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~ Innocent Swan ~

"Kairi!" At the sound of my name, I looked over my shoulder and spotted my artistic cousin, Naminé, running to me with a smile on her face. Locking her hands behind her back, I only realized that she was trying to read my notes over my shoulder. Covering my work defensively (though in her eyes, I probably looked childish), Naminé laughed and stepped away to give me space. That ever present angelic smile painted her lips as she looked at me. "Riku was wondering if you were going to join us at the ice cream parlor after school."

Oh. That.

Shaking my head apologetically, I frowned sincerely. For added effect, my hands were clapped together above my head. "I forgot. Naminé, I'm sorry! Can you tell Riku and the guys I'm busy?"

Naminé blinked her big doe eyes. "Busy with what?"

Sighing, I was forced to show her what I was working on. The piece of paper that I was writing on slipped off the wooden table in the quad when I grabbed it with my hands and flashed it in Naminé's face. She followed it with her eyes as I explained thoroughly. "It's my plan for Aqua. God forbid she actually looks for a guy she likes by herself."

"You're trying to set her up again?" My blonde cousin sounded incredulous, but I was used to her tone. She never did like how I was always – excuse me – 'meddling' in my sister's love life. But seriously, I can't help it! Aqua was really pretty and she was really smart…but she was really dense when it came to boys. I'm just helping her… Isn't that what a sister does? I almost missed Naminé scolding me again. "Kairi, maybe you should drop this. I mean, isn't Aqua happy the way she is?"

Oh Naminé…you're cute. Blowing hair out of my eyes, I looked up at my cousin from my seat with a smile; violet orbs against blue hues. "I love Aqua, but I want her to be more than happy, Naminé. She's already in college and working to provide for the both of us, but she still worries about me like I'm eight; not sixteen."

"Kairi…" Naminé furrows her eyebrows, but I simply shake my head dismissively; retaking the piece of paper back into my hands.

"It's okay. I'm pretty much used to it. But honestly? I'm just helping Aqua because she really can't help herself." My pencil begins scribbling on the paper again with ideas. I had plenty; I always did.

Naminé hummed behind me before looking over my shoulder again. This time, I didn't bother to hide my brainstorming from her since the cat was out of the bag already. She didn't speak for a few seconds, but when she did, I practically mouthed in my head what she was asking. "You already have a guy in mind, don't you?"

"Yes I do and he's perfect." I gave her a small eye roll, but the blonde simply remained…deadpan.

"…You do remember what happened when you tried this with Saïx right?"

A whining sound moved past my lips as I remembered that 'lovely' memory I created for myself and Aqua. Playing with a lock of my dark red hair, my lips puckered slightly into a defeated pout. "W-Well, it wasn't that bad…"

"Larxene threw a fit when she found out about Aqua's 'imaginary' feelings for Saïx." Naminé smartly interjected and I was pretty sure she was fighting off the urge to smugly smile at me. "Luckily, Aqua wasn't interested in Saïx at all, but it took a catfight for her to admit that before Larxene stopped attacking her…in the middle of the mall."

"Why are you bringing this up?" I whined and stuck my tongue out childishly. Knowing I wasn't going to finish my plans before the lunch bell, I decided to pack up my books and stood up. Huffing, my arms were folded against my chest as I lifted a thin eyebrow at my dear cousin. "Besides, it turned out all right in the end. Didn't Saïx and Larxene end up dating after that? I would say a job well done!"

When Naminé shook her head with a giggle, I rolled my eyes again. "Maybe Aqua's better off without a guy for now. As for you…"

The strap of my book bag was thrown over my shoulder before I glanced at Naminé curiously. "What about me?"

"Don't you have a guy you like?" I was lucky Naminé wasn't looking at me otherwise she would have spotted the faint pinkish color dancing across my cheeks as we walked back to the school building for fourth period. "You're always talking about Aqua's love life. What about yours?"

Should I tell her or should I tell her?

…Oh what the heck? It'll only be about the billionth time I told her.

My eyes travelled to the sky as the reply came out as rehearsed as ever. "I haven't really changed in that department."

At this, Naminé was frowning; like always when I answered her with the same response. She sighed in exasperation and ran a hand through her blonde tresses. "Okay well…we are girls; sometimes we're hopeless."

"Hey!" I puffed up my cheeks and narrowed my eyes as an added effect. "I resent that with every fiber of my being, thank you very much."

"But Kairi…this guy moved away a long time ago, right? And you were six when you decided you liked him that much," Naminé retorted in worry. To be honest, it was getting old how she kept telling me the same thing over and over again, but I couldn't care. So I had a crush that was ten years old now…I really liked the guy! My lack of response probably prompted Naminé to touch my shoulder sympathetically, but I didn't bite her hand off for it; she was just worried about me as family should. "I want to see you happy too, Kairi. You and Aqua."

"…I know. Thanks, Naminé." Unfortunately for me, no matter how much Naminé worried, I just couldn't let go of that feeling.

The guy I liked when I was little… He was precious to me.


"I'm late!"

Aqua was going to kill me! I was supposed to be home an hour ago, but I got distracted…with my plans… I wanted everything to be perfect, however it didn't help when Sora and Riku were arguing about something silly and I had to play moderator for the third time this week. This plan that I had in store for Aqua… It had better be worth it!

Just as I turned the corner on my street, my eyes landed on an unfamiliar person standing in front of my house. Shocked, I skidded to a stop some feet away; my breathing heavy and book bag strap falling off my shoulder. This person was leaning against a black, sporty motorcycle (and I assumed the vehicle was his) while looking down at a piece of paper held in his leather-clad hand. He was wearing a helmet so I wasn't able to get a look at his face, but his build was pretty muscular underneath his jacket.

…Who was he again?

Pursing my lip, I decided to approach him if only because he was standing in front of my house. Didn't he know loitering wasn't permitted around this neighborhood? Plus, I don't think Aqua would be too thrilled in knowing someone was hanging around like it was nothing.

Sucking in a breath, words left my mouth as politely yet firmly as they could. "Can I help you?"

That got the guy's attention pretty quick and he swerved his head to look at me. Now, if only he'd remove that helmet…

A staring contest ensued between us and honestly, it started to make me nervous because: 1) this guy could see my face, but I couldn't see his; 2) he wasn't talking; and 3) my thoughts were starting to think he was sleazy all around. Half of my conscious was wondering where Aqua was, but the other half stubbornly insisted that I could defend myself from a creeper without having to hold Aqua's hand. Suddenly the guy pushed off his bike and stood at full height. He was tall and it wasn't helping my confidence at all.

"H-Hey…" I warned the best I could; unconsciously grabbing my book bag if I had to use it as a weapon. Narrowing my eyes, my voice attempted to remain steady. "Watch it, buddy."

"You've gotten spunky over the years." The stranger spoke behind his helmet and yet his tone was…teasing?

Before I knew it, I was blinking in some form of familiarity. That voice…it was like I heard it before? A laugh rang out from the stranger that it caught me off-guard again, but what was weird was that even his laughter sounded familiar! Shaking my head, I pouted with a glare. "Who are you?"

"You don't remember me? That hurts, Kairi." The stranger reached up for his helmet and slowly pulled it off. My eyes widened in astonishment while my heart thumped frantically against my rib cage. It was…near impossible! Spiky brown hair was revealed from underneath the helmet and piercing blue eyes stared at me in amusement. That smirk on his face…it grew into something attractive over the years. He tucked his helmet under his arm and tilted his head at me in a way that made my mind spin. "Do I ring a bell now?"

Heat flooded to my cheeks and my voice quivered slightly. "T…Terra."

I couldn't believe it. That boy I liked all those years ago…

He was back.