Luna: Hey guys Long time no see

Vlad: She was practically dead

Luna: No it was because of school work so don't judge me

Vlad: Whatever just get on with the story

Luna: Then do the bloody exclaimer

Vlad: Gosh ok Luna does not Own C.O.V.T

Vlad's P.O.V

I stood in shock by the lockers as Henry pinned the girl down yelling at her to calm down. Bill was on floor coughing blood. Tom hurriedly rushed to his side "Let's get out of here," Said Tom. Bill nodded in agreement and together they ran down the hall without turning back.

"Angel you need calm down and go back home" Yelled Henry

The girl who I now know is named Angel nodded and waited for Henry to get off of her. When she stood up she straightened down her skirt. Something about her to me seemed off. She walked away with Grace it seemed as if she was floating with her silver hair flowing behind her. Angel walked into the shadows and disappeared yep something's weird about her. "Henry who was that?" I asked

"No one Vlad let's just forget this ever happened" Henry said with a straight face. I nodded and decided to just agree with him. I grabbed my stuff and went to class.

Lunch Time

I sat at my normal table with snow and her friends came over. Henry slammed the lunchroom doors Open and got his lunch and left. I decided to let him calm down. "Vlad you comin to the crypt tonight?" Asked Snow. I nodded and saw a flash of pink run out of the lunchroom.

Guess it's already time for me to check something out. I kissed Snow goodbye and left after Henry and Meredith. I looked around and saw Meredith run outside after… Henry?

I ran after them being as silent as I can. "Henry comes back tell me what's wrong" Pleaded Meredith.

"Nothing Meredith just go back inside" Said Henry

"I can't do that Henry after today your leaving and you won't tell me where" Said Meredith

Henry ran up to Meredith and kissed her. My eyes widened Henry and Meredith was dating. And Henry was going somewhere when was he ever going to tell me. Henry and Meredith kissed for 2 minutes, who knew they could kiss for that long. When they broke apart Henry Hugged Meredith as if she were the last thing on earth.

"I will come back Meredith don't worry about me But remember I will always love you" Said Henry kissing her forehead. Whoa how long were they dating the thought of Meredith dating me and Henry at the same time made my heart clench with hurt. Before I knew it School was over we must have been here for a long time.

Time skip

Right now I'm packing for the trip to Siberia with Uncle Otis. He said there were very special guest there and that they were royalty. I know what you're thinking but aren't I the Pravus who will rule the world I said the same thing but Uncle Otis said that I was simply ruling beside them. Way to make me feel like Dirt.

I didn't bother telling Henry I was leaving tomorrow. If he doesn't want to tell his best friend where he is going then I shouldn't either. After packing I took a shower and put on Black skinny jeans with black converses. I wore my favorite smiley shirt and left to the crypt. I don't need to wear sunscreen in the morning I said I didn't put it on because I just wanted to annoy Nelly.