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The moon, a familiar sight greeted him as he opened his eyes and Harry realised that he was obviously unconscious. He reached up to touch his own shoulder and the throb of the bullet hole burst along his nerve ending, the wound bloodless. A low yip full of pain reached his ears and his heart ached at the sight of the bleeding she wolf bathed in the moonlight, the blood matting her fur almost black in the ghostly light.


Both wolf and man together as he ran to her side, the low yowls of pain tearing at his heart as he softly stroked her flank trying to sooth the injured wolf. Her chest rising and falling with laboured breaths and Harry began to panic.

Remus …please save her!

His inner wolf baying to be released at the sight of a mate on pain, Harry leaned down and nuzzled her snout earning a soft lick followed by a whimper of pain.

"Harry…wake up!" Sirius' frantic words filled his ears and he struggled to open his eyes, the pain intensifying the more consciousness took over. A low moaning filling his ears and Harry realised that it was spilling from his own mouth. Soft fingers caressed his fevered brow and he fought with the growing darkness that threatened to overwhelm him. Worried words sounding like they were being projected underwater echoed in his ears and the wave of darkness engulfed him.

Harry opened his eyes and the light from the moon soothed his thundering heart, the grass dewy beneath his fingertips as he lay bathed in the ethereal glow.

"Harry." Remus' gentle voice made him smile and he looked around for the older wolf, disappointed when he did not appear. The low whimpers of pain drawing attention to his wounded companion. He reached out, trembling he stroked her fur, the blood congealing and covering his fingers.

"Help!" He shouted into the night and silence was the only answer.

"Harry…wake up love." Those heartfelt words brimming with love and Harry felt the pull of the wolf calling him to respond. He threw back his head and howled at the moon.

His howl piercing the room and he looked into the terrified eyes of Sirius, Remus pressing down on hi bleeding wound.

"Harry, stay still," Sirius begged, "You've reopened the injury."

He could feel the heat of Remus' fingers and it felt like a brand, taking a breath Harry tried to relax. The pain cresting for a brief moment before dulling as Remus muttered the spell to stitch the gunshot. Harry tried to sit up and he cried out at the vision of Lucy lying pale and covered in blood.

"We've healed her as best we can," Remus whispered and Harry looked into the frantic amber eyes, "Its touch and go…Harry, what happened?" Harry lay back on the bed and took a steadying breath.


"I think Thomas killed them." Lucy whispered and Harry's heart broke at the words, the picture before him of the happy family destroyed by someone else's hand.

"You shouldn't stay here, I've drawn trouble to you…I'm sorry." Harry pulled her into his arms and she sagged into the embrace. He found himself breathing in her scent and the wolf awoke at the close proximity.

"I won't leave my home and you are not leaving until you decide what you want to do," she looked up into his eyes and offered a watery smile, "That bastard won't tell me what to do."


Both of them jumped at the sound of splintering wood and the blast reverberated through the cottage. Lucy grabbed the gun and ran into the room, Harry cursing himself for leaving his wand on table in the other room.

"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" Lucy bellowed and Harry ran to her side, shocked to see that there were four armed men standing in her living room, he silently cast a wandless incantation to call his wand to his side.

"Don't get any ideas pup!" Thomas growled and Harry's wolf sensed a stronger pack leader in the room almost submitting but Harry refused to show his neck to this bastard.

"Leave now!" Lucy's voice was indignant but Harry could see the slight tremors through her body, Thomas offered a sly smile and lifted his hands in a placating gesture but Harry wasn't fooled. The men in the room still on alert and their weapons were trained on Lucy and Harry.

"Now lass, be a good bitch and come to heel," Thomas leered and Harry's skin crawled at the sight, Lucy spat out an expletive which merely made the man smile more, "Oh you are a feisty one…you'll make good strong pups." The other men chortled at his words and Harry lifted his wand, murder in his mind and the wolf howled with the urge to tear the men apart.

"HARRY NO!" Lucy's voice shouted as the shot rang out, Harry waited to feel the impact shocked when he opened his eyes that he hadn't even realised he closed to reveal the shocked faces of the men. Lucy lay at his feet, the shotgun blast leaving a wound in her chest and Harry howled as the blood speckled her lips as she struggled to breath. Harry knocked off his feet as a searing pain exploded in his shoulder, Thomas' face murderous as his gun gently smoked.


The last thought of both wolf and man as Harry grabbed the whimpering Lucy and apparated.


Hermione opened her eyes and was shocked to find she was lying on a long sofa covered with a soft fur blanket. The crackling of the fire the only sound in the otherwise silent room, a soft sigh catching her attention and she turned to look a Draco, he was sitting in a grand armchair to the side of her.

"You're awake," he offered her a gentle smile and it made her heart skip for a brief moment, the memories of the night before filling her mind and she blanched, "It's ok," he was immediately at her side and with trembling fingers he soothed her stroking her hand in a comforting gestures, "My father will need to talk to you." There was something in the way he spoke that made Hermione instantly concerned.

"What's happened?" she struggled to breath, "Oh Merlin I killed him didn't I?"

"You've done no such thing," Severus' rich tone brooking no argument and she lifted her now tearing eyes to look at her former professor.

"Is he really hurt?" she was afraid of the answer, reassured as Ron entered the room, her friends presence settling her thundering heart.

"Herm…" he looked uncomfortable and looked towards the potion master and Hermione saw a hint of heat between them bloom, Lucius followed into the room and smiled at his son, "He wasn't there."

"Where is he…is he going to press charges against me?"

"No bloody way…that bastard wouldn't dare!" Draco's voice was brimming with fire and Hermione found herself reaching to grab his hand in the hope it would calm his temper.

"Herm…you don't need to worry yourself about any of this," Ron patted her gentle on the arm earning a strange look from both Malfoy men, "We will sort everything," he looked at the other men and they nodded.

Draco got the feeling that there was more to the story then the men were sharing at the moment but decided now was not the time to pursue it. He reached down to hold Hermione's hand and tried to ignore the strange fluttering in his stomach at the sensation of her delicate fingers entwining with his.

"Let's go and get you settled in one of our rooms, " he turned to look at his father and was shocked by the soft look of desire that shone in his father's eyes as he looked at the red head, "I think Hermione should stay here while we sort everything, don't you agree?" his father looked at him and then Hermione, a soft smile on his face that made Draco want to blush.

Ron watched his friend being led from the room by his former nemesis and the strangeness of the situation made him huff a laugh. Severus quirked an eyebrow and then pulled him into his arms, bestowing the giggling red head with a toe curling kiss. Ron's laughter died on his lips as he chased the older man's tongue as the duelled wetly. He moaned into Severus' mouth as the heat of Lucius' body pressed against his back and every cell of his body felt overloaded.

"Please." Ron was shocked at the pleading quality in his own voice and those dark obsidian eyes of his former professor flared with a fire that threatened to consume Ron's heart and soul. His heart stuttered and his cock firmed to the point of pain as he felt Lucius' lips kissing the nape of his neck and he leaned back into the man's embrace. Severus deepened the kiss and Ron felt like he might swoon with the desire that washed over him.

"Mmm you taste divine," Lucius breathed against Ron's flesh and the red head shuddered, he pushed his tongue deeper in the potion masters mouth while reached down and around to caress the clothed covered cock of the gorgeous blond, "Naughty boy." Lucius whispered in Ron's ear obviously delighted with Ron's brazenness.

Agile fingers made their way deftly along Ron's body and he whimpered as he felt multiply fingers caressing him, both of the older men mapping his flesh. He keened as fingers grasped his rigid cock and squeezed, he thrust his hips forward desperate for more pressure and Severus laughed into the kiss. Both of them breathless as Ron pulled away to fill his aching lungs, Lucius gripping his shoulders and spinning him around to bestow his own brand of devastating kiss. Nipping lightly at Ron's kiss swollen bottom lips and twining his tongue with Ron's.

"Shall we fuck you?" Severus breathed hotly in Ron's ear and he arched his back against the normally stoic man, his buttocks rubbing along the hard length of the dark haired man earning a soft moan from the potion master.

"Yes." Ron moaned into Lucius' mouth and the blond tightened the embrace and the kiss became more lustful.

"Do you want us?" Lucius pulled away from the kiss, Ron moaned at the loss and tried to follow the kiss and his muddled mind took a moment to comprehend the question. Severus' lips licking along his throbbing pulse point hindering his ability to think, Lucius huffed at his lover and repeated the question. Ron took a moment to get his breath and he closed his eyes, the question filling his head.

Do I want to be with them?

The silence in the room was almost tangible and Ron opened his eyes to take in the sight if his two potential lovers, nerves at the forefront as reached out with both hands to touch each of them.

"You're scared?" Severus asked and Ron was thankful for the man's intuition.

"I've never…" the unspoken words filled the room and Ron lowered his eyes, knowing that he could bring nothing to this relationship with all of his inexperience.

"Never fear that your innocence would be a burden to us," Severus whispered as if reading the red heads nervous thoughts, "Your purity is beguiling and we both wish to teach you," he pressed a soft kiss on Ron's thudding pulse, "To take your naivety and show you a world of pleasure."

"Be with us." Lucius' and Severus' words washed over Ron and he could do nothing to resist the need, no the yearning to surrender to the two men.

"Yes..yes." he moaned and was immediately rewarded with a toe curling kiss from the smiling blond, the heat was rising.

The moment ruined by a loud gasp in the doorway, all three men took in the shocked expression on the younger Malfoys face.

"Oh…oh," Draco blushed and Ron suddenly felt sorry for the other man, "I didn't mean to disturb," he stuttered over his words, "I…i…Merlin! Weasley?"

"Draco." Lucius' tone was tempered with annoyance and Draco paled.

"What do you want?" Severus asked with more warmth in his tone and Draco looked at Ron again, offering an apologetic smile.

"Sorry…it was just a shock."

Ron took a breath and tried to push aside his usual attitude towards the blond, allowing himself to be in the other man's shoes for a moment.

"Look Draco," he looked at the two older men and smiled, "this is a new thing…I don't want to cause a problem."

Draco gazed at the three men for a second and sighed, he looked at his father and must have sensed something that Ron couldn't see. He walked over to the men, his hand out and Ron wondered for a brief millisecond if the blond meant to do him harm.

"Welcome to the family." Draco smiled and shook the stunned red heads hand.

"Well done my son." Lucius whispered .

"Is there something you need?" Severus asked with a hint of tension, the heat blooming in the room again.

"Remus Lupin is here to see you," he looked worried and Ron sensed something was up, "He needs your help…Harry's been shot."