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This is a little piece of fluff I wrote. It is pretty short and you will note by the T rating this is not my usual smutty fare. I will still be putting up chapters of Captured and this won't interfere with that story going up. This is just some fun in between chapters.

Nerd Warning: Horrific abuse of the timeline and character ages. The only way to actually put these people in school together is to ignore their true ages. Example: Bellatrix (b. 1951), Arthur (b.1950) and Molly (b.1949) would have been finished their schooling when the Marauders (b.1960 except Sirius 1959) and Snape (1960) show up. Lucius and Narcissa actually fall between them and there are no dates for the Longbottoms and Lestranges as far as I know.

To say I am taking liberties would be an understatement…I am blatantly trouncing all over cannon to put these people in Hogwarts together. Molly and Bella can send me fruit baskets for shaving a decade off their ages.

Cliché warning: Honestly, how can I not do a time turner fic? Who doesn't love a temporal travel story? Top five cliché story lines ever.

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Second Chance


The building was falling apart as were its inhabitants. The battle was finally over. The remaining Death Eaters surrendered and the injured were either being treated by Madam Pomfrey or being rushed over to St. Mungo's for the healers to treat. The living were now congregated in the Great Hall left to deal with the dead and the wreckage.

Hermione looked around the hall. The Weasleys were huddled together mourning Fred except for Ginny who had wandered off with Harry. The floor was littered with bodies and friends and colleagues took turns saying their last goodbyes to the fallen. Hermione placed her cloak around Kingsley who was kneeling before Nymphadora and Remus. She wondered what would become of Teddy. The poor boy lost both his parents and his grandfather in the war. All he had left was Andromeda.

The Patil twins and Dean were covering Lavender's body with a cloak and Hagrid walked by cradling the body of Colin Creavy. Draco and Gregory were mourning Vincent Crabbe and Hermione could see Narcissa casting glances at her sister's body. She finally stood to go over to her and found several wands in her face.

"You sit back down Naricssa." Molly looked as though she wasn't done with this war yet. "She deserved her fate and you deserve Azkaban. I know Harry said to let you be but you will sit in that corner and you will not move. I lost a son to this war and almost lost my daughter to that bitch. I will be happy to reunite you two."

Arthur pulled on Molly's arm as Minerva guided Narcissa back to the bench. Hermione could see the anger rolling off of her in waves. This was not the life she had planned for herself or her family. Hermione could see something else as well. Narcissa was looking around the room for something. She closed her eyes and seemed to be trying to recollect a fact or memory. When her eyes opened she sat down quietly by Lucius not saying a word. She didn't need to. The look on her face said it all.

Hermione knew that look. It was the look she got when she was plotting. Narcissa Malfoy was planning something. There was something they missed. She didn't know if it was an escape route or a way to take a few more of them out but Hermione needed to figure it out quickly. She knew she couldn't talk to Ron right now. His mother was ready to kill Naricissa as it was and he was overcome with grief for his brother. She needed to find Harry.

Hermione sat next to Neville, Hannah and Luna.

"Can you three do me a favor?"

Neville nodded, "What do you need?"

"Keep an eye on Narcissa. Don't let them tear her apart but don't let her leave either."

"What's going on?" Hannah looked concerned. The sweet girl had her fill of war.

"She is planning something but Hermione doesn't know what. She is going to find Harry and ask for help." Luna dreamily replied, "I will come with you. You shouldn't travel these halls alone. There could still be stray Death Eaters…besides the Malfoys."

Hermione wanted to laugh. Luna was one of the only witches who were any match for her intellectually but she absolutely lived up to her moniker of Looney Lovegood. She was right though.

"Alright come with me. You two say nothing to the others. I don't want to incite a mob." Neville and Hannah agreed and the two witches set out looking for Harry.

Hermione and Luna kept their wands drawn as they searched the school. It was slow going picking through the rubble. They had to turn back and find alternate routes several times due to the destruction to the school.

The first place that Hermione would normally look would be the Room of Requirement but she knew that wasn't an option as they had torched the room and around a thousand years of Hogwarts history only a few hours before. They started by checking Gryffindor tower but found the entrance and most of the tower was destroyed, as was the astronomy tower.

They searched through the dungeons and found the bodies of Pansy Parkinson, Teddy Nott and Adrian Pucey covered in rubble. It looked like they were crushed under the castle when part of it collapsed. Hermione and Luna continued on, leaving the three. There was nothing they could do for them now and they had more important things to do than bury their enemies.

They were climbing over a pile of rubble heading towards the kitchens when Luna finally spoke.

"Something has occurred to her. I could see the wrackspurts fly away. Narcissa is a powerful witch and knows quite a bit about Hogwarts. She was a Prefect and Head Girl. Are you sure we shouldn't stay with her. Neville is very strong now that he has found himself but he is still rather naïve. Maybe we should keep an eye on her and send Neville and Hannah to find Harry.

"You are right…again. Let's go."

They rushed back through the school turning the corridor to see Narcissa's back as she hurried out of the Great Hall.

Hermione whispered to Luna, "Damn…let's catch her."

The two girls sprinted after the witch. The rumbling of building and noise from the hall masked Hermione's trainers and Luna's bare feet enough not to catch her attention as they gained on her. They slowed as they closed in making sure she couldn't hear them approach. She headed to the trophy room and seemed to be looking for something. She finally pulled out a small trophy with a clock's face on it and began to mutter, "Incipio Incantatem tempus misceum juvenca"

Hermione's Latin was rusty but she could put two and two together and she ran towards Narcissa with Luna close behind. Narcissa didn't notice as the trophy began to buzz and glow. Narcissa disappeared leaving the glowing trophy behind.

Luna and Hermione were encased in the glow of the trophy but everything the light didn't touch slowly began to change. When the trophy finished the castle looked different. Clean but dark. Hermione looked around the trophy room and saw that all of Gryffindor's trophies were gone. They were replaced by Slytherin trophies.

"Luna, did what I think happened just happen?"

"If you think Narcissa Malfoy changed the timeline then yes, I think so."

They walked out into the hall and found students running to classes. Many looked at them curiously and several gaped at Luna. All of a sudden they heard a shout from behind them. It was Draco Malfoy. He was wearing a Head Boy badge and was surrounded by his usual cohorts, now back from the dead.

"Lovegood, aren't you supposed to be in Azkaban for sedition? And who is this filthy thing with you?"

"Some things don't change. Luna!"

They both cast stupefies and made a run for it. Hermione cast reductos behind her as the pack chased her up the stairs. Luna and Hermione had to block spells as other students joined in to help. She could hear the students shouting for the staff including several calls to get 'Headmaster Carrow'. She had no intention of exploring Narcissa's brave new world.

"Seventh floor!" Hermione shouted to Luna as they ran. She felt a piercing pain in her arm and stumbled. A spell had cut her. She didn't slow. The Room was intact again and waiting for them and the door shut behind them forming a wall. They could hear explosions outside as the staff and students worked to destroy the barrier.

"Hermione, we only have one choice."

"I know….I had really hoped we would be done. I may just kill her on principal. Priori Incantatem!"

The glow surrounded them again as the trophy hummed. Luna grabbed hold as well and Hermione made one last request to the room as the girls vanished.

The wall exploded inward. Draco and Headmaster Carrow watched as a pile of books, used brooms, and other junk collapsed onto the floor. None of them noticed the trophy the debris covered as it collapsed. The room was searched thoroughly but there was no sign of the blood-traitor Luna Lovegood and her mysterious friend.

The two girls were dropped into the Room of Requirement. Both girls were dirty, bruised and battered from the battle and they knew they would draw attention to themselves in the hall. She needed to know what date it was and how to proceed. She looked to Luna who seemed to pondering the same question.

Hermione was thankful Luna was the one brought back with her. She knew the girl was odd but she was brilliant and her out of the box thinking complemented Hermione's logic. They may have had a rocky start but the two women respected each other and could trust each other which was important for this mission. They needed to save the wizarding world…again.