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Friendship is Ghostly

Ch 9: Pony Lessons II – Pegasi Basics

A small knock awoke Twilight and her injured assistant.

"I'll get it…" Spike mumbled half asleep.

"Oh no, you don't…!" Twilight jumped out of her bed and forced the blanket back onto the dragon, "You are not going to push yourself with those casts."


"No, butts! You go back to bed, it'll help you recover more quickly." Twilight went down her steps and through the library to the little magenta door with a candle engraved onto it. Her pink magic covered the door handle and she swung it open, to see Fluttershy and pony Danny standing outside discussing a matter to each other.

"Uhh, Fluttershy?" Twilight caught her friend's attention.

"Oh! U-uh, Twilight! I'm sorry if I woke you up but…"

"Do you have some sort of balloon to get me up there?" Danny pointed to the sky with his black hoof. Twilight turned her head, slightly confused.

"Yes, yes I do but why? You have wings don't you?"

"I-I don't know how to use them!" Flustered and embarrassed he covered his face with his brand new wings.

"I-I want to bring Danny up to Cloudsdale t-to learn how to fly!" Fluttershy mumbled loudly, "I'm not the greatest flyer around so I thought…" Twilight narrowed her eyes on Danny. She still didn't exactly trust the ex-human with her most delicate friend but… She held her hoof up to her chin.

"Fluttershy has been fine with him so far and it would be good to get him more used to a pony's body…" Twilight let her mind relax and showed a smile.

"Okay, as long as Danny pinkie promises to not harm you. He has to keep an eye on you and help you with your handicap, since he did cause it." Danny looked down at his new black hooves. He didn't like to be reminded on his foolish actions. It was a complete accident and no one would let it go but, he probably wouldn't let it go either if the same thing happened to Sam or Tucker.

Danny raised his hoof, "I pinkie promise." Twilight led Fluttershy and the ex-human around her tree house to the back where her purple hot air balloon hovered above, tied down to a nearby pole.

"Now, to start it up you just…" Twilight began talking about the different functions of the small machine to power the hot air balloon. Danny didn't pay attention. His mind was focused on the clouds above. Fluttershy had been a bit nervous this morning about going to Cloudsdale. He wondered if she had some bad experiences up there like he has with high school with people like Dash and Kwan. Well, he could think about that later. He was going to find out soon enough.

The feeling of the wind blowing through his raven-black mane was refreshing. It felt like back home, when it was night time, no ghosts were attacking and Danny could fly through the sky without a care in the world.

"W-we're almost there…" Danny heard beside him. Fluttershy had a worried look on her face. She was staring at the patch of clouds above. That must be Cloudsdale, if it really did live up to the "clouds" part in its name. As the hot air balloon ascended into the clouds, everything around Danny and Fluttershy turned to a misty white. A bright light shined just above them, signifying that their little journey was coming to an end.

The clouds parted and out came the purple hot air balloon. Danny parted from his thoughts and widened his eyes at the amazing view. He got this Greek feeling from the sky-island. The ground was completely made up of clouds (wow, he could probably sleep on the floor at any moment he got tired!) and the buildings were made out of pearl white stone. There were a couple of rainbows scattered in the sky and everywhere he looked there were Pegasi. Not a single Unicorn or regular pony without the horn or wings. Since this is the sky it did make some sense… but if this place is really magically wouldn't all ponies be allowed to walk on the clouds?

"Fluttershy," The shy pony turned her head away from the balloon's mechanism to Danny, "Why aren't there any unicorns or plain regular ponies?" Fluttershy blinked a couple of times.

"Plain regular ponies? O-oh, you must mean Earth Ponies."

"Ugh, this vocabulary…"

"I'm sorry if that sounded harsh…"

"No, no. I'm just not used to this wacky place yet."

"You'll get used to it overtime, I had to get used to the ground after falling there." Danny's ears perked up.

"Falling?" Fluttershy covered one of her eyes with her pink mane.

"I used to live up here… but then one day Rainbow Dash had a race and she accidentally knocked me off. Since I wasn't a good flyer back then, I almost fell straight into the ground but then a group of butterflies caught me and I met all the wonderful animals on the ground. I earned my cutie mark and decided to never go back up because I'd have to ditch my animal friends…" The yellow pegasus smiled. She was happy that that happened. If it didn't she wouldn't of found her talent and she wouldn't of found her wonderful friends. Danny frowned though.

"Why didn't Rainbow Dash help you?!" the teen was frustrated that the rainbow pony would let her friend fall to her death.

"She was busy racing… for me." Fluttershy spoke a little louder. She didn't want Danny to think Rainbow Dash was a bad friend.

"She could of completely ignored the race to come and sa-" the hot air balloon landed with a loud thud and knocked Danny off of his hind legs.

"… We're here…" Fluttershy whispered. She helped Danny up and opened the door to the balloon's basket. The teen would have stomped off angrily but the soft ground made him stop and stare. His black hooves sunk a little into the fluffy clouds. Back in his world, all the clouds were made up of water vapor. Having this pillow surface was… fun. He smiled and began trotted across the surface. He would probably only have this experience once in his lifetime so he was going to spend it well!

"D-Danny, we have to go this way…" The teen looked behind him to see Fluttershy pointing in the opposite direction. She covered one of her eyes with her pink mane(again) and looked more nervous than usual. Danny was slightly concerned but decided to not bother. She was probably just nervous seeing some of her old friends here. He knew that it was still awkward to see some of your old elementary "friends" while walking in the streets or shopping at a store. Fluttershy began walk-limping towards a large building that had rainbows spewing out of it and small clouds hovering in front of it. Before they entered a loud voice stopped them in their tracks.

"Hey! Look at that! It's Klutsershy!" A brown pegasus flew out of the building and landed in front of the two. A loud and slightly annoying laugh rang out behind him.

"What are ya doing up here, Earth Pony?" A larger tan pony came out from behind him. A snorted laugh followed and a grey pegasus smaller than the other two stood beside his friends. All three were wearing white construction hats with white workers' coats.

"Oh.. H-hi… Long time no talk, Hoops, Dumb-bell, and Score…" Fluttershy took a couple of steps back. Danny raised his eyebrow and stared at all three of them. They had the faces of a bully and they certainly had the "gang" to be bullies. Reminded him of Dash and Kwon, just with another addition.

"Aren't you not allowed up here, since. You know. You're not a pegasus!" Dumb-bell laughed. Both of his friend laughed along with him. Fluttershy hid behind Danny. She hid herself behind her pink mane, it made her feel like she was a bit more protected.

"Oh, and what is this?" the brown pegasus pointed at Fluttershy's cast, "It doesn't surprise me that happened! You're so fragile that a little punch would break your bones!" All three laughed together at Fluttershy's terrible injury.

"Fluttershy! Fluttershy! Fluttershy can hardly fly!" Dumb-bell and Hoops chanted together. Score laughed at Fluttershy and pointed with his two friends. Danny put his head down and glared at the three bullies.

"Huh? And who's this stallion?" Dumb-bell flicked Danny in the chin with his hoof. The teen held his chin with his black hoof. It felt weird having no fingers. He couldn't flip the guy off or point. Well, he could point but it'd be less threatening.

"What's with all of the lame clothes?" The bully pegasus pointed at the ex-human. Danny looked down at his new shirt. It looked exactly like his old one but now there was a v-neck and two ends going down his back. Going down his hind legs were his modified jeans. They looked more like sweatpants now but whatever fitted him right into his new body worked for him.

"You think the sun's going to burn straight through your fur?" The dark brown pegasus teased. "What, you afraid of a little sunlight? Holed up in your house for too long? Or maybe you're just like her, living down on the ground with her little animal friends. Holed up in a tiny house with only the comfort of your furry friends." Danny's eyes turned into a green. Since there were no teachers or adults around, he could do whatever he liked. The teen turned his head to the side and cracked his neck.

"Hey, hey! Mr. Clothed Stallion is going to try and defend his little friend! You can't beat the three of us!" The group of bullies bared their teeth and unfolded their wings.

"Try me." Danny said through his new pony teeth. All three flew at Danny, ready to land a good punch. Suddenly, the clothed pony threw a kick to the pony on the furthest left, Score knocked right into Dumb-bell and Hoops and threw them to the soft ground. Dazed but not finished, all three got to their hooves and surrounded Danny and Fluttershy. The teen laughed at the bullies.

"You think this is going to beat me? I'm all "pony-ed" up and ready to kick some butt! I've needed something to release my anger on for some time now." After his little taunt, Danny grabbed Fluttershy and threw her out of the ring. The fragile pegasus gasped as she landed on her back on the soft ground. She watched as all three ponies jumped on Danny. She squeaked as screams and hits were being exchanged. Out from the pile of ponies, all the three bullies came out with bruises and scratches.

"L-Let's get out of here! Klutsershy has a new bodyguard!" All three ponies stumbled over each other and evacuated in the opposite direction of the two. Danny was flying in midair with his hoof raised up into an attempted fist.

"That's right! Keep on trotting you horses!" Fluttershy point at the teen and smiled.

"Y-you're flying! You're doing it!" Danny blinked and stared at himself. He didn't know how, but he was doing it!"

"Yeah! Now I don't have to-" He lost track of his rhythm and flipped himself upside down. "…Nevermind." He fell to the ground with a thud and rubbed his head. Fluttershy approached the fallen stallion and helped him stand on his four legs.

"T-thanks for that…" She stuttered, "I've known those three since Flight Camp. Rainbow Dash and I were always teased by them." Danny rubbed his cheek and stepped forward.

"Let's hurry up and get on out of here, I don't want anything else happening." Danny said. Fluttershy trotted in front of him and lead him into the factory.

Danny's sky pupils were lit up with amazement. These ponies made practically everything! Even the weather! They had a snowflake area, where ponies carefully carved out the designs on each piece of snowflake. They produced rainbows and rain clouds and tornadoes! Being a pegasus seemed like a huge responsibility. He stared at his black and white wings. With these, he could practically control the seasons. He could have summer during winter, and then he wouldn't have any problems with Dash shoving him down an iced sidewalk. Fluttershy stopped him at an area where different colors were being mixed together. There was a small puddle of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. A tornado began to form around the puddle. Within a couple of seconds, the tornado turned into a mix of the six colors and flew into a bin nearby. After the tornado disappeared, Rainbow Dash was standing there with a clipboard.

"Good job, Thunderlane. Just fix your aim a little." Rainbow Dash instructed. On the side of the bin, there was a tiny puddle of green. The black pony she instructed, nodded and walk away.

"Okay! Time for a lunch break, everyone!" All the ponies in the factory stopped working and flew off towards the exit. Rainbow Dash put her clipboard up on the side of the bin and took off her work uniform. She turned around to see her shy friend.

"Oh, hey Fluttershy what are you doi-" She spotted Danny, spacing out right next to her. "You!" Rainbow flew up to the two and hovered in front of them.

"What is that doing here?!" She yelled at her friend. Danny snapped out of his trance and glared at the cyan pony.

"W-Well…" Fluttershy looked down, "He wants to know how to fly and you know… I'm not a good flyer so I thought you could…" Rainbow Dash snorted.

"Teach this thing? Yeah right. It's just going to use his wings to plan bigger things! You showed him the factory didn't you? He might screw up the weather schedule if he knew how to fly!" RD glared back at the teen.

"P-Please, Rainbow! He's a really considerate and nice once you get to know him! Give him a chance." Fluttershy pleaded. Since she couldn't help Danny, Rainbow had to do it for her. With a snort, the cyan pegasus turned away.

"No way! He already took his chance and flushed it!" Rainbow glared at Danny through the corner of her eye. The sounds of hooves were coming closer as three ponies approached. The three bullies walked into the doorway and proceeded to walk halfway through the room until the clothed pegasus caught their eye.

"Oh crap! It's that bodyguard!" Dumb-bell shouted, "Let's get out of here!" All three ran away through the other door. Rainbow Dash watched as the three ran away in fear. She turned to Danny and pointed her hoof at him.

"What did you do?" Danny stared at the cyan hoof.

"I just gave them what they asked for."

"They probably didn't ask for anything! You just did it for your amusement, didn't you! Fluttershy! Why didn't yo-"

"H-He was protecting me." The yellow pegasus rubbed her hoof on her foreleg. Rainbow blinked and stared at Danny.

"Yeah, I was protecting her wayyy better then you were!" Danny yelled. He was angry about the whole falling incident that happened when Fluttershy used to live up here.

"Wha?! What's that supposed to mean?" Rainbow shoved her face up into Danny's personal bubble.

"That means that I was able to protect! I didn't let her fall to her death!" Rainbow looked at Danny with a confused expression.

"What? What are you talking about?"

"You let Fluttershy fall to the ground during your race! Don't tell me you didn't notice!"

"Of course I didn't notice! We flew so fast past Fluttershy I wasn't able to look back!"

"Some friend you are, striking her down and not helping!"

"I didn't notice! And I was racing to protect Fluttershy!"

This stopped Danny in his argument. Wait. She was racing to protect Fluttershy? But… how could a race protect her?

"How the heck is that protecting?" He asked in a softer voice.

"Dumb-bell and Hoops were bullying her! I stood up to her and threatened them. They didn't think I was a big shot so they challenged me to a race and I won. Easily." Rainbow shook her head up and down, smiling at her past success. Fluttershy stepped in between them.

"You both were protecting me. There's no need to lash out at each other in such a mean way." Rainbow and Danny shared an angry stare. "Please, Rainbow. He's been protecting me and I haven't been able to repay him. I'd really appreciate if you could just teach him how to fly." Fluttershy kept her head down and looked up at Rainbow.

With a sigh, Rainbow finally gave in, "Fine. I'll teach him. I'm only doing this for Fluttershy. Remember that." She glared at Danny and shoved her hoof on his chest.

"Yeah, I'll definitely remember that." He snorted back.

"Once I finish work, I'll meet you in the flight training area." Rainbow Dash flew back to her uniform and clipboard. Fluttershy nudged Danny and gestured for him to follow her. They both left the factory and made way towards the training area.

"Pegasi can kick clouds out of the sky and round them up, they just have to be quick fliers unlike me," Fluttershy said. She and Danny were sitting on two separate clouds that hovered above the training area.

"Stop being so negative about yourself. You're really nice and hey, at least you can fly! I can't even stay airborne for a second," Danny opened up his folded wings. He could open and fold them easily now, but he still couldn't keep them in sync.

"Danny, but that's just me. I've accepted myself already and my friends have too. I know I can be a bit of luggage but… I don't mind since my friends do not mind! They've always got my back whenever trouble happens and I'm grateful." She smiled and put her head down into her legs. She had the greatest friends. Without them, she'd probably be a nobody. Just somepony who took care of the animals by the Everfree Forest.

"Sounds like they're really great friends. A lot better then me…" Danny thought back to his fight with Tucker and Sam. How he had just thrown aside his two friends just because they wouldn't help him do his own thing. It is a dangerous job and having them help would have put them in more danger… He's almost killed the two because of his ghost hunts! Oh, what he wouldn't do to apologize no-

"Hey! Time for flight lessons!" A voice rang throughout the teen's head. Danny jumped up and looked at the hovering cyan pegasus.

"Don't be falling asleep on me! If you want to do this, you're going to have to give me your full attention!" Rainbow pulled out a whistle and blew it in Danny's ear. The teen fell off the cloud and onto the training grounds.

"Drop and give me fifty!" Rainbow shouted her first order. Danny's jaw dropped. He thought this was flight lessons, not gym class! He got down on his hooves and started to do a push up until Rainbow yelled at him.

"Not with your legs! You're doing fifty with your wings!"

"What?! With my wings?!" Danny opened up his white and black wings. How could he do pushups with these things?

"Yes, with your wings! If you want to fly, you're going to have to pull your own weight!" Danny wasn't quite sure how to do a push up with these wings. He opened and closed them a couple of times. Since he was pushing them open, maybe it's considered a push-open? Rainbow Dash face-hoofed.

"You do it like this!" Rainbow opened up her wings and placed the end part of her wings on the fluffy ground. She let her body fall and her wings fold a little. With a small push her wings stretched out and brought her body back up. Danny watched, slightly confused how wings can be so strong.

"Now, give me fifty!" RD blew her whistle and within a second Danny got into the position but fell on his face.

After many attempts, Rainbow blew her whistle and motioned for Danny to follow. Exhausted, Danny slowly got up on his four hooves and walked behind Rainbow Dash. They stopped in front of a mattress.

"Now, we're going to get to flight part! I'm going to teach you how to keep yourself airborne! I'm going to show you how to accelerate or decelerate in times of need!" She blew the whistle right into Danny's ear to get him to stand up straight. "Now get up there and start flapping those wings!"

The sun was beginning to set over Cloudsdale. Pegasi were retreating to their homes. Shops were closing and factories shut down for the night. At the training grounds, two voices could be heard.

"Okay, I think you've got it." With a smile, Rainbow blew on her whistle to stop the drill. Danny fell to the clouds with a thud. He laid there, taking in as much air as he could.

"I-I sure h-hope… s-so…" Danny turned onto his back. He watched the moon rise into the sky. It was so big and pretty… It made him feel at peace. The moon wasn't the same but it sure made him feel better. The tired teen smiled and closed his eyes.

"Come on, that couldn't of knocked you out! If you're as tough as you are, then you should be fine!" Danny opened his eyes and saw Rainbow Dash smiling at him. She helped him get up off his back and onto his hooves. "If you're going to be just like one of us, you're also going to have to discard those clothes." Danny held onto his clothes. He didn't want to lose these, they made him feel more comfortable. More… human.

"As you've noticed, many ponies don't wear them unless it's time for some fancy-smanchy stuff. If you're going to fit in, you've got to try and go without for a couple of days." Rainbow tried to reassure the teen. Danny looked down at the floor. The cyan pegasus was only giving some advice, she didn't want him to get all soft on her.

"Just because I'm being nice to you know, doesn't mean I trust you. I'm just doing this for Fluttershy, remember that. So don't you dare pull anything!" She lectured. Danny smiled and called to Fluttershy. The yellow pegasus flew down to Rainbow Dash and thanked her for her help.

"It was nothing really; just don't let him abuse the usefulness of a pegasus," Rainbow stared at the teen. Fluttershy reassured her and took off, with Danny on her tail. They both went to the hot air balloon and descended into the clouds. When the balloon came out of the clouds, Danny took a look at the night sky. It was beautiful. There were stars everywhere and the moon light lit up the land. It made him a bit homesick. That made him think, what if he couldn't get home? Would he be stuck like this forever? How would Amity Park deal with the ghosts attacks? All of this worrying made him tired. The entire day made him tired. So tired that he just fell asleep in the middle of his thoughts.

Fluttershy parked the balloon, and quietly carried Danny back to the cottage. She put him on the couch and covered him with a blanket. The pegasus stared at him for a while. Her friends were slowly getting used to him, but as of now she had to get him to trust everyone and to get everyone to trust him. If she didn't, the results could be disastrous, for Danny and Ponyville. She sighed and went upstairs to her bed. It was such a weight but she decided to take everything into her hooves. Surely, a day would come where all of her friends would help her carry this.

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