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Ariadne swallowed, feeling slightly shaken. She began to get up, hastily pulling her underwear back over her hips. As she shook her dress down, she grabbed the wine glasses, and hurried into the kitchen. Arthur had just made her feel more desirable than any one ever had - and he'd gone.

"Call me", was his parting shot.

She bit her lip. Was this really all just a game to him? Was he merely going along with her fantasies - and simply walking away when it suited him?

She turned on the faucet, letting the glasses slide under the running water. As they reflected back sparkling colours, she bit her lip. She had told Arthur her fantasy. For him to pretend to be an escort, a stranger simply performing a service. She could not blame him for taking it to its logical conclusion. She carefully lifted the glasses out of the sink, placing them on the rack.

She headed for the bathroom. She had showered before Arthur had arrived, but now she wanted another. She felt almost tainted - as though the fantasy they'd indulged in had happened to someone else. Someone more liberated, more accepting than she was. She pulled the shower door open, and after shedding her clothes, stepped in, turning on the faucet.

As the hot water spilled down over her shoulders, she reached for her shampoo. Washing her hair, she felt a slight pang. Arthur had been so gentle. His fingers had lightly brushed, and caressed - never prodded, or poked. She bit her lip. She felt as though she were washing out a memory. She shook her hair out, and opened the door.

Wrapping herself in her towel, she went through to the bedroom. As she dried herself, she reached for a pair of soft, cotton pyjamas. Dressing herself, she ran her fingers through her hair, and then walked through back into the main room of the apartment. As she entered the living room, she heard the intercom buzz.

Frowning, she walked to it, and picked it up. "Hello?"


"Arthur?" Her mind began to race. "What are you-?"

"Can I come in, please?"

"Of course."

She replaced the receiver, and pressed the button. After a few minutes, there was a knock on the door.

She opened it, and her eyes bulged. He was holding a bouquet of a dozen red roses. As he presented them, she felt herself blush. "Why, I-"

"It should be either a dozen, or just one," he told her, smiling. "But I wanted to give you a dozen."

"Arthur, they're-"

"Oh, its my fantasy," he said, gently. "I knock on the door of a beautiful woman, and present her with a dozen red roses. Then she invites me in. And then-"

Ariadne nodded, and took a step back, the roses cradled in her arms. He walked in, shutting the door. As he entered, he gave her a quick glance. "Ready for bed?"

"I- well, yes," she said, trying hard not to blush. There was an assertiveness to Arthur that made everything seem as though it were a command, or an order. "Are you?"

"Actually - no!" He was blushing. "I, well-"

"Would you like a cup of coffee?"

"This late?"

"Herbal tea?"

"Please," he said, nodding. Ariadne turned and went back to the kitchen. As she pulled two cups out of the cupboard, her mind as starting to race. Arthur had come back. To sleep? Or...?

She focused on opening the cupboard in which she kept a few boxes of tea. "What would you like? Chamomile, raspberry, or peppermint?" She kept her tone light, and his footsteps entered the room.

"I want you to dominate me."

The box of peppermint tea bags tumbled to the floor.

"What?" she repeated, trying to pretend she hadn't heard. Mechanically, she bent down, picking them up, and carefully pulled two out. Dropping them into the cups, she waited for the kettle to boil, its piercing whistle signifying that the water was ready. She poured the water, watching the bags stain it a light green.

"You heard. Dominate me. Please. Now."


"Ariadne. I'm not leaving the kitchen until you give me an answer. What you did to me- I need you to do it again. Please?"

She swallowed. "I thought - I thought that you were just going along with it."

He shook his head, emotion and longing shining in his dark eyes. "No," he said, softly. "I wasn't."

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