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Second Chance

Chapter 7

Hermione woke in a tangle of limbs. It took her a few moments to realize where she was and who she was tangled up with. She smiled and pulled Bellatrix closer. The night before had been amazing and she knewwitch lost her heart to her.

Bellatrix woke and stretched out. Hermione marveled at the cat like grace of the witch. Bella stole a quick kiss.

"What time is it?"

"Six. I need to go. I don't want to have to explain why I am in your rooms."

"Late night study session? I certainly learned a few things."

Hermione fought the urge to stay and rolled out of bed. She hopped into the shower and was soon joined by Bella.

"I am not getting out of here for breakfast am I?"

"It's Saturday. No one will notice. I will make sure to get you out in time for lunch."

"Hmmmmm. Have I told you I adore you?"

"Keep saying it. I like to hear it."

Bellatrix closed the curtain and ended any chance of an escape for Hermione.


The next few weeks were filled with planning and passion as Hermione dedicated herself to learning every inch of Bellatrix Black inside and out. She was falling hard for the witch who had once been her captor and tormentor. Bellatrix Lestrange was insane and cruel. Bellatrix Black was studious, clever and loving.

Luna was having the same problem Hermione was. They were falling in love with two people from another time and another reality. They knew they couldn't stay but they no longer wanted to leave. Hermione had become close to Molly and Severus and even had a developed a friendship with Narcissa. They couldn't leave.

The day of the Solstice came and Severus confirmed that Voldemort had the potion for his ritual. They were sitting around doing their final planning.

"So it will be the six of us against him. It hardly seems sporting" Molly said packing the healing potions from Luna into a bag.

"Sporting Molly? Even six to one we are at a disadvantage" Severus sighed. "Plus one of us will have to kill him."

"Leave that to me. I already have taken a life. There is no reason any of you should taint your souls."

Everyone including Luna looked at her, surprised by the confession.

"Walden Macnair and Thorafinn Rowle. It was during the final battle." Hermione was looking at her feet. In a room full of future murderers she was the only one with blood on her hands.

"We did what we had to do Hermione." Luna offered. Bellatrix moved closer to her and took her hand.

"Even with our help Hermione..."

"Yeah I have a plan."

"Is that why you had us meet here instead of the Room of Requirement?" Snape asked. After all of the secrecy she was making it very clear they were plotting today.

"Yes he needed to see us."


"All of you go down with the others getting ready for Hogsmeade. We will meet at the shack in two hours."

A head popped up from the stairway and McGonagall made her way onto the astronomy tower.

"Ms. Black and both Blackhalls please come with me the rest of you que up with the other students."

They followed their professor to the Headmaster's office. They lagged a little and the two women flanking Hermione looked at her questioningly.

"When you get the signal take out McGonagall and Flitwick" Hermione whispered.

"What signal?" Narcissa hissed.

"You'll know."

Their conversation was abruptly ended as they reached the gargoyle to Dumbledore's office.

They were shown in and the three took seats. Hermione was pleasantly surprised to see that Flitwick wasn't there. Their odds were better.

"So ladies would you like to tell me what you are up to?" the Headmaster inquired.

"Of course sir. We have made a breakthrough on the formula. Instead of the original equations I used we have expanded it and it can now create a virtually impregnable ward. I know Severus wasn't to be added but his involvement has been key. Can I show you our plans?"

Her complete enthusiasm for the project and the lure of an impenetrable ward were enough to drop the two professors' guards and they were sucked into the story.

Hermione pulled out her book bag and dumped its contents out on to a small table in his office. There were several text books, their formulas and notes, quills and ink and several Cadbury Crunchie bars.

"Sorry sir we skipped breakfast. I picked a box up over the holiday. Would you mind terribly if I have one?"

"Not at all Miss Granger. Let's see those new equations."

Hermione opened one of the candy bars and pulled out her notes. She took a few bites while Luna explained the new variations. Finally Luna grabbed one of the bars as well.

"I had never experienced muggle candy before Hermione but I have come to enjoy it." Luna smiled as she bit into the bar. She had made sure to pick the one with the tear in the wrapper just like Hermione's

Hermione in an act of politeness offered the others bars as well. They declined. They spent the next thirty minutes going through the variations.

Dumbledore was known for many things and his sweet tooth was legendary. He eventually took her offer of one of the bars. He was surprised at how delightful it was. Five minutes later he collapsed. Hermione had laced all of the bars but two with a sleeping draught.

Narcissa and Luna bound Minerva with an incarcerous and took her wand. Hermione grabbed Dumbledore's wand and cast a silencing spell on her.

"It works."

Narcissa looked worried, "You said nothing about taking the wand."

"I am only borrowing it. Professor, tell him that when he wakes up. Tell him I am borrowing it and I do not intend to keep it. Lend him yours. A good stunner should revert the wand back to him. I am truly sorry about this. Stupify."

She looked at the other two women. "We have maybe twenty minutes before she comes to and another five before she gets out of those bonds. Let's go."

They ran off meeting the others at the shrieking shack. Hermione guided them to the woods.

"Granger, where are we going?" Narcissa was confused.

"You and Severus still have the trace on you. You are only fifth years. Apparition is out."

"Oh bloody hell." Narcissa paled.

"What?" Bellatrix didn't like her sister's color.

"Their fifth year they went to the Ministry. They fought Him and well you and the others. They couldn't floo or apparate."

"So they took brooms?" Severus wasn't worried he was good on a broom.

They stopped in a clearing.

"What are we looking at?" Molly asked. The three were confused.

"It is wonderful you can't see them." Luna responded.

"They took thestrals to the Ministry and we are taking them now." Narcissa sighed and then explained the animals to the others.

Hermione hated flying but since Bella couldn't see their steed she had no choice but to ride in front. Severus rode with Luna and Molly with Narcissa.

They reached the grave yard. It was empty. They had time to kill.

"Narcissa and Severus, remember don't use your wands unless you have too. Once you do they will be able to find us. Luna please tell me you and Severus perfected that potion."

"We won't know until it's time but I think we got it" she replied.

"Do you really think we need it?" Snape asked.

"Only if we live" Luna passed out the vials and they all drank the contents down. The two had been working on the potion for weeks. If it worked it would be brilliant.

They hid in the shrubbery around the site. A few hours later Voldemort arrived. Hermione was right. He was alone. Only in the movies did it make sense to duel someone. In real life the trick was winning. The six started throwing hexes from the bushes.

Voldemort was fast and powerful and was blocking almost everything coming at him. Hermione has gotten through partially with sectumsempra slicing his arm and torso on his right side. The wand was strong. She could see why it was so sought after.

"I just made that up...I haven't even gotten it down yet! How did you...oh right never mind." Severus called out. He was happy his spell was so effective.

Voldemort hadn't had the sense to apparate yet but it was only a matter of time. Luna and Narcissa flanked him and he spun blocking each of the spells Luna shot but he was unprepared for Hermione's avada.

Voldemort fell to the ground. Hermione heard the cracks and looked over her shoulder to see Dumbledore, McGonagall and Flitwick. Hermione relaxed her body and let the stunner hit her.

When she came to they were back at Hogwarts sitting in the Headmaster's office.

"Welcome back Miss Granger. You have irreparably changed the timeline. What am I to do?"

"Nothing sir. Whatever happens it can't be as bad as what was. He is dead. You have your wand back and I will give you the ward information although I might have exaggerated a bit on the impregnable part. The students of this school will live their lives never knowing the monsters and martyrs they were to become."

"A win-win so to speak?"

"Yes Headmaster."

"Very well, but you three are leaving. I don't care about the mystery behind the sudden disappearance of the Blackhalls; I am not leaving you to your plotting. Let's go."

He escorted them to the trophy room with Hermione pleading along the way. They had tears in their eyes as their professors walked them to the trophy.

"You don't belong here, you know that. I will give you a minute to say goodbye."

Hermione was crying. She hugged Molly goodbye and walked over to her love. She kissed Bella, "baby I am so sorry."

"I will wait for you. I will be there when you come through."

"Bella...I love you."

"I love you too Hermione Granger."

She looked and saw Luna and Severus make similar promises.

Narcissa hugged her sister goodbye, "Bella protect Andy from me until I come back."

Dumbledore began the spell and the trophy began to glow. Hermione looked across at her lover. As everything was about to spin away Dumbledore pulled out his wand.

"I am sorry...obliviate!"


Hermione and Luna were thrust back into their bodies collapsing to the floor. They were in the library. Everyone started laughing at them. Hermione saw that she and Luna were sitting separate from the others. The library was intact and the student body seemed unharmed.

"Loony and the swot at it again."

Hermione saw it was Ron saying and Harry high fiving him.

"Honestly Harry. Do you have to be so supportive of him when he is like that?"

"What are you playing at Granger. He is my best mate; you gave me detention for two weeks for a stupid prank. Of course I do."

Hermione realized then what was going on. Harry's eyes were brown and there was no mark from a scar. She looked around the library and saw several students she didn't recognize. She pulled Luna away. As they walked through the halls they talked.

"Could you imagine how confused I would be right now if that anti-obliviate potion hadn't worked? I would have come back to my best friends digging at me and not knowing why. What was Dumbledore thinking?"

"That you would still be friends."

"I never told him about the troll. He wouldn't know they didn't like me until then."

"Let's see if Severus is here."

They headed down to the Potion's Master's office.

"Miss Granger, Miss Lovegood why are you infringing on my Saturday?"

"Severus?" Luna whispered.

His whole demeanor changed. "You're back?"

He shut the door and pulled her into his arms.

"I am an old man now Luna."

"No you're not and I first fell for you at this age."

The two began to kiss. A few minutes for Luna had been a lifetime for him.

"I waited." he pulled her into a tight embrace.

Hermione cleared her throat. He smiled.

"I am not the only one." A patronus shot out of his wand in the form of a rabbit. Hermione smiled when she saw the rabbit instead of a doe. A few seconds later it returned.

"What has happened?"

"Sit down and wait for the others."

Bellatrix came running in five minutes later. Her eyes were filled with tears. Gone was the twisted woman that Azkaban produced. Hermione pulled up her sleeve. Her arm was free of scars.


"Professor Black now. I flooed Cissy and Molly. They are coming over now. We do have some time to kill."

"You waited for me? It was years." Hermione was shocked.

"I would never find another like you. We were destined for each other." Bellatrix pulled Hermione in for a kiss. The two couples ended up snogging a bit while waiting for Narcissa. Twenty minutes later Narcissa Malfoy walked in.

"Get a room!" Narcissa yelped.

"We will after we get you caught up." Severus sneered.

"So what happened? I seem to have two children now."

"Yes Cissy. Draco is a seventh year and Druella is a fifth year. There was no Dark Lord. You have done well for yourselves and Lucius is a member of the Wizengamot."

"He also partnered with Bellatrix and myself on a successful spell and apothecary business. As you realize, the potion worked. Between that and seeing Sectumsempra work so well I was inspired. Lucius backed us." Gone was the dour Potion's Master. The man sitting in front of them was happy and successful.

"Then why are you here?" Narcissa asked, "the pay is horrible and the lodging dreadful."

"We were waiting for them. We didn't know when they would come back. Dumbledore quickly realized his spell didn't work. We made him a deal. He kept your wards and we didn't snitch about the elder wand or anything he covered up during our time at Hogwarts including the incident with Remus. In exchange we got to come back and wait for you when it was time. We have only been here during the last seven years."

"I teach DADA and Severus as you guessed, teaches potions."

"Were we recognized? The others? The world?"

"Albus used a persuasion spell to convince you two to go with the story that you are both related to the Blackhalls. You are cousins of Helena and Diana Blackhall. As much as I hate to admit it, he was right. With the glamours off anyone who made the connection just assumed you were related hence the family resemblance. Especially with that hair Granger.

"HEY!" She couldn't really argue the point. Her hair was an uncontrollable mane and in this timeline she apparently hadn't discovered sleekeazy potion. If she wasn't friends with Harry and Ron she must not be friendly with the Patil twins.

"If I may continue now that we are done worrying about your hair. Molly married Arthur and had a gaggle of children. The Marauders lived to mostly have equally reprehensible children."

"My children aren't reprehensible Severus!" Molly stated while hugging Hermione. She had finally gotten in.

"Ok the others aren't but Ron spends too much time with Potter" He quipped back.

"We saw." Hermione told them about the library "Lily didn't have as much influence on James as I thought she would."

"He didn't marry Lily. He married Alice Blythe." Molly said hugging Hermione again to make up for her foolish son. She knew her son was a bit of an idiot. She was hoping he would grow out of it and in the meantime he was keeping the howler business well funded. She was averaging one a week to him.


"She was a student here, she was dating Frank Longbottom but James wooed her away. Lily married Remus. I was best man at their wedding. He stopped spending time with the Marauders shortly after you left and pursued her instead. They have two kids. Eileen is an Auror now and Jacob is a sixth year in Ravenclaw." Severus smiled thinking about their kids. Lily had named her first child after his mother and made him the godfather. Jacob was a handful but not cruel like the Marauders.

"They know by the way. The saw you when they were dropping off Jacob for the train. You forgot to glamour your scents. Remus knew you weren't cousins. We made both he and Lily take a secrecy oath. They were upset about it all until we told them they were dead before you changed the time line. They have been big fans of yours since then."

She was happy to hear that. She had always been fond of Remus and she would get to truly know Lily. "What about Neville Longbottom?"

"Frank never had a child. He died in a raid on Walden Macnair's shop. Walden was peddling contraband and dark artifacts. He is Azkaban for Frank's murder." Molly sighed. "Frank was a good man."

"The world really has changed."

"Bella! Andy?" Narcissa exclaimed.

"She married Ted Tonks. You were determined to disown her along with our parents. I tried to stop you. You stopped talking to me as well. We have a tentative truce due to Lucius' involvement in the company but you were unhappy with my continued relations with her."

"Oh Bella. I am so sorry." Narcissa hugged her sister. "What are my children like? Are they…like I was?"

"Draco is still a prat but Dru developed quite the rebellious streak that seems to run through Black women." The comment earned Snape a playful swat from Narcissa, "She is also in Ravenclaw and dating Jacob to yours and Lucius great disappointment."

"I am going to have to make some changes on that and set things right with Andy."

"Lucius will not be please Cissy" Bella warned.

"He will deal with it. Both of my sisters are with muggles. I lost you once I won't lose you again."

"And I don't want any more trips."

They all turned to see McGonagall and Dumbledore in the door. Hermione sighed. She really had to invent a warning ward for these conversations.

"The school year is almost over. Your last N.E.W.T is tomorrow. You have received all Os so far. You will be graduating as the top two students of your year and among the top graduates of all time."

"Draco must really hate you two" Narcissa laughed.

"He does" Severus and Bellatrix chorused.

"You will keep your hands to yourselves while they are still students. Once they graduate I expect the entire lot of you to be on your way."

"Yes sir."

"And Miss Granger, very clever trick with my wand and the candy bar. Your knowledge of the Hallows lore is excellent."

"You taught me everything I know sir."

"And the stone?"

"I destroyed it with the ring."

He sighed, turned and left.

"I haven't forgotten about the stupify Hermione. You do owe me one." McGonagall's tone made it clear she intended to collect. She followed after the Headmaster.

"So that's it then. We saved the world and no one will ever know" Luna asked.

Hermione pulled Bella in for a kiss. "At least we got the fairy tale ending this time. I will happily give up the Golden Trio for my life with you Bellatrix Black."



"I am just another scorch mark on the Black family tree. I want to become Granger."

"Are you proposing?"

"Yes, are you accepting?"

Hermione kissed her again cupping her face in her hands. She looked into her eyes and whispered.




"Rose just run at it." Hermione watched her daughter go through the wall and ran after her. It was Rose's first year at Hogwarts. Hermione had married Bellatrix only weeks after graduation causing quite the stir in the wizarding community. It was a small ceremony with only a few attendees.

Andromeda was surprised when Narcissa and Druella showed up. Lucius and Draco refused to attend but Narcissa had no intention of missing her sister's wedding. She made peace with her other sister and met her family.

The last time she saw Nymphadora Tonks she was laying dead on the floor of the Great Hall. This was her first time talking to her niece in two life times. She liked the clumsy witch within minutes of meeting her even if she did spill wine on her new shoes.

Lucius was very unhappy to find out that either he had to let Xeno's crazy child and the mudblood who regularly bested his son join the business or he was going to be forced out. He was even less happy when Narcissa told him that it wasn't the only place he should expect them. In the end he chose to appease his wife and best friend and made nice with Hermione and Luna.

Luna and Severus married a year and a half later but they beat Hermione and Bellatrix to the cradle. Their daughter Diana was born the next year. A year and a half later their son Lysander was born.

Hermione delivered Rose only a few days after Luna had Lysander and the two were thick as thieves. When they were eight Rose Lysander, and Scorpius managed to implode the Malfoy gazebo.

Draco finally stopped his feud with Hermione when his son Scorpius became sick with the Dragon Pox. It was the same illness that had killed Lucius' father and the family was scared. Gunhilda of Gorsemoor had developed a treatment but it wasn't always effective. In Abraxas Malfoy's case it did nothing and it wasn't helping Scorpius either.

Hermione's muggle background came into play and she realized the virus could have more than one variation. Hermione spend days without sleep trying to found a way to improve the potion to treat variations and mutations of the virus. Scorpius was not only better in hours, he didn't have any lasting affects.

They walked on to the platform for the Hogwarts Express. Molly came over and gave her a hug. She was seeing her grandchildren off. The rest of her family never understood her close friendship with the two strange girls they went to school with. It didn't matter.

Harry was a seeker for the Chudley Cannons and Ron was an Auror. The two still made faces if they saw Hermione around. Without the war, they hadn't grown up. Hermione later found out that some of the hard feelings came from James. He held her 'cousin Helena' responsible for breaking up the Marauders and costing him Lily Evans.

Hermione looked over at her wife and child. She kissed Rose goodbye and smiled as she watched the train leave. No Golden Trio, no heroes or villains. She still lost most of her friends but she only lost their friendship, she didn't have to bury them this time. She looked as Harry and Ginny and Ron and Lavender loaded their kids up on to the train. Bellatrix came up and took her hand. Her friends were alive and happy and so was she and that was enough.