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Even as he spoke the words Harry couldn't believe the command in his tone, his heart halting in his chest. Lucy's blue eyes dilated with what he assumed was shock and she took an unsteady step forward, her gaze snapping down to look at her own feet as if they were moving with a will of their own.

"Lucy." He meant to say her name in a placating manner and the growl in his voice was anything but soothing and apologetic.

"Harr…" Lucy's voice failed her as she took another step towards him, the heat in the air rising as she moved closer. Harry felt a shiver of anticipation travel up his spine and the hairs on the back of his bristled.


The voice in his head screaming with need and desire, his heart beating wildly and Harry was stunned as his cock firmed in his trousers. The heady scent of sex filled his nostrils as he tried to take slow breaths, body and mind at war. A sweet intoxicating musk adding to his own earthy essence and Harry almost moaned as he realised that he could smell Lucy's arousal. The wolf baying loudly in his head and Lucy whimpered, a low almost animalistic whine deep in her throat and the wolf rejoiced at her submission. Hands with a mind of their own plunged into soft thick hair and before he registered what he was doing Harry crushed his lips to Lucy's startled ones. The kiss deep and filled with barely contained need, Lucy's response was tentative at first but soon their tongues duelled wetly as Harry dominated the kiss. Harry's fingers deftly mapping the contours of her curves, skimming hardening nipples and swallowing the moans that were spilling from her lips. Shocked at his own confidence, Harry suspected that the wolf crawling inside him was dictating his almost cocky self-assured attitude. A tearing sound wretched the air as Harry tore her thin satin nightdress from her body. The wolf overpowering the mortification he felt and Harry's eyes drifted over her naked flesh, soft full breasts rising and falling with the gasps of air. His fingers caressed her rounded hips and she shivered as he lightly stroked the top of her trembling thighs. Breaking the kiss for a moment to lick and nuzzle her neck, Harry wallowed in the sensations bombarding his body. The taste of her skin almost addictive and her pulse throbbed beneath his exploring tongue. His questing fingers dipping higher and Harry moaned aloud at the dripping wetness the digits found, the scent of sex increasing. Harry for a brief second thought back to the fumbles he had experienced with Ginny, shocked at how responsive Lucy was compared to Ginny. A moment of clarity sparked inside him and he realised that Ginny's lack of response was because she was not attracted to him.

Was she using me? Was she only interested in me because of who I am?

Cheating bitch…below us…not part of our pack… this bitch, the amber eyed one and the dog….our pack.

Harry allowed these thoughts to wash over him and his heart skipped the feeling of elation at the certainty in those words inside his head. His lips stilled for a moment and the brief respite gave them both a second to take calming breaths. Lucy's pupils were dilated with lust and her unsteady breaths were like music to Harry's wolf. Spurred on by her silent acquiescence Harry pushed his hips forward and moaned at the sensation of his cloth covered cock rubbing against her naked skin. Her eyes fluttered shut and a moan of pure wantonness filled the air, Harry's own lips spilling an answering groan of desire. His mouth opened to growl as he felt deft fingers exploring the length of his rigid cock, the sound of his zip being lowered loud in the room. His growl of need deepening as Lucy released his shaft to the cooler air of the cottage, he hissed as delicate digits caressed with sure intent, reminding him that Lucy was not an inexperienced teenager like himself. Suddenly he felt self-conscious and he shuddered biting his own lip to hold in the need he felt building inside him.

"What do you want?" Lucy's voice quivered as she spoke.

Harry could feel the warring desires and urges inside himself, the wolf aching to claim and mark, taking her body completely. The idea of burying himself deep inside her heat was intoxicating but also overwhelming to Harry, fear of losing himself holding him back.

I want…. I want them to be my first.

The thought took his breath away and for a moment his wolf was still, silent as the truth of the words filled him. Memories of fighting the feelings that he felt bombarding him, hiding his desires from those around him, frightened to admit that his attractions were changing. A vivid memory so clear appeared in his head.


"I reckon Potter's a queer?" Harry tried to meld himself into the alcove where he stood and prayed that he wouldn't be discovered, his heart pounding as he listened. Mean laughter echoed in the deserted corridor, the other students would all be inside their dorms by now as the moon hung high in the night sky. Harry, unable to sleep had snuck out to get some fresh air, the recent events had taken their toll. The weeping willow and the unfolding drama that has occurred in the shrieking shack making him shiver. A tear slipped silently down his cheek at what had happened, Sirius having to run again and Remus fired. The past month since the incidents had weighed heavily on him, desperate to speak to both men.

"I wouldn't be surprised, did you see how he stared Lupin all the time…maybe that's why he was fired," there was a pause as the two conversationalists considered the words, "Maybe Lupin was fucking him!" a snort of shocked mirth made Harry cringe, the words taking his breath away, "That's why Dumbledore fired him…dirty teacher sticking it to the boy who lived!"

That's not why! He was trying to protect me!

Images of Remus touching him in ways he shouldn't bombarded Harry's mind, unable to shake the mental pictures filling his head. Remus, who had never once looked at him or touched him in that way, suddenly, wanting to molest his body. Harry couldn't breathe as the images became more and more degrading, Remus ordering Harry onto his knees and making him lick his cock. Amber eyes piercing his soul as his cock plundered Harry's willing body.

No no no! stop!

Harry opened his eyes and realised that he was now alone, the two gossips had since left. He struggled to breathe and he shook with mortification as he looked down at his turgid shaft, trapped uncomfortably in his trousers.

I can't like men! I can't…. I can't be different to everyone else…I'm already a freak!

Harry slumped to the floor and began to sob, scared to allow those feeling to take shape in his head. Determined to concentrate on girls, he genuinely was attracted to girls but knew deep down that he liked boys just as much. Shaking his head and taking a breath to steady his heart, he wiped his eyes. He stood on wobbly legs and with steely resolve he pushed down the attraction he felt to the professor, gritting his teeth as his burgeoning attraction for Sirius threatened to emerge.

No one will ever know… I have to be normal… I have to be the same as my friends.

"Harry?" Lucy's voice was shaking as she spoke, Harry took a breath and looked into her eyes.


Harry crushed his mouth to hers, ignoring her lips as they spoke to him, those memories dragging all those feelings to the surface and Harry ached to silence them. Devouring her mouth, he grabbed her hips roughly, running his fingers down her thighs and lifting one of her legs up to wrap around his waist. Lucy tried to push him away, murmuring into his forceful kiss, Harry thrust forward, frustrated as his cock slid against her but the angle was wrong to penetrate. He moved her hips and adjusted to the angle, his heart hammering at what he was about to do, he pulled back. A sharp pain against his chest making him cry out, he stumbled back from Lucy, looking at her hand, her fingernails poised to scratch him again.

"Stop." She whispered.

"I…" Harry didn't know what to say, Lucy crouched down, picked up the discarded blanket from Harry's makeshift bed and wrapped it around herself.

"Harry…are you a virgin?" Harry lowered his head and felt his face flame, startled when a soft hand stroked his head in a soothing manner. He looked up into caring blue eyes and nodded. "Oh Harry, your first time should be with be the person you love…or persons?"

"I.. I think I love them…both of them." The last words took the air from his lungs and his heart felt like it could burst. The wolf inside him growling its agreement but Harry could feel the desire for Lucy still under the surface, the wolf fixed on her. A soft kiss on his lips made him sigh, opening his eyes that he wasn't aware he had even closed, he tried to offer Lucy a smile.

"You need to sleep…tomorrow we will talk about your two men." There was a hint of humour in her voice but also a touch of disappointment. Lucy turned to walk away and Harry without thinking grabbed her arm, pulling her into his arms.

"I know that I want you too." Harry whispered, frightened to give voice to his needs and Lucy's eyes flared with a fire that made Harry steel himself for the much deserved tirade that he expected. Harry was stunned when she pressed her lips to his in an urgent manner, the heat from earlier bursting forth from its smouldering embers. Harry's tongue mapped her sweet mouth and she moaned as his fingers continued their quest from before, dipping between her thighs. Harry felt her body arch up to meet him and deliciously wet heat encased his fingers as he delved inside. The muscle clenching around him and scent of arousal spiked in the room. Lucy broke the kiss and tilted her head back, exposing her neck. The wolf howled inside and Harry gave in to its desire, nipping at the throbbing pulse point. Lucy screamed and the muscles gripped his fingers, he rubbed against her clit with the pad of his thumb. Harry felt the muscle contract, shocked as her back arched and a rush of fluid slicked his fingers, her orgasm robbing her of a voice. Harsh breathing and soft whimpers the only sound in the room, Harry's cock was diamond hard and the wolf longed to plunge into that heat but he resisted. The words from earlier echoing in his mind and he knew that he wanted to take that last step with Remus and Sirius. The thought scared him, fear at the idea but more so at the thought that they might not want him. Harry closed his eyes and pictured the two men, his desire increasing at the image of both of them in his bed. A soft kiss against the head of his dripping cock caught him by surprise and he opened his eyes to look down at the smiling face of Lucy, her cheeks still flushed from her release.

"The wolf wants me?" Harry nodded and she smiled, her tongue peeping out to lap at the slit, Harry moaned, "Let the wolf out."

Harry shook his head and tried to ignore the howling in his head, the wolf scratching to be let out, his heart began to thunder in his chest.

"Please…" those words making the wolf burst forth, Harry tried to take control but found himself unable to reign it back in, Lucy whimpered.

Harry felt dizzy, his hands gripping the soft curls framing Lucy's flushed face and he pulled her mouth onto his cock. Heat, unbelievably wonderful heat engulfed his shaft as Lucy swallowed around him, the wolf baying with lust. Harry's body consumed totally by the wolf now gave into the urges that coursed through his body, thrusting up and using Lucy's mouth for his pleasure. Soft moans and splutters drifted into his mind, the wolf rejoicing at the submission as he thrust faster. Harry moaned and growled as Lucy instinctively swallowed around the head of his length as it hit the back of her throat. Hot saliva dripped down his cock and he could feel the head spilling pre-come, his balls tightening as the need to come increased. Lucy bobbed her head faster, her tongue lapping along his shaft as she lifted and swallowing as she took him deeper. Harry and the wolf howled as his release crashed over him, stars burst behind his eyes as he thrust up and emptied himself in the warm eager mouth. The edges of darkness creeping and the wolf sated receded into the recesses of Harry's exhausted mind. The last thought was of the full moon as he allowed the darkness to claim him.


Ron couldn't sleep, not matter how hard he tried he just couldn't relax enough to give into the lure of slumber. The events of the day filling his mind and making his pulse race with lust. The stars of his recurring thoughts constantly in his mind. Mentally berating himself for falling under the spell of the two beguiling men, both of them captivating in their own way. Lucius, handsome to say the least and Ron was eager to wallow in the attentions of the stunning man. Snape…no Severus Ron forced himself to think of the man by his first name, the man no longer his professor, well what he could say about the dark eyed tormentor. His cunning, that cutting tongue and the sheer magnetism of the stoic man made Ron's heart race with need, knowing that he would have to surrender totally to him to be allowed into their arms. His mouth dry at the thought of giving up control to someone, admitting to himself that he was excited to explore that side of his sexuality. Giving voice to his desires was terrifying, exposing his hidden needs and wanting to make them a reality was more than he thought he could do. Ron had never spoken to anyone about his desires, he knew that everyone had those kinks or fetishes that they kept to themselves but he had never even joked about them. He closed his eyes and tried to calm his thundering heart, his mind drifting and he allowed a fantasy to take shape.

Darkness, Ron felt the blindfold tied tightly around his face and his heart was beating so loudly he knew that the men could hear it. A rich chuckle confirming his thoughts and he jumped as fingers caressed his face, the cool air against his flesh reminding him that he was nude and his face burned with embarrassment. The chuckle was throatier and Ron shivered, knowing that his naked form was being perused and appraised, he could almost feel the eyed boring into him.

"Please." His voice barely a whisper but the need was loud and clear.

A sharp crack, the pain lancing his spine and Ron bit his lip to hold in the whimper, realising his earlier mistake of talking he lowered his head and waited for further punishment.

"One for disobedience." A soft cultured tone whispered in his ear, the hot breath ghosting over his skin caused an involuntary shiver and a laugh washed over him.

"My…my…we can't stay still today, can we?" a richer voice asked the question, the crack of the whip no surprise this time and Ron steeled himself as it bit into his skin. The sting hardening his cock further, uncomfortable in its growing rigidity and Ron tried to curb his need. The chastity cage would become painful the more erect he became, he took a slow breath and willed his cock to behave.

"Do we need to ask you again?" for a moment Ron had forgotten the question, searching mind he remembered.

"I'm sorry for moving and talking…masters." A soft stroke of his cheek was the reward for his answer.

"Such a good slave." The soft voice praised and Ron felt the euphoria of pleasing his masters' wash over him. Strong hands lifted him and he felt himself being tied face down, the soft rubber mattress cool against his fevered skin. He revelled in the feeling of complete and utter surrender, barely containing the moan of pleasure as confident hands touched his skin, mapping the welts that adorned his back. The sting of pressure against the bleeding marks made Ron bite his tongue and the muffled whimper was nearly inaudible. The chastity cage uncomfortable as it pressed against the mattress but instead of the throb of discomfort cooling Ron's arousal it enflamed the heat he felt building in the room. The blindfold dulling his sight but increasing his other senses, the scent of sex growing stronger and he took a deep breath of the two men surrounding him. Musky, bitter with a hint of bergamot and another scent, expensive soap masking the deeper earthy smell that Ron knew would be building underneath. Two pairs of hands on his skin now and the cock cage bit harder into the tender flesh of his growing shaft, desperately trying not to wriggle to relieve the pressure. His masters apparently pleased with his compliance and the hands stroked softly.

"Good boy…such a willing boy." The chocolate baritone washing over Ron like a caress all its own, Ron whimpered.

"Ron!" a loud voice filled his ears and he opened his eyes.

"Ron," Hermione's voice sounded upset and Ron pushed aside his disappointment that his fantasy had been disturbed, he looked up to the fireplace in his room, Hermione's face shimmering, "Ron…oh merlin Ron."

"What's wrong," the concern overriding his irritation, he jumped out of bed looking down to make sure his rigid cock was not obvious in his pyjama bottoms.

"Victor… bloody hell ..Victor's sleeping with Ginny." Hermione began to cry.