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The golden rays of sunlight immediately warmed her body as Mandie opened her eyes and sat up in her bed. She was still so utterly sleepy, she had to keep rubbing her eyes to get the bleariness out. Giving a final yawn and stretching her arms, she looked over to her friend Celia. Her back was turned to her, and her stunning red curls fell around her rumpled white sheets.

Mandie smiled slyly to herself before swinging her legs out of bed, all tiredness forgotten. She head towards her unsuspecting target with comfy pink pillow in hand before raising it up, up, up….

Celia shifted in her bed unexpectedly; her pink lips opened to emit a yawn that never came out, for the pillow had slammed down on her face. She gave out a strangled yelp and sat up to stare at the giggling Mandie.

"Mandie!" Celia protested.

"You have to be the first one to wake up, remember?" Mandie grinned.

Celia pouted. "Ugh, I'll get you next time."

"Just try," Mandie said, her blue eyes twinkling. "However, now is the time for classes!"

"Oh, but I'm so tired," Celia moaned. "And I have no clue why."

"Hmmm, were you perhaps thinking of a boy all night?" Mandie teased.

"Ha, very funny, as if you don't have a lot of guys on your mind," Celia remarked as she swung herself out of a bed over to her closet.

Mandie immediately blushed. "I do not!" She proclaimed.

Celia put a finger up to her lips. "Hmm, let me see," she began mockingly, "Joe, Jonathan, Tommy, Adrian Nolan, and George Stuart." She held out a long sleeved green dress to examine before changing into it.

Mandie was in the middle of changing into a pale yellow dress, and immediately froze before a frown formed on her face. "Celia, I hope you know I do not have romantic feelings for all those boys. Why, I barely know Adrian and George. And Tommy and Jonathan are just good friends."

"Then, what about Joe?" Celia asked wittily, pausing from doing her hair to give her friend a knowing smile.

Mandie knew this was coming, after all wasn't it her fault for not putting Joe in the friend category? But she knew secretly why she didn't. After all they'd been through; it was hard to think of Joe as just a friend. Mandie had been feeling a realization growing over the past few days, one that actually been for years. But now it was so strong, that she couldn't put it aside, or deny it to herself any longer. And she didn't want to lie to one of her truest friends, so she put down the brush she was using for her hair, and hesitantly looked at Celia. Her friend was now observing herself in their full length mirror.

"Celia, I… I've been feeling differently about Joe," Mandie started, biting her lip.

At her friend's tone, Celia abruptly turned away from the mirror and looked at her curiously. "How so?" she asked. After all, it had always been plain to her that Mandie loved Joe, she and Mandie had even gotten into fatal arguments over it. But now, was Mandie really going to confess?

"It's just; I have been having dreams about him. Such lovely, breathe-taking dreams that I never want to wake up from. And in that moment, I actually wish… well…that I could marry him." She glanced sideways at Celia, her cheeks burning from embarrassment.

"Oh, Mandie!" Celia hastily clapped her hands together. "I've been waiting for you to finally realize this!"

Mandie looked at her friend, befuddled. "You have?"

"Oh, yes, I think everybody has." She laughed.

Mandie was even more bewildered. "Who is everybody?"

"Oh, Uncle Ned, Sally, Uncle John, why even your even mother!"

Mandie immediately stood up and frowned at her. "Why hasn't anybody told me this?"

"Because whenever they brought it up, you always said to wait when you're older."

"Oh." It seemed like an absurd reason now to Mandie, and she wondered why she couldn't realize sooner how helplessly in love she was with Joe. Then again, maybe she always had known.

"Let's just get to class then," Mandie insisted, arranging her shawl and picking up her belongings. Celia followed after her. Mandie suddenly turned around as a thought came to her.

"But you haven't told me who you admire," she teased as Celia fumbled with her books with a pink blush on her cheeks.

"Uh, it's really no one. Besides, I think he may be in love with someone else."

Classes had finally ended for the day and students now milled around the campus freely. However, that didn't Mandie from again wondering who Celia was dreaming about. She had stopped pestering her during classes, but the question still hung there. What boy didn't love her best friend?

"Oh, hello," Mary greeted her, breaking Mandie's train of thought.

"Mary, hi! How are you?" Mandie warmly asked her friend.

"Oh, I'm good, just a little busy with class, you know?"

"Oh, yes, I know the feeling. Want to walk with me to Celia's class?" Mandie quickened her pace across the floor.

"Oh, sure! Are you still going with that George fellow to the event tonight?"

Mandie's blue eyes widened. "Shucks! I've forgotten all about it! What am I going to do?"

Mary laughed. "I suspected as much. Don't worry, you just need to get dressed and I'll take you there."

"Thanks," Mandie fretted. "And are you going with someone?"

"Actually, I'm going with Alexander Johnson," Mary said happily.

"Oh, I don't know who he is, but I hope y'all have a good time."

"Is Celia going?" Mary asked.

"Is Celia going where?" She asked as she walked out of her classroom towards them.

"Hello, Celia, we were just wondering if you're going to the event tonight," Mary greeted her.

"Oh, well, nobody asked me," Celia said, a bit shyly.

"Then we'll find someone," Mandie said confidently, but then a brilliant idea struck her.

"Actually, I'll catch up with y'all later, I need to do some calling up," she said mischievously.

"Oh, I was just going to ask if you girls wanted to come to my house for tea," Mary said, surprised.

"Don't worry, you and Celia can go on without me, I'll come by later." And with that, Mandie sped off with a rustle of skirts.

"Oh dear, I know when Mandie becomes like this, and it's never entirely good." Celia frowned after her friend.

"Well, it can't be helped with now, can it?" Mary asked lightly. "Come, let's go find a carriage."

A few hours later all the girls at the college were fancying themselves up for the event, decked out in laces and embroidery. Celia was dressed in a beautiful white gown with curling black designs. Her red hair was put up in a bun, and Mandie smiled at how stunning her friend looked. Mandie, on the other hand, was wearing a dark pink gown with a white shawl over with a pretty black flower on the side. She had left some of her blonde tresses to flow freely over her back. (PICTURES ON MY PROFILE IF INTERESTED)

Mary arrived to their room in a pretty red dress and led them to the event room where they would wait for the men to arrive. Surprisingly, Mandie wasn't nervous. She was actually a bit disappointed, for she didn't want to go with George anymore. She wished that Joe was there instead, but the only ones who would know that were her and Celia.

Speaking of Celia, she was overwhelmingly anxious. Mandie had refused to tell her who she set her up with, so she was left wondering who her mystery man was. She knew who she wished it was, but if Mandie asked him, would have really come? No, it would be impossible, since he lived so far in the first place. So who could it be?

Suddenly the men arrived in the front of the room and were now walking towards the ladies. George Stuart and Alexander Johnson both greeted Mandie and Mary. Mary and Alexander walked away to talk more privately, while Mandie looked less friendly with George. Until she saw a certain someone and put her gloved hand on George's arm.

"George, how about we get some tea," she asked sweetly.

"Alright," George agreed with a robust smile.

"Mandie," Celia put her hand on her friend's arm with urgent eyes, begging not to be left alone.

"Don't worry, Celia, I think your date has finally arrived." Mandie winked before going over to the refreshments table with George.

Nerves wracked Celia as wrung her fingers, then turned around to see a pair of familiar brown eyes.

"Hello, Celia." The tall, lean gentleman looked down at her with a handsome smile.

Celia breathed in deeply in surprise. "Hello, Robert," she said faintly.

Hm, I bet Robert was the boy Celia was thinking of. Good job, Mandie, she congratulated herself. Oh, where did that George go? Don't tell me I've lost my so-called date already!

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