AvatarCat12: Welcome back, everyone! Welcome to Avatar Cat: The Last AirClan Cat Book 2: Spring! And as usual, my two friends Katara and Holly are here to help us out!

Aang: Hey, AvatarCat! It's gonna be great to commentate the series again!

Katara: And I hope you create season 3 soon. I can't wait to see it! (Snuggles with Aang)

AvatarCat12: Well, I'm working on it. (To the readers) Those of you wondering what that was about, Genki vanished, so I'm her temporary boyfriend. So let's say the disclaimer and preview for the entire Book 2 season.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Avatar: The Last AirBender or Warrior Cats. Their true owners are Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko, and Erin Hunter.

Preview: Avatar Cat Goldwing, now a warrior, and his friends continue their quest to save the world, this time looking for an EarthBending mentor. Meanwhile, with Bearclaw out of the way, they encounter a deadlier enemy, while a prophecy tells about FireClan's darkest hour in Clan history.

Publishing Date: February 26, 2012

All three: Enjoy!


Book 2 Theme

Water, element of change.

Earth, element of strength.

Fire, element of passion.

Air, element of freedom.

Moons ago, the four Clans lived together in peace. But everything changed when FireClan attacked ruthlessly. And only the Avatar Cat, the master of all four Clans and their elements, could stop them. But he vanished when every cat needed him the most.

It's been several moons since my brother and I have traveled with the Avatar Cat on his journey. We have fought in many battle and met many cats along the way. Some were friends, while others were our enemies, and we were their prey.

Since I have become the Avatar Cat's mentor, I have taught him the art of WaterBending. He may lack discipline, you can say that, but his power is slowly getting stronger every day. But he still has to work hard at learning to Bend Earth and Fire so that he can challenge Darkstar, the leader of FireClan.

Soon, we're now heading out toward the vast EarthClan territory. There, the Avatar Cat will learn from a great EarthBending mentor so that this cat can teach him...


AvatarCat12: I hope everyone likes this so far! And I'll tell you all something. I will no longer display the disclaimer on every chapter. But I will say that I don't own a certain thing or if I made something up. So don't fret, everyone!

Katara: I'm not fretting. We'll be okay with it. (Snuggles against Aang)

Aang: (To the readers) Although I'm sure what'll happen at the end of this season. But don't worry, folks! We went all right in the end!

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Preview: Now that they have become warriors, Avatar Cat Goldwing, Silverheart, and Ashfeather travel to a nearby fortress to get help being escorted to MudClan. Meanwhile, Bearclaw and Irontail get a warm "welcome" from a childhood terror.

All three: See ya next time!