26th December – 1:06 am

Dear Diary,

Christmas was…eventful as always.
We all went to Pansy's for her Christmas/Mother's Birthday party and I had to sit through
an incredibly long speech by my Father about
"How the Parkinson family is an incredible representation of this"
and how "wonderful Pansy's mother is."

Why was he even doing the speech?
He knows nothing about Pansy's family – he just gets close to her father because he's rich and well-up in the Ministry.
After the speech, everyone just socialised but not Pansy.
She decided that this meant it was serious make-out time.
Which I agreed to as usual, because we all know if I disagree she'll tell my father about the time that I met Granger in the library one time.

Pansy still thinks that was on a sexual basis when in reality it was strictly EDUCATIONAL.


There's one person however that's helped me get through the holidays, Pansy in particular.
The one girl who brightens my day.
The one reason why I miss that bloody school.
The one reason I'm glad I didn't go to Durmstrang.

Luna. Just thinking about her musical voice, her stunning looks.
That gets me through the day.
I apologize diary but now I'm tired.
And I'm betting I'll be woken up early by some hare-brained scheme of my father's.

I also want to go to sleep because my dreams involve that one girl.

More tomorrow.