It was too dark to see him. But I could hear him. His voice sent shivers down my spine. I could have sworn that voice sounded familiar.

"It's only a matter of time…" the voice echoed.

A bright light pierced through my eyelids, blinding me completely. An annoying buzzing sound caused me to instinctively come out of my bed and turn my alarm clock off. As soon as I saw the time, I jumped back in surprise.

"Holy crap it's 8:00! I'm late!" I screamed.

I quickly put on my school uniform, brushed my teeth and spiked up my short golden blonde hair in quick succession. Then I grabbed my cell phone and schoolbooks and rushed out of my dorm. Sprinting through jam-packed hallways I finally reached Chemistry 101. Whizzing past Ms. Mizuki, I took a seat in the back of the class and waited anxiously for class to start. The room smelled faintly of bleach and hand sanitizer.

Yes! Ms. Mizuki didn't notice me late. Hopefully she won't give me a hard time today since its Friday. Man I can't wait for the weekend!

My optimism for the weekend was quickly interrupted when the dean's voice spoke out of the intercom.

"Good morning Ms. Mizuki, can you send Blake Cavendish to the principal's office…immediately? Thank you." He said.

"Alright, you heard the man..." Ms. Mizuki stated.

Shit, just my luck. But why am I being sent to the principal's office? I didn't do anything wrong…at least I think I didn't do anything wrong… oh well. Guess I better just head on out.

I grabbed my backpack and headed out the class. When I arrived at the principal's office, he was waiting for me behind his desk.

"Hello Principal Nakamura. So what am I in for this time?" I asked with great ease.

Principal Nakamura was a very stubby and stout man. He wore glasses that reflected the light hitting it so you would never be able to clearly see his eyes. After all, he is a man of authority.

"Cavendish, I'm afraid to say this but…you're expelled from Kikokushijo." Principal Nakamura said calmly.

"WHAT? YOU CAN'T EXPEL ME! FOR WHAT?" I couldn't control the anger in my voice.

"I'll tell you why! Your gym repair bill…300 GRAND! We have no budget for a student like you." Principal Nakamura was now reddening.

"You always told me you didn't have a budget…" I quickly exclaimed.

"Every time you go to P.E., you destroy something!" he approached back.

"That's because you keep telling me not to hold back!" I came back at him.

Principal Nakamura wasn't looking at me anymore. Instead he was reaching into what looked like my school portfolio and took out several pieces of paper.

"And then there's this…yesterday's test results! You're flunking every subject!" He now was holding the exams right in front of my face.

"Come on, you don't have to be so harsh about it..." I tried to sound as innocent as possible.

"…And you have a complete lack of discipline. So in accordance with our rules, you'll be expelled and transferred!"

"But sir." I tried to convince him otherwise, but he cut me off.

"Look Blake…you're a really bright kid. If you weren't then you wouldn't be here now. But I wish it were under happier circumstances. My word is final. You will be attending Ritsumeikan Senior High School in Kyoto for the rest of the semester. I'm sorry…"

Well, I guess it's not all bad. At least I get to turn a new leaf…I was beginning to get tired of this school anyways. Always trying to study every night and most of the kids here are stuck up and snotty. Another chapter in my life is what I always say.

I was just about to leave Principal Nakamura's office until he spoke.

"Good luck." said Principal Nakamura, his voice soft and wise.

There's no point in staying here anymore.

I walked out the office, grabbed all my belongings from my locker and headed out. It was snowing outside, common since its December. The cherry blossom trees outside the courtyard enhanced the school's beauty with the contrast of the white snow with the pink blossoms. It was snowing gently, the snowflakes gently caressing my jacket. Even though the snow made Tokyo look beautiful, it was still freezing. I reached into my backpack and pulled out my gloves. I put them on while I was walking through the entrance gates. Kikokushijo Academy is a really nice school…just looking back is giving me chills.

Let's see what life has in store for me, eh?

Tokyo Square was, as usual, crowded with people from all over. It was a sight for sore eyes; the tall buildings, the huge television monitors, the stores and cafés, the fountain in the center of the plaza with colorful lights and music from all over, it was just simply breath taking. I was a bit hungry so I walked into a nearby café in the square. There was classical music playing inside, so it made the place look really fancy, especially with the chandeliers on the ceilings.

I ordered an espresso, and sat down at a nearby table. I was about to take my first sip when I felt this faint vibration in the pocket of my jeans. I pulled my phone out and read the text. The number was unknown, but what the message said clearly shocked me.

Enter the Tekken Tournament.