Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the idea of the Borrowers, nor are these characters real people or supposed to resemble real people. This also a work in progress so ideas and suggestions are definitely welcomed.

Borrowers: Again.


Have you ever put something down for a second, and tell yourself that you will come back to get it later? But when you do come back it is gone…vanished. It is never the really big things. It is always small things. A button that fell off of your blouse, a watch that needs a battery replaced, even a Christmas light that needs to be changed out. The bad thing is you find them again when you least expect it and have not thought about in a long time. These objects were not lost. They were, in fact, borrowed. You don't believe me? Well here is my account of Borrowers.

Chapter 1- A New House

The drive seemed like it took forever. We were moving again, but this time they promised we would stay put. Oh, the joys of being an army brat. This was my 7th move in the past 5 years. I was going to be a freshman in high school this fall in New York City, but now I am moving to the middle of nowhere in a new country (the 3rd one I have lived in, as well.)

We had flown into Gatwick airport last night, but our flight had been delayed so we stayed the night to wait for our car to get there. We were moving from NYC to the Lake Country of England. At least, I was not going to have to learn a new language this time. But I was still not excited. My "friends" were over 2000 miles away, and my family was all over the US and not here. I am also an only child, so no siblings.

As the car drove down the motor way I began to see less buildings and more farms and trees the further we got from Gatwick. We were going to a small village called Grasmere. Apparently Mother had some long lost relative who had retired there and passed away and left the closest living relative their manor house...we won the prize. Mother keeps telling me to think of it as a vacation from the life we have been living. Dad is retiring in December from the military so the US Army gave him early leave to help us move. He will be traveling back and forth though from Washington and London until the first week of December. So Mother and I will be on our own for about six months as it is only June.

We are about five miles away from the house when the daily rainfall begins. It is unlike any rain I have ever seen. It is not torrential downpour; nor is it just a drizzle. It is sort of like a daily cleansing of the country side. It was very relaxing to watch, but then the realization that I still had unpacking to do came to mind. UGH! I was now upset and unrelaxed again.

Soon enough we were pulling into the drive of the property. I could not see the house yet, but the driveway was lined with oak trees and was awespiring to see. It was unlike anywhere we had ever lived. It was like out of a Jane Austin novel. I was amazed. The drive way seemed to go on forever. We eventually made it to the house. It was old but well kept. It was not too big not too small. There were ivy vines trailing the walls that were the color of a Frapaccino from Starbucks. It was beautiful. I was starting to feel better about this move.

The inside was slightly a different story than the outside. It was like no one had lived here in months. Covered in drop cloths, dust, and cobwebs, the inside looked…just old. It was also cramped and creaky. It had that old world charm though so I was going to manage fine.

I climbed up the stairs to go find my room. I picked the one that had plenty of windows and that faced out to the meadow behind our house. I had a great view of the forest and meadow and garden in our yard. The garden was massive and very well kept. I would find out later that our Housekeeper had a bit of a green thumb and was left the garden in the predecessors will. Apparently our furniture had been here for a few days and the few people of staff we had moved our furniture to the prospective rooms already. Luckily they had picked the one I liked the best. I plopped down on my bed and was almost asleep when I thought I heard something moving under my bed.