It had been four weeks after the shooting and Castiel was healing marvellously well. In between the four weeks of recovery, Castiel had been studying for his upcoming exams, filling in three applications for medical schools and looking over California apartments with Dean.

Whilst Dean had been struggling to find a common ground with his brother and finding a part time job. Dean had been to see Martin and handed in his notice to his very pissed off ex-boss who said he was fired anyway wanting to have the upper ground. Dean was desperate to have Sam find a way to move past the fact he was seeing an eighteen year old student and accept it for what it is. Jess had repeatedly told Dean, "I'm trying my best", but it seemed to be going nowhere.

"Why am I applying to Wisconsin?" Castiel grumbled lying in between Dean's legs and resting on his chest. They were lying together in Dean's apartment looking over medical schools and revising for his exams.

"Because if you don't get into California, you're screwed" Dean said with a small smile looking at the booklet.

"It looks cold and miserable" he murmured in distaste. "I still can't believe I'm going back to school tomorrow"

Dean wrinkled his nose pressing into his shoulder.

"Dean, I'm ready and you know I am as well" Castiel argued throwing the book aside. "My stitches are gone, there's hardly any pain, and I am perfectly fine to go back in. My exam is tomorrow anyway"

"I don't want you to get jostled or hurt, Cas, I used to work there and I've seen a thousand nose bleeds, bruised ribs, and busted lips to know it does happen"

"You're sweet when you're protective" Castiel murmured tilting his head back to look at him.

"I'm not sorry for wanting to wrap you in cotton wool" Dean protested kissing his forehead.

Castiel snorted amused looking forward with a sigh.

"Jo and Balthazar say it's not been the same without me"

"Jo the betrayer and Balthazar the guy who wants to jump your bones"

"Jo is not a betrayer!"

"I know, I was kidding…but not about Balthazar"

"He doesn't"

"He does!"

"He's dating Pamela, Dean"


Castiel huffed rolling his eyes at the stupid little argument over one of his best friends.

"He does not want to jump my bones, he knows I love you"

"Do they know?"

"Jo and Balthazar do, Pamela and Ash do not" Castiel murmured licking his bottom lip. "I don't know how to tell them without them freaking out at me…Ash will probably nod along and deal with it but Pamela…she has a major crush on you"

Dean chuckled and nodded. "I knew it"

"It's not funny, Dean, she's going to hate me and question why me instead of her"

"Because she's not my type, she has curves, breasts, and womanly features, I want muscle, sex appeal, and a gorgeous head of hair" Dean murmured pressing his nose into his hair inhaling his shampoo.

"I hope that's me"

"No it's not"

Castiel elbowed him backwards and smiled when he grunted.

"Well like, Jo, Balthazar, Gabriel, Anna, Jess, and Sam…I'll have to tell and deal it. Doesn't it scare you about how many people know?" Castiel said with wide eyes.

"A little bit but I get over it" Dean murmured resting his head back and closing his eyes. "They had to know, Cas, otherwise we would have been caught and be in a bigger mess then we already are"

Castiel let out a deep sigh and nodded leaning back against his shoulder.

"Do you think Sam will ever accept me?"

"I hope so" Dean murmured thoughtfully trailing his fingers into Cas' soft hair. Castiel hummed like a little kitten wriggling a little when shivers ran down his spine. Dean raised an eyebrow and moaned when he rubbed against his cock. They hadn't had sex in over four weeks and it was beginning to kill Dean.

"Cas, you keep doing that and I'm going to end up coming all over your back" Dean hissed when he wriggled again.

"Really?" Castiel murmured when he pushed back against his cock feeling it harden instantly.

"Cas" Dean groaned pitifully when he laughed. "We haven't had sex in weeks, it's killing me"

"You think I'm not struggling either?"

"Not as much as me"

Castiel smirked turning over towards him. "Why didn't you say anything?"

"Because you've been shot, Cas, I didn't and don't want to hurt you"

"I'm fine now"

Dean eyed him doubtfully but couldn't resist spreading his legs when Castiel crawled up to his chest and smirked.

"I could hurt you"

"We'll never know till we find out" Castiel murmured.

Dean cupped him suddenly feeling Castiel gasp and moan.

"Whoa, I think you're horny as I am"

"Fuck me" Castiel hissed gripping the top of his hair grinding his hips against him. Dean's eyes rolled back and he nodded gripping his hips tight and pushing him upwards and down onto the couch.

"Tell me if I hurt your stomach"

"It's fine" he murmured tugging off his t-shirt and glancing down at his chest with a wrinkle of disgust. "I'm disgusting"

Dean looked down at him in disbelief and shook his head slowly. "You're gorgeous, Cas"

"I'm not…look at this" Castiel said pointing at his chest and bandage over his middle. "I'm a mess" Dean shook his head again and moved down pressing his lips over the faint scarring.

"We all have our own personal scars, Cas, and these are yours. They're symbols of what you've been through and what you've beaten. This and this are not ugly and you're not a mess"

"You love me, you would say that" Castiel murmured still full of doubt.

"Cas, I didn't love you when I first saw it and I still thought you were beautiful" Dean whispered cupping the side of his neck and kissing him deeply. Castiel groaned moving his hand down to undo Dean's belt and tugging his jeans down.

"Fuck me" he pleaded when Dean did the same and removed the rest of their clothing till they were naked. Castiel moaned when their bare skin made contact and rubbed up against him desperate for more friction. Dean felt under the couch and pulled out a tube of lube squeezing it onto his fingers and rubbing his fingers against the small hole. Castiel gasped feeling shivers of pleasure radiant inside him and nodded moaning his name loudly.

"Dean, fuck me, make love to me, I don't care…. just get inside me right now!" Castiel begged when his fingers breached inside him fingering and scissoring him open.

"Patience is a lovely little virtue, baby" he teased kissing his adam's apple.

"Fuck my virtue"

"I'm trying" he murmured crooking his fingers inside him watching him arch crying out.

"Dean" he whined tossing his head. Dean grinned and obeyed pulling his fingers out and positioned himself and sliding inside the tight hole slowly. Dean closed his eyes when he was sheathed inside him and moaned realising how much he had missed this.

"Fuck" Castiel groaned gripping him tight and kissing him hard. They kissed slow and passionately as their bodies rocked together perfectly and familiar. It felt like reuniting and touching for the first time in a long time, every sensation heightened, every feeling exploding into something more and intimate.

"I've missed this" Castiel moaned spreading his legs wider loving and hating the familiar burn inside him. Dean nodded grunting in agreement when he fucked him slow and hard brushing against Castiel's prostrate. Castiel gasped wrapping a hand around his cock pumping his hand in time feeling his orgasm start to build up inside him and it didn't take long for his release as he climaxed with a shout hitting Dean's stomach.

Castiel was more than thankful that it didn't hurt as much as he thought it would. Dean gripped his hair tight feeling his own climax and shuddered rolling his hips deep inside him as he came inside him. Castiel breathed out heavily when Dean hovered over him before pulling out and kneeling on the couch.

"That was so good" Castiel moaned covering his eyes.

"Did it hurt?" Dean murmured stroking his hand over the bandage.

"Not as much as I thought it would" Castiel said with a smile.

"Good" Dean murmured kissing him briefly. Castiel grinned at the fact he now had his sex life back and felt a burst of happiness when Dean pulled him up gently so he could his arms and legs around him and kissed him slowly. They relished the fact they could do this now without fear or being found out.


"Anyone hurts you, shoves you, or anything I want you to punch them" Dean warned when he was dressed and ready to go.

"Dean, stop worrying!"

"I can't, Cas"

"I promise I'll punch whoever shoves me" he said with an eye roll.

"Good, come here" he muttered beckoning him over to the bed and kissing him.

"An over protective boyfriend, I didn't think I'd get that" Castiel murmured thoughtfully.

"Can you deal with it for a while? You were shot, Cas, I'm allowed to freak out a little" Dean said with a raised eyebrow.

"It's allowed" Castiel replied kissing him softly and grabbed his bag. "See you later"

Dean watched him leave with a small frown knowing he shouldn't feel worried but he couldn't help it and knowing he was surrounded by a load of kids who couldn't care less about him worried him.

Castiel looked up at Cardozo feeling an overwhelming desire to turn and run knowing Dean wasn't working there anymore but he needed to do this. He walked inside and down the corridor heading towards his locker when he heard a squeal and turned to see a figure jump at him and hug him. Castiel huffed wincing at the sudden sharp pain in his middle and pulled back to see Jo.

"Oh god, I am so sorry!" she said looking him up and down. "I'm just so happy to see you! How are you?"

"I'm okay now" he murmured opening up his locker and gasping when cards fell out.

"People wanted to wish their best wishes so posted them all here"

Castiel stared at what seemed to be a hundred cards in and out of the locker.

"Hardly any of them speak or know you" Balthazar said appearing out of nowhere. Castiel turned his head grinning at him and bent down scooping them all up.

"They hear a student has been shot and I'm suddenly the top gun" he said with a smirk.

"Is that humour I hear?"

"Maybe" Castiel responded looking up to Balthazar who chuckled lightly.

"Casanova!" Pamela screamed coming towards him and hugging him hard. "Holy shit! I couldn't fucking believe it and you're here!"

"Yes" he choked when she squeezed too hard and let go.

"Good to see you're okay, dude" Ash said looking him up and down.

"Thanks, Ash" he murmured in relief when Pamela let go.

"Well, well, look who's still alive" a cold voice said and they all turned to see Meg and Ruby standing there.

"I forgotten your existence" Castiel murmured eyeing her.

"I heard you were shot, it's a huge pity you didn't actually die" she said with a malicious smirk.

Balthazar stiffened suddenly next to him and went to speak when Jo and Pamela stepped forward protective and furious.

"I have been waiting to do this for a long time" Jo said stepping in front of Meg. Jo moved towards her suddenly and slapped her so hard she reeled back hitting the locker.

"You little bitch" Ruby hissed moving towards her but was stopped by Pamela who shoved her away.

"Like she said, sweetheart, I've been waiting a long time as well to smack that smug ugly smile of your face!" she growled gripping her hair and shoving her down on the ground. Ruby screamed punching back when Pamela ripped a chunk of her hair out.

Castiel watched in surprise when Jo slammed Meg into the locker face first.

"Threatening someone like that? Wishing they were dead? You're scum of the earth, you twisted bitch"

"Should we stop this?" Castiel hissed when the girls screamed and fought bloodily.

"No" Balthazar watching with a tilted head a gleam in his eye. Castiel looked towards Ash who laughed shaking his head.

"ENOUGH!" a voice roared and they turned to see Bobby coming down the hallway and pull the girls apart as they spat blood out and stared at each other breathless.

"She started it!"

"You're a crazy bitch!" Meg shouted at her.

"Me? You're a psychotic little whore!" Jo shouted waving a lock of Meg's hair in her face. Meg swung her fist towards her but was held back by Bobby who ordered the four of them to the principal's office. Castiel mouthed "thank you" to Pamela and Jo who nodded looking smug but sore.

"That was hot" Balthazar said nodding looking over to Castiel who rolled his eyes at him.

"Isn't she your girlfriend?"

Balthazar looked uncomfortable at the question and shrugged. "We've dated…"

"You mean you've fucked"

"That's dating?"

Castiel laughed covering his eyes and looked up when the bell went. "Who's the new history teacher?"

"Some old broad called Annie" Balthazar said with a shrug. "I never, ever, thought I would even say this but I kinda miss your man"

"What?" Ash said startled.

Castiel gasped looking at Balthazar who closed his eyes in horror.

"You're seeing…Dean Winchester?" Ash said horrified.

"Oh my god" Castiel breathed and faced him biting his lip. "Yes I am but I will explain everything to you and of course Pamela at break time so please….don't say anything" he begged.

Ash looked at Balthazar and nodded looking dazed and confused. Ash left them to it and wandered into the history room while Castiel hit Balthazar hard on the arm.

"I'm sorry! I forgot he was there and well…its old news"

"Not to him or Pamela, Balthazar, I was going to wait and tell them" Castiel said brushing a hand into his hair. "I don't need this with all my exams coming up"

"They'll understand"

"How can you possibly know that? The sooner I finish and move to California the better"

Balthazar froze stiff and looked towards him. "You're moving to California?"

"Yes? I'm going to medical school there and Dean is coming with me"

Balthazar swallowed hard suddenly feeling very sick and walked away from him into the classroom.

"Balthazar?" he called and swallowed suddenly feeling rather confused and upset.

Castiel turned walking down the hallway and feeling rather lonely when he entered the classroom and longed the day to hurry up so he could return back to the apartment with Dean.


Castiel wasn't prepared for the consequences when Pamela and Ash charged up to him in the yard, Ash looking sheepish and confused while Pamela was thunderous.

"Ash has just told me you are seeing Dean Winchester!" she hissed poking him in the chest.

"It's true"

"What?" she shouted alarmed.

"I've been seeing him since October and I am not going to explain myself because I am sick of explaining myself to everyone who finds out. It happened, I fell in love with him and he fell in love with me and it doesn't matter if I'm younger by nine years and we are teacher and student because I still love him" Castiel ranted looking between them. "Dean has quit his job now and as long as the school board never finds out before we go to California then we'll be okay"

Pamela looked over to Ash who shrugged.

"Wow" he murmured.

"I can't actually believe it…this is huge!" she said looking astonished and suddenly happy. "Is he good in bed?"


"I bet he is, I bet he's an animal in the bedroom" Pamela said nodding and grinning at him. "Did you think I would be furious?"


"No, I'm surprised and a little confused by these sudden turn of events but hey! You're fucking a teacher, it doesn't get any better"

"You can't tell anyone" he warned.

"We promise" Pamela said turning to Ash who crossed his heart with a smirk.

Castiel blinked feeling surprised and curious at how well they were taking it, a little too well, and it did scare him a little bit. The day ended quickly after the surprising confrontation and after a quick call to Gabriel to tell him he would be at Dean's, he was home.

Dean looked up when he walked in and smiled softly when he walked in unscathed.

"How was it?"

"Exam went well, Meg told me I should have died and Jo beat her up receiving two weeks of detention every day but she said it was worth it and Pamela plus Ash know about us"

Dean blinked at the sudden information and held open his arms which he walked into clinging to him.

"How did Pamela take it?"

"Very well…scarily well in fact and so did Ash" he muttered into his chest.

"Meg…that little bitch" Dean scoffed. "She'll end up in prison or on the streets with the way she's going"


"I don't care" he said honestly. "I'm glad to hear Jo beat her up!"

Castiel chuckled and simply clung to him inhaling his warm smell when suddenly Dean let go and stepped back.

"I have news" Dean said with a small smile.


"It's a little soon and you might not even get in to the medical school but…I secured an apartment for us. It's fifteen minutes away from the school so you can get there and back, it's good money, it looks nice, all I have to do is go see it and pay for it" Dean said watching his every reaction while Castiel stared at him.

"You-you've got us our own home?" he whispered.

"Yeah…but I can say no…" Dean said wrinkling his brow up. Castiel pressed his lips together looking down at the wooden floors before jumping at Dean who caught him startled.

"I can't believe you did that!" he cried clutching him tight. Dean laughed relieved and nodded.

"You get bored all alone in an apartment and I know you, I know you can get into this school and if you get an interview we can visit the apartment as well" Dean said when he pulled back kissing him fiercely.

"I love you so much right now" Castiel hissed cupping the back of his neck. "How are you perfect?"

"I'm far from perfect" he murmured.

"You're perfect for me, you will always be perfect for me" Castiel said staring into his eyes. The green flared with warmth and happiness and shut when he moved forward kissing him.

"Good, because this apartment is awesome" he muttered and chuckled when Castiel shoved him towards the bedroom.

"I'm going to show you how much you have made me happy, Dean bloody Winchester" he hissed pushing him down on the bed.

"Oh baby, talk to dirty to me" Dean said amused when they undressed.

For now it was happiness and light in the horizon for their future while they headed towards it. In a few weeks prom would be underway and the last of exams would be completed and nearly a year would be passed since their first meeting all the way back in September 1st. California seemed on the cards with hopefully a long future ahead and with the acceptance of friends and some family it seemed they would be alright. They had yet to receive the acceptance of Sam but Dean was hopeful he would come round, he always did.

From a forbidden affair came a romance they didn't even think would exist for them. A massive amount of bad luck, near death experiences, and broken hearts cannot break them apart no matter what. Age difference, status, and jobs are nothing compared to the most powerful forces on the planet, temptation and love. One is wanted more than anything and the other is feared and sometimes forbidden but when the two collide what do you get? A forbidden love story.

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