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Staring out of the bedroom window, Castiel Milton sighed pressing a hand to the cold pane of glass. He watched the wind blow the dead trees outside of his window around and felt a lonely sadness inside him. Three days ago, he and his brother, Gabriel, and sister, Anna, had moved here to Washington D.C from Colorado after the "incident".

Castiel shuddered rubbing on his chest and swallowed hard.

"Cassy!" Gabriel shouted up to him and waited patiently but got nothing in return. Anna stood in the door way drying her hands on a towel with a sad frown.

"He's been cooped up in that room for three days now! He starts school tomorrow"

"He's been through a lot, Gabriel" Anna said softly.

Gabriel sighed running a hand across his face and nodded. "I know"

Castiel was seventeen now and in his 12th grade in high school; they had enrolled him at Cardozo High School a few days ago to start in the beginning of the semester. With the move, both Gabriel and Anna, had lost both their jobs and were currently looking.

"I'm 25 years old, no girlfriend, no job, living with my sister and kid brother" Gabriel moaned throwing his phone on the couch.

"You decided this, Gabriel!" Anna said in a hushed tone. "We needed to get out there not only for our sakes but most of all, Castiel's, and you can leave if you want too! There is nothing stopping you"

Gabriel turned to glare at her and picked up his car keys in the process. "I'm going to go look for a job in this stupid city, there has to be something"

"Find me one?" she joked turning back into the kitchen and starting the dishes.

Castiel sighed turning away from the window and dropping down onto the bed curling into a small ball. By leaving Colorado, he had left his home, his friends, his school, and his life behind and with that overwhelming loneliness building up inside him. He wondered if anything tomorrow would change, would he make friends, finally find that first love everyone boasts about. He closed his eyes wishing up to the stars for a bit of luck.


"You look cute" Anna said that next morning look over at his black t-shirt, blue jeans and smart shoes.

"I look normal" he commented munching on his dry toast and throwing it down. "What's the point in this, Anna? It's 12th grade, who cares?"

"I care" Anna said sitting down on the seat opposite him. "I want you to finish high school, go to college, and complete that dream of becoming a doctor. You're going to be amazing, you're going to go on to bigger and better things and be better than me and our stupid brother"

Castiel sniffed looking up at her and rolled his eyes. "You have high expectations"

"No, I just believe in you"


"This is a fresh start and I know that the fear and the memories… they will never fade but…maybe a distraction will do you good"

Castiel looked away from her and swallowed the lump in his throat. "I just want to forget…"

"It'll never fade but time's a great healer"

Castiel nodded swallowing down his juice and grimacing at the bitter taste. "I better go"

"I'll give you a lift"

"I'm not twelve, Anna"

"Nope, you are seventeen and your big sister can still give you a lift to a school which is over twenty minutes away"

Castiel rolled his eyes at her pulling on his black hoodie and slinging his side bag over his shoulder. Anna grinned at him walking out into the fresh air and looking up at the blue sky.

"It's a beautiful day already" Anna said turning to look at him. "Smile, Cas, what's the worst that can happen?"

Castiel grimaced climbing into the Volvo 4x4 and settling into the seat. He watched the passing houses and streets feeling sicker than ever. He didn't want to go; he hated the thought of being the "new kid" on the first day of a new year. Everyone would have friends already and he would be the sad loner.

"Here we are" Anna said pulling up on the sidewalk. Castiel swallowed turning pleading eyes on Anna who smirked at him.

"Go! Just go up to reception, say your name, sign a few forms and enjoy yourself, make friends"

"You make it sound so easy" he muttered climbing out and glaring at her. "When is high school easy?"

He slammed the door keeping his head down as he marched towards the entrance. He passed students who didn't take any notice of him as he barged inside to see a friendly looking woman with soft brown hair and blue eyes look up to him.

"May I help you?"

"Hello, I'm Castiel Milton" he said stepping forward seeing the recognition in her eyes.

"Ah, the new student, yes" she said typing on her computer with a soft smile. "If you will just sign these for me"

He took the pen signing the documents and looked up when she handed him his timetable and his locker key.

"I hope you enjoy your last semester with us" she said with a smile. "If you get lost, ask one of the students or a teacher"

"Thank you" he said pocketing it and walking out into the corridor, he looked down to see it was 22b and hunted it down.

"Excuse me" he said to a blonde girl talking to a boy with longish brown hair and another girl with curly black hair. "I can't find my locker"

"Are you new?" she said looking him up and down.

He nodded nervously and let out a little sigh of relief when she smiled warmly.

"Hi! I'm Joanna, but call me Jo, this is Ash Smith and Pamela Barnes" she said gesturing at him. "Welcome to the 12th grade"

"Oh, so you…"

"Yeah, so who are you?"

"Castiel Milton" he said looking bashful, Jo smiled at him and nodded.

"Wow, what an unusual name" Pamela said looking him up and down. "Cute but shy, you're in for a ride, kid"

"A ride?" he whispered and blinked when she laughed.

"Ignore them" Ash said rolling his eyes and hitting his shoulder. "I'm Ash, I'm into computers, are you into computers"

"Yes" he said confused and smiled when Ash grinned.

"Awesome, me and you will get along great!"

Jo shook her head at him and tilted her head at him. "I know where 22b is, follow us"

Castiel could feel his stomach turning, his heart pounding against his rib cage and his vision blue a little as he followed them. He was so nervous but the worst was over, he had found friends for the mean time.

"Here it is" Jo said gesturing and he smiled looking over the red door and opened it up shoving his bag inside but keeping his timetable.

"Hey, who do you have first?" Pamela wondered snatching it off him and nodding. "Oh yeah, you're in history with us"

"We have history first?" Jo exclaimed taking out her timetable and whooping.

"Why…why are you so excited about history?" Castiel said looking between the two girls getting all excited, Ash plugging his ear phones in his ear with a sigh.

"It's not the lesson! It's the teacher" Pamela answered with a seductive smirk.

"Speak of the devil and the devil shall appear" Jo whispered nudging her. Castiel turned his head and his heart stopped at the sight of a very attractive man heading down the hallway greeting students, mostly girls. He was wearing tight fitting black pants, a white t-shirt covered with an expensive looking waistcoat, he had short honey brown hair and the most startling green eyes he had ever saw.

"Hello, Mr Winchester!" Pamela called thrusting her breasts forward and batting her eyelids at him.

"Pamela, I thought I told you to call me, Dean"

"But that's naughty" she purred at him.

Dean snorted shaking his head at her. "You are a nuisance, Miss Barnes"

"I learn well" she flirted tossing back her black curls. Dean smiled looking to Jo who grinned at him.

"Jo, nice to see you back in school, I hope we get the B grade you want so much" he said when she flushed looking down. His eyes looked up to Ash who gave him the thumbs up.


"Hello, Ash" he said with a small chuckle before looking to Castiel and blinking surprised.

"I don't know you…"

"This is Castiel!" Jo said moving him forward towards him. Castiel stumbled over his own feet as he looked up at him and swallowed.

"I'm Castiel Milton, I-I'm new" he said breathlessly staring up into the green eyes, this close he could count his freckles.

"Castiel" Dean murmured letting it roll off his tongue and smiled at him. "Strange name, I see you are in my class in a few minutes, I hope you are a hard worker"

"I am named after an angel and yes sir" he murmured feeling heat flood his cheeks. Dean smiled again at him and nodded at them all as he moved on.

"Fuck me" Pamela said throwing an arm around Castiel's shoulders. "I would fuck him so hard over that wooden desk of his"

Castiel didn't say anything but couldn't help but privately agree.

Jo scoffed pulling her bag onto her shoulder. "You wish, I think the entire school wishes"

"I don't" Ash said rolling his eyes as they headed to the classroom. Castiel could hear his heartbeat in his ears and an attraction already building in his heart for this man, his teacher. Castiel stopped in the middle of his hall shaking his head and buried it down.

"No" he whispered inhaling deeply and moving forward with them.

The bell rang shrill across the school signalling first lesson. Castiel walked in glancing at the other student's taking their seats and moved towards Dean.

"I don't have a seat, sir" he whispered. Dean looked up and nodded.

"You can take the seat at the back if you don't mind"

Castiel nodded moving towards the back and ignoring the stares directed at him. He sat down noticing Ash was two seats down from him, Pamela at the front, and Jo far across the room. He pulled out his pen feeling a little disgruntled but let it pass as Dean clapped his hands together.

"Final year! 12th grade, this is it, guys, one more year with me and then you are out of here. You are free to do what you like, when you like, but this year you all need to work your asses off because I am not going to fail a single one of you" Dean said looking at the students in turn, his gaze lingering on Castiel for a second longer. "I want you to knuckle down, give me the best homework you can give, and get those grades"

Castiel sighed looking out of the window towards the nice sunny day and longed to be outside with a book, his music, or something.

"As you can all see we have a new student with us, Castiel Milton" he said loudly getting his attention as he turned his eyes back towards him. Dean indicated his head at him with a small smile.

"Anything to say?"

Bodies of the students turned around to face him and he gulped shaking his head.

"No, no, I have nothing to say"

"Okay, welcome to the class" he said standing up. Castiel sighed pressing the pen into his mouth watching him introduce U.S history to the class. Dean was confident, instructive, and most of all the most gorgeous man he had ever laid eyes on. Castiel bit the pen clenching his eyes together feeling a wave of shame inside him. Why couldn't he learn from his actions?

"Pages, 72, 73, 74, I want you to write down your notes, answer the questions there and prepare because I am setting you your first assignment"

An audible groan sounded around the room in horror and he laughed.

"12th grade, folks, you're not juniors anymore" Dean said sitting down at his desk looking over his students who chatted quietly amongst themselves. His eyes roaming across them all till he reached Castiel in the back working away quietly, Dean noticed the tousled black hair, pale skin which flushed beautifully and the biggest ocean blue eyes he had ever seen. Dean hated to admit it but his weakness had always been blue eyes, something so innocent and beautiful about them. He looked away and down to his work feeling something stir down inside him, something uncomfortable and wrong.

The lesson ended quickly and the bell rang for second lesson, he handed out the sheets for the deadline promising more lessons on this topic.

"Castiel, can I speak to you for a moment?" he called to him as he walked down the row of seats. Castiel nodded standing in front of his desk waiting patiently.

"How was your first lesson?"

"Interesting, you teach very well" Castiel said with a shrug.

Dean raised an eyebrow leaning back into the chair and folding his hands in his lap.

"How was history in your last school?"

"Boring, I…was failing, I'm not very good" he admitted.

Dean leaned forward and narrowed his eyes at him. "Are you sure you can handle the class?"

"Yes, I'll try my best" he muttered with a small sweet smile.

Dean fought back a smile and nodded at him. "I'm pleased to hear that, now, you better get to English Literature before Miss Bennett has a fit"

"I will do, sir"

"Oh, Castiel?" he called to him when he reached the door.


"You can call me, Dean" he said watching him flush and nod quickly darting out of the room and down the corridor. Dean blinked sniffing deeply and tapped his pen on the desk wondering what this year of school would bring him, last year was dull as always, but maybe this year would be a lot different.

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