All Eyes On Me

You always inspired others, Revan.

How can you say that? We gave you another chance!

You mean, you honestly don't know?

We gave you another chance

They turned you into a pawn

We gave you another chance

They turned you into a shadow of your former self

We gave you another chance

The entire scene continued to repeat inside Revan's head, destroying any other thought that tried to wash the scene away. He could still see Malak standing in front of him, the sound of his breathing emanating from his metallic jaw piece.

The dormitory was utterly silent, which was unsurprising considering that he had locked the door. He couldn't bear to look at his companions. The entire war, he had been the cause of it. The entire time they were looking for these Star Maps, he had simply been retracing his steps.

All the hurt that he had caused. Carth's homeworld being bombed, his wife dying because of it, the millions of lives dead, simply because of him.

You always inspired others, Revan.

The Jedi don't believe in killing their prisoners

You mean, you honestly don't know?

No-one deserves execution

I'm surprised that Bastila didn't tell you

No matter what their crimes

Why? Why didn't she tell him? He loved her, and she felt the same. This entire time, was it all a lie? Had she only been here to watch him, to make sure he wouldn't slip back into the darkness?

Did she really love him, or was it only another lie?

Even the combined power of the Jedi Council

My memories of confronting Revan are…painful

Couldn't keep your personality buried for long, could it?

What greater weapon is there than to turn an enemy to your cause?

You've grown stronger. I did not think that to be possible

To use their own knowledge against them?

He could feel nothing through their bond, and with every time he tried to reach her, he was met with nothing but silence. It sent waves of fear through him, and as he laid on the bunk, the room entirely silent, he felt cold.

His hand went limp, and as it touched the floor, he felt his fingertips brush past the surface of a holocron. Titling his head, Revan looked at the object, and then slowly grasped it in his hand. Absent mindedly, he found the activation button on the side, and pushed it.

There was something out there, something that devoured Revan and Malak

I've heard the Force can do terrible things to a mind

Revan traveled to all of these places in search of the Star Forge

It can wipe away your memories and destroy your very identity

As the blue picture centered itself, it focused in on two people, a man and a woman. The man was smiling and waving towards something or someone off camera. The woman was in the process of rolling her eyes. And then slowly, she also smiled.

Is this really necessary, Revan? We have other pressing matters to attend to

Come on, Bastila, it's only a cheap little holocron. It'll be fun!


Just smile and wave. Afterall, who wouldn't want to have their picture taken with me?