THIS STORY DOES NOT CONTAIN VAMPIRES, ONLY IMMORTALS. I own the characters and this story.

February 18. The day my dad died. The day the person that was closest to me left the world, leaving me in a place that I thought had turned into complete heck afterwards. After 2 months of grief, I ended up with weird abilities. One day, I'm guessing answers on homework, and the next, I'm seeing the answers in my head. I was truly freaked out, but I got used to it, cause it helped me from making my grades slip. My father raised me to be smart, and I am, but it's like this is a lifeline left behind from him. I'm also able to see the future, but keeping all of these secrets is easier than it seems in those teen novels.


Another day, with the warm weather. Yuck. I preferred the cold. Even though I live in Oklahoma (NO, we are NOT hicks), I still prefer it. I still wear jeans, and ignore my mother's comment on how it's too hot for them. I get in my Ford Mustang, and head to school, thinking of my father. What could've been, what should've been. What he could be doing right now. I was in a fog, not really paying attention, my eyes tearing up and my vision getting blurry. I started swerving, and when I realized that, my attention came back to the road, and I wiped my eyes.

I pull into the parking lot, and start my, what now seemed like, personal hell, next to home. People have been trying to help me, including my well-known counselor, Mrs. Wood, but I don't listen to anyone, because I don't want anyone's help or apologies. I just wanted my dad back, and that's all I would need.

I went inside school, trying to pass Mrs. Wood's office as fast as possible, turning the corner, and not seeing the person I ran into. I came into contact with a very muscle-built chest, a black shirt, and a sweet scent…I looked up.

Sorry it's kinda short, but I'm new to this, and I'm trying to make sure I have this down right. Chapters will come fast! Please keep up and rate! :D