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E/O Drabble Challenge, word: line.

Spoiler Alert to 7.15, Repo Man.

Summary: It had taken him longer than he'd anticipated. But he'd dealt with stubborn people for ages now. He knew how to play this game...

He didn't flinch from Michael's sword. Anguish had become his second nature, in fact he'd never been so close to embrace his own pain. Funny, considering how much fun he'd had torturing others.

Being captured with his brother had been a living hell, but the end was nigh.

He chuckled, recalling the dawn of comprehension in Sam's face.

Oh yes! The hunters had taken the bait like rabbits keen on getting roasted. The murders, the little postal worker, the demon, the helpless kid… ingredients for his vengeance.

And now he was back.

Hooked into Sam's soul.

Crawling up the lifeline.