I had been asked to go on a solo mission to deliver this scroll to the Hidden Rock Village. It was supposed to be an easy mission so I wasn't too worried, it was getting dark so I had to start setting camp for the night. I was sitting next to the fire reading a book I had brought with me, when suddenly I heard movements in the bushes behind me. I quickly got a kunai out of my pouch and got in a fighting stance. When the intruder showed itself I couldn't believe my eyes. There standing in front of me was none other than Uchiha Itachi. He started advancing towards me with great care as if trying not to scare me. "Sakura I see you have changed from the weak little pink kunoichi I remembered." The only thing on my mind was to run away. Or at least try. I ran into the woods only to trip and fall into the Uchiha's arms. "Kunoichi I don't want to hurt you I just want to talk," we walked back to my camp and he explained to me how he couldn't take the guilt anymore. I couldn't believe what they had ordered him to do. I had never seen someone as tough as Itachi talking like this with so much feeling and regret…. "And that kids is how I fell in love with your father."

I looked around to see six pairs of eyes looking at me with great interest. I couldn't help but laugh and grab and tickle each of them. Soon we were having a tickle war. Six five year olds against me and I was losing. We were all laying down on my bed when I suddenly announced "Ok kids time for bed," of course many "No" and "5 more minutes," filled the room but I got out of bed " No you have to go to the Academy tomorrow." After that I carried Sayuri in my arms and grabbed Daichi's hand and headed out the room with four other kids following close behind.

First stop Kiyoshi and Yuki's room. They both got in their bed and I tucked them in and kissed them good night before heading to the next room. Then I walked in Sayuri's and Daichi's room I tucked Daichi and kissed him good night and walked to Sayuri's bed I did the same to her and was about to leave, when suddenly I felt a little hand wrap itself around mine. I turned around "Sayuri what's wrong honey?" She looked at me with those big green eyes she got from me "Mommy I'm scared can I sleep with you tonight?" I kneeled down besides her bed "There is nothing to be scared of ok, your brother is right there and he wont let anything happen to you." Sayuri nodded her head and closed her eyes ready to go to sleep. Sayuri was just like me when she was my age fragile and delicate but I knew she was going to grow up to be a strong ninja. I walked in to the last room to find Ryuu and Michiko arguing about something that I didn't even want to ask. "Can you two stop fighting once in a while?" They looked up " Sorry mommy," they said at the same time. I kissed them both good night and headed to my room to get my well deserved sleep. Raising sextuplets as a single mother was not easy but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.

As I lay there trying to sleep I thought back to all those moments that made me fall for the Missing-nin. During that mission I got attacked and after being seriously injured, I was surprised to find out that Itachi had carried me all the way back to Konoha. After this he secretly kept coming back and I slowly started falling for him. With this thoughts I began to drift off to sleep.


It was a week after that mission where I met Itachi, that I was enjoying my free day when I heard a tapping on my bedroom window. Curious as to what could be in my window so early in the morning I stood up from bed and walked over there. There staring at me with those same eyes that could cause you extreme pain in seconds stood Itachi Uchiha. I quickly opened the window to let him in scared that someone may see him outside my apartment. He stood there in my room just staring at me

"May I help you with something," I couldn't believe I was offering my help to a dangerous criminal but what else could I say since he is already standing inside my house.

He walked up to my table and picked up an old picture of Team 7. "I came to warn you that you cant tell anyone what I told you about this village." His voice carried so much hate that I knew I would keep his secret as long as he wanted me too.

"Itachi I'm really sorry for what the Village made you do but you can count on me for anything," why was I offering my help to this person who a week ago I hated with such passion? I can't believe I'M feeling some sort of compassion for this man.

He crossed the room in a series of slow steps and when he was standing in front of me he reached out to touch my cheek with his cold hand. For some reason I didn't pull back I just stood there staring at the wall behind him afraid to look into his eyes.

"Sakura you don't know what you are getting yourself into helping such a hated criminal as me." As he said this I could see a small smirk reach his lips.

"I don't care," What was I saying of coarse I cared. What was happening to me at that moment?

Before another word could be said he gave me a quick kiss on the lips and left out the window. I couldn't say anything I didn't know what had just happened. No never mind I think I know what was happening. I think I was staring to fall for Uchiha Itachi. He continued coming back once in a while and I found myself impatiently waiting for his visits.

I rewrote this first chapter to try to improve my story hope its better :)