Revised chapter 2


Seventeen year old Percy Jackson just finished his conversation with his friend Nico. The boy was so sure he found the demigod the counselors were looking for. The only thing he could do is tell Chiron what Nico told him. When Percy entered the Big House, he found Chiron, Annabeth Chase, and Grover Underwood talking about possible locations to where the demigod could be.

"Chiron," Percy said, interrupting their conversation. "Nico just Iris-messaged me saying he found the demigod the gods told us to find and bring to camp."

"Where is Nico at?" Chiron asked.

"Some place called Brooke Wells Orphanage," the boy answered.

"You, Annabeth, and Grover should take the pegasus in the morning and find Nico. From there, find the demigod and bring her to camp," Chiron instructed. All nodded, understanding their mission for tomorrow.


When I closed my eyes, I dreamt of the last day with my dad and brother.

When I woke up, I was breathing hard, with sweat trickling down my forehead. Whenever I dreamt of that day that was how I always woke up. It bothered me since I dream that almost every week.

I dragged myself out of bed, taking a glance over at Lilly Ann. She was still asleep, snoring like she does every day. I chuckled to myself before heading into the bathroom to get ready for the school day. After putting on my usual outfit and brushing my hair and teeth, I went to wake up Lilly Ann. If I didn't wake her up, she would sleep till noon, missing most of school. And when asked why she didn't get up, she would blame it on me. I don't really care though that I have to wake her up; I spray her with a spray bottle filled with ice-cold water. I grabbed the bottle I kept in the mini fridge/freezer (yea they give us those here) and sprayed her straight in the face. I was laughing my head off when she bolted upright in her bed screaming.

"Why would you do that?" she screeched.

Through my laughter, I answered, "Just waking you up. I do this everyday and it's the same reaction."

"You are such a brat! Now that I am up, get out of my way. I need to do my makeup."

"It's only school Lilly Ann. Not the Oscars."

She completely ignored me and headed towards the bathroom. I kicked the bathroom door before heading down to the kitchen. The older kids were already at school so the only people left were the kids my age or younger. The orphanage sends us to one of three schools, depending on which on would be better for us. And how would they know that? I have no idea. I think they just send us to a random school.

After going through the mini cafeteria line they had, grabbing my breakfast of eggs, toast, fruit, and juice, I headed towards the back of the kitchen area, to a small table where I sat with my friends Roxanne Kingston and Chase Carson. Roxanne's parents dropped her off at this exact orphanage when she was seven years old. She has been here for four years, two years more than I have. Chase has been here for only six months. His mom died when he was young and his dad recently passed away from lung cancer. They both were already sitting at the table when I arrived.

"Are you ready for the weekend?" Chase asked me.

I nodded. "More ready to practice for the game next week." He smiled in understanding.

"I am getting a new roommate," Roxanne suddenly said.

"Hopefully she is not like Lilly Ann," I told her. She groaned when she heard her name. She hated her ever since she called her 'a girl nobody wants around or will never be liked, even by her parents'. Roxanne almost punched her square in the face but she restrained herself. She still hasn't forgiving her, even after four years. After ten minutes of eating breakfast, we grabbed our coats and book bags from the coat room and walked to school. We passed Lilly Ann with her friends before we left. As always, she was wearing pounds of makeup. Way too much for an eleven year old.

Roxanne, Chase, and I all go to Fielder Elementary School. At this school, you have two different teachers for your main classes. I have history and English with this really boring teacher, Mr. Carp, and math and science with a fun/easily distracted teacher, Mrs. Neutral. The only classes I have with Roxanne and Chase is art and gym plus lunch.

History and English was horrible because it seemed to go on forever. In math and science, we got off topic about five times, which was fine by me though we were talking about swimming and puppies. Lunch was okay, only because this one kid in fifth grade who thinks he's all that threw his bagged lunch at Chase.

At the end of the day, I had to walk back to the orphanage by myself. Both Roxanne and Chase had to stay after school for tutoring in math. I walked back there by myself before but when I walked past the side road we pass everyday, I heard growling.

Suddenly three things that looked like dogs, but were the size of a baby elephant, jumped out the side road, heading straight for me.