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Stupid Unova Parties

Volkner's POV:

The party was awkward. That's all I have to say. I wasn't planning on going but Flint dragged me into something I really didn't want to do...yet again.

"Come-On Dude! You've got to go!" Flint's bright hair bounced a bit on the top of his head. He threw both hands up in the air, obviously excited...like always.
"No Flint. I already told you." I was really irritated. He kept bugging me about going. I most certainly do not want to go all the way to Unova, for a stupid party...excuse me, convention.

"But it'll be fun! When was the last time you had any fun? Hmm?" I just wanted to be left alone. Yes, Flint's my best friend, but I was tired and mostly bored out of my mind. I had been working on another project...until Flint burst into the room I was in, announcing that I was going. I had gotten the invitation, but I never planned on actually going. He just wouldn't take no for an answer. I sighed loudly and turned back towards my work.

"If I say yes will you shut up about it?"

"Defiantly!" I could feel the energy coming from Flint. He's always pumped for some reason or another. Then ends up getting me tangled in his crazy plans.

"Alright...I'll go. Now will you just leave me alone?" My exasperated sigh got him to leave finally. I knew he was still at the Sunnyshore gym though.

I flipped my goggles back on and continued my work. The bright lights and flames from my welder always seem to calm my mind. They let me think and stay on one train of thought. The hum of the wires and the lights overhead gave me small adrenaline every now and then, when a lackluster trainer wasn't around to have a lame battle.

As I continued on my work, I heard Flint talking out in the gym. He does talk quite loud. I could hear him over my welding and circuits.
Soon enough, the guy with an afro bursts into the room again. Practically breaking down door from over excitement. I sighed as I had almost made another critical mistake with the wires.

"Have you even thought of decaf? I mean really! I almost just caused another blackout." I turned around to stare at him. His face and everything else were dark. I could barely make out his features through my welding goggles. He started to giggle and put his hands behind his head.

"Dude. I cannot take you seriously with those glasses man." He smiled brightly. He's always so happy. I sighed again and took of my gear. The artificial light flooded into my eyes, giving me a small, quick headache. What does he know about being serious?

"Alright…What is so important?" I stood up from where I was kneeling. Flint flashed another huge grin and stuffed his hands in his baggy pockets.

"Turns out Maylene, Wake, Byron, and Candice are goin' too. See, you're not the only gym leader from Sinnoh!" The red head slapped me on the back, hard. It knocked the wind out of me. Maybe I should physically work more. I haven't really been doing much, as Flint says, "pumping iron." I gasped to get my breath.

"They're all coming?" Why did they all want to go anyway. It was just a meeting that's supposed to be held every ten years or something so gym leaders and elite four can be "formally introduced".

"Yeah man! Come-on you're gonna have fun for once! Almost everyone's gonna be there." Flint leaned back slightly and grinned wildly, showing all of his teeth. What did I just get into? Practically every gym leader was going to be there! You probably could figure this out but I'm not exactly a 'people person.' Well it was too late now; Flint would never let me back down. Unless I somehow weasel out of it.

"No. You are going, alright Volkie?" He practically read my mind in that annoying way best friends do. He grabbed both of my shoulders and shook me slightly. I glared at him.

"Alright alright…and don't call me Volkie."

"Come-on Volkner! Get Up!" Flint ran into my room and practically screamed me awake. I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. I threw my pillow at Flint's face. The bright red acting as a target. It hit him squarely and I heard him mumble a curse.

"It's three in the morning! You're crazy!" I took my other pillow and stuffed it against my face. I was not getting up at three. I don't care what Flint was planning on doing. Just let me sleep.

"No way man. If we don't leave soon we won't get to Unova on time. Plus Maylene is comin' with us so~ let's move!" Flint threw the pillow back at me. We went back and forth a few times before someone knocked at the front door.

"Hellloooo? It's Maylene!" The girl's voice was muffled but obviously heard. I looked down at myself, noticing all I had on were my boxers.

"Crap!" Jumping out of bed I told Flint to get the door. Can't just let her stand outside the door, can we? I ran to the bathroom and pulled on my clothes. Black shirt and dark jeans...blue and yellow jacket. Who cares about hair though? It's the same everyday-blonde and spiky I guess.

When I got out of the bathroom, I heard Maylene and Flint talking. I grabbed my pokéballs and walked out to them.

"Rise and shine sleepy head!" The young girl looked just as excited as Flint. How could they be so energetic...at three in the morning?

Maylene's short, pink hair flipped up at the bottom and she wore her everyday training attire-baggy white pants and a blue and black tank top and yes...still barefoot. She seemed pumped and ready to go. Flint too. But really...when wasn't he pumped?

"Yeah. G' morning I guess." I yawned and stuffed my hands in my pockets as we started to leave. Before we walked out the door though, I grabbed some wires and tools, and slipped them into my jacket. I've learned that you never know when something is going to blow up. Plus they're good for tinkering with when you're around other people.

Maylene wanted to leave as soon as possible, to get there as soon as possible. She could not contain her excitement when the ferry pulled up. She vaulted over the side of the boat before it was even fully docked. And Flint ran after her. What is it with these two?

That stupid boat we were on finally landed at a dock in Castelia City in the Unova region. The large towers well...towered over everything. There were so many buildings and so many people. Flint jumped off the boat followed by Maylene. Am I the only sane one who actually walked off? Apparently.

"Alright! Let's head to Station City!" My friend pumped a fist in the air and Maylene copied. I swear they could be twins in enthusiasm. Maylene has gotten a lot better at battling since she first started. Her spirits are much higher now. But it was funny seeing how short she really is compared to me and Flint (mostly Flint though)

"Come-On Volkner!" Maylene started running in her bare feet. Flint took off after her but I groaned and decided to just walk. It's only about five in the morning. We still have a lot of time.

The sun was just starting to actually peak above the horizon, filling a partial of the sky in bright colors of orange and pink. Some small wispy clouds covered the sky, turning shades of red, orange, pink, and purple. The warmth of it hit my shivering body. I'm not used to the chilly air at 5am. My hands were stuffed in my pockets as I tread the ground next to my fiery friend. The fighting gym leader was in front of us, lightly walking over the dirt road.

"I can see the city!" Maylene turned around and jumped up and down. She seemed a little hyper. I wondered if we came early, which would be something different for Flint. We continued to walk and before I was prepared, we stood in front of the building. Flint walked over and knocked on the door shouting.

"HEY! We're Here!" The door was opened by an older teen. He wore sleek dress clothes and had on a green bowtie that matched the color of his hair and eyes. Yes... Green hair.

"Hello! Please make yourself at home. My name is Cilan, one of the Station City gym leaders." Did he say 'one of'? The boy opened the door all the way and gave a slight bow, swinging his right arm in front of his stomach. A small Pokémon crawled up to his shoulder.

"This is Pansage." Cilan smiled and the green monkey waved. It looked relatively like the Mankeys from Kanto. Green hair, green bowtie, green eyes, and even a green pokémon…this guy was a grass type gym leader. Flint introduced all of us.

"Flint. This is Maylene and Volkner, from Sinnoh." He shook the kid's hand. At the mention of her name, Maylene smiled and waved. As usual I just nodded.

"Pleased to make your acquaintance." Cilan smiled. He looked a little older than Maylene, but not by much.

"Who's here?" Two other boys who both looked a lot like Cilan can up to see who came. One had floppy blue hair that fell in his face and was driving me crazy. He had on a blue bowtie that matched Cilan's. The other had red hair, very similar to Flint's if I may say. It wasn't all afro like his but just…wild. He also wore a bowtie that was red.

"Oh this is Chili and Cress. We're triplets." Cilan explain to us. I gawked on the inside. Triplets? And they were all gym leaders. Obviously from the funky hair, they trained grass, fire, and water. I mean really? Could you find a way to say it simpler? Flint took an instant liking to; I'm going to guess Chili, the boy with red hair.

"Like you're hair man." Flint said as he put his hand in his pockets.

"Back at 'cha." The two of them both flashed crazy grins. What creeped me out was the rest of our reactions. Maylene and I both rolled our eyes at the same time as Cilan and Cress. I looked at them but they began to walk away and back into the 'party'.

When we fully walked in, I noticed a few leaders had pokémon out so they could get acquainted as well. It was quite surprising actually, to see how people were already here. I noticed Candice chatting with Erika, Clair, and two girls whom I wasn't familiar with. Then I saw Pryce and Winona talking with some older, menacing guy and a young girl with HUGE purple hair. With them was that kid, Cress and guess who…Wattson. Yeah. The happy, jolly, old man. Wonderful. I guess the people who I didn't know were the leaders in Unova.

"Hey guys!" Candice came running up to the three of us.

"Volkner, I thought you weren't coming." She said as she smiled, trying to hide something, evidently. I just shrugged and nodded my head towards Flint. It should be obvious that he would pull me along somewhere. Candice only smiled and brought us (rather forcefully) to the small group she had been chatting with before. I tripped and probably looked like an idiot.

Immediately my eyes fell onto one of the girls who was facing the other direction before. I usually try not to notice girls, but she just stood out.

I believe I've seen her face in those fashion magazines at the Pokémon center. She was just beautiful. Period.

She was tall (but was wearing five inch heels.) Her bright blonde hair shined like a night with lightning there to illuminate it. Her yellow and black dress showed the girl's natural curves and slim figure. She had on a pair of heavy-set headphones. I saw them lightly pulse, from the sound vibrations they were emitting.
"You guys can let out a pokémon so they can all be friends! Let's see their kiai!" Candice pumped a fist in the air. Yeah sure, whatever. Flint let out his Infernape and Maylene let out Lucario. The girl with the purple hair came over and they started talking. They looked about the same age I guess. I reached to my belt and pulled off the most familiar pokéball to me. When I clicked the button as I took it off the clip on my belt, the blue light formed and Luxray awoke from its slumber. When I looked up I saw the girl's eyes on me and my pokémon. That's what sorta' put me over the edge. They were a bright blue. Sharp, loud, focused, determined, and certainly strength showed through. But also sweet, gentle, and caring somewhere. Heavily lined with make-up though. I could see a beautiful thunderstorm though the window to a soul.


Elesa's POV:

I was so excited to go to that party…erm…convention. Oh what the heck! Call it a party! Gym leaders and a few elite four members from all over the world were going to be there. I wanted to get there so quickly so I rode Zebstrika all the way from Nimbasa City. Cress greeted me at the door. The three of them are always such gentlemen.

When I walked in, I turned down my headphones but kept the beat going. I can't seem to get away from my music. I walked around and got to know the gym leaders that were there so far. A really nice girl named Candice was there. She was from Snowpoint City, all the way in Sinnoh. She had black hair pulled into two pigtails; she wore a white blouse with a blue bow and a brown skirt. A blue sweatshirt was tied around her waist. They were simple. But seemed to allow someone focus more on what she was saying than what she was wearing. Apparently she wore this every day.

"Don't you get cold?" She smiled brightly.

"Of course not! I've lived in Snowpoint all my life. I love the snow!" She threw her hands in the air and picked up one foot from the ground.

Skyla was here too in her normal shades of blue. Then there was some older guy from Hoenn. He looked good-humored, with white hair and erm... rounded middle. His name was Wattson, an electric type leader. Like me! I heard there were four electric gym leaders throughout the world, but two of them weren't coming. I believe one had a sick pokemon…Lt. Surge I think it was; from Kanto. And the other…Well I don't really remember. If someone mentions his name I'm sure it'll come to me. Nobody says much about him, and I try and keep up on all the gossip.

Apparently only two or one elite four can make it from each region. Just in case someone decided to challenge.

Soon other gym leaders arrived. Erika, a grass type from Kanto. Pryce and Clair from Jhoto, along with an elite four member Will. Then Winona came from Hoenn, and Drayden and Iris arrived from the Dragon Village. So many people were already here! There was probably going to be more though. The triplets welcomed everyone as usual.

Well, a little time went by and we were all having a blast. My Emolga was having so much fun with the other pokémon! Soon though, someone was knocking at the door. No one became quiet but we kinda glanced at the door to see who was here now. When Cilan opened the door I saw who it was. First there was a tall buy with a tight yellow shirt and baggy dark pants. He had the funniest, bright red afro on his head and a crazy, goofy grin. He was the life of many parties…I could just tell. Then next to him stood a short girl with a black and blue tank top and white workout pants…and no shoes. Why didn't she have shoes on? Didn't it hurt going around barefoot? She seemed to be unfazed by the cold tiles when she stepped in. She couldn't have been much older than Iris.

The last one I saw though was a guy. About as tall as the first, but not quite. He had blonde, spiky… ruffled? Uhmm…let's just say the worst case of a bad bed head. Longer pieces of the almost golden hair came down to his cheek bone and framed his slim face. He looked at the ground most of the time and had his hands in his pockets, twiddling something inside. He had on a black V-neck shirt that showed some of his collar bone, and on top of that a blue jacket with a gray collar and yellow accents. His sleek black pants fit perfectly, I must say. He wouldn't look up from the ground though and kept the same, bored look on his face…

"Hey Candice, who's that guy over there?" I nodded in their direction.

"That's Flint! He's one of the Elite Four." She looked over at them and then back at me. I don't think this guy looked like Flint. But I guess she was talking about the guy with the afro and insane smile.

"Oh you mean Volkner. You probably don't really want to meet him." She said then dropped her voice to a whisper and giggled slightly."…He's kind of a party pooper. Debbie downer sort of guy." She stood up straight and saw the excited look on my face. I just really wanted to meet Mister bed-head, blue jacket, and nice pants. Candice ran over and kinda of pushed the three of them over to us, making (what's him name? Volkner?) to stumble a bit. When they were over by our little group Candice spoke up.

"You guys can let out a pokémon so they can all be friends! Let's see their Kiai!" and she pumped a fist in the air. The taller guy, Flint, let out an Infernape, I believe? And the smaller girl let out a pokémon that I had no idea about. It was blue and black and stood on two feet with spikes on it's paws.

"This is Lucario. Oh and I'm Maylene!" Iris came over and said hi. They were both about the same age and began talking. That was a Lucario? All I've heard is that they are pretty powerful fighting types with the ability to see people's aura. Amazing isn't it? Then Mr. Bed-head clicked open a pokéball from behind his back and what really surprised me was type. It was a…a….uhhh…

"This is Luxray…I'm Volkner." He said explained, slightly to the ground. I reached and shook his outstretched hand. I felt shocks and tingling when I touched him. He pulled away and jammed his hands back in his pockets. I didn't know what else to say.

"Elesa. And this is Emolga!" My little pokémon flew over and landed on my arm. It spotted Luxray, said something we couldn't understand, then went and sat on its back laughing. I swear I saw Luxray smile as it slinked away with Emolga on his back. It was actually kind of cute.

Then I realized where I had seen him before! He was in the newspaper every now and again in the international section, something about occasionally black-outs in Sunnyshore City. I don't really remember the rest like how or why really.

When he looked into my eyes, I had to look back. They were so deep, blue, and distant. Clouded and foggy, detached, and withdrawn. Yet still I saw the sadness, and thoughtful-ness in them as well. They were still bright. I could see a beautiful thunderstorm though the window to a soul.


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