Dark That Follows

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Ada propped herself onto the window sill, leaning against the pane. She looked across the streets, destruction covered every inch of Lanshiang, broken buildings, burnt out cars, empty bodies scattered across the gravel. Although some bright poster lights still seemed to shine, lighting up the darkness, there were no people. Lanshiang was once a thriving, full of life tourist destination, now it was a mere ghost town. No BSAA members, no police, just occasional walking dead. The emptiness brought with it eerie silence.

"Still here?"

She flinched. The voice was followed by footsteps. Turning her head, she relaxed. For a split second she feared it was Simmons, but the voice was laced with a smooth English accent. Her boss walked into the large room, making his way towards the large window.

"I advise you get out of here as soon as possible." Adjusting his glasses, the older man peered from the window of the skyscraper, his eyes casting over the destruction.


Ada's eyes meet his.

"I've heard Lanshiang is to go up in smoke. The virus is airborne; the entire area is to be destroyed… Didn't you wonder why there were no BSAA left? Everyone's been evacuated."

She noticed his voice was smooth, without worry. She couldn't understand it. Even a level headed woman such as herself was surprised by this news. She was infected, although she would never admit it, fear racked her body.

"Let me guess, Simmons ordered this missile? And what about our mission?"

"I'd imagine so, he has to cover up the evidence somehow." She watched as he turned to her, a small smirk playing on thin lips. "As for our mission, it's complete."

"What?" Her voice was urgent, full of shock.

"I acquired Mr Muller's blood."

"How?! And what about Simmons?" She couldn't believe it. How could he get Jake's blood so easily with his helper in the middle working for Simmons. And for the man himself, Ada didn't want to leave until he was dealt with. He was framing her, unless he were defeated, surely she would be caught.

"Simmons is an imbecile. He'll be destroyed by that government agent you care so much about." Ada frowned as the older man let out a mocking laugh. "And as for the blood, I told you, a little manipulation can go a long way…"

Jake flicked his eyes open, gazing around the new surroundings. His head was fuzzy, eyes glazed, his memory at best hazy. He attempted to move, but found his arms tied to the chair behind him. The more he struggled, the more tight rope cut into the skin of his wrists.

He looked around, appeared to be a small dingy cell, dirty toilet to one end, bed to the other, the walls were full of grime and an unknown substance Jake assumed was dried in blood. An old rickety chair sat in the middle which he was now attached too. He grimaced, nostrils being filled with the distinct putrid smell of rotting flesh. His mind immediately went to Sherry; she was noted by her absence. He thought the worst. The fact he was still alive made him think Simmons was behind it. Of course he always wanted his blood.

Jake squinted into the shadows, it felt like a million eyes were upon him, gazing from every direction within the darkness. A loud screech of metal against stone floor made him wince. He watched as from the shadows a lithe man made his way towards him.

He was tall, aged, looked in his fifties, silver hair dominated his head, slicked back from his face. He wore thin glasses, grey eyes hidden underneath. Jake noted he was overdressed for a zombie apocalypse, wearing grey pinstripe trousers with a thin white shirt. For looking older, he still looked in good shape.

"Where's Sherry?" The words were spat out, mouth dry. He fought against his restraints, losing any decorum he had.

The mysterious man didn't look fazed, his face expressionless. He shook his head, giving a slight shrug of his shoulders.

"Liar! Are you Simmons?" His voice was full of urgency, shouting towards the older man. Sweat droplets appeared on Jake's forehead. In much contrast to the other man, he had lost his cool.

"No, no, no…" The man spoke, letting out an amused chuckle. Jake rolled his eyes, confused by the older man's games. His voice was posh, smooth, Renounced Pronunciation accented. "I'm merely visiting one of Simmons' prisoners…"

"What do you want?!"

"I require your blood for my research…."

"Hate to tell you but there's a waiting list, seems I'm flavour of the month."

The older man let out a laugh, crossing his arms across his chest. His eyes latched onto Jake's.

"Didn't expect someone quite so feisty. I'm sure we could come to an arrangement to get me bumped up said waiting list."

"What type of arrangement are we talking about?" Jake's eyes seemed to light up ever so slightly, money still having a strong hold over him.

"Money, a high amount can be arranged. Just so long as I get the blood and not Simmons…."

"Simmons?" Jake's brow furrowed. "I was never going to give my blood to Simmons. And sorry, no deal."

Jake wasn't going to hand over his blood which was now deemed so important over to a stranger. A stranger who most likely worked for Simmons anyway. He wasn't stupid.

"Miss Birkin works for Simmons."

Jake frowned, how the older man knew so much about Sherry, he didn't know. It put him on edge.

"She doesn't anymore. Simmons is behind all this." Jake replied quickly.

"Is that what she told you?" The older man ran a hand through silver locks, a calm look upon his face. He seemed unfazed by the entire situation, whereas Jake was utterly confused. "How can you trust her?"

Jake let out a scoff.

"She didn't know, she has told me the truth. We've been together through all of this. The real question is, how do I trust you?" He spat at the older man, hands shaking against the constraints.

"Just like she told you the truth of your father? She kept that quiet from you. Ever think this is exactly what she wanted, your trust. She works for Simmons…" Jake's eyes flicked up to the other man as he spoke. He was domineering, his gaze piercing into Jake's.

"I don't believe that, and as for Wesker, she told me the truth about him."

"All of it?" Jake frowned at his words, the man seemed to be clutching at straws, giving him only vague information. "What about how your father was killed?"

His eyes narrowed, that was the one thing Sherry was very reluctant to reveal. For the first time since talking to the stranger, Jake's faith in his partner began to falter.

"She lied to you about that…Everyone knows who killed Wesker…Captain Christopher Redfield."

Jake's eyes widened, his fist clenching behind his back. Sherry did lie to him, she told him she had faith in him, yet she didn't trust him enough to reveal Chris was the one to kill his father. No wonder the Captain reacted so badly to the news of Jake being his father. And Chris wasn't even man enough to admit it to him. Jake's blood began to boil. Suddenly he began to feel very isolated, the rest of these so called allies he had come upon knew much more than he did. They kept things from him, refused to reveal the truth. He was right all along, Jake never should have trusted any of them.

"Perhaps giving your blood to me doesn't seem like such a bad idea after all…"A short chuckle escaped the other man's lips, as Jake remained stern, feeling betrayed.

"How the hell am I supposed to trust you anymore than I trust her?"

"Because family should stick together, Jake…"The mysterious man spoke smoothly, a small smirk still teasing his thin lips.

"Family? What the hell are you on about? Who the fuck are you?! " Jake's light blue eyes latched onto the older man's as he spat, fed up with the vagueness.

"Alex Wesker… The last remaining Wesker child. Apart from you of course…"

Jake's eyes scrutinised Alex, he'd never heard of all this Wesker children business. As far as he knew there was one Wesker, his father. But it made sense, this man knew a lot, in fact he seemed to know everything. With no one else to trust, Jake was drawn towards believing him. Growing up with only his mother, Jake taught the only people he could trust was family. He created a hardened, tough outer shell, a form of defence, never letting his guard down. Friends and acquaintances came and went; family would always be there for him, the only people he would ever trust.

"From what I've heard Wesker wasn't a saint, now I'm not either, but I'm certainly not the devil…" Nevertheless, Jake was reluctant to work with him, even if he was so called family. If he were as evil as Wesker, he didn't want to be part of that, even with all the money in the world. His views through the outbreak had changed. He just didn't realise the cause of this change was Sherry.

"Are you implying I am? Perhaps Albert was just misunderstood… I like to think I am too. Trust me; I'm the lesser of two evils." Alex's voice was soft, his eyes boring into Jake's, convincing the naïve man to join his allegiance.

"What do you want me to do?" Jake conceded, his eyes meeting the older mans. He could no longer trust Sherry, if Alex was correct she was continuing to work for Simmons, he couldn't trust the Captain, he killed his father and kept it from him, and he couldn't trust Leon, he worked with the Asian woman. His last remaining light was in the mysterious Wesker.

"Give the blood to me, I'll ensure you get adequately paid. As for Miss Birkin, you may trust her if you wish and tell her the truth. But if you have any doubt, tell her you're giving the blood to Simmons. I need a little time, and I'd rather not have Simmons try to track me. Let him think he's won."

Jake nodded slowly.

"You going to let me out?" Alex's lips twitched upwards, Jake was unsure why. The older man moved around, and sliced the rope off his wrist, before beginning to acquire his samples.

Jake couldn't speak his mouth unable to form words. His eyes focused solely on the man before him. His mind was in utter turmoil. Immediately he regretted siding with Alex. But there was no one else. He didn't trust anyone else, the only trust he had was in Sherry, and through Alex's words that trust had been ripped from him, leaving him vulnerable. He just prayed he hadn't concocted a deal with the devil.

Claire waited patiently. Waiting seemed to be all she would do lately. Waiting for the moment the virus within her would become active. Waiting for the moment she would lose all sense of humanity. Waiting to die.

So many things she had yet to do. She was always family driven, jealous of the love Chris had found and his family. It was all she ever wanted. She wasn't getting younger, but nevertheless she always said it could wait. Wait until she found the right man. Seemed she'd been waiting thirty-four years for him to appear. No point waiting anymore, there was nothing to wait for. She was a goner. It was inevitable, she was one of the few to survive the Raccoon City incident and then Havardville Airport, there were only so many times she could escape death. Finally it had crept up on her.

"Miss Redfield? If you'd like to come with me?"

Claire forced out a smile to the microbiologist she had met previously. Luke was his name if she remembered correctly. She stood from her position following him into an empty examining room. When given the signal, Claire sat at the seat beside his desk.

Her hands became clammy, fingers subconsciously running circles on her jeans.

"Miss Valentine's antibodies have made a change to the virus within your blood."

Claire's eyes suddenly opened up at his words. They had run a couple of tests, deciding to give Jill's antibodies to her to see what affects it had. After all they had nothing else to go by.

"The viral cells are still there, but there are significantly less in the bloodstream." Luke continued to speak, pushing up his glasses.

"Is that good?"

"I can't feed you false hope…" His blue eyes locked on hers, she saw compassion running through his. The Scottish man continued, "We hope it means with less viral cells they won't become active or at least it'll take longer to activate them. By which stage hopefully an antidote will be created…."

Her eyes broke off his, not exactly the great news she was hoping for. But nevertheless at least it wasn't terrible news. The uncertainty of the situation got to her the most. She would rather know an exact time and date for her end rather than waking up every day never knowing if it could be her last. And if the end was near, she wasn't living the life she would have wanted. Nearly every day they had to spend hours at the hospital running yet more tests.

"And without an antidote, how long will it be?"

"Hard to tell. With the incident in Serbia a couple of months ago, of those who were put in quarantine, 60 per cent are still alive. So two or three months is the shortest you would have." Claire noted the sadness in his voice, it seemed to crack just ever so slightly, he was genuine, something she appreciated.

Claire fought desperately, she nibbled on her bottom lip, squeezed her eyes shut. But nothing worked, the tears were on the brink and Luke's words made them tip overboard. The floodgates opened, the tears of worry and sorrow pouring out of her crystal eyes and trickling along her cheeks. Her body convulsed with every sob which escaped her lips.

Luke reached out, cupping her shoulder. She flinched slightly with his touch; nevertheless comfort was brought to her. Opening her eyes, she looked up to him. His dark blue eyes were fixed on hers, full of genuine compassion. She felt her heartbeat increase. She felt like a teenager again, she was attracted to him. He wasn't rough or an aggressive manly man, if anything he was a little bit geeky. Something she hated to admit she always liked.

He placed his fingertips delicately onto her cheek, wiping away the stray tears that had yet to fall. A blush appeared over her cheekbones, making him retract his hand.

"Thank you," A whisper and a smile.

"It'll be okay, I'm going to try my best... There is still hope."

He flashed a small smile, one she hesitantly returned. How he was so optimistic she didn't know, though she figured he perhaps wasn't quite as confident as he let on. His smile seemed forced, hidden underneath was worry.

Claire stood, collecting her handbag and items ready to leave; she turned to open the door.

"I'm on my break now actually… is there any chance you'd like to come for a coffee?" Her eyes widened, turning to face him. His face had a small smile, eyes full of playfulness she hadn't seen from him. "I'd love to get to know the infamous Claire Redfield."

"…I'd like that."

She let out a gentle laugh riddled with nerves, one which brought a toothy grin to his face. With a chance she only had a limited amount of time left to live, she didn't see why not. He was genuine, caring, and definitely handsome. What was there to lose?

Chris continued to lead through the building, going further and further up the skyscraper. He kept following the directions given to him, the further they went the closer they seemed to get to the whereabouts of the government agents.

Arriving at the top of a staircase, a large door branched off the corridor. Chris walked up to the window, glancing into the large room. He wasn't going to be attacked again by surprise, his eyes scrutinised each of the shadows in the room. The moonlight shone through the large windows bringing a miniscule amount of light into the dark room.

Doing one last flick over, his eyes caught colour, a slight movement in the room. There was a woman. Squinting, Chris peered right up against the window to see her. As he made her out, his blood began to boil. The bitch in the blue dress. Finally he had found her. She murdered his men in cold blood. Their mission to find the others could wait, Chris was about to get the revenge he deserved.

Pointing back to Piers, he directed the younger man into the door further along. Chris hoped to pin her. On the count of three, Chris ordered Piers to charge in.

Bursting through the doors, he aimed his gun at the woman.

"Freeze!" She turned eyes wide, mouth agape. Chris aimed directly in between her eyes. He was focused, his eyes burning with hatred. His thoughts were fuzzy; he was honed only onto revenge. He broke contact briefly, watching as Piers came through the other door, aiming for the back of the woman, ensuring she had nowhere to run.

His fingertip grazed the trigger. Chris' eyes focused in on hers, he showed no remorse. Every time he looked into her deceiving eyes all he saw was the shadows of his teammates, their fiery red eyes locked on his, pleading for help. All he could hear was the deafening screams which escaped their lips. And all he could think about was the lives ruined by her hands, wives without their husbands, children without their father. She tore his comrades' entire lives apart. And she showed no remorse doing it. She deserved to pay.

Moving his fingertip, he held onto the trigger, bullets firing from his machine gun. But the minute the trigger was pulled, the gun was pushed out of his hands. The machine gun clattered onto the ground, the bullets missing the target instead penetrating through the walls.

Chris's eyes were wide, he hadn't heard footsteps. He finally reacted, throwing his right hand out to punch the mystery assailant ruining his plans. As the figure stepped back, his eyes focused on the face. Leon's blue eyes locked with his. Chris knew he was close to the government agent, just not this close. Already the rookie was getting on his nerves.

In response to the punch, Leon brought his foot up to kick the older man. Swerving out of the way, Chris threw an uppercut into his stomach. The younger man growled and lunged forward, arms wrapped around Chris's waist he tried to push against him. Chris quickly rolled out of the other man's grip, retrieving his handgun from his pocket, he raised it towards Leon. Looking up, Chris found himself looking through the barrel of Leon's handgun.

Both men were quick, neither had the upper hand.

Chris let out a growl, wondering why the hell he would be defending her. The woman was evil, and as far as Chris could tell she was behind the attacks. Meeting with the government agents was supposed to be advantageous, give them an upper hand, instead Chris found himself facing what could be yet another enemy standing in his way.

Piers' eyes were wide, watching the scene unfold. His sight gazed to a woman who came up behind Chris. He could assume these two were the government agents, though why there were working for the woman who killed his fellow men he didn't know. He raised his gun, keeping it on the mystery woman despite the government agent's clash with his Captain.

Helena stepped further into the room, standing behind Chris. She retrieved her handgun, and gave Leon the benefit of the doubt. She raised the gun towards the younger BSAA man. She didn't want to defend Ada, she didn't trust her, but she wasn't going to let some young rookie make the mistake of killing her before they found out the vital information they needed.

"Put your gun down Chris, she's a key witness." Leon's voice echoed through the room. The hold on his handgun never wavering.

"A witness?! She's the one who did all this!" The Captain spat, his eyes full of fury as they locked with the younger man's. "I lost all my men because of her!"

"And I lost 70,000 people because of Simmons!"

Piers kept his firm aim on the woman, ignoring the fact the other agent had her gun upon him. The woman looked shocked, taking a step backwards her back hitting against the window. Piers' eyes lit up slightly, she had nowhere to go now.

"She's working for Neo-Umbrella, you know what that means!" Chris shouted at the younger man, both refusing to back down.

"Yeah I do." Chris frowned at Leon's words. He wasn't making any sense.

Chris was out for revenge, he was unable to see any other point of view. Leon on the other hand, still had faith in Ada, something everyone else seemed to doubt. Even if it turned out she was working for Neo-Umbrella then she would have vital information. Her death wasn't going to help anyone.

"See you around, boys." The minute the words played off Ada's lips. She sat back, elegantly tipping herself out the window; she fell backwards out of the room.

Piers opened fire, too late. He immediately sprinted to the open window, glancing to the ground below; jumping out multiple stories high was a death wish. He leaned out, and saw no sign of her. No trace at all. She mustn't have fallen, but how she escaped he didn't know. He let out his fury, smashing his fist against the wall. He was so close to avenging his fallen comrades' death, but yet again she got away without a trace.

Stepping forward towards the two men, Helena lowered her gun.

"You two need to stop. Don't you get it? We're the only ones left. We have to stop them….together." She placed her hand onto Leon's gun and lowered it. Once the weapon was lowered, Chris did the same, placing it safely back in the holster.

"What the hell do you think you were doing, Kennedy?" Chris let out a growl, his fists fully clenched.

"Stopping you from making a huge mistake! She knows what's going on here with the viruses. We need her."

Chris' jaw remained clenched tight. He turned from Leon pacing the room slightly. He couldn't believe how close he was to stopping her, one millisecond away from avenging his men's death.

"We haven't met, Lieutenant Piers Nivans of the BSAA, serving under Captain Chris Redfield."

Piers cut the tension in the room, holding his hand out introducing himself to both Helena and Leon. He knew there was no point arguing, they were meant to unite, work together. Tension wouldn't get them anywhere.

"What was this about Simmons? He's the National Security Advisor, right?" Piers asked Leon. The Director of the BSAA had spoken of a traitor among the government, but withheld names, Piers began to believe Leon was in fact correct.

"Yeah, he's behind these outbreaks, Tall Oaks, Serbia... Why? We don't know. Power perhaps? He's part of Neo-Umbrella, if not the leader."

The young man nodded at Leon's words. Undoubtedly Simmons was who the Director spoke of.

"He's a powerful man, how are we even meant to stop him when we have no one on our side?" Piers asked quickly.

"Director Wilson is on our side."

"He was removed from his position. The BSAA have been called out of here." Piers replied, his voice coated with a hint of sadness. Whenever they were called to retreat and refused, it was announced the Director stood down from his position, Piers now assumed he was pushed.

"We have a witness…" Leon trailed off, unsure how much to reveal.

"I was forced by Simmons to infect the President and release the virus into Tall Oaks. He…kidnapped my sister." Helena interrupted, revealing the true story to Piers.

"I'm sorry…" Piers forced a sympathetic smile to her, one she returned only hesitantly. "And this other woman, she's a witness?"

"I don't believe Ada is working for Neo-Umbrella, she could be a key witness against Simmons as well."

Piers nodded, he trusted Leon. Obviously the older man was much more experienced, and as with Chris, he felt himself in awe of their ability. Silently the younger man was impressed with Leon, he had yet to see someone challenge his Captain so easily and be on the same level as him. Seeing two veterans of bio-warfare together was quite something.

The minute Leon spoke, Chris turned back to face the group. So the mystery woman had a name? And one which rang a bell with him.

"Ada Wong?" Chris asked, disbelief plastered over his face. The younger agent nodded. Chris narrowed his eyes on him, surprised by the naivety of him. Ada Wong was infamous among the BSAA, her name crept up near enough everywhere, but yet nothing was known of her. Her age, her real name, her residence, no one seemed to know anything. She always left without a trace; she was a shadow without identity. "She's a spy, Leon. She worked for Wesker. How could you trust her?"

"I've had reason to trust her before. She doesn't work for Simmons, but she's bound to know something. Blasting her brains out is not going to help matters."

Chris was still apprehensive. His brow still furrowed. He had reason to believe Leon, the man was a very capable agent. But yet all this information he had appeared to be grabbed out of thin air, there seemed to be no solid fact to completely convince him.

"Listen Chris, she's proved loyalty before, hard to believe after killing your men I understand that…" Leon's eyes caught the older man. He never revealed the truth before, but obviously now, Chris deserved to know. After all Leon knew he needed the Captain on his side if they were going to be able to stop Simmons. It was now them against the world. They needed all the help they could get. "The informant who told me of Jill Valentine's whereabouts? Or the picture of your son? Ada Wong was that informant."

Chris' eyes widened, his face softening. Perhaps there was reason to trust her after all. But after losing his men in such a horrific manner, that trust could never be founded with him, no matter how many good deeds she had done. Nevertheless the information changed things. This was the reason Leon trusted her. Chris owed it to her, without her he wouldn't have the two most important people to him. He would trust Leon, not Ada. If she was needed as a witness, vengeance would wait. Chris directed his anger onto Simmons.

"She isn't innocent. But if Simmons is behind this, then let's stop him, once and for all."

Chris' words echoed through the room, each of them nodding in agreement. Simmons would be the main priority, and together they just hoped they could bring some hope back into the broken world.

A slight rattle ran through the room. Gas emitting from an unknown source, it spread through the room like wildfire. The heroes' sights became clouded, unable to see anything beyond the smoke. Within no time, their hearing was gone, their heads fuzzy. And then it went black.

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