The Bitter End

Title is from the song by Placebo.

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He was on edge from the minute he woke. His head was splitting, his body aching, his mind weary. Chris was broken. He had survived more outbreaks than perhaps anyone else, always came out unscathed. But this was different. Physically he was tired, beaten down, as per usual. But the difference lay emotionally, his mind was scarred. He was lost, images of his friends and colleagues haunting his every thought. He tried, desperately tried to remove the scenes from his head, distance himself. There was nothing he could have done to save them, God just wasn't on their side at that time. In this hell hole, it seemed God was never on his side, he had well and truly abandoned them. Chris was alone, without hope.

He trudged along, following Leon who led the way out of the cells. The younger man seemed to still have a little faith in him. Chris commended this, but knew it was false hope. They had the blood? But so what? A missile was aiming directly Lanshiang, they wouldn't get out in time. And what was worse was the blood wouldn't get out in time. They'd be no cure, all those people infected, his only sister, his wife…his son, dead.

Chris shook his head, narrowing his eyes, he tried to shove the thoughts from his head, focus on the mission at hand. They had contacted the others, were on their way to meet them now. Not that Chris saw the benefits, a larger group wasn't going to do anything.

Without weapons, Leon and Chris had to dodge the infected they came upon, occasionally forced to use hand to hand. They came into a large room, spacious. The ceilings were high, large windows near the top. Metal gratings ran along the walls and across the ceiling. It smelt damp, the stench of dry blood filling their nostrils. They were swamped by darkness.

Leon held out his hand, ordering the older man to stop. Both men stopped in their path, listening to the silence.

After a minute or two, the silence was filled with footsteps, echoing against the cold stone. Chris' breathing increased, his heart beginning to beat just that little bit faster. His eyes quickly scanned around him, boring into every shadow which surrounded them.

Out of the darkness, three figures appeared, walking up to the men. A small glimmer of hope flicked across Leon's eyes, a smile rising onto his lips. None appeared on Chris', he remained stoic.

"Are you all okay?" Chris's voice was stern, not one of compassion.

"We're fine, Captain." Piers replied quickly, standing behind Jake and Sherry.

"Do you still have the blood?" Sherry asked Leon quickly, her voice shaking ever so slightly.


"Great, then let's get out of this hell hole already." Jake threw a sarcastic thumbs up and unconvincing smile, before turning on his heels, hoping to go to the exit.

Piers put out his arm, pushing against Jake's arm, stopping the other man in his path. A growl escaped Jake's lips, not in the mood to be messed around.

"What about Simmons?" Piers asked the taller man, placing his hands onto his shoulders, taking a firm grip. Piers couldn't let such an evil man get away with this. Jake, on the other hand, didn't care quite so much, so long as he was out of this place.

"He's ordered a missile for Lanshiang." Leon's words made the three's eyes widen. Sherry let out a small gasp.

"Just more of a reason for us to get out of here. The missile can take care of Simmons for us." Jake grasped Piers, pushing him off him, before continuing to head towards the exit.

"We can't leave without Helena." Leon's voice called after him. Jake sunk his head, an exasperated sigh leaving his lips. There was always something with these people. Always some duty or obligation keeping them here. It infuriated him. "Where is she?"

"I don't know, we haven't seen or heard from her…" Sherry replied, her voice full of the compassion which never seemed to leave her, regardless of circumstance.

"We can't leave without her." Leon demanded.

A huff left Jake's lips, a small scoff emitting. His head dropped, shoulders slumped.

"She's probably dead."

Jake's words echoed in the silence. The words cut into Leon, his eyes fading. The boy was as heartless as his father at times.

"You think that's funny?!" Piers attacked the other man, shoving his palm against Jake's shoulder pushing him backwards. Jake let out a scoff, rolling his eyes. His sight moving back to Piers, he stood upright, squaring up to him.

"Someone's got to snap back into reality here. We can't save them all." He shook his shoulder forcefully, pushing the other man's grasp of him.

"How can you be so insensitive?!" Piers snapped, a fury buried beneath his eyes. A fury which rose from each of his compatriots he had lost along the way.

"If we don't get out of here now before this missile hits, everyone dies. The world really will have no hope left. You really want that?"

Jake's words brought silence. He spoke the truth. They were against time. Either leave now and have the death of a friend on their conscious or stay and have the deaths of the entire world bore into them.

Piers slumped his head, eyes averting the other man. It was a decision he couldn't make.

Sherry's eyes stayed glued on Jake. He was the one remaining hope. He had to get out of here at least, and quick. But she wasn't one to run away, she couldn't live with leaving Helena.

"You're right." Every gaze was directed on Leon as he spoke. His words shocking all of them. He was closest to her. "You need to leave, get a way out of here before it's too late. I'll find her, and meet with you. If I don't come, you go on without me."

Leon's eyes were dedicated. His soul was aching, fear racked his entire body. But you wouldn't think it. He was calm, collected on the outside. On the inside he was as scared as the rest of them. He removed the pouch containing Jake's vials, and handed them to Sherry.

Each stared at Leon, no one wanting to actually leave him. It was a suicide wish.

"Let's go." Chris commanded to the others, making them finally move. He was professional, knew what was at stake. There may not have been much hope, and they had little time, but he'd be damned if he didn't at least try.

He sprinted after them heading out of the room, his eyes cast back to Leon's. He had faith in him.

Piers continued to sprint through the rooms of the skyscraper. He bashed down double doors leading to a staircase, and quickly began to lead them up the large set of stairs. He hoped to get to the roof, there was bound to be some way to attract help from someone to escape.

Glancing to his side, Sherry was running next to him. She looked weary. Her once pretty and innocent face was ridden with darkness, blood and dirt smeared into her skin. Her eyes flicked to meet his, moisture glistening with the flickering light. They looked empty, without hope.

"We'll find a way of getting out of here, I promise."

A slight glimmer of hope flashed across her eyes, quickly swarmed over once more by the darkness.

Arriving at the top of the stairs, Piers kicked down the double doors, a warm humid gust of wind hitting him in the face. They stepped out onto the roof. The skyscraper pierced right into the sky, being at the top they got the entire view of Lanshiang. The large advertisement lights flicked on and off lighting up the sky. Cars and buildings burned amber, creating beacons in the dark horizon. Smoke filled the air. The streets were deserted. Empty bodies and buildings thrown across them. Lanshiang was a ghost town. A town where all hope had been lost.

"Let's try and find a way of attracting help." Piers commanded to Sherry, before both of them began to run across the roof looking for a flare of some description to get out of the city.

Jake was the last to step onto the roof. The air was uncomfortable, sweat beads immediately building on his neck. His eyes didn't move across the desctruction below them, nor appreciate the view they got from being at the very highest building in Lanshiang. Instead his sight was fixed on one man.

Jake couldn't stop glaring at Chris. The man killed his father and refused to tell him. He was a coward. His blood boiled each time he looked at him. He knew himself it made no sense. He never even knew his father, and all he had heard was terrible things about him, but nevertheless the so call hero in front of him was the one to murder his father. Something about that just really got to him. Surely he at least deserved to know the truth.

"Hey, wait!" Jake called out to the Captain just as he began to move. The older man turned, face contorted with confusion. "What happened to my father?"

A sigh escaped Chris' lips, and Jake noticed his eye contact was immediately broken.

"Now's not a good time, let's get out of here first." The Captain turned his back to Jake and began to walk away. It only made the younger man's anger rise further. His eyes bored into Chris' back, fists beginning to clench.

Jake let out a growl and sprinted forward, shouldering Chris back into the wall. A groan escaped the older man's lips as his body collided with stone.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Chris yelled at Jake, using his strength to push the younger man off him, and turn himself around to face Jake.

Jake pushed back, grabbing Chris' shoulder, pushing his back forcefully against the wall. He pinned Chris there, his eyes boring into his.

"You killed my father!" Jake attempted to punch the older man, but was blocked. Chris grabbed hold of each of the younger man's thrashing wrists and threw him off, changing their positions so Jake was now pinned.

It didn't make sense to Chris, Jake never knew his father. Besides Wesker was an evil man, something he was sure Jake wasn't. But looking into the younger man's eyes it seemed to make sense. He was just weary. He wasn't angry with Chris, he was angry with the entire situation he was planted into. He never wanted this life. He just took out his anger on the only person he thought he had some just reason too.

"I did what I had too. And if I could do it again I would!" Chris shouted into Jake's face, tightening his grip around the younger man's wrists to stop his thrashing.

Jake's brow was furrowed, his eyes full of fury as they latched onto Chris'. Chris' face was stern, but showed no fear or anger. Finally Jake's face began to soften, realising his error. It wasn't his fault, the entire outbreak had messed with every one of their heads. The fine line between reality and fiction blurred.

"It's like watching the past..."

The words echoed in the silent night. Chris let his grip of Jake go, quickly turning his head to gaze at the source of the voice. A silhouette stood in the doorway of the stairs. The flickering light illuminated his aging face. Chris' eyes focused, squinting. The face was familiar, pointed nose, inset blue eyes. The mysterious man's silver hair was slicked back, thin glasses sat on the bridge of his nose. A familiar sting rose in Chris' stomach, fear bubbling into his eyes the more he stared at the far too familiar man.

In an instant gunfire rang out, Chris rolled out of the way, turning as he watched. Jake's smoking gun was firmly aimed at the lithe man, obviously wasting no time. He fired multiple bullets. With feline agility the man dodged each bullet. He swopped in, with fluid movements to dodge each bullet fired. In no time he arrived next to Jake, he punched the gun out of the younger man's hand. A fire rose within Jake, sight blinded by fury, he began punching the unknown man. His punches fast and swift. Jake had met his match, each punch was countered fluidly, without any hesitation. Not one punch landed.

Chris finally reacted, moving behind the older man, he threw a strong punch into his back. The man swung his leg around, knocking Chris off his feet. Chris and Jake stood, both desperately trying to overpower the mysterious man. But every punch, every kick was avoided with the man's quick agility. He didn't punch back, merely dodged each hit the others tried to give.

"Stop right there!" Piers voice called out. The two stopped fighting. Standing on one side of the mysterious man, Piers aimed his weapon, on the other Sherry aimed hers. There was nowhere for the man to run.

An emotion flashed over the man's face, an unreadable one, Chris sworn he saw fear.

"Who the hell are you?" The Captain demanded, his breath hitched from the fight.

"Alex Wesker...I'm here to offer you a way out."

"Shouldn't you be getting out of here?" Her voice was soft as always, and smooth.

Leon stopped in his tracks, listening for her stilettoes to collide with the stone floor as she made her way towards him. He turned, his eyes meeting hers. Even now, with blood splattered, bruised face, she was breathtakingly beautiful. His heart skipped a beat without fail when he laid his eyes upon her deceitful ones.

"I have to find Helena, do you know where she is?" He watched her carefully after asking, trying to judge her reaction. Ada was no stranger to lying, but after so many years he liked to think he could read her pretty well now.

"I don't know. But I do know this missile is going to be sent as we speak. You don't have time."

He scowled. She never seemed to understand. He couldn't just leave without his partner, his conscious; his moral compass would never let him.

"I have to find her!" Ada's brow furrowed slightly as his voice raised. He felt guilt.

"You don't have time, Leon. You can get out of here now with me." She slid closer, her voice remaining quiet, soft. And in the split second he was tempted, tempted to run away now, leave this life behind him. But it was wrong. He couldn't leave Helena, he would sacrifice himself if he had too.

"I can't, Ada. I can't just walk away without her."

She paused. He assumed now would be the time she would run. She always ran. She would run away now in face of danger. And he wouldn't see her again, not until another disaster. She was a beautiful butterfly, fluttering into his life, but each time she appeared, she brought death in her wake.

Her eyes met his, not a word whispering from her lips. For the first time in fifteen years, she looked scared. Truly there was no hope left. Her eyes glistened in the light. Was it tears? Could Ada Wong even cry? Was there really such little hope that even the stone woman was broken?

He raised his hand, his harsh fingertips grazing against the dirt on her soft cheek. His fingers found moisture, he flicked away the stray tear, his eyes never leaving hers.


One word, ghosting out of her mouth, a plead. She was scared for him, did he really mean that much to her. He leaned forward, lips tentatively grazing hers. She trembled under his touch. He quickly pulled away, eyes still closed; savouring the sweet taste she left on his lips.

"I'll come with you. Help you find her, and then we'll get out of here."

Leon's eyes flicked open with disbelief. Her eyes remained locked on his. It was a death wish. Ada said it herself there was no time left, there was no hope left, God had forsaken them. But yet she was so scared to lose him, she'd rather go down with him.

"Thank you."

A smile played on her lips, all be it a miniscule one. He returned it without any emotion attached to it. It was a gesture without meaning, there was nothing to smile about.

"Stop." The command echoed through the room. Ada stopped in her tracks. Her back stiffened as she felt the cold metal of a gun placed firmly to her head.

Leon quickly turned on his heels to face her. His face was contorted into a frown, his eyes squinting in the darkness. He finally made out the figure behind her. His face softening,


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