No Hope Left

Well here I am with another story; this is my take on Resident Evil 6, using just what I got from the trailer. It's obviously going to be AU whenever any other news is released. But hey ho, the trailer got my imagination going and I thought I'd take a stab at it. I'm not the best so don't be expecting it to be phenomenal. The characters are those from the trailer in case you didn't know. And Borislav is actually a Serbian name, not a real place…

Hope you enjoy.

Wrapping his arms tightly around his legs, the man gazed in awe at his surroundings. For as far as the eye could see was vast mountains, each heavily covered with snow that glistened with the light of the moon. The sight was nothing short of beautiful. It made the world appear so calm, safe…peaceful. The man gently closed his eyes; the notion couldn't be further from the truth.

For over a year, he had been tackling various outbreaks across the world. Some small, some unfortunately on a much larger scale. He knew the attempts to stop the attacks were futile, but it was better to try, than acknowledge they were fighting the unwinnable war. At least with each outbreak they were able to save some people. Even if it was just one person from a whole town, it was still seen as a little victory. This time around they had been more successful. Of the 60,000 inhabitants of Borislav in Serbia, an estimated total of 10,000 people were rescued, much higher than the previous outbreaks. However, more people may have been saved, but the BSAA were still none the wiser as to who was behind all these outbreaks.

The man unclasped his hands to poke one into his pocket, retrieving a small picture of his family. Even with gloves, his hand still shook with the extreme cold temperatures as he gazed upon it. Without knowing who the terrorist group was behind these attacks, he dreaded to think what type of world the generation after him would be living in.

"Do you miss them, Captain?" Chris Redfield snapped his head up from the photo. He hadn't even heard footsteps approach him.

"Yeah, of course I do. But this is my job…" Chris replied calmly, stuffing the scruffy photo back into his pocket. He moved his hand to sweep off the thick layer of snow on the rock next to him, patting it once cleared to offer the younger man a seat. Piers smiled and took the offer, taking a seat next to his superior.

Piers Nivans had been part of the North American BSAA since 2005, showing determination and skill in the battlefield, along with a selfless attitude, he excelled in his job. After the supposed death of Jill Valentine, Piers was partnered with Chris Redfield for some missions and the two sparked friendship. Together they had been fighting the recent outbreaks.

"Well hopefully we'll be going home soon. The virus is contained here." Piers' voice shook slightly as the cold penetrated his clothes. Immediately he wrapped his black cheque scarf over his fair hair and around his head, covering his mouth and nose.

"The virus may be contained, but I doubt we'll be going home that soon. Before they clear the city, we're going to have to see if there's any trace or evidence as to who did this." As Chris spoke, steam exiting his mouth as the warmth hit the cool air.

"Considering the last three cases we've been to like this we haven't found anything... Do you really think this time will be any different?" Piers mumbled through his thick scarf.

"Realistically, probably not… But we've got to hold out hope. I'm not going to give up yet."

"The world needs more people like you, Chris. If there was, perhaps the end wouldn't seem so near."

"…The end?"

"Open your eyes. The world is changing and not for the better. It'll only be so long until all cities and towns in the world are wiped out because of these viruses. Sure we're trying our best to help, but even still the question keeps arising, is it enough?" Piers plucked his head up to look across the mountainous view before him, appreciating the beauty of mother earth.

"You have a very pessimistic view, Piers…"

"There's a fine line between pessimism and realism, Captain. We can't hide from the truth."

"So long as I have my family I have hope. We're not defeated yet."

"I hope you're right… I really do." Piers replied, looking up to his friend. Chris gave a slight smile, but looking into the younger man's blue eyes worry remained embedded within them.

Chris brought his hand up and gave a firm reassuring pat to Piers' back. Perhaps there wasn't much hope left for the world, but they would fight until the end if necessary.

Leon had gone through the routines more than enough times; it now became second nature to him. In recent years the security had been dramatically increased, but nevertheless Leon knew the routine. He was lead through the halls of the White House by a much larger security guard who towered over him, and was even bigger built than Leon himself.

Stepping up to the large engraved door, the guard opened it and signalled to Leon. He replied with a nod to thank the older man. Leon entered the room, immediately catching sight of the older man sitting at the desk. The man gave a smile and rose from his seat to greet him.

"Mr President, you wanted to see me?" Leon spoke moving over to shake the hand of the greying man.

"Please Leon, just Adam…" He began with a smile. Adam Benford was the man who spotted Leon after the Raccoon City incident, immediately getting Leon into the military agency; Leon owed his entire job to this man. Of course now he was his boss, but still the two were close friends. "Nice to see you made an effort Leon, as always."

Leon looked down at himself sheepishly; he was wearing a black shirt and neat jeans, not a suit like most people. The President just laughed.

"America is under extreme threat as you well know. These bioterror attacks aren't letting up, and our friends the BSAA haven't got anywhere with who's behind it. Leon you've got more experience in this than most, that's why I want you to personally investigate further into these attacks. I'd like you to meet our new agent, I hope with your experience and her intelligence you'll get somewhere." Benford began, and moved over to put his hand out to welcome over the young female in the room. "Leon, this is Helena Harper, she'll be your partner."

The brunette woman swept a piece of thick hair from her eyes and put out her hand to Leon. He accepted it graciously and returned her smile.

"It's nice to meet you."

"You too, I've heard much about you Leon." She adjusted her shirt at the back while speaking to the taller man.

"I expect the very best of you two, we depend on you." President Benford spoke and handed over a folder to Leon. Leon and Helena glanced to each other, giving a nod.

"We'll do our best." Leon said.


"I just hope it's enough…" The President mumbled.

For the time of year, the weather was unusually warm. Of course that meant everyone grabbed any opportunity to enjoy the sunshine. Having found a generously spaced house in the countryside of Pennsylvania, Jill Valentine had found her solace. It took months of recovery after her years of captivity, but for the last five years she had been living life peacefully with the knowledge that Albert Wesker was finally dead.

Stepping out into her large garden, a smile was brought across her face as she caught sight of the small boy underneath an oak tree smiling back at her.

It was strange how weather could affect a person's emotions; the good weather really did bring a genuine smile to Jill's lips. It made everything just seem better, like there wasn't a care in the world, made her forget any other problems, and made it seem peaceful.

"Mom, come push me!" The small boy squealed as he jumped onto the swing attached to the oak tree. Jill gave a smile and hopped down the garden towards her little son. She wandered behind him and carefully placed both hands to his back to begin to push him on the swing.

"How high do you want to go Alex?" Jill asked the four year old happily.

"High please!" She laughed at the little man's enthusiasm and did as he asked. After the birth of her son, she worked less and less for the BSAA, finding she enjoyed spending time with her family more so than her job. Plus she knew the dangers of her job; she couldn't be so selfless now she had a child. Nevertheless the worry still remained embedded within Jill, she knew the BSAA had enemies, and with these recent outbreaks she worried for her child's future. There were memories of the past that she would never want him to know.

Jill continued to push the boy much to his delight. Her eyes wandered off the brunette youngster in front of her and over to the road further away. She saw a black car stopping further up the road from her house, and for whatever reason she was put on edge. Fear completely overwhelmed her and her hands shook as she grabbed the rope of the swing. Four masked people stepped from the car, glancing towards their house. Jill stopped pushing, her knuckles turning white as she gripped the ropes tighter. She had always hoped this day would never come.

"Why'd you stop mommy?" Alex asked turning around with innocent eyes.

"Come on, let's go inside quickly." Jill immediately grabbed his wrist forcefully and sprinted towards the house. Occasionally she would glance over her shoulder as she ran, watching as the people made their way slowly closer. She ignored the complaints of her son.

Entering the house, she quickly got down to her knees, gripping the young boy's shoulders.

"Listen to me Alex. I want you to go hide, okay? Don't ask why, just go upstairs and find a really good hiding place, alright? And don't come out until I tell you too. Don't come out for anyone else." The young boy let out a worried nod; he wasn't used to his mum looking so worried. "I love you son."

The boy ran up the stairs swiftly followed by his mother. Jill ran into her bedroom, hopping over the bed to get to her bedside table. She quickly retrieved her trusted Beretta from the drawer, and checked it was loaded. The brunette swiftly moved down the stairs silently stepping behind the door of the living room. She poked her head around looking towards the front door as the men approached. She gripped the gun tighter.

One of the men opened the door without hesitation, moving their head to examine around the house. Each member was wearing a gasmask and unidentified uniform. As they entered, two quickly made their way up the stairs. Jill took a deep breath and went to swing around to shoot the others heading towards her. Before she had the chance, a strong hand was brought to her arm, twisting it backwards, and forcefully throwing her to the ground.

Jill shook her head, and tried to remain focused, though being caught severely off guard meant she was already shaken. She staggered to her feet, noticing one man had been behind her. Another, who entered through the front door, made his way towards her. She stepped back trying to avoid being cornered. It wasn't going to be a fair fight, and she could see her gun was thrown across the room. The only way to get to it would be to go past the men.

Alex had run into the wardrobe in the spare bedroom. Tears fell from his emerald eyes, but he tried to stop any whimpers from leaving his mouth. He heard faint quick footsteps coming up the stairs, and prayed they belonged to his mother. The footsteps trailed off and he figured they'd entered another room.

He reluctantly moved to the gap between the wardrobe doors, peeking out between them. The boy jumped and let out a squeal when his eye level was met with the red eye of a gasmask looking back at him. The mask tilted to the side, and immediately the person ripped open the doors dragged Alex into his arms.

Jill heard her son's squeal, making her blood boil. She reached around to elbow one of the men in the face, but as she turned to the other he placed his arm around her neck holding her in place. She kicked against him, but as she tried to struggle, the grip was tighter on her neck, blocking the trachea.

The other man recollected himself, and made his way to Jill, attempting to grab her feet. She thrashed her legs so not to be grabbed, however the one who held her neck, reached around and injected a liquid to her neck. Immediately she felt drowsier. She fought her body, and threw her head back, whacking the man behind her. With gained opportunity, she kicked the one in front of her in the face, and slid over to collect the gun.

Jill's head began to go fuzzy, she started seeing multiple people. Drowsily, she lifted the gun and began to fire rounds to what she thought was people. As darkness shaded her peripheral vision she heard a groan, indicating she had hit one of the men.

"We've got the boy…" A raspy voice spoke. The two men before Jill ran out, one holding their shoulder.

Jill used all her strength to push herself off the floor, staggering after them. Her hearing was fuzzy, but she heard the worried screams of her child. She desperately fought her fatigue. She tripped over a table, and once outside she heard the familiar sound of a car engine. Tears filled her eyes, and before she knew it her vision was black and she fell silently onto the grass.

I know it wasn't the best first chapter but I hope you guys like it and see how it progresses.