Chapter 2

Reid didn't really know much about Puppies but he walked over grabbing a bowl, and put some food in it, and put it on the floor, and filled up another bowl with water. The puppy was eating so fast Reid sat on the floor, and lifted him up.

"Slow down you little piglet but I should talk I love to eat too. I just don't want you getting sick because I'm a people Doctor not a little puppy Doctor". Reid whispered, "I'm going to call you Piglet until we find your owner than they can call you by your proper name. Your owners are not very smart they should have a collar on you with a ID so we can find your home. I'm sure they are looking for you so don't worry you don't have to put up with me very long". Reid put him down, and the puppy went back to eating but he didn't want to let Reid out of his sight. Reid washed his hands, and walked over opening the pizza, and was eating a slice when Piglet ran over jumping at his leg.

"No Piglet your kind of gross looking food is over there this is mine"

Piglets little tail was wagging, and Reid thought he was the cutest thing. He took a piece of the crust, and put it on the floor. Piglet was trying to figure out if he likes the crust or not but he finally got it in his mouth, and was chewing, and came back for more. Reid had to say no he really didn't want the pup to over do it, and make himself sick. Reid ate a couple of slices of pizza, and than closed the box, and walked over putting it in the fridge, and grabbed a beer. He turned as Piglet was sitting quiet just staring at him, and Reid walked over to him.

"Look at me being all so nice to you, and you poop on my floor that is gross we were just outside your name really suits you Buddy". Piglet put his head down, and Reid knelt down, "I'm sorry but it is gross did you finish or am I going to find another treat in a moment"?

Reid put him down cleaned up the mess, and walked Piglet to the back door, and opened it, and Piglet ran out running around Reid's backyard. Reid went out sitting on his chair, and smiled as the dog was running around in circles, and was not doing his business he just knew he would do it as soon as he went inside. He would give the Puppy some slack he had a rough day, but normally this would not impress him.

Piglet ran over, and Reid smiled, "Go do your business no going number 1 or 2 in my place go"

Piglet wanted to play , Reid grabbed a ball of Jacob's, and threw it , and Piglet ran, and brought it back. Reid thought that was cool so he threw it again, and it went on for 1/2 hour. It was getting dark, so Reid picked up Piglet, and went inside locking the door. He was really tired but he suddenly felt bad he didn't know what to do with Piglet. He wasn't so sure he wanted him in his bedroom, but how could he leave him alone in the kitchen, or in the laundry room. Reid decided to sleep on the couch, he went upstairs to change, and grab his pillows, and blanket. He came downstairs , and smiled seeing Piglet on the bottom of the stairs, but as Reid got closer he saw a little puddle of pee, and Reid gave Piglet a look. Reid went into the kitchen, and grabbed paper towels, and cleaner, and walked over cleaning up. Piglet sat watching him, and Reid whispered, "You are lucky I'm putting up with this Piglet".

Piglet jumped around, and Reid couldn't help but laugh. He grabbed some newspapers, and put them on the floor, and lifted Piglet, and put him on the paper.

"You go on here not my floors do you understand"?

Piglet looked at him with the cutest eyes, and Reid laughed as he walked over to the couch, and laid down after turning most the lights off. He left the kitchen light on for Piglet, but he didn't have to do that Piglet was beside the couch whining trying to get up on the couch.

"No you sleep here on the floor I'm right here"

Piglet was not going for that idea he kept whining, and crying finally Reid lifted him up , and laid him beside him.

"You better not make a mess on my brand new couch Piglet"

Piglet tried to lick his face, and Reid whispered, "I draw the line at licking my face that is gross"

Piglet settled down, and laid beside him, and fell asleep . Reid just watched him for awhile, and smiled but he knew giving him back was going to be harder than he thought he was already getting attached to the little guy.