Reid's new Friend

Reid was leaving the hospital, and he was tired, and fed up. He was tired of being alone, but he moved out of Katie's place because he hated seeing her with Chris. He knew they were fine together, but he hated sharing his friend with Chris Hughes. He knew that was wrong, but he didn't care. He moved out , and now he regretted it because he went home to his small 2 bedroom house alone every night. He would watch TV, eat a TV dinner, and go to bed, and try to read, but end up falling asleep with the book still in his hand, and the lights on. He dreaded seeing Luke in town because if he was with Noah it was like a dagger going through his heart. He was blessed this week he only saw Luke once but he was alone, but he walked right by him without saying hi. He knew if he stopped it would hurt more, and he knew he hurt Luke's feelings but at this point he didn't care he was hurting so let Luke hurt a little too. Luke made his choice, so he should understand it was to hard for him to have a friendship with a man he desired, and dreamed about every night. He hated himself for that he should get over him but he couldn't, and it made him angry. He was not a weak man but by the looks of it he was because he couldn't let Luke go. He was not his but he knew that in his head, but his heart was always dreaming someday it would happen. He got to his car, and sat for a few moments put his radio on, and started driving home. He stopped for a slice of pizza he could not stomach a TV dinner tonight. He decided to get a medium pizza, and take it home. He loved cold pizza for breakfast. He laughed to himself being a Doctor his eating habits did suck. He turned to go down his street, and was glad he would be home in 4 minutes. He could get in his boxers eat pizza, and catch some of the hockey game. He suddenly noticed out of the corner of his eye, a little puppy run out on the road. He slammed on his breaks just missing him. The Puppy started to cry as Reid jumped out running over making sure he didn't hurt him. The puppy was fine he looked to see if he had a name tag, and of course he didn't . It made him angry that someone would be so stupid to let a puppy run around the street at 8pm. He lifted him up looking around there was no people out , so he wondered if he just got out of someones house. He put the puppy in his car, and drove to his place parking the car. He grabbed the puppy, and whispered, "Now where do you live you little trouble maker? He walked down the street he actually knocked on a few doors, and everyone said they didn't know who the dog belonged to. Reid walked for 1/2 hour, and realized it was to late to keep knocking on doors. He had no choice he would bring him home, and in the morning he would take it to a vets office, and they could see if they could find the owners. He lifted the puppy, and smiled as he walked home. He had no idea what they needed but he sure hoped pizza would be OK because he was to tired to run to the store, but he knew he had to because pizza was not suitable. He got in his car, he drove to the corner store, he left the puppy for 5 minutes while he went in getting some food. He walked to the front and laughed thinking he would only need one dish of food because he was not keeping the pup, but he had to eat so he had no choice. He walked out to the car, and the puppy was excited he was back. Reid sat down the puppy climbed onto him, Reid lifted him up putting him in the passenger seat, and told him to stay. The puppy listened as they drove back to the house, Reid parked he grabbed the pizza box, and the puppy, and the bag from the grocery store, and went into the house.

To be continued