Chapter 3

Reid woke up it was 3am, Piglet was still sleeping beside him. Reid smiled as he got up trying not to wake him. Reid was walking to the kitchen, and turned the light on, and was shocked Piglet was already in front of him in the kitchen.

"Oh my God are you trying to freak me out"

Piglet was jumping up, and down, Reid lifted him up, and whispered.

"You hungry Buddy I'm starving"

Reid put him down, he walked over putting some food in his bowl, Piglet ran over eating it. Reid opened the fridge, he wanted something, but he was looking for a light snack. He grabbed a piece of pie that he had left over , he brought the pie plate over to the table, and was eating it. Piglet was eating, but he kept stopping to make sure Reid was still there. Reid was watching him, he knew someone was going to claim Piglet, and he knew it was going to hurt. Piglet ran over, and laid by Reid's feet as he continued eating his pie. He finally got up, and walked over to the couch, and flipped the TV on. Reid laughed Piglet was climbing up his leg. Reid lifted him into his arms, and was flipping the channels. Piglet heard a dog bark on a commercial, and he turned, and starting barking at the dog. Reid had to laugh, but Piglet had a loud bark, so he changed the channel. Piglet was still looking at the TV, and Reid whispered.

"Wow you are a tough guy we should have called you Rocky"

Piglet barked, Reid calmed him down, he was watching Jerry Springer he couldn't believe people would do this show. Reid had to laugh, it had to be made up no one would really act this way. Reid started to fall asleep with Piglet in his arms, and woke up at 7am, and Piglet was laying beside him. He was shocked he didn't make a mess so Reid got up, and took him out to the backyard, and put him down to do his business. He went, and Reid was happy, and praised him, they went inside, and Reid gave him a little more food, he grabbed the phone, he wanted to tell Bob he needed the day off. He didn't have surgery today, and he had so much holiday time he hasn't taken so he was going to take 1 day off to think of something to do with Piglet while he went to work. He never really had a dog so he wasn't sure what you did with dogs while you were at work. He just knew Puppies get into everything, and he really didn't want to come home to a mess. His place was perfect, it took him a long time to make his place feel like home. He had to admit Piglet was really starting to get to him, he never in a million years would have thought he would fall in love with a dog. He would never tell anyone he was, but he loved having him around.

Reid called Bob Hughes, and waited for him to answer.

"Bob Hughes, how can I help you"?

"Bob it is Reid"

"Reid your going to be late is that why your calling"?

"No I need a personal day, I should be in tomorrow, but if not I will call you"

"Do you have any surgeries booked today"?

"No not until Thursday"

"Are you OK Reid are you sick"?

"No it is a family matter I will call you later, and let you know if I will be in tomorrow"

'Ok take care Reid"

Reid hung up, and walked over kneeling down, and whispered.

"I never take a personal day, you must be real special Buddy". Reid smiled as Piglet ran over , and started to bite his shoe, Reid got up, and lifted Piglet up, and whispered.

"We better get you some toys, I don't want you eating my shoes"

Reid needed to shower so he carried Piglet upstairs, and put him in a empty box, he told him to be good for a few minutes, as he went into the bathroom to shower.