadrill, upon hearing the command, focused its energy into a blue sphere from its claws, and threw it into the sky, clearing the remaining smoke.

"Wow! That's so cool!" Ash exclaimed.

"Quite a fine taste, right Burgundy?" Cilan asked.

"True, but I do believe she isn't done yet," Burgundy said.

"Now, use Drill Run!" Iris called out.

"Exca..." Excadrill began to say, as his claws and the horn on top of his head formed together to create a drill like form, and with his speed, he span into the air, towards his Focus Blast crying out, "DRILL!"

"All right, go for it!" Iris called out. Excadrill's Drill Run went straight through the Focus Blast, making it shatter and sparkle in air. Excadrill then got out of it's drill form, and was in the wake of the sparkles, making him seem so cool and awesome.

Excadrill then did a flip before landing in front of Iris, ending the performance.

We did it! Iris thought to herself.

Everyone clapped and cheered, amazed by Iris' performance. Even Georgia had to clap after seeing something that amazing. Iris then suddenly noticed something, and ran happily off stage, heading in Ash's direction.

"Huh? Iris?" Ash said, confused, "Well, if you're so happy to see me, I might as well give you a-" "Haxorus!" Iris exclaimed, hugging the big dragon type. Ash, who had been caught completely off guard, recomposed himself and walked over to Iris.

"Hey, Iris," he said.

Iris turned around to face him, "Oh hi Ash! Did you like what you saw?"

Ash smiled, "You bet! Those combinations were amazing, and you look awesome!"

Iris giggled, "Well, thank you Ash," she said.

"Hello Iris," said a deep voice.

"Huh?" both trainers asked as they turned around to see Drayden was standing in front of them, smiling.

"I see you've reunited with Haxorus," he said, petting the dragon. "Yes, it looks like he's gotten stronger!" Iris said. "Of course he has," Drayden said, "He's training with me after all."

Everyone gave a little laugh, but only for a small second when Alder shouted into the microphone yet again.

"Now that, was an exhilarating performance! Well done Iris!" Alder exclaimed, "Now, how about we see what kind of performance Gingka's date has in store for us?" he asked the crowd, making them cheer for it.

"Then let's see who it is, and how she'll perform!" Alder exclaimed into the microphone.

The curtains began to rise once again, and everyone was on the edge of their seats, wondering who would perform.

This is it... Gingka thought to himself.

End Chapter 10

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