A/N: Warnings: Not much in this chapter in terms of battles, though there is a bit of implied... 'indecency' near the end if you like that sort of thing. This chapter is more to set the stage and prepare for the next big battle...not to mention something else... :-)

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:: Pidgey's to me!:: = Pokéspeech (only when around humans...otherwise it's the normal ""Pidgey's to me!")

(((I am a Pokédex))) = Pokédex speech

*BOOM* = Loud noises or other similar effects.

"I am your partner"= Destiny speaking with Ash telepathically. (Only Ash and Destiny can hear this)

PARA( 。◕‿‿◕。)DOX

Chosen One... meets chosen Mon!

Previously on Paradox:

The wing fell!

Ash saw it fall, but like before, could do nothing to stop it.

Seeing it descend; like a guillotine towards a French nobles head, he knew it was time.

He closed his eyes.

He waited for death to claim him.

He was sure it would.

Then he heard a loud screech...

Followed by a loud...


The sweet, harsh sound of metal meeting metal...

...a small screech of pain...

But to Ash it meant nothing. Nothing... but impending death.

Then, in the blink of an eye, it was all over...

Yet he felt no pain...

The wing had hit!

It's aim was true!

But to Ash, that meant nothing.

Nothing at all.

For Ash, all went dark...

And then Ash knew no more.

And now the continuation:

Location: unknown, somewhere in the realms outside time and space.

Far away, somewhere where no man can go, two shadowy malevolent yellow eyes glowed fiercely in annoyance and in an acute amount of anger as the Fearow failed to kill its assigned target.

Somehow the blasted 'chosen one' - oh how he hated those two words - had, against all odds, managed to survive once again.

It had been so close! Alas, obviously still not close enough. Even now he could still sense the boys aura, as it continued to mock him. As if continuously saying; I'm still here, you failed...fail again next time.

It was really beginning to become truly intolerable.

'Just like the boys father... and that other...'pests' before him,' the shadowy being thought, grumbling to himself.

Even after all of these years, the blasted 'chosen ones' were still around, always ready to thwart him.

Even after all of his years of trying to 'remove' them from the human realm and using the many organisations against them. It still had not been enough.

The shadowy being harrumphed loudly, dissatisfaction clear in his voice. If only the newest 'one' hadn't lived such a sheltered life so far. It really had proven itself quite...challenging, putting the boy into life threatening situations.

'Well...at least until now. With him going on his 'journey' that would no doubt change,' he thought with a smile.

'If only that useless weak bird had been that little bit stronger,' the voice grumbled again.

Alas, it was not meant to be.

True, the boy was now paralyzed...but that would not last. And even if it did, the humans technology, being as advanced as it was, had ways around such... complications. No doubt it wouldn't stop them for long.

As it was, a near miss, was, after all, still just that...

A miss!

'Oh well,' he thought to himself, shrugging slightly. He'd simply have to try again later.

After all, nobody ever said it would be easy. There was no fun... no achievement, in something being easy.

Besides, he always knew it would take a while to achieve his goals. Especially with 'Arc' countering his every move.

He knew it would most likely take several more years of constant attempts...at best...

...Or until he managed to enter the human world...at worst...to achieve his self foreseen victory.

It had taken a lot of his immense power just to take control of that one weak Fearow from his current location...and indirectly through that Fearow, the others, something he wouldn't have managed to do, had Arceus not been briefly distracted a little while ago, thanks to the rockets attempts.

He'd have to remember to thank them for their efforts and many years of... 'loyalty'... just before he kills them all, he thought to himself, laughing quietly, while imagining their looks when it finally happened.

For now, he'd wait. He had time! Being immortal did, after all, have it's perks...from time to time. And 'Time,' as such, was on his side. It was after all, not a matter of 'if'...but rather a matter of 'when' he'd get another chance. It was only a matter of when, not if, before Arceus would be distracted once more. And then he would strike!

Accepting another defeat, at least for now, he quickly used the last of his considerable remaining influence to leave behind one last surprise in the human realm.

He knew it wouldn't be much...Arceus would no doubt stop the worst of it...but it would still cause some damage.

Besides, maybe, just maybe, he might get lucky... and the other Fearows, as indoctrinated by his efforts as they currently were, might yet do what the others before them, could not.

Finally finished, his 'surprise' in place, now very exhausted from his constant ongoing power struggle with Arceus, he abruptly returned what remaining power he could to his severely weakened reserves and abruptly severed the mental connection to his temporary unwilling pawn, discarding it, finally allowing it to die.

It would take a while before he could attempt another attack...but when the time came...he would be ready.

And this time, he swore...he would succeed!

Until then all he would gather his strength and be patient.

And then, when that day finally came, he would enjoy every bit of it. He would savor their fear...drink their blood and relish the destruction.

And then...then it would be...


Back with Ash

Poor Ash!

What a way to start a Pokémon training career.

Not even one day an official trainer, not even officially yet on the road... and already several dead Pokémon, all around him...

Not fainted...


One even by his very own hand.

Was a trainer ever in a worse situation?

To make matters even worse...as if it hadn't already been bad enough, he was now paralyzed. Unable to move from the waist down. In short, he was helpless. Easy meat for any wild animal; Pokémon or mundane, who just happened to wander...or fly through the area.

It was without a doubt the worst day of his, so far, brief life.

Ash, completely overwhelmed by the stress of the situation, his vision fading in and out, had enough.

He simply couldn't take it anymore.

He needed a break... a time out... and he needed it now.

Indeed, at that moment he didn't even care if his mother found him... and grounded him until the end of time.

He just wanted out!

Overwhelmed by his current situation, his brain temporarily deciding to shut down; all turned black.

But he was not dead...

Not just yet.

Legends don't die before their time. Especially not for legends who are still needed. Needed to protect the world. And for Ash it was no different.

Ash's legend had only just begone.

His task... not yet complete.

And so, unknown to him, at that very moment, a near miracle was taking place.

A Pokémon, one which can't fight, had come at the last second, to rescue her soon-to-be trainer from the big, the bad, the scary - not to mention sharp - wing of death.

Too bad, said trainer was not awake to fully appreciate this monumental moment.

For said trainer... Ash Ketshum...future legendary champion, one of only three chosen ones, chosen by Arceus himself, was currently out cold. Ash was away with the fairies...in his own personal dreamland...having a mid-day orgy with Morpheus... and as such was incapable of appreciating pretty much anything at that moment.

And so it was, that, with roles temporarily reversed, a certain distressed damsel...saved her brave Sir knight.

Pallet Town, at that very moment.

Professor Oak, esteemed world renown Pokémon professor was sitting at his desk stamping and signing several layers of ever increasing paperwork, in triplicate, when he suddenly began to feel cold and begin to shiver.

Unable to concentrate on his work any longer, deciding it was the best time to take a break, to have a hot cup of his favorite earl grey tea, hot, he got up, yawned briefly, stretched and then walked into the near by kitchen.

After filling the kettle and setting the power level on it to 'boil', he was suddenly brought out of his musings by a small sudden breeze which blew into his face, prompting him to glance out of a nearby open window.

'Ah that explains the cold' he thought to himself as he looked outside.

The sky outside was becoming darker by the minute. Much darker than he thought it was supposed to be.

'Is it already that late?' he pondered, wondering where the time had all gone to. He could have sworn it wasn't that late.

"I really have to stop doing all that paperwork and get out more," he mumbled to himself.

With a sigh he glanced at a near by clock, only to frown, his right eyebrow raising slightly in surprise. It was only the late afternoon, much too early for it to get that dark. Especially since is was mid summer.

'That can't be right,' he thought, perplexed.

Suddenly worried, (one did not get to his age in the Pokémon world by ignoring sudden differences in their lives, especially when it came to the weather) he quickly walked into his laboratories control room.

Along with his usual Pokémon duties - since many Pokémon could influence the weather - as the local professor, it was also his job to keep an eye on the weather and anything else which could possibly have an eventual impact on the region.

As one of his many jobs, he was not only the local Pokémon Professor and general researcher...but he was also the local weather expert. It was his job to keep an eye on the weather...and warn the Populace of impending...catastrophes.

Inputting his personal security password when prompted, he quickly connected to the main satellite grid in the atmosphere and ordered one of the many satellites in orbit to perform a scan of pallet town and its surrounding areas.

Several minutes and a loud swearword later, the tea and paperwork forgotten, he was rushing around making several urgent calls to several emergency services, activating the towns alarms and many defense systems, recalling all the Pokémon out in the fields and alerting and preparing it's many citizens for what was to come.

A Hurricane was growing all around them and they were in for one hell of a night.

With Destiny

Destiny was in pain...

Oh, how she was in pain.

Her back was killing her...well, metaphorically speaking, though that wasn't that far from the truth.

It was only her steel armor hide which had saved her, and by all rights, had she been another Pokémon, she she would have fainted...or worse.

As it was, she really did feel like fainting and it was only the fact that she needed to stay awake that stopped her from doing just so.

There was a long deep cut compassing all around her back, from the top of her shoulder right up to her lower region, right where the wing had cut into her.

To make matters even worse, her sight was a little out of focus from blood loss.

Luckily, she had already stopped the bleeding and the cut would heal, leaving only another scar. However, even so, patches of black were still clouding her vision.

In short, she was in sheer absolute agony. However, she didn't care. She had saved Ash and that was all that mattered.

It had been close...way too close.

Especially for Ash.

She could hardly believe how close she had just come to losing Ash... before even meeting him.

She could hardly believe it...

She didn't want to believe it... yet, it had nearly happened and no amount of denying would change that.

He was the whole reason for her even existing in the first place... and she had nearly failed her mission without even realising it.

Had she been even one more second later in arriving... well...she didn't even want to think about it.

Him dying, was probably the worst case scenario possible.

Destiny cringed as she scanned Ash once more. He was not in good shape. Far from it. She wasn't sure if things could get much worse at this point.

What the hell had happened anyway, to cause such grievous wounds, she wondered to herself.

She couldn't remember this happening in the anime... In fact she was one hundred percent certain it had not. Sure, there had been the Fearow and Spearow attack...but even then...why was Ash currently paralyzed, from the waist down, one of the worst things - at least in her old world - that could ever happen to anybody.

She really hoped the medics of this world could fix him...because if not...well...

Let's just say, if not, then it would be very difficult for Ash to walk...let's not even talk about him training his Pokémon, if he couldn't move.

She had never seen or heard of a Pokémon trainer in a wheelchair before. At least not in the anime. Then again that was for kids...this was reality.

As far as she knew it was a requirement for trainers to be able to move to train their Pokémon. At least if they wanted to be effective while doing so. One didn't live long in the wild if you were not able to run away from an angry Pokémon.

While a trainer in a wheelchair could no doubt still give orders to his or her Pokémon...to save the world in one... well...somehow she doubted it would be practically possible.

Sighing deeply, Destiny thought back to what had happened a few moments ago...

*Flashback*... a few minutes ago.

Destiny stumbled slightly as she hovered towards the origin of the bright light... a light she now knew -or at least guessed- was an aura attack. An attack not made by a Pokémon...but, in fact, by her future trainer, Ash Ketshum.

She was sure of it! So sure of it, she was about to bet her life on it.

The 'feelings,' for lack of a better word, had been steadily becoming stronger...and much more urgent by the second. So urgent in fact, that Destiny was close to panicking.

Why else would she be getting these 'feelings' if it wasn't because of Ash?

It was as if time ...some sort of timer, was running out...and something bad...indeed, something irreversible, would happen if it did run out. Something which would not...should not... could not, be allowed to happen.

She simply had to keep Ash and herself alive...at all costs. There was no other way of saying it.

Without one of them, the world was as good as doomed. Without her and Ash the world would fall. They were it's only hope.

Arceus had warned her that both of them would be needed in the end, to survive what was to come.

For that to happen both of them had to survive.

Beads of salty sweat fell from her scaly steel face, swept away by the wind, as she hovered past, at a decent pace.

'Damn those trees,' she thought as another tree blocked her way and another branch briefly nicked at her face.

She would have gone faster...indeed she could have gone many times faster...but alas, there were just too many 'things' in the way.

Oh, it was not like the trees could do much to her, she hardly even felt the branches harshly whipping at her as she flew past, however they could and did slow her down...a lot.

The last thing she wanted, was to reenact 'George of the jungle' and knock herself out by crashing into a tree. That would have done nobody any good...not to mention, it have been very embarrassing.

'Only a little further now,' she thought to herself.

She only hoped she would not be too late.

'Only a little longer...I'm coming Ash,' she thought again tensely.

'Only a few more'...

"Gah! that blasted tree!"

She swerved to the right...she swerved to the left. She quickly ducked a low hanging branch, only to crash right through the next.

'It should be right behind that bush, she hoped'

Suddenly she heard a voice...

"No!...Get away from me!''

She could hear the voice of the human...

It was Ash! She was sure of it.

She could hear him shout.

His voice sounded hysterical. This in turn only made Destiny even more frantic, even more desperate to arrive.

Giving herself one last push, she sped up even more, briefly passing her pre-determined safety limits, nearly crashing into about four trees before she pushed through one more final bush.

It was at that moment that she arrived and saw two figures, near by, on the ground.

One was a large bird. A heavily injured, heavily torn up Fearow. A Fearow with just one functional wing. A wing which was glowing a weak gray, silver colour.

It flickered once before becoming stable.

Her gaze glanced down, tracing the path of the wings decent.

It was then she finally saw him... and her heart skipped a beat.

A young injured boy, not even in his teens yet. One she had seen many times before. But never in reality.

It was the very same boy she had been looking for, for the past few months.

"Why?" she heard Ash croak out one last time, obviously staring at the bird which was about to kill him.

Destiny watched, eyes wide, as the once lively and ferocious bird moved for the last time, then, as if in slow motion, the wing began to fall. It was as if at that moment time itself had decided to slow down, as if to savor the moment.

"ASH!" she screamed, her voice coming out as a long shrill screech ...followed directly by an equally loud screeched "NO!" as the wing fell.

Not knowing what else to do, she acted on blind instinct.

All she knew was that she couldn't allow the wing to hit Ash.

It just wasn't allowed to happen.

Nothing else mattered anymore.

She had to stop it.

She simply had to stop it...no matter what.

Or else all was lost.

Inch by inch, picking up speed by the millisecond, the wing began to fall.

Meter by meter, all in a split second, Destiny sped towards the limp body of her future trainer.

Inch by inch the Fearows wing descended towards the boys neck.

Speeding up, to an incredible 'faster-than-sight' speed, towards the prone boy. Unknown to Destiny, at that very moment, she automatically performed an 'agility'.

But she knew nothing of it.

All she cared about was to reach the fallen boy in front of her...

She could not allow the boy to be 'guillotined' by the dying Fearow.

This was one metaphorical 'french noble' who would not be allowed to lose his head.

If that happened, then all would be over.

If that happened, then all would be lost.

She only had a split second to save the day... Just one second to save the world.

That was all... the only thing that mattered.

And so...at the very last second of Ash's otherwise brief life, just before the wing were to slice into his head, Destiny threw herself right in between the wing and its target.

A loud *clang* of metal vrs metal filled the forest.

This clang was soon followed a second later by two loud harsh screeches, one the pained screech of an injured female Pokémon, the other of metal sliding down metal,leaving a long deep cut in it's wake, like one thousand fingernails scratching down a blackboard at the same time, as the wing was blocked by an equally sturdy steel body, redirecting it away from the soft tender, highly vulnerable flesh of the human boy beneath it.

*End Flashback*

Destiny came out of her flashback with a shudder and did her best to ignore the new persistent sharp stinging pain across her back, as she diligently concentrated her aura to continue healing herself. She knew she needed to finish with it soon. She could not afford to be injured for long... or be distracted by the pain.

An enemy Pokémon could find them at any moment and as such she needed a clear mind. She would not have a clear mind if she was in a lot of pain.

In short, she had to stay strong.

Luckily after several months alone in the wild she knew a thing or two about ignoring pain and staying strong. She now had a high tolerance to 'it'. The 'it' being pain. However, even so, it still hurt...badly, every time.

Well, the deeper cuts did...scrapes, bruises and other low priority injuries hardly bothered her that much anymore. Indeed, 'they' were hardly an annoyance at this point. However, it was very difficult to ignore the deeper, more damaging injuries.

Luckily, because of her steel body all that was left of her injury, at this point, was 'only' a slight flesh wound...and even that was healing quickly.

Quickly closing up the last remains of the once mortally deep wound, Destiny released a brief sigh of relief and allowed herself a moment to look around.

Looking at Ash's comatose state, she tried to plan their next moves.

If only she could find a way to heal Ash as well, she thought to herself.

She would have done so herself already...but...

Alas... it was not currently possible.

She could only heal her own wounds...

Unfortunately, the move 'Recover'...the only healing move she currently knew, besides 'Refresh', could only be used to heal oneself... not another.

Even then, even if she could have used 'Recover' on Ash, she wasn't sure if she would have been able to fully heal his back. It was not, after all, a 'normal' case of paralysis...

'Those' could be healed by a berry...or for severe cases, a potion...

Unfortunately...this paralysis was not caused by a Pokémon move... but by heavy physical trauma.

Whatever had happened had severely damaged Ash's spine. Damaged it so much in fact, that, according to her scans, his back had been broken in multiple places by the impact.

Had Ash been a Pokémon, it might have been possible to heal such an injury. Indeed, for a Pokémon, a Full Recover and a long rest could work wonders and cure practically any possible injury. Broken bones; no problem. Regrow bones... a little more difficult and it took longer, but possible. Even regrowing missing limbs was possible, though it took weeks... a very long time - for a Pokémon - to do so.

As it was, Ash was no Pokémon... Ash was human... and in that fact lay the problem.

Pokémon potions, while indeed effective to a much lesser extent on humans were not, however, meant for them.

Besides... that was all beside the point as she was all out of Full Recover potions.

She could only hope the doc's had some 'tricks' hidden up their sleeves, or else...

If the Doctors didn't have a way to treat him...then...


There was a high chance he'd never move again.

Pikachu was facing a dilemma.

He really didn't know what to do.

On one paw he wanted nothing to do with humans, any human... especially the trainers.

Being captured by one, being forced to live with multiple trainers who mistreated you, and then being abandoned by them because, according to them, you weren't good enough, had left his opinion of humanity, as a whole, severely jaded. His life with them so far, had been a steady flow of negative experiences, filled with disappointments and very few good moments.

He really didn't want to risk being captured again any time soon. Helping the boy would automatically mean putting himself at risk of just that happening.

On the other paw, however... for some reason he really felt like helping 'this' particular boy.

For some reason, he felt as if he could trust this boy. Like it was the right thing to do. Especially after what he had just seen.

This was a human boy who had selflessly just risked everything...even his very life, to save the life of a Pokémon.

It went against everything he knew, or expected, when it came to humans.

Yet...it had happened.

Had you asked him if he would have been willing to help a human before today, by his own free will, Pikachu probably would have laughed in your face...after shocking you first. Now... now however he wasn't so sure.

Maybe, now he'd only shock 99% of humans...

Maybe...just maybe, some weren't so bad after all.

Maybe, he could learn to live with them.

Or at least one of them.

Then, a few minutes later, to make matters even more interesting, as if the humans actions weren't already surprising enough... the deed was replicated by a Pokémon.

A certain very troublesome and perplexing Pokémon to say the very least.

Just a few minutes ago... this very troublesome Pokémon, one he had seen a lot of in the past few months, had just, in turn, also risked her own life for said human boy.

Pikachu was astounded. He did not like being astounded. Being astounded lowered his defenses. It meant he could be taken by surprise.

Never a good thing in the Pokémon world.

Ok... he wasn't surprised that a Pokémon would rescue a human. That happened a lot. A lot of Pokémon were trained to do just that, after all.

What he was surprised about, however, was 'what' Pokémon had just saved the boys life.

This particular Pokémon, as far as he knew, was wild.

Wild Pokémon, didn't usually do that. It went against any sense of self preservation. Something so deeply ingrained into every Pokémon it was rarely ignored, if ever.

Ignoring it usually left you dead...or worse...captured!

Because of that, ignoring it completely was unheard of.

This particular Pokémon, had constantly avoided being captured on many occasions in the past few months.

Such an act was common and expected for wild Pokémon, and as such it made him believe that the other Pokémon was in fact wild.

A captured and trained Pokémon didn't run away. It didn't need to because a caught Pokémon couldn't, after all, be caught again. Pokéballs, usually didn't allow it.

Once registered as belonging to a trainer, you couldn't be captured again until the current trainer either set you free... or if your current ball broke.

Caught Pokémon usually quickly realised this important point soon after their first initial capture.

Pikachu himself had learned about the Pokéballs mysterious powers, when he was told all about them by a friendly Pokémon, during one of his first visits to a Pokécentre. He had tried to destroy his ball...on multiple occasions soon after, failing each time.

Every time he had thought of doing so, he found out he somehow couldn't. Something in him had always stopped him from doing the deed. It was as if something was controlling him, stopping him from doing so. Just like mind control. There was no other valid explanation. Pikachu was sure of it.

It was one of the main reasons why he didn't like staying in a Pokéball. He didn't like being controlled.

He had even tried to catch himself once, using another unregistered Pokéball, to get away from his trainer at the time.

Obviously It hadn't worked either.

No matter...fact is, once caught, a Pokémon could not be caught again. Not unless it was set free.

Of course some trainers would still check and there were always those who attacked anyway... but while the initial attack was, of course annoying...not to mention painful, it usually worked.

Back to the current situation, however.

For this Pokémon...any Pokémon, to behave in this way, usually meant one thing...

It meant the Pokémon was a trained Pokémon. Which was a complete contradiction to what he had thought before.

Or at least ... the possibility of it being a caught, trained, and therefore an uncatchable Pokémon was now very high.

But if that was the case, when did that happen?

Only Arceus knew how many times his last trainer...Gary, had tried to capture this particular Pokémon in the past few months...only to fail each time.

Once the Pokémon had even been sucked into one of Gary's Pokéballs, only to have escaped it shortly after.

To see her suddenly risking everything...even her very life...via trial by blade, to save the boys life...

It was as if she already knew the boy.

'Could she be 'his' Pokémon?' Pikachu wondered.

It would make sense, considering how worried she was currently acting.

Looking at the black dragon, Pikachu once again wondered just what type of Pokémon she was.

He had never seen her type before.

Of course that didn't mean much, as the world was huge. One could travel for years and not see every Pokémon in the world. Even now, he knew, new species were constantly being discovered.

Still, she looked like a dragon type... a steel dragon type at that.

Beyond rare.

If so, then it was even more surprising that she would help a human.

Dragon types, by their very nature, were even more cautious of humans than normal Pokémon.

There were very few humans who didn't want one. Hence dragons usually always stayed far away from humans, if they could manage it.

Dragons were also a very good judge of character...

For a dragon to help and trust a human...

Well...it spoke volumes about that human.

It was this more than anything that convinced Pikachu to give this particular human a chance.

Deciding to trust a dragons judgement, for it was usually never wrong, Pikachu left his hiding spot.

Destiny was frantic. There was no better word to describe it.

This was a classical 'damned if you do, damned if you don't' situation and she really didn't know what to do.

Here she was, injured herself, with a heavily injured human to take care of.

She didn't even know where the nearest human town was, let's not even talk about a human hospital.

Even if she knew where a town was, she was hardly going to leave Ash alone to get help. Not in his current state of health and especially not in a 'hot zone' like the one they were currently in. The chance of an enemy bird, any other Pokémon...or indeed a hungry mundane finding him was simply too large.

Besides...any human - she didn't think of herself as one anymore - would probably try to capture her first, ask questions later. By the time they somehow managed to understand her it would almost definitely be too late.

If that happened then all would be lost.

For a second Destiny considered taking Ash with her but scrapped that idea just as quickly.

If she knew anything about spine injuries, and it wasn't much, then it was imperative that Ash did not move...or indeed get moved at all.

Even the smallest wrong movement could be disastrous.

One bad move and Ash could very well die. At best he'd never walk again. Spine injuries were that dangerous.

Unfortunately staying in their current location was also a bad idea. The chance of a dangerous predator...or indeed one of those blasted birds finding them was simply too high.

She didn't know what she would do if that happened.

No! Ash simply could not stay in his current place. Something had to be done... and it had to be done fast.

But what?

Suddenly, as if fate had decided to help her along, Destiny heard a sudden sound, carried by the wind behind her. Going instantly to high alert, having learnt to never ignore such sounds, she swiftly turned around.

Her heart rate quickening in preparation for what was to come. She looked around, searching for any sign of any nearby 'enemy' Pokémon.

Knowing that she may well have to fight, or at least die trying if it turned out to be a hungry predator, she quickly scanned the area for any probable threat.

She knew, with Ash here too, as helpless as he currently was, there would be no escape.

Not this time. This battle would be her last.

And so, preparing for the worst, but dearly hoping for the best, she mentally prepared herself to make one last desperate stand, only to gape suddenly in surprise at the sudden new arrival, a certain very familiar yellow rodent, cautiously stepping out of a bush and slowly make his way towards her.

Whatever Destiny expected...seeing 'him' step out was not it. Unfortunately, due to her past history with this particular Pokémon, or rather said Pokémons trainer...'him' being here was not necessarily a good thing.

'Oh no...not him,' was her first thought, anxiousness and fear being swiftly joined by annoyance and anger.

On normal circumstances she would have been happy to see this particular yellow rodent...but...

Now was hardly that time.

'If he's here then that means 'he' is also not far away either,' she thought, frantically looking around for the Pokémon's trainer, a trainer who she believed was sure to be near by.

Not someone she really wanted to see any time soon.

In the past few months she had become frighteningly familiar with the arrogant antagonist of the first season.

Gary, for that was his name, was a snobbish arrogant...'jackass' who had tried many times to capture her every time they'd met. In short, he had quickly become the bane of her existence for the past few months.

Luckily all of those tries had been unsuccessful. Close...oh yes...very close. But unsuccessful.

So far at least.

As it was, she had no desire to meet him again any time soon. At least not while she wasn't officially one of Ash's party.

But at that moment it seemed unlikely, or so Destiny thought.

Fact was, If Gary was here...well, Destiny would not be surprised if he'd capture her first, then help Ash later. It was the sort of thing he would do. Capture her first, then help Ash while gloating all the way.

She could not let that happen, not now, not ever. She was to be Ash's and nobody else's. Nobody else would do. Especially not Gary.

Suddenly her eyes widened.

'But if capturing me saved Ash?' she wondered. 'It would be a severe set back, sure, but...in light of the circumstances...'

'NO! it could not be allowed to happen...'

Not now...not when she was so close.

'But then again...' she thought, indecisively, before her eyes suddenly widened even more and a smile appeared on her face. Maybe, just maybe she didn't have to. This could well be a hidden curse in a blessings clothing. Or was that a blessing in a curses clothing...

It would not matter.

Sighing, in a mixture of relief and annoyance. Destiny prepared herself for Gary's arrival. If she had to she would lead him to Ash, then teleport away once more, as soon as she was sure Gary had seen Ash.

With her gone, Gary would have no distractions, and as such no reason not to look after Ash. An arrogant prick and rival he might be, but there was no way he would not help Ash in his current state. She would use that to her advantage.

Sure, it would set her eventual capture and joining of Ash's team back a bit, but... in light of the current circumstances, it was preferable. Besides, if she was stealthy enough, and kept her head down, she might be able to follow Gary...and therefore Ash to the nearest town. After that, the rest would be easy. Or so she thought.

Her mind made up, Destiny silently watched Pikachu slowly make his way over, while also keeping a stern watch out for his 'master'. Only to frown, when for some reason, the master, if that was the right term, did not come.

It hardly seemed possible, however, the blasted rodent...was alone.

That more than anything made Destiny even more nervous. Where was Gary?

Frowning, Destiny watched the famous rodent of the anime come closer until he was nearly at her side.

It was only then that her anxious, paranoid brain realised the state Pikachu, himself, was in.

Destiny's eyes widened as she finally realised Pikachu's current state of health.

'What the hell happened to 'him'!' she wondered as she took in his many injuries.

Pikachu had cuts and bruises all over his body, and while they were already visibly healing, it was still obvious he had been in a brutal fight for his life. Especially if the singe mark on his fur, obvious signs of overpowering an electrical attack to an unsafe level - even for an electrical Pokémon- was any indication.

Suddenly Destiny's eyes widened as a sudden fearful thought crept into Destiny's mind.

Did the Fearows get Gary?

Oh Arceus, she really hoped not.

He may have been, in her opinion, an arrogant little twit, with an over inflated ego that needed to be taken down a step or two, but he did not deserve... that. Besides...she still needed him to test Ash's progress from time to time. He couldn't do that if he was...

'No...don't even think about it,' she scolded herself.

Destiny was busy working her mind into an even more frantic state when suddenly Pikachu started to speak.

"Erm...ah...can I help?"

Pikachu had never been so nervous in his life.

It was not everyday a common field mouse, Pokémon or not, like himself, went to speak to an Apex Predator like a dragon. In this case a Steel-dragon type Pokémon.

Pikachu knew, he was strong for his type...but he was nothing when compared to the power of a dragon type.

Even the weakest of Dragon Pokémon were nearly always at least high level B's on the strength hierarchy...in their weakest forms. At most, he was currently a low level B in terms of strength...and that was only when using his most powerful attacks.

Pikachu had no illusion. If this Dragon - he was sure it was one - was anyway like the others of it's ilk, well...if she turned out to be the aggressive type he, a Pikachu, would be in serious trouble.

Slowly, cautiously, ready to bolt at a mere aggressive twitch from the dragon, Pikachu attempted to make himself seem as friendly as possible - not that he was very dangerous at that moment to begin with, as injured as he currently was.

Then again, so was the Dragon... but that only made the situation even worse. Everybody knew, an injured wild Pokémon, like any other animal, could be at it's most desperate while cornered and injured... making it unpredictable...and that more than anything else made Pikachu very nervous.

Luckily, most Pokémon chose to communicate first...attack second.

Pikachu froze twice on his way to the dragon. Once, when she first noticed him, the second, when she obviously realised who he was, which, unsurprisingly seemed to aggravate her, even if only briefly.

Pikachu couldn't blame her. Their last few encounters had not exactly been on friendly terms. Far from it really. The last time she had seen him, he had just been ordered to attack her by his now former master.

While Pikachu knew, that she knew, that he only attacked her because he had been ordered to, it hardly was a good way to gain some trust. It was therefore no real surprise that she was currently acting very anxious. Pikachu only hoped she would give him a chance.

Luckily, she had never shown any notion of holding it against him, at least not so far, and it was only this and the fact that trained Pokémon usually avoided attacking others - unless ordered to attack by their trainers first - which gave Pikachu his current courage to join her by, what Pikachu assumed, was her trainers side.

Grasping at all of his remaining courage, unsure of what to actually say, Pikachu started to speak, saying the first thing which came to his mind.

"Erm...ah...can I help?"

Destiny, deep in her thoughts when Pikachu started to speak, jumped in momentary fright and reflexively took a defensive body stance.

Her movements, as sudden as they were, were more than enough to startle the yellow rodent who, mistaking her sudden movement as a sign of imminent attack, quickly took a few hurried steps back, before also taking a defensive stance of his own.

Only then did Destiny realise what had happened.

"Please don't hurt me...I only want to help," Pikachu said quickly, frantically, eyes wide in fear. Her sudden movement had frightened him more than he wanted to admit. It was obvious from the way he spoke, fast, with a slightly high pitch in his voice not to forget, the small tremble in his body, that he was barely holding himself together.

Pikachu cursed himself for the obvious fear he was showing in his voice and body, but he knew the damage was already done. He only hoped he could somehow convince the dragon not to attack him. He didn't think he'd have much of a chance against her otherwise.

Once again Pikachu was reminded of the dangerous situation he was currently in. Or so he thought. Was was he thinking, he wondered.

He need not have worried though. Realising Pikachu's obvious fear, Destiny immediately also did her best to appear as non threatening as possible. After all, for obvious reasons, she did not want a fight.

From her experiences in the past few months in the wild, she knew that most Pokémon were automatically scared and very cautious around dragons. An ironic twist of fate which she had quickly learned to fully use to her advantage. Ironic, because at no time would she actually have been able to effectively hurt any of them. A fight, any fight, would would been quite...one sided, to say the very least. Though not in the way anybody, besides herself, would have expected.

Seeing her relax, Pikachu sighed in relief and took it as a sign to continue.

"I saw what happened a few moments ago...and well... I was wondering if you could use some help," he said again, this time without the fearful squeak in his voice, though it was still fairly obvious that he was afraid, very afraid.

Destiny stared at the little rodent, scrutinizing him. Whatever she had thought he was going to say...offering to help her was not one of them. She had expected to be attacked again...with Gary trying to capture her...not an obviously frightened rodent asking if he could help her.

"I mean...only if you want me too. I wouldn't never presume that a dragon like you would...," Pikachu continued to say. Destiny, however, tuned out the rest of Pikachu's rambling speech, choosing instead to study this 'weak' rodent before her.

She sighed heavily. 'I should have expected this,' she thought to herself.

This was not the iconic Pikachu of the show...not yet at least.

Destiny had to remind herself that this was not yet Ash's trained and tested partner from the show, but an untested, untrained Pokémon. Weak and still fairly wild! A far cry from the famous symbol he would one day become.

Still, the fact that he was speaking to her at all, when he didn't know she was no threat to him, spoke volumes about his courage. A lot of courage. She couldn't help but respect him for it.

With those thoughts in mind Destiny softened her expression even more and did her best to relax her body just enough to show that she too meant no harm, however, not enough to seem too trusting either.

Destiny knew she had to be very careful now. She could not afford a misunderstanding. Not now.

Seeing she had gained Pikachu's attention she started to speak.

"Forgive me... Pikachu, as you can see I'm currently having a... shall we say, bad day,' she said while motioning towards Ash's unconscious body.

"And yes of course you can help me," she added, giving Pikachu a rather forced smile.

Pikachu, now happy that the dragon had seemingly decided to be peaceful, relaxed and looked towards Ash.

Finally remembering the reason why he had put himself into danger and risked the dragons might in the first place, he nodded solemnly.

"Is he...your master?" he asked moving towards Ash's unconscious body to take a closer look, finally asking the question that had been interesting him for some time now.

Destiny frowned. She did not like the word 'master' but in a way it was true. Once captured, she would be under his direct control...and in a way she would even become his property. Still...she preferred the word trainer. Master was in her opinion a name a slave would give it's owner. She was in no way, and never would be... a slave.

Then again, it was also name an apprentice would give it's teacher... so maybe she could tolerate it. Still, if at all possible, she would prefer the word trainer to master.

"If by master you mean trainer... then no, he's not... not yet," she answered slightly frostily without really meaning to, adding in the 'yet' part at the end a second later as a way to make her future intentions clear.

This was not the answer Pikachu had expected and the expression on his face showed his disbelief rather clearly.

"Not yet?...What do you..."

Pikachu would have continued speaking, but at that very moment both Pokémon heard a quiet groan coming from Ash's body near by.

Hearing Ash seemingly wake up Destiny immediately turned around and began to run a scan on Ash's body once more.

Deciding that he could ask any other questions later, when they had more time and when the boy - who surprisingly he now knew was not the dragons trainer after all - was taken care of and out of danger, Pikachu followed her silently and watched with interest as Ash's body started to glow a myriad of different colours. Colours which obviously seemed to mean something to the mysterious dragon.

Unsure of what was happening, but deciding it best not to distract the dragon from whatever it was she was doing, Pikachu decided to simply watch and wait.

Ash groaned as his senses slowly came back to him, bit my bit, memory by memory.

'Where am I?'...'Why am I in so much pain?' he wondered. The last thing he remembered was not receiving a starter Pokémon from the professor because he was late.

'What happened?'

Slowly his other memories started to come back to him... himself unwilling to wait for another year, himself deciding to go Pokéhunting for a starter instead of waiting another year... how he had gone out to try and capture a wild Pokémon to replace the starter he had not received...how he had failed to capture the pidgey...then the strange meeting of the other pidgey's...right up to...

Ash eyes flew open in shock and he immediately tried to move, only to suddenly realise he could not.

He remembered his battle against the Fearow. How he had fought it. How he had seemingly won...only to have been tricked and nearly killed.

Suddenly he remembered the wing...

It had been coming right towards him...

The wing!

It was coming right towards him.

It was going to kill him!

He remembered the panic!

There was no other word that could fully describe what Ash had felt and was still feeling.

Acting on automatic instinct, not realizing that the danger had already passed, Ash tried to move again, however, once again, he could not... his legs...his whole lower body to be exact, didn't cooperate with him anymore.

A crazed panic stricken look in his eyes, Ash tried to look around, to find the crazed Fearow, at least as much as his current body's state would let him, managing little more than to peek over his shoulder.

Not seeing anything, but still believing the danger to be there, he froze...and waited.

Strangely, however nothing happened...

Why was he was still alive?

His heart racing, it was at that moment he saw a black Dragon rushing to his side...

Then he screamed.

Destiny flinched as she heard Ash scream.

Was he in pain?

'Duh! of course he is... he's paralyised and has just been in a battle for his life. Of course he is is pain,' she scolded herself.

But wait... that was not a scream of pain...that was more like a scream of terror!

It was at that moment that Destiny realised with a pang that, while Ash was indeed in pain, the reason why he was screaming was more because he was afraid...of her.

Horrified, Destiny took a quick step back in denial. This was not something she had wanted...or indeed expected.

Ash was supposed to trust her and be happy to see her...not fear her.

This wasn't supposed to happen.

This was all wrong!

But then again...what did she expect. Dragons, unless trained usually ate humans.

No wonder why Ash was screaming, she realised, finally understanding the situation. She would too if she thought she was going to be eaten any second.

::I'm not going to hurt you!:: she tried to say, only to curse, when she remembered that of course he wasn't able to understand her.

"NO! Go away... HELP! HELP ME!" she heard Ash shout.

'Damn it!' what should I do? she asked herself, distressed with the current situation.

She didn't know what to do. Talking to him wouldn't work. He couldn't understand her.

So how to gain his trust? Was that even possible? she wondered.

Destiny had no illusions that she looked scary. In fact, she knew she looked scary and dragons were after all the most powerful Pokémon around, except perhaps the non dragon legendaries.

'I should have thought this through a bit more first,' she thought, scolding herself, feeling miserable.

Looking around she noticed Pikachu had retreated into a near by bush the moment Ash had started screaming.

So much for Ash's best friend from the show.

Frustrated Destiny looked at the Pikachu then Ash, then Pikachu again, alternating from the hiding Pikachu and the distressed Pokémon Trainer.

Ash still was screaming.

Then suddenly, she got an idea.

'I really can't believe I'm about to do this,' she thought, an embarrassed blush appearing on her face, as she began to move towards Ash.

Ash was scared out of his mind.

As if waking up and rediscovering that you are unable to move from the waist down was not already upsetting enough. To suddenly see a black and silver... 'Dragon' of all things, with sharp claws and glowing red eyes in front of you, looking at you and doing who knows what to you. All of this after an almost certain death experience... well...he could hardly be blamed for reacting in the way he currently was... in a panic, fearing for his life.

If this has the afterlife, then he was almost certainly in hell, and he wanted nothing to do with it, or so he thought.

Then the dragon suddenly moved closer once again.

Seeing this Ash closed his eyes and went limp. Shivering, expecting the worst, he waited tensely for the first bite. Of all of the stories he had heard so far from travelling trainers who had visited Pallet town, dragons were always the most dangerous, the most vicious of them all. He had always heard stories of how dragons ate humans. He had always been told to stay away from them at all costs and to never try to capture one until he was a seasoned trainer with at least one league's worth of experience attached to his belt. So why would this time be any different.

He fully expected his end to come at any moment...

Only, the expected bite didn't come.

Instead, he suddenly felt something wet all over his face.

At first he froze up even more, whimpering, still expecting the worst. He could feel the dragons breath all over his face. He was sure of it.

Then the wetness continued, followed by a rough sensation moving up and down his face.

'What the hell?' he thought. What was happening? Still he didn't move.

The wetness had sticky feeling continued.

Slowly, his curiosity finally getting the better of his fear, he slowly opened his eyes and gaped as he finally realised what was actually happening.

At first he couldn't believe it. How could this possibly be. No dragon did this. It was impossible... right?

Dragons didn't do this... or did they?

Seemingly they did.

He couldn't believe it...he didn't know what to think. Yet it was happening.

To him!

The dragon was licking him...like a dog would when welcoming it's owner.

Still too afraid to move away, but now no longer screaming, his fear and screams momentarily forgotten in the chaos of the dragons friendly slobber, Ash, completely taken by surprise, simply gaped and stared.

It took a few more minutes but slowly he began to realise he was not about to become this dragons next meal after all. Instead this dragon seemed to...like him?

Dazed out of his mind, Ash simply let it happen. What else could he do anyway. What choice did he have? It was not like he was able to do much about it anyway. Even if he had still been able to fully move. No one would have dared.

At that moment he was simply happy to still be alive. Even if his current situation was certainly less than desirable. Somehow against all odds, it seemed, he had survived.

Slowly a slight smile appeared over is face. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

Destiny mentally sighed in relief as Ash stopped screaming. She really didn't know what she would have done if this had failed. By her luck his screams would have almost certainly brought the whole forest down on them...or worse...

She was in no shape to defend him from the forests other inhabitants.

Luckily however, as embarrassing for her as it had been, her 'idea' had paid off.

Slowly, making sure, not to move too fast and making extra sure to act as nonthreatening as possible Destiny stopped licking Ash and noticed that he was trying to stay as still as possible. Considering the situation, definitely for the best.

Seeing that Ash was not about to do anything any time soon she looked around for the third member of their little group.

Finding him still in the bush, she gave him a quick glare.

:: Not very useful are you?:: she said, somewhat peeved.

Pikachu wisely didn't answer.

'Now all I have to do is find a way to gain Ash's trust...and get captured,' she thought looking back at Ash, who promptly froze the moment she looked at him again.

'Scrap that...captured first, trust later,' she amended her thoughts. Everything would be so much easier and faster once she could speak with him.

Destiny mentally cursed. All would have been so much easier if only she could have been able to speak to Ash right from the start. Unfortunately that was not possible until she was captured... by Ash.

Suddenly her eyes widened and she felt like hitting herself.

'Of course...you idiot!...That's it. It is that simple. I simply have to be captured!' she thought, mentally smacking herself for her self perceived idiocy.

And the best way to do that is...

Immediately, a gleam appearing in her eyes and a grin on her face, she looked at Ash. Not just at Ash, but at a very particular part of Ash.

'Doesn't he have a few 'balls' hidden down there?' she mused, glancing downwards.

Pikachu, watching her from the safety of the bush, suddenly felt nervous. It was as if he could sense something unprecedented was about to happen.

Pikachu watched as the Dragon suddenly become serious and look down... then, when she suddenly became very interested in a certain part of the boys body, he frowned.

Ash for his part watched her warily, nervously. Not at all sure if he wanted to know what she was doing.

"What are you...?" he started to ask before he froze in horror as Destiny's snout suddenly moved down and start to move aside some of his clothes, obviously searching for something. Only he didn't know that.

"...Doing?" doing were Ash's last words before he screamed in fear and horror.



Pikachu for his part, had a look of confusion appearing on his face, which soon also turned into a look of horror by each passing second.

::Hey what are you doing?:: he tried to say, as he continued to watch the dragons actions.

Destiny, seemingly frustrated with her inability to find a few certain 'balls' answered with :: I'm looking for his balls:: had started to tug at the boys pants and was now seemingly trying to take them off.

Embarrassed by what he was seeing Pikachu tried to look away.

Ash for his part had become very quiet, she eyes wide open in fear.

::Erm...Don't you think you're taking this...a little too far?:: Pikachu asked embarrassed at what he was seeing, a blush growing in size all over his face by the second, his face turning into a deeper reddish colour as he did his best to 'try' to ignore Destiny's efforts to seemingly undress the boy. Several indecent thoughts entered his little mind as Destiny finally managed to somehow relieve the pants from one of Ash's legs, only to somehow end up getting her face stuck inside the rest of boys pants.

Destiny far too obsessed in her current goal to care about what she was doing, ignored the yellow rodent and continued her search of Ash's pants for one of Ash's balls.

Ash, traumatized by what was happening, could only stare at the nightmare developing in front of him.

'Damn claws are too small...need to use my mouth more' Destiny thought furiously completely ignoring the blushing Pikachu and her soon to he traumatized 'partner', who at that moment was thinking the worst of this newest dragon 'friend'. Pikachu for his part was getting more and more flustered by the second.

'I can't believe this is happening,' Pikachu thought with a groan, not sure what to do about the current situation. A thought his was echo'd hysterically by the poor human near by.

'I can't believe this is happening to me,' Ash thought, his mind finally realising what he thought was happening. 'I'm being...'used'...by a Pokémon.' or so he thought.

::Hey you're a Pokémon...He's human...you don't mix,:: Pikachu tried to say, his voice little more than an embarrassed squeak, only to stop in horror when suddenly...

:: YES! there it is! I found one... I found a ball!:: came Destiny's voice.

A cry of victory which caused Pikachu to gag.

Using her snout to press the button on top of the ball Destiny watched as it expanded into into a ball twice it's size. Hoping it was an unused ball, she nudged it again... and suddenly disappeared in a flash of red light.

Pikachu, not able to see what was happening and not privy to Destiny's plans, squeaked in surprise, his eyes metaphorically growing as large as dinner plates, as Destiny suddenly dematerialized in a flash of red light, and disappeared right into and up Ash's loose pant leg.

His mouth wide open, Pikachu shook his head.

Ash his eyes wide open in horror, not understanding what had happened, mentally screamed out in denial.

"No way!... Oh my Arceus!" both cried out, gaping in surprise, half horror and half humiliation.

"This can't be happening!" Ash cried out in horror, believing the worst, only for a small blinking, Pokeball to suddenly roll out of one of his pant legs, shake once, shake twice, flash purple, then green, then red, before finally coming to a complete stand still with a slight...


At that very moment, Professor Oaks lab.

At the very moment Destiny was sucked into one of Ash's empty Pokéballs, in the next town, several kilometers away in Professor Oaks lab, one of the Professors many Pokégadget's began to blink and release a sharp cacophony of whistles and tones.

Now, under normal circumstances this would have simply alerted the good professor, who, after realizing directly which of his many gadgets was causing the racket, would have checked out what the commotion was all about.

Had he still been around to check on the reason of this particular little gadgets commotion, he would no doubt have suddenly become very excited...maybe even excited enough to momentarily forget about the approaching storm.

A few seconds of celebration and a quick little dance later he would then have teleported Destiny's Pokéball to him with said Pokémon safely inside.

However, luckily, for the people of Pallet...and Ash, he was not.

As fate would have it the professor was busy preparing for the incoming storm and as such was not present to witness, what for him would have been the miraculous rebirth of a Pokémon he had thought to be lost.

And so, Destiny's capture would remain a secret for a little while longer, only to be noticed days later after the storm had finally passed.

At that very moment, The Hall of origin.

Arceus smiled. It was the first real smile in many weeks.

She had finally done it.

A few moment ago he had, once again, felt one of his many children get captured inside one of the human contraptions known as a pokeball. Only this one was different.

He knew what it meant.

Whenever a legendary was captured it felt different to as If a 'normal' were to be captured.

This 'capture' felt different again... which, in turn could only mean one thing.

His other second chosen one had just been captured... and if Mew did her job right...which he was sure She had...and everything went as he had foreseen, hopefully by Ash.

Arceus sighed in relief.

Yes, It had been touch and go there for a while, but his second chosen one had finally succeeded.

The first part of her mission was now complete.

Finally... finally he could turn his full concentration to thwart Seucra's further attempts.

The rest was now up to his chosen ones and while he knew the path before them would be filled with hardships and many tests, he had complete fate they would succeed where he himself had not.

And then, when the time was right...

In their darkest hour.

When all seemed lost...

And little hope remained...

The fate of the worlds would lay in their hands.

And come what may...

He would allow them to choose.


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