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The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt: #1 Airport
Pen Name: iambeagle
Pairing/Main Character(s): Edward/Bella

Rating: T

(Multi-chapter story up in here.)


"You're in my seat."

I looked up to see a man with overly disheveled bronze hair staring expectantly at me. I blinked, not bothering to refute what he'd said. My lack of reaction caused him to glance at his plane ticket to double check the seat number.

"Am I?" I played dumb. "That's okay. You can have my seat." I pointed next to me, smiling widely as I presented him the window seat that was covered in breadcrumbs. I swiped them to the floor, making it more appealing.

"I don't want the window seat," he said, shoving his carry-on into the overhead bin.

I waved him off. "Consider it your lucky day. Everyone wants the window seat."

"Apparently not." He gave me a pointed stare, waiting for me to move.

"Yeah, the thing is..." I trailed off, smiling awkwardly. Why was he making this so difficult?

"Hey, lady!" A man with a balding head yelled impatiently. "If you wanted an aisle seat, you should've chosen your seat when you booked the flight. Move it."

I narrowed my eyes at the man who thought it appropriate to yell at me in public, and would've come back with something sharp if I hadn't been interrupted.

"Hey. It's fine, it's fine," the bronze haired stranger said to him, struggling to step past me to sit in the window seat.

"Thanks," I mumbled once he was settled and buckled in.

"Well," he leaned closer, "people were waiting to get to their assigned seats. I didn't want to cause a scene."

I merely ignored his comment by pulling out my book, indicating I was done speaking. Clearly he couldn't take a hint.

"That rude bald guy was right, though. You should've just chosen your seat when you booked the flight. It'd be less of a hassle."

"Okay." I huffed and closed my book. "But everyone always gives me their aisle seat. Why would I bother going through the trouble?"

"Ah, I see." He licked his lips and thought for a moment, bringing a hand up to push his hair away from his forehead, causing it to stick up straight. "So, you're used to getting your way all the time?"

I frowned at his words, his accusation. "No. I suppose people are just very friendly."

"Right, and it doesn't hurt that you're young and cute and got this whole innocent thing going for ya."

"I'm going to read now," I muttered, holding up my book in case he had somehow not seen it in my hands.

His fingers tapped against his thighs before he pulled out a copy of SkyMall. "Enjoy."

Twenty minutes after take-off, the stranger had finished his invigorating read, securely placing the magazine in the pocket of the seat in front of him.

"I'm Edward, by the way. Just in case you wanted a name for the person whose seat you stole."

"I'm Bella," was all I said.

"You sure you don't want the window seat, Bella? The view is great."

"That's... that's why I don't want the window seat," I said quietly.

"Ah. Does looking out the window make your stomach turn or something? You get all clammy and nauseated?" I swallowed, unable to answer. "You know, they have this handy little shade you can pull down over the window." He shut it. Opened it. Shut it. Opened it. "See?"

"Okay, but..." I bit the inside of my cheek. "When the shade is closed, I feel claustrophobic," I admitted. "And when it's open, I just..." I shuddered.

"Oh. Crap. Sorry." He eyed the window, hesitantly bringing his hand back up to close the shade.

"If I'm in an aisle seat, the shade can stay open. It's fine. I'm just weird. Ignore me."

"Are you always like this when you fly?" he asked, popping a piece of gum into his mouth and offering me a piece, which I declined.

"Am I always like what?" He stared at me and chewed his gum, not bothering to answer. "I'm not a nervous flyer," I said adamantly, clasping both hands in my lap.

"Never said you were." He laughed, shaking his head. "I pegged you more for a scared shitless flyer."

I opened my mouth to speak, then promptly snapped it shut. He watched in amusement as I struggled to hold back from speaking.

"Fine. You know what? Fine." I crossed my arms. "Sorry I'm scared that the plane is going to crash and I'm not going to know how to turn the bottom of my seat into a flotation device," I rambled, slightly hysterical. "And all of that business about securing the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping others? Um, yeah. I don't need to be reminded. I'd definitely supply myself with oxygen before helping anyone else."

"Even me?" he scoffed. "I gave up my seat for you. The least you could do is help me secure the oxygen mask on my face," he said animatedly. I had a feeling he was teasing me. "It's easy, by the way."

"What's easy?" I asked, eying him curiously, taking a much needed deep breath.

"Turning your seat into a flotation device," he explained, lifting his leg to rest across his thigh.


"I do extremely well under pressure. In fact, you seem nice enough. I'd probably help you turn your seat into a flotation device," he added, looking pleased with himself. "As long as you help me with my oxygen mask. This is a two-way street, Bella."

"Is it?" I asked, focusing on the squareness of his jaw.

"Yes. Being seat partners is serious business."

"Thanks for making me aware," I replied dumbly, trying to pull my gaze from his so I could return to reading my book.

"No problem. I'll even share my nuts with you, if you want." His lips twitched and I choked out a strangled laugh. "Ah. She laughs."

"Only when something is inappropriately funny."

He nodded in agreement. "I don't know why you're flying to New York or what you have planned, but I think it's safe to say you owe me dinner, or at the very least, drinks."

"I don't suppose you'll tell me why I owe you dinner," I hedged slowly.

"Because I gave up my seat for you, that's why."

"But I'm already repaying you with the promise to help with your oxygen mask."

"That's true." He hummed, watching me curiously. "Then I'll buy you dinner," he offered.

"Okay," I agreed after a moment. "Sure."

He smiled widely, leaning his seat back. "Okay."

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