(A/N: I'm writing with MLP because they have no such things as humans in their world so if Danny being a human and ghost, appeared in their world, how would they react? That's what this story will be about, oh and saving their worlds from (spoiler) and I love writing crossover fanfics! Please read this story even if you are only an MLP fan or only a DP fan! And for references to MLP fans: This is after A Friend in Deed and for DP fans: this is after Kindred Spirits. Before Season 3 but After Season 2.)

Chapter 1: Friendly Problems

"Arrruuuu!" Wulf howled to the non-existing moon. This howled was not directed to a moon, it was a cry for help, for someone to help save the giant wolf from a hooded fiend.

"Howling will do you no good…" A mysterious shadow said in the distance, with a soothing and menacing tone, "No one can hear you or help you in this unbreakable underground lab…" then the shadow let out a small chuckle, "Well, it's not like they can break through the ghost shield that is keeping you trapped and immobilized."

Wulf just growled at the being and began struggling to somehow break free of the restraints that were holding him down. His large body didn't move an inch, even after a long and enduring five minutes of struggling with the restraints around his ankles and wrists. Wulf's dark brown ears fell down as he soon realized that there was no escape and that no one would be able to save him, not even friend.

"Now, be a good doggy and lay still as I get a couple of samples from those dimensional claws of yours…" The Shadow hummed a small tune as it pressed a button to bring out Wulf's left paw from the glass case and began to scrap off some of the large canine's claws into a small test tube. Wulf began to show his sharp teeth and growled at the Shadow who took some of his DNA away to a mechanic object somewhere he couldn't see. With the enclosed glass case around Wulf, he could not make out what the mechanical object could do or even what it looked like.

"It appears I am lacking some ectoplasmic substances to get this starting correctly…" The Shadow noted to itself, "I guess I'll go take some from that Lab in Amity Park. Yes, yes, that should do nicely." The Shadow grinned widely and began to rub its hands together with a nice and giggle evilly along with it.

"Guys! I could use a little help over here!" Danny shouted for some assistance just as the Box Ghost managed to fling some accessories into his face, distracting his attention before a punch was landed right into the Halfa's Stomach.

The white haired freshmen began flying at a high velocity towards Sam and Tucker, who weren't paying attention to their ghostly friend flying in their direction. With a loud crash, Danny flew straight into Tucker's PDA and a box that Sam happened to be holding.

"Hey!" shouted the techno-geek, "Watch where you're flying, dude! I was instant messaging a girl who I'm going to go on a date with tomorrow afternoon!" Tucker quickly ran over the fallen device on the concrete.

"Danny…" the Goth girl sighed sharply as she rushed for the fallen box, "Great, now I have to pick up all the frogs that were in this box," She frowned and looked down at Danny who was rubbing his head with his white gloved hands.

"Well you wouldn't have to pick up those frogs if you guys could just maybe help me!" yelled the ghost halfa as he lifted himself off the ground to defy Newton's Laws of Gravity.

"Hey, we've helped you all those other times, dude!" Tucker shouted back just as he finished tapping down a message to his 'girlfriend'.

"Oh yeah, those other times were very helpful moments," Danny frowned as he thought back to the past events in the couple of days.

"Hey, guys! I'm kind of getting strangled at the moment, can I get some help?" Skulker had a very tight grip on Danny who was struggling to get out of his deadly grip.

"How's it going Miss? Would you like a taste of Tucker Foley?" Tucker sprayed some mouth freshener while talking to a random girl.

"Danny! You've got to save the lizards and put them back in their rightful place!" Sam dashed around to catch some frightened blue-bellied lizards and put them back in their cages.

"I still caught the Lunch Lady the other day," Tucker pointed out to his friend floating over his head.

"Yeah, after a good 20 minutes of watching me getting pounded by meat instead of me pounding the meat!" Danny shouted after dodging a flying box.

"Danny, we both have some social life that we want to catch up on…" the dark haired Goth girl said, "we can't always help you with ghost fighting, besides I can't let these poor animals run wild while there are flying ecto-rays everywhere."

"And don't forget the flying boxes," Danny dodged an incoming box and reacted with a Fenton Thermos to the Box Ghost's location.

"I will be back! BEWARE!" The Box Ghost screamed as he was being sucked into soup container. The halfa shut the thermos closed and turned to his closest friends.

"Well if you guys aren't going to help me, then I don't need you to fight ghosts with me!" The white haired teen took off into the night sky, heading to his house in the opposite direction.

"Yeah well we didn't want to help you after all!" Sam shouted to the white outlined ghost in the night sky. "Come on Tucker, let's go."

Tucker didn't take his eyes off his PDA as he followed the sound of Sam's combat boots and giggled from the words on his screen arriving from his date's electronic.

"Finally, I managed to grab that ectoplasmic substance," the Shadow drifted through the night sky, "It would have been easier if you didn't have to be so loud and clumsy ... Oh shut up! I didn't mean to!" A small faint light came from the ectoplasmic sample, causing it to shine in the darkness of the night.

"Those guys should be helping, not being too distracted to stop helping protect this town from ghosts," Danny pouted as he sailed through the crimson sky. His hair moved in the cold winds of the night while glowing from his ghostly body. His legs were in a long transparent line that swayed right and left as he made his way to the other side of the town. Danny's mumbling distracted him enough that he didn't see a small faint light levitating towards him…

A shove pushed him back and he finally snapped his attention to a small faint light floating slowly in the air above him. It began to twirl as it was floating in midair and suddenly fell victim to gravity, splattering all over the cold concrete road. A loud gasp was heard where the light substance now lay.

"YOU!" an angered voice yelled at the floating teen.

"Wh-Wha?" Danny asked a little startled and confused at what just happened.

"You broke the ectoplasmic substance I obtained from that idiot's lab!" screamed an angry voice that was slowly moving toward Danny's face. The ghost boy managed to slowly make out some sharp red eyes that glared at him for the spilled substance.

"You shall pay for the trouble you have caused me!" the red eyes flared and brought out a small mechanical box. The box floated to the ghost boy and opened its small compartment to reveal a tiny jail cell meant for someone the size of an ant.

Danny laughed at the sight in front of him, "Do you expect me to fit in that small thing? It's so tiny that only an insect could stay in there," a small chuckle from the ignorant teen told the box to enlarge in size and show off how it could really trap the ghost.

"And this is when I learn how to keep my mouth shut," Danny frowned as the box encaged him in a jail cell.

"What should I do with him?" The eyes began to look around in curiosity, "Ah, ha! I can send him to that dreadful village that dared to kick me out for eternity! What do you think? … Oh it'll do fine, his species isn't even there so it'd be the perfect area to send him! I can also test out this new device… though I believe that it'll only have enough energy to keep open a portal for a minute ... Oh who cares? That'll be long enough to push him in."

Danny looked up at this weird conversation. "Are you…" the teen raised his eyebrow and smiled, "talking to yourself?"

"I am not talking to myself!" the eyes yelled at the ghost boy who began to laugh a little bit. "I am just debating what to do with you, you pathetic piece of trash!"

"So talking to himself," The teen smiled at the angry red eyes and kept on laughing at the act that happened before his eyes.

"Hey! I'm a she not a he! You dare to mock me again?"

"Well how was I supposed to know that? It's not like us ghosts have X-ray vision and can see through the darkness and your clothes. Besides, you certainly sound like a he."

"What are you talking about? I have such a feminine voice! You just don't understand!"

"Sit in my position and then you try to understand."

"GYAH, you're getting me off topic!"

"No, you're getting yourself off topic. I didn't start this gender battle," Danny smirked arrogantly.

"Yes you did! You're just trying to avoid your doom!"

Danny rolled his eyes and just kept his mouth shut, no longer wanting to deal with this idiot.

"I am Beaker!" the eyes yelled with determination, "And this will be the last time you'll see me!"

"I highly doubt that," Danny frowned at the thought of meeting this crazy girl again. "And why tell me your name? Such a random thing to bring up."

"I don't think you understand still, you cannot escape and now you'll be my lab rat!"

Danny sighed at the ignorance of Beaker "Dude, us ghosts have intangible abilities, I can escape with my eyes closed."

Beaker laughed at the teen's statement, "Really? Let me see you do that!"

The ghost chuckled "Whatever you say, it's your mistake," Danny closed his eyes and thought about phasing through the bars in front of him. He advanced forward to pass the bars until something stopped him. Pain shot through the teen's body as he felt electricity flow through his veins. He screamed in pain and fell backwards onto the floor. A light blue ring appeared around his waist and began to separate into two rings, going up and down his body to reveal a raven haired teenager with a white T-shirt, decorated with red outlines along the collar and the ends of the short sleeves. Instead of black spandex, there were jeans and red sneakers.

Beaker widened her eyes as she saw Danny's true form. "You're a ghost and human? Oh this will make you my perfect lab rat," she brought out a small backpack that suddenly changed in size.

"Now where are you…" Beaker began to dig through the backpack until she felt a small ball against her fingers. "Ah ha! There you are!"

The now human Danny widened his eyes a bit to see a small ball fall into the cage and disappear behind him.

"Now…test…Micro… Scr…" Is all Danny could hear through his faint consciousness before he slowly slipped away into the darkness.

(A/N: I'm sorry that this chapter is so crappy and short. Dude its so hard to start a fanfiction. Also I'm sorry for the OOC Tucker and Sam, I had to somehow get them into a fight! It'll be a little event special to Danny in the future. It'll get more climatic next chapter, in fact some fans of ********** and ***** will totally kill me next chapter. 8D Oh and I haven't described Beaker that much because I want her to stay more mysterious, her appearance will give away some things I wish to keep secret. ;3 Also I gave her a trait like most DP enemies. If DP fans have noticed, any enemies in DP have some sort of catchphrase or trait that fans will remember them. Since I needed a silly trait (like Technus screaming out his plans, and the Box Ghost screaming Beware a lot) I came up with the trait that she talks to her a lot. That's why at the beginning I bet a lot of you were confused as to why it sounded like she was talking to someone else. xD I think I might actually have it become a good point later. Thank you for reading this! Update will be soon since I have it already planned out. Also on DA I have a drawing for each chapter. You can find my DA on my account info.)