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"Harry." A soft voice broke the ether of his dreamless world, images of blood and destruction flittering through his brain as Harry struggled to respond. The voice echoed again, the familiar tones of Hermione piercing his muddled mind and he slowly regained consciousness. His mouth opened in a silent scream, the pain having robbed his voice as the bone crushing agony consumed his body.

"Nurse, nurse..please help!" the frantic quality of Hermione's usually calm voice alerted Harry to the fact that something was very wrong. A peak of pain reached a crescendo and his voice returned, his eyes refusing to open as he howled. His cry of pain sounding almost animalistic in its intensity, his throat aching as the cry tapered down to a whimper, the pain ebbing. Then darkness, feeling a pain relieving spell wash over his body as he succumbed to unconsciousness. Memories and sensations from the final battle playing in his fevered mind.

Voldemort dead, a swirling mist as he disintegrated filling the air and the breeze carried away the wizard. The echo of his final screams rebounding in the silent courtyard. Harry stood still and stunned, his mind reeling at the finality of everything.

He's gone…I'm free.

The sun began to set, a russet colour on the horizon and the moon appeared as darkness filled the night sky. Harry found his eyes focused on the eerie full moon hanging heavy in the sky, the light casting a calm glow over the destroyed remains of Hogwarts. Voices came nearer, the cries of lament at the dead and of celebration at the defeat of the Death eaters. Unaware of the crouching figure hidden in the shadows, their body contorting as the change took effect, yellow eyes fixed on the moon and snout scenting the air.

"Harry!" Ginny shouted in the distance, the voice reaching his ears a moment too late. A shout lodged in his own throat as a heavy weight tackled him to the ground, hot fetid breath on his face and gleaming fangs descended. Harry's wand fell from his fingers as the fangs ripped into his shoulder, the target having been his throat but having turned at the last moment, the wolf ravaged the juncture of his shoulder instead. The scream of agony trapped in his throat and Harry felt blood spurt from his torn flesh, the scent filling the air. Hazy pain filled eyes looked up into snarling yellow depths, Greyback growled and moved in for the kill. The killing blow never came, Harry felt the impact of another body against his and snarls of anger. A strong hand pressed to the wound on his neck, Sirius' voice panicked and scared. Opening his eyes, the night sky glowing above him and Harry turned to see Remus and Greyback fighting. The wolves circling each other, both covered with blood, Remus' snout dripping with gore and Harry could see Greyback slowing, his throat pouring with blood.

"Harry, Harry…stay with me…stay awake!" Sirius begged, his eyes welling with tears and Harry fought to stay awake. Drooping green eyes staring wildly at the moon, its light filling the sky and Harry was almost blinded by its intensity. Sirius pleaded for Harry to look at him but the moon seemed to call to him.

"Moon…so beautiful." Harry whispered, his eyes fluttered shut and stayed closed as he descended into the call of darkness.

"Harry…wake up mate." Ron's jovially voice had a worried edge to it and Harry's eye flickered open. The smile from his friend was partly happiness and partly relief.

"Everyone come quick..Harry's awake!" Ron's loud voice seemed to drive a spike of pain into Harry's head and he winced, "Sorry mate." Ron lowered his voice.

The room rapidly filled with people and Harry took in the clinical surroundings of his room at St Mungo's. The smell of antiseptic assaulted his nostrils and made him sneeze. Remus and Sirius ran into the room, both men looking tired. Sirius' eyes were wild and Remus' face pale and they both had bags under their eyes from lack of sleep. Harry's heart leapt at the sight of the two men, pulse racing with happiness that they had both survived.

My family


The second thought took him by surprise, the feeling associated with it was intense and strong. Shaking his fuzzy head to clear his thoughts, the feeling gone and the overwhelming sensation was one of joy at seeing his friends.

"Harry!" Ginny yelled and flung herself into his arms, her warm body felt heavenly against his own. Sense memory reminding him of the last time they had been together at the Burrow, the kisses they had shared made his heart race.

"Hey Gin." Harry's voice was quiet and his throat rebelled at speaking, the soreness returning. Hermione having sensed his distress reached to pour him a glass of water and the cool liquid soothed his parched throat.

"How are you feeling?" Sirius asked, his face smiling but his eyes were concerned, Harry looked at everyone and realised the whole group wore matching features. The memory of Greyback flooded his mind and robbed him of his breath, gasping to fill his lungs. Ginny tried to sooth him, her touch doing nothing to curb the panic he felt building inside. Pushing her away, not even registering the look of despair on her face and the room became hazy as he hyperventilated. Remus immediately by his side, his voice calm and his cool fingers stroked his arm in a soothing gesture.

"Listen to my voice…take a slow calm breath and listen to me, that's it," he stroked his cheek and Harry found his body leaning into the touch, the man instantly relaxing him, "Good, that's it..take a breath and slowly release it…good..relax." Harry responded and his breathing returned to normal, shocked at the immediate response to his former professor.

"I'm a werewolf, aren't I?" silence greeted his question and that was answer enough for him, tears began to brim in his eyes. Remus pulled him into hug, the warmth of the man calming Harry's thundering heart. His eyes closed as he struggled not to weep, Sirius' scent invading his senses and his godfather sat next to him.

"It's going to be okay." Sirius' hushed tone made the tears fall and Harry felt his godfather wrap his arms around him.

"No…it's not going to be okay." Harry muttered in between his sobs.

No one spoke, the mood in the room tense and full of trepidation. Harry looked at the eyes of his friends and saw sorrow. Burrowing his face into Remus' chest and breathing in the man, strangely comforted by the closeness of the other wolf.


The thought filling his mind again and taking away his breath, his pulse raced at the close proximity of Remus. A baser urge rising to the surface, unable to control the emotion as his body responded. A sudden picture forming in his head and making his heart thud loudly.

Power…raw, uncontrollable need coursed through his veins. Soft skin yielded to his touch and scent of arousal filling his nostrils, the flare of desire clear in the heady smells emanating from the smooth skinned body beneath him. Harry's' eyes closed, his sight unneeded as he touched and grasped the warm body undulating underneath him.

"Mine." he growled in a voice that was deeper than his usual tone, the lust evident in the strained word.

"Yes." a voice echoed out followed by a soft moan. The scent increasing, Harry's mouth watered at the prospect of tasting the intoxicating fluid that he knew would be gathering. Fingertips scored silky flesh, sharp nails breaking the skin and marking them. Smooth lips touched his mouth, the kiss tasted of wild fire, freedom and cool earth. To Harry the meeting of lips tasted of home and acceptance. Saliva filled his mouth as he deepened the heated kiss, lips surrendered to his power. Wild green eyes opened to stare into the deep amber depths and he fell into oblivion.

The room was thankfully empty when he awoke the second time, the light from the might sky shining through a gap in the blinds. Harry felt drawn to look for the moon, standing on shaky legs as he approached the window. Disappointed at the small crescent that graced the sky and his heart feeling desolate at the absence of the heavy swollen moon.

"Full moon won't be for another three weeks." a soft voice spoke from behind him, turning to look at the smiling face of Sirius. The man standing in the doorway and leaning against the frame, his body relaxed.

"I'm a monster." Harry whimpered and Sirius immediately crossed the room, his strong arms embracing a distraught Harry. His voice caring but with a hint of authority as he spoke.

"No…you are not a monster!" he lifted Harry's chin, looking him directly in the eyes, the stare made Harry feel uncomfortable and he lowered his gaze, "You are not a monster…oh Harry…listen to me…everything will be okay." there was an honest certainty that made Harry look up, Sirius' eyes sparkled with understanding.

"What am I going to do?" Harry whispered, voice cracking with despair.

"Well, for a start…you're coming home with me," Sirius hugged him tighter, Harry relaxed into the embrace, "Remus is staying with me at the moment." the idea of being close to another wolf was comforting to Harry, the knowledge that someone who knew what he would be experiencing made him feel better to a degree.


The warmth of Grimmauld place enveloped him as he emerged from the floo. The healers at St Mungo's agreeing that home would be the best place for him also aware that being with a fellow werewolf would help lessen any distress at the changes he was bound to be going through. Harry closed his eyes, allowing the smells of the house to drift over him…Sirius' cologne, the smoky embers from the fire and a spicy scent that permeated everything.


What? Can I smell Remus?

Jumbled thoughts swirled around his head, remembering that the healers had said that his senses would increase, smell and hearing being the main ones. The latter sense tested as he heard footsteps from above them, coming from the direction of the attic and his feet moved towards them without even being aware that he was walking.

"Harry?" Sirius asked, "Where are you going?" his face was bemused.

"Remus is upstairs…I heard him." Sirius stood, his face concentrating as he listened, Harry heard the soft steps and Sirius shook his head to indicate he could not hear him.

"Your sense of hearing is improving?" Harry nodded and he took a deep breath. The scents of the house overwhelming him and making him shake his head to remove them, a sneeze exploded from him. "Smell too?"

"You'll get used to it," Remus offered from the doorway, his face was drawn as he looked at them "How are you feeling?"

"Tired." Harry yawned and the two men laughed.

"Right, lets get you to your room," Sirius fussed around him, taking his bag and Remus led the way. The room had obviously been recently cleaned, a soft lemon scent filling Harry's lungs. Clean, blue sheets had been turned down on the bed and Remus gestured for Harry to get ready for bed. Without even thinking, Harry drowsily pulled off his clothes, discarding them on the floor, a soft clearing of someone's throat caught his attention. Stunned, when he realised that he was standing naked in front of the two men, Sirius blushing profusely and Remus stared into his eyes, refusing to look anywhere else. His heart began to beat faster at his own nudity and he scrambled to grab the pair of pyjamas that been placed ready for him at the foot of the bed. Remus' eyes were fixed on him and not breaking the eye contact between them as he pulled on the soft pyjama bottoms.

"Okay…I'm dressed." Harry's voice was embarrassed and Sirius' own face mirrored his discomfort. Amber eyes continued to watch him and Harry felt scrutinised by the gaze. The spell was broken by Sirius as he spoke, his voice aiming for amusing.

"Right, nature boy…into bed before you catch a cold." Harry allowed himself to smile at his godfather and he climbed into bed. Remus stood silently, his eyes on Harry and a pink tinge on his cheeks. Harry yawned and reluctantly closed his eyes, feeling bereft at having to break eye contact.

"Get some sleep, Harry." Remus whispered and Harry heard the door close behind the two men, sleep calling him and he surrendered to slumber.

The moon…Harry lay on the dewy grass staring at the night sky. A cool breeze caressed his skin, stunned as he looked down at his naked body. His skin glowing under the moon's rays, the air warm and he let out a contented sigh. His eyes fluttered shut at the sensation of the air on his bare skin and the cool grass beneath his body. The urge to roll around on the ground was at the forefront of his mind, giving into the urge and wriggling on the grass. Scents washing over him, filling his mind, heady smells of the earth, sex and heat.


The thought making his cock awaken, the shaft lengthening and firming with blood. The scent of his arousal in the air, the heat pouring from his body and he wallowed in the caress of the wind. His cock twitched, the scent increasing and then mingling with another scent, a stranger's smell. His heart leapt, the feeling of being watched breaking through his growing arousal. Opening his closed eyes and surveying the surrounding area, darkness all around him. The trees moving in the wind, the soft rustle of leaves the only noise in the deserted forest.


The snap of a breaking twig filled the silence, Harry's heart stuttered to a stop and he held his breath. Yellow eyes stared at him, almost glowing in the moonlight as a large black wolf emerged from the nearby trees. Haunches low and fangs bared, a snarl carrying to Harry's ears on the breeze. Frozen to the spot unable to move and every muscle tense, Harry stood watching the approaching wolf with fear in his heart.

Oh god

Harry's breathing slowed and his heart thundered as the wolf came close enough for him to feel its breath across his skin. Warm heat wafted over his abdomen and his cock apparently unafraid of the development twitched. A pearly white drop of pre-come appeared at the tip of his cock, the smell of the fluid hit Harry and the wolf's nostrils at the same time. Harry gasped and the wolf growled, a low sound in its throat. Every muscle rigid as the wolf leaned closer, its raspy tongue peeping out and lapping at the gathered fluid. Harry's legs buckled and he nearly collapsed to the floor, the wolf licked its snout as if savouring the flavour.

I'm going to die

Waiting with held breath for the wolf to attack, stunned when its tongue lapped again, this time dipping into the slit trying to reach as much of his essence as possible. His cock hardened further under the wolf's ministrations and Harry let out a tiny whimper at the sensation. His mind reeled at the feeling and the realisation of what was happening, shocked that his first experience of oral sex would be with a wolf. The confusion pushed aside as the wolf doubled its efforts, lapping with enthusiasm and Harry involuntarily thrust forward. The head of his cock engulfed in the hot mouth of the whining wolf, its tongue twirling and swirling around the engorged head of Harry's thick length.

"Oh." Harry grunted, his hips moving of their own accord and pushing his cock deep into the wolf's mouth.

Yellow eyes looked up and locked on Harry's vivid green ones, the moment sexually charged but with a dangerous edge. Knowing that those fangs could snap down at any moment, the knowledge did not remove from the need to come that Harry felt building inside him. Grunting and sweating with the exertion of not thrusting fast, Harry struggled to breath. The low growls added a vibration to the bizarre blow job, the sensation causing Harry to almost scream out his pleasure. A fang lightly scored the underside of Harry's cock, rubbing alongside the throbbing vein and he could not contain himself.

"FUCK!" he screamed, his body shaking as he emptied himself into the wolf's panting mouth. Hot ribbons of come splashing its lolling tongue and coating its snout as it pulled off Harry's cock with a slurping noise.

The intensity of his climax making his knees wobble and he sank to the floor, the wolf moving with him. Sitting on its haunches and rubbing its soft fur against Harry's overheated flesh. Running his trembling fingers through the soft smooth fur, Harry revelled in the sensation of it flowing through his fingers. The wolf nuzzled his neck in a playful manner, its tongue licking across his mouth. Revulsion filled his mind for a brief second then the wolf repeated the motion as Harry found his tongue automatically coming out to lick alongside the come coated organ. Tasting himself on the wolf's snout, Harry sucked at the tip of the tongue and pulled it inside his mouth. The impromptu kiss was sloppy but brimming with desire. Both of them panting as the kiss broke apart, Harry mortified with himself. Berating himself for the acts that he had committed with the wolf, yellow eyes gazed at him and the wolf cocked his head. Its muzzle rubbed against Harry's cheek in what appeared to be a gentle gesture and Harry found himself smiling at the wolf.

"This is so wrong." he muttered and the wolf let out a low whine, yellow eyes looking up at the moon. The night was suddenly so bright that it hurt Harry's eyes, he let out a cry of pain. Squeezing his eyes shut and turning his head away, the movement seemed to be the catalyst for his body to rebel against him. Every fibre of his being screaming out in agony, muscles cramped and bone snapped. The crunching of bones distorting and remaking themselves filled Harry's head, the pain removing all rationally thought.

Pain… the pain… the pain… MAKE IT STOP!

His mouth opened in a silent scream, fingers digging into the ground beneath him and teeth gritted tightly shut. A fire burned through his body and consumed his very soul. The wolf watched silently, its head resting on its front paws as it took in the sight. Suddenly there was silence, Harry stopped moving and let out a soft exhale, the pain gone. Opening his eyes to the shining night and the scents glowed all around him. Harry tried to stand, his legs wobbling and giving way beneath him. He slumped to the floor, ending up on all fours, looking down with new eyes to take in the sight of clawed paws. Heart racing and his mind in disarray, Harry threw back his head and howled at the night sky.