They had the same hair, beautiful and golden blonde.

He had misty, grey eyes that entranced her every time he caught her blue ones looking.

He was the perfect height for her. She envisioned herself in his arms fitting together like a jigsaw.

He spoke to her harshly but when he said her name it stopped her heart.

She knew he didn't believe in things he couldn't see, he had a closed mind but she was prepared to open it for him.

If only…

-If only he didn't hate her.

-If only he didn't think her weird.

-If only he accepted her for who she was.

-If only he wasn't a Slytherin.

-If only he didn't intimidate her.

She knew it would never work.

But watching him from under her lashes wouldn't suffice.

She needed him, here, now, with her.

But it wouldn't happen.

She have to settle for less.

As always.

She was used to it.

She was Luna Lovegood and she loved Draco Malfoy.

An impossible love.