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Summary: After almost being killed by Frostfire, Goldwing finds himself in StarClan, where a spirit gives him a mission. He has to find four of his past lives and talk with them, or he would be unable to talk with StarClan. Will he succeed in the mission...or will Hok the Face-catcher get to him first?

Finishing Date: July 20, 2012





Goldwing groaned as he wearily got to his paws, looking around him. Four massive oak trees towered over him as they cast their shadows over the forest floor. This must be Fourtrees, the Gathering place where Clan cats used to gather. And he was even on the Great Rock.

The golden cat expected pain to shoot through his belly from the wound Frostfire gave him, but none came. He looked around him and saw the moon glowing brightly behind the trees.

Turning around, Goldwing mewed confusedly, "What...what happened?"

"You were almost killed in the battle of BoulderClan."

Goldwing turned to see who had spoken to him. Then he saw her: a beautiful pure white she-cat leaping on top of the Great Rock next to him. He remembered when she died at the Moonpond, the sacred place StarClan's entrance dwelled. Her pure white fur glowed bright silver in the moonlight, and her blue eyes were filled with anxiety.

"Moonfeather!" Goldwing purred, touching noses with her. He hoped she didn't mind this, but she purred with amusement. "It's good to see you!"

Moonfeather nodded. "And it's good to see you too. But I have something to say." Taking a deep breath, she began, "Goldwing... your Avatar Cat Spirit has been injured. If you don't act fast, you will lose your connection to StarClan and your past lives...and the Avatar Cat cycle will come to an end. You must find your previous four past lives and reconnect with them."

Goldwing tilted his head to one side. My four past lives? Why? But he also felt upset at what Ashfeather's former mate said; he felt like he had let the Clans down.

Out loud, he meowed, "But how do I do that?"

"You will find them here. In StarClan," the white she-cat replied. "But be very careful. If you do not take caution and tread lightly, Hok the Face-catcher will steal your face!"

This made Goldwing flinch in horror, not wishing to run into the abomination again. He took a deep breath and let it out, then he closed his eyes, touching his nose to the Great Rock.

Moonfeather rested her lean muzzle on his shoulder and murmured, "Be careful of which cats you talk to. Some are StarClan cats who will help you, while others are from the Dark Forest and will trick you."

Then she stepped back and began to fade away, meowing, "Good luck, young one..."


Sweltering heat forced Goldwing's eyes to open, and he began to pant as he looked around. He was in what seems to be the inside of a volcano, or a fiery forest due to burning trees around him. Fire geysers shot up flames in various places at various times.

Goldwing did not stop to hunt, though the sight of a plump rabbit made his mouth water. He had to hurry and find his past four former lives...and fast. Right away, he knew who to find first.

"Whitestorm? Where are you?" he called.

He padded on and then was startled by a fire geyser that shot up right in front of him. Goldwing cringed back, yowling in terror at the thought of some demon attacking him from the flames.

"Hello, Goldwing."

Goldwing turned around in time to see a familiar white cat step out from behind the flames, stars dancing in his fur. A big auburn-colored griffin followed him out of the fire, stars in its feathers as it allowed the white cat to jump on board.

Shame filling him in seeing Whitestorm, Goldwing cringed even lower and mewed, "I-I'm sorry, Whitestorm. I failed to master the Avatar Cat State."

"Rise," Whitestorm commanded. When Goldwing got to his paws, the white-furred cat meowed, "It is all right, young one. But mastering the Avatar Cat State takes much spiritual discipline and patience. I learned this the hard way."

Goldwing did not want to argue with the former Avatar Cat, though he wanted to ask what was going on. The serious look on Whitestorm's face told the golden AirClan tom that he had to learn.

"So where did you go?" Goldwing asked the FireClan Avatar Cat.

Whitestorm turned to him. "Where, you say? To the Sages' Temple. That was twenty two years ago. That means this takes place eight years before the war came to be. I was training in the ways of the Avatar Cat State with Rubystripe."


"Yes. Your ally Redspots' grandfather," Whitestorm purred. "But I was distracted by the many thoughts in my head. Things like my leg falling asleep and hoping not to have toads for lunch. Yes, I was impatient like you," the old Whitestorm added. "So I decided to use the leaf-bare equinox to help me get there faster."

Goldwing could imagine all that as he asked, "What happened?"

Whitestorm sighed, "I was trying to enter the Avatar Cat State using the spiritual energy from the Sun. And I had done it."

"So you did it! You mastered the Avatar Cat State!" Goldwing purred.

"Not quite exactly," Whitestorm told him. "Rubystripe panicked when I went into the Avatar Cat State the quick way. I was stuck in the Avatar Cat State, so I could see my body, but I wasn't in control over it. Luckily, Rubystripe was wiser than I, and he knew just how to break the Avatar Cat State's hold on me. He used some sort of crystal to help me out and snap me out of it. I had more training to do...AFTER I cleaned up the mess," he added with a purr.

When he stopped, he mewed on, "I could see my impatience in your eyes, Goldwing. Do not blame yourself. You will master the Avatar Cat State as I had finally done."

Then he slowly started to fade away, and the last words Goldwing heard were, "Look for Avatar Cat Heavyrose at where Kwan Yin sleeps..."

"Huh...?" Goldwing could not speak, for he fell to the ground, his eyes closed.


When he opened his eyes, Goldwing could see that he was in a familiar swamp-like area. This was where he had come to when he was an apprentice to see the Ocean and Moon spirits. He began sniffing the air, trying to find Kwan Yin, a forest spirit he had encountered moons ago. If he was in his black bear form, then all would be good for the both of them. If he was in his other form...

I really DON'T want to think about that!

Goldwing sniffed the air some more until he smelled the scent of honey. Pushing apart a few reeds, he found Kwan Yin; the black bear spirit was pawing at a bee hive, placing a honey-covered paw into his mouth. Just when the bear took it out and started licking up the honey, he turned to see Goldwing looking at him.

"Kwan Yin!" Goldwing purred as Kwan Yin scrambled down the oak tree to give him a big hug and roared happily. "It's good to see you too, Kwan Yin! By the way, have you seen Heavyrose anywhere?"

The black bear lowered his head, a sign for Goldwing to get on. Once the golden cat sat on his shoulders, Kwan Yin sprang away, his large paws sending up sprays of swamp water. But when they stopped for a drink of water, a squeal made them look around.

A tortoiseshell-&-white she-cat the size of a lioness was dragging a large deer around by the throat. When Goldwing padded towards her and gave a yowl of greetings, she dropped the deer and padded up to him, sitting down and towering over him. Goldwing had to somewhat tip his head back to look up to her face.

"It's good to see you again, Goldwing," Heavyrose purred. Then the huge tortoiseshell she-cat looked quite ashamed as she added, "Sorry about the 'wrongly accused of murder' incident at Laurel Town."

"It's okay," Goldwing purred.

Heavyrose ruffled his head with a giant paw and meowed, "After Battlestar the Great died, I helped the world live in balance. I accomplished a lot of good, but I also made some mistakes."

She Bended up a stone in front of them, and she and Goldwing sat on top of it.

"One of my greatest challenges was dealing with a farmer uprising in BoulderClan. The farmers felt that Greenstar's rule was invalid and that he did not signify their interests. So they stormed the Upper Ring. The farmers quickly destroyed priceless ancient artifacts and buildings. You know, anything that represented the 'old government.' And Greenstar summoned me to help him with the rebellion."

"So what happened?"

Heavyrose meowed, "Greenstar, the great-great-great-great grandfather of Cavestar, told me to crush them, but I refused. So he got angry at me for defying my leader and ordered his warriors to attack me, but I fended them off, snapping at him for defying the Avatar Cat. Then I told him that everyone needs a voice of reason if balance was to stay in the Clan. And if he listened to the farmers' protests, I would help him defend his heritage. So he agreed."

The huge tortoiseshell went on, "After that, I began training a top force of EarthBenders. They would be silent, precise...and feared by all. These cats became known as the Tai Kwan."

"The Tai Kwan?" Goldwing gasped in horror. They were working with Frostfire and Longfang the last time he checked. "You trained the Tai Kwan? They're the most evil and most corrupted cats ever!"

"I thought I was doing the right thing by creating a group that protected cultural history. I had no idea what they would become," Heavyrose sighed, hanging her head in sorrow. "Listen. Our actions always have an effect, sometimes positive or negative...or not for many lifetimes."

Goldwing felt guilt tug at his heart. He knew he couldn't blame Heavyrose for not knowing about her former apprentices.

Kwan Yin gave a sharp growl, and Goldwing leapt onto the bear's leg, ready to go. Heavyrose grabbed his scruff as if he was just a lion cub and placed him gently onto Kwan Yin's back.

As Goldwing got prepared to leave, Heavyrose meowed, "Hurry, Goldwing! You have to find the WaterBending Avatar Cat before me."

"Huh?" Goldwing mewed. "What's his name?"

"His name is Avatar Cat Stormfrost," the tortoiseshell-&-white she-cat mewed before she faded away. "Good luck!"


Darkness crept like shadows around Goldwing as Kwan Yin growled with fear. By the way the fungus on the trees glowed, the two of them were perhaps in the Dark Forest, the Place of No Stars. Eyes glowed from the dark as they followed Goldwing and Kwan Yin while they strode through the brambles.

A black feather fell onto Goldwing's nose, and he looked up. The same faceless raven he had seen moons ago was sitting in a tree and tilting its head down at them, making the golden cat flinch a bit. He turned to Kwan Yin, who made low moaning sounds as he looked timidly around the dark forest.

"We're in the Place of No stars," Goldwing told him. "Let's be careful here."

Suddenly, a gray shape shot out of the bushes and leapt in front of them. Goldwing gave a yowl of fright and fell back onto some mushrooms, looking up at the cat, while Kwan Yin shot away. This cat was gray with...a polar bear's head where his head usually was.

Startled, Goldwing mewed, "H-Hok took your face and replaced it with a p-polar bear's head?"

"Relax, kid. I'm not gonna hurt you," the tom meowed, a pair of normal cat jaws grabbing his scruff and hauling him to his paws. This cat had a normal cat head with black eat tufts and green eyes. "I'm Avatar Cat Stormfrost. Nice to meet you. By the way, have you seen a cat anywhere? A beautiful tortoiseshell tabby she-cat with green eyes?"

"No," Goldwing mewed. "Why?"

Stormfrost closed his eyes as if reliving a bad memory. "She...she's my mate. Back when I was a young cat, I traveled all over the world, challenging other Benders to trials of strength for no real reason. I loved exciting cats with my Bending skills. Especially the she-cats. I was very arrogant, proud, and boastful. I never thought about settling down until I met the love of my life."

Goldwing twitched his ears, interested.

"We met during the new moon celebration, when the brother tribes would come together as one," Stormfrost went on. "It was love at first sight. Her name was Mintleaf, and she came from the Southern WaterClan camp like your crush Silverheart. And she was the most beautiful she-cat I had ever seen. With her in my life, I decided to change my reckless ways and settle down. She accepted me as her mate, and we were to wed in the Moonpond. But on the day of our wedding, tragedy struck."

"Why, what happened?"

Stormfrost sighed. "She fell into the Moonpond, as if something invisible dragged her into there. Oh, don't look so surprised; she didn't drown. She disappeared into the Dark Forest. Hok took her away to punish me for my past sins. Every year, after our wedding anniversary, I traveled to the Dark Forest, hoping to save my mate from Hok...but I failed."

He fell silent, his head hanging and his ears flattening. Goldwing understood this pain. If he lost Silverheart to Hok the Face-catcher, he would never forgive himself.

"I'm sorry. I know how that feels." Goldwing laid his paw on the gray tom's shoulder, hoping to comfort him.

Suddenly, a memory flooding into his mind, his eyes widened as he mewed, "Wait! I've seen her! Hok still has her! He showed me Mintleaf's face when I last saw him!"

"Really?" Stormfrost looked up, relief washing over his face. He dipped his head to him and unsheathed his claws, growling, "Thank you, Goldwing. My search is not over yet. I will hunt Hok down nonstop until Mintleaf and I are back together."

Then he leapt away and called, "Hurry! Avatar Cat Birdwing is waiting for you! Good luck!"

And at this, Goldwing felt his vision fade as he disappeared from the Dark Forest.


When his vision came back, Goldwing found himself on a small island with Kwan Yin beside him. There were pine trees around him, and stars glittered through the leaves and pine needles. Goldwing recognized this as the second Gathering place of the Clans.

But Birdwing was nowhere to be seen.

"Hello? Birdwing?"

A swirl of stars suddenly appeared at the middle of the tallest oak on the island. When the stars went away, there was a she-cat sitting on one of the branches. She had a dark ginger pelt with the same white arrow stripes as he, but she had blue eyes instead of gray or amber. But what amazed him the most was that she was wearing the same amulet Goldenstripe used to wear around his neck.

"It's an honor to meet you at last," Birdwing purred, leaping down the branches and sitting on a root in front of him.

Goldwing rushed up to her and touched noses with her. "You too. It's been amazing meeting up with my past lives."

Birdwing nodded. "I see. And what did you learn from them?"

"Well... I realized that no Avatar Cat is perfect. They all struggled and made mistakes. Like me."

"I see."

Goldwing looked up at her. "But I've been thinking... why is the Avatar Cat Spirit a cat in every life? Wouldn't it be better if the Avatar Cat was an invincible spirit that never died?"

Birdwing frowned slightly with a smile mixed in. "I don't think so. The Avatar Cat must be kind to all cats around him or her, and the only way to do that is to live with them like a normal Clan cat. He must experience these emotions and others: sadness, anger, joy, and happiness."

Memories washed through Goldwing's mind so fast he couldn't recall them fast. But these memories involved mostly Archie and Silverheart, two beings he loved very much. He had also seen a vision of all those he had met along the way: Silverheart, Ashfeather, Nightpaw, Irontail, and Bearclaw. He recalled the joys they shared, the foes they fought, and

"By feeling emotions, it helps you understand how precious life is...so you will do anything to protect it. If you were an invincible spirit living on the top of some mountain...you wouldn't have much in common with an ordinary cat. So the Avatar Cat continues to take rebirth in the Clans. And with each life, the Avatar Cat learns what it means to be a cat."

At this, three different cats with stars slowly appeared right beside Birdwing. All three cats (Whitestorm, Heavyrose, and Stormfrost) nodded to Goldwing and disappeared as fast as they had appeared.

Goldwing sighed, "So I've met up with you and my other past lives, right? Is the Avatar Cat Spirit okay?"

To his relief, Birdwing nodded. "Yes. But you are still recovering from your physical wounds. You will need time to heal." Then, as he lowered his head, she pressed her nose against the top of his head. The arrow stripes of the two AirClan warriors began to glow, as if they were going into the Avatar Cat State together.

"Alas, your ability to enter the Avatar Cat State has been disrupted," the ginger she-cat sighed. "For now, you cannot rely on your past lives to help you; plus, even though you can still pray to StarClan, they cannot answer you right away. And until your ability comes back, you must rely on your friends. And when you awake, you will not remember your visit to StarClan. It will be a forgotten dream."

And as Goldwing slowly felt himself fade away, he could hear her voice meow:

"May StarClan light your path."

The end...for now!


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