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A lot of people seem to think that Danny is half dead or something. I have my own theory. Most of the ghosts in the series seem to be normal spirits that somehow became powerful enough to be able to interact with the physical world and possess amazing powers. My theory on Danny is that during the accident his soul became powerful enough to appear as a ghost (skipping the process of dying and becoming a spirit) and still being connected to his physical living body. (Note how I use the words ghost, spirit and soul separately. Soul: a spirit that is still connected to its living body. Spirit: A soul separated from its body by death. Ghost: See above.)

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Inuyasha: "What the f*ck is this sh*t!?"

Danny: "It's called linear equations. Though even I can't figure out what the hell is going on."

Hiccup: o.0 "Uhm, okay? ...I don't get this. Any of it. How can HE be a demon too?

Danny: "You mean mister Dog-Ears? He is a half demon."

Hiccup: "Wouldn't that make you even more alike?"

Inuyasha: "No you baka! He is a halfa -half a GHOST! I'm a hanyō, a hanbun YŌKAI!

Me: "Both can he translated as (half) demon but they are two completely different things."

Vesper: "Yup, but I'm the only real European half-demon here."

Hiccup: "Whut the...?"

Inuyasha: "Shut up now, I can't concentrate!" *Looks with a frown at the paper for a minute.* "Pssst, hey viking brat. What do these two lines mean?"

Hiccup: "Hm, I think Danny called it an equality stabbing, it means that whatever is in front of it is even to whatever comes after it."

Inuyasha: "Oh...What the heck, since when can an X be equal to 'ra' minus a duck?!"

Danny: "That's 5-2 Inuyasha." (A/U: ra is a japanese character that looks like a 5... and yu looks like a fish, LOL! And I used to think that 2 looked like a swan or duck.)

Inuyasha: "This makes absolutely no sense, there ain't no X in the word five or two! This is like saying that Naraku is a fluffy bunny with cookies! Screw this!" *Draws Tessaiga* "RAAAAAAAH!"

Hiccup: *Freaks out* "HOLY FLAMING SWORD OF SURTR!"

Vesper: "You could just eat your homework like a normal dog too, you know!"

Me: "Hm, did anyone make fan art about that already?"

Danny: "Inuyasha, if you're done with yours, any chance you wanna do mine too?"

Me: "No he won't. You are gonna keep looking for the solution. I have readers to amuse, you know."

Inuyasha: "Take this you stupid 'Math'! WIND SCAR!"

Chapter 14: "A Lot to Explain"

Danny's p.o.v.

I woke up with a stabbing pain in my neck and shoulder. Pinching my eyes closed, I started becoming more aware of my surroundings. Everything was quiet and there was a light weight on my chest. Slowly I started remembering what had happened: Hiccup and I had been attacked. Hiccup had been wounded and I had healed him. And he had found out about...

My eyes shot open, only to see the darkness, and I sat up immediately, making the weight on my chest fall into my lap and squeak in surprise. I looked down and met Arrow's green gaze. "Sorry." I mumbled before looking back up. "Where am I?" I relaxed as I realized I was still in the house instead of some kind of cell. That was a good sign.

I shifted a little and looked down to see Hiccup sleeping in his bed and (to my slight amusement) that there were strings of garlic hanging from each of the bedposts. I guess he was still a little unsure about trusting me. I would have to explain everything to him later and show him everything I could do. It might make him feel more at ease, and who knew what kind of freaky powers he could come up with that I didn't even have.

I lay back down and it took me a few minutes to realize I was too nervous to sleep. I turned ever a few times and looked at a sleeping Sparky before I got out of my hammock and landed on the floor as soft as a cat. I looked around for a piece of paper and a pencil to leave Hiccup a note. Right now, I needed to go outside and take some time to clear my mind.

As soon as my note was done I transformed and flew through the roof. Compared to the dark room, the open air was heavenly (I'm not sure if that pun was intended), fresh, and crispy and it helped me calm my nerves. I was quite grateful; Hiccup might not completely trust me yet, and after all I had read what they thought of ghosts I couldn't blame him, but still he seemed to give me a chance. This afternoon I would have to make a good impression.

I look down at a loud roar and saw Sparky trying to catch up with me. I guess I woke him when I changed. I slowed down a little until I was flying next to him. "Hey bud, did I wake you up?" He answered with a soft murmuring, so I guessed that if I did he didn't mind. I flew above him and landed on his back. With a sigh, I lay down on my stomach and changed back into my human form, closing my eyes and enjoying the wind.

Sparky let out another worried murmur and I looked up to see him studying me. "It's okay, I'm just a little worried and I couldn't sleep anymore." He kept quiet but I knew he was listening to me. "Hiccup seemed so afraid of me and I just hope I can convince him that I'm no danger to him and the rest of the tribe. I know he became friends with Toothless, even after all they said about Night Furies, but do you think he'll be able to understand where I come from, under what circumstances I grew up and became a Halfa?"

Sparky looked away for a few seconds, thinking, before looking back and nodding with an encouraging smile on his face. I closed my eyes and lay my cheek on his neck. "I hope you're right." I mumbled. Sparky let out a low purr that vibrated through my chest, causing me to smile a little. And we just flew around for a while, simply enjoying the cold, gentle wind and the light of the rising sun.

Hiccup's p.o.v.

Sitting upright on my bed, I stared up at Danny's empty hammock. Had he run after all? No, probably not. He had promised he to explain everything, and he had come back yesterday too. But then, where did he go? And Sparky was gone too. But as a small copper colored head appeared over the the edge of the hammock I realized that someone wasn't gone.

"Hey Arrow," I greeted the yawning Terror. He gave me a sleepy look and stretched like a cat. Then he climbed onto the beam and walked around until he was above my desk. He jumped onto it, grabbed a piece of paper that was lying on it and came over to give it to me. And without another look or sound he flew back up and lay down on Danny's pillow to sleep some more.

I folded the note open and immediately recognized Danny's clumsy scribbles.


I see I'm not locked up in some kind of cell, on a pyre, or at the bottom of the ocean with a stake through my chest, so thanks. I haven't run, I just felt very fidgety so I'm just flying around somewhere and clearing my mind. How about we see each other at noon, at the cove where you and Toothless met? It seems like the fitting place to learn more about me, since that is also the place where you started learning more about dragons. Please bring lunch, I haven't eaten since yesterday at lunch. (And yes, I have to eat.)



P.S.: You might want to exercise your hand a bit; it could still be a little stiff from yesterday.

I folded the piece of paper and put it into my pocket. Better not let dad find this. I swung my legs over the edge of my bed and, as instructed, started opening and closing my hand and loosening up my wrist and shoulders. It felt a little stiff indeed, but as that went away my hand seemed to be completely okay again.

Well, looks like I had a tryst with a friendly demon at noon.

I sat with my back against Toothless' side and nervously twirled my dagger in my hands. I had come a little earlier just to be sure I wouldn't be late, and now I wished I hadn't. Having nothing to do made me extremely nervous. Toothless kept a close eye on me and my dagger, afraid that I would cut myself. Eventually he couldn't take it anymore and, retracting his teeth, grabbed my arm. I looked up at him as he gave a half-irritated, half-worried whine.

"Sorry bud, but I can't stand this tension. Back in the village I would have been able to cry for help, but out hare someone could kill us without anyone ever finding out what really happened. I mean, yes Danny helped us and he scared away the Outcasts, but that's just the thing!" I was just babbling rapidly right now.

"Who knows what kind of powers he has! I mean, dad said some of the Outcasts want CRAZY! And he BLEW UP their catapults! Who knows what else he can do! Maybe he might not eat souls but maybe he can still rip them out! What if he can take over a body and use it as a mindless puppet! He might even be able to kill someone from the inside out! Whatifhecan– ouch!" I was startled out of my sudden creepy fantasies by an angry but gentle nip in my waist. I looked at Toothless who had given me a scolding look, as if he wanted to tell me I needed to have a little more faith in my friend. Then I realized what I had just said.

Okay, where had that come from? Maybe Danny could do all of those things, but that didn't have to mean he actually did them. He had said he protected humans after all, which meant he took great responsibility for his own powers. And then there was also the issue of what he had said about being both human and demon. He clearly had human emotions and he could show compassion towards others. That became very clear when I saw him take care of Sparky, or yesterday when he healed my arm.

I looked at said limb and the knife its hand held. I frowned at it and threw it over my shoulder, making Toothless turn a little to look after it. I lifted an eyebrow as I heard a gentle splash. 'Oh great, once this was over I would have to go looking for it again.' I gave a sigh.

Barely a minute had passed when a shadow suddenly flew over. Looking up I recognized Sparky's white belly and the drawings on his wings. He made a quick turn in the air and landed a little further away from where we sat. On his back I could recognize Danny who looked at me for a while, before taking a deep breath and dismounted the Skrill.

I took a deep breath myself. 'Okay then, here we go.'

Standing up and with Toothless on my heels, I walked up to him. "Hi Danny." Good, no shaking in my voice, good start! However, Danny didn't turn out to be fooled that easily. "You're scared." He simply stated. "Yeah, I know. But I've just been thinking and I was wondering, are you maybe a draugr*?"

Danny paled a little before lifting an eyebrow and mumbling, "That would explain the garlic." Then he continued a little louder. "No, not really, though I think 'draugr' may be the closest explanation in some ways. Oh Gods, I have no idea how to explain this in a simple way."

"Then I guess you should start from the beginning. I brought lunch so we should be good for a few hours," I said, patting Toothless' saddlebag.

Danny motioned with his head toward a fallen tree trunk, wanting me to follow him to it. "Hiccup, first of all I want to let you know that you might not understand everything I say right away."

"I could have guessed that. Any particular reason you're stressing it?"

He chewed his lip and casted his eyes at his feet as he answered. "From your point of view, you could consider me to be from the future." I stopped short at that statement.


I ran to catch up with him and sat next to him. "Wait, you're from the future? What is it like? What are the people like? Are we finally at peace with each other and the dragons? Are we suddenly overtaken by demons?"

Danny interrupted me. "Wow wow, don't go overboard! And by the way I think it isn't the future of this world." I stopped and looked at him with lifted eyebrows. "This world? But Yggdragis only has one world with humans." Danny put his fist to his chin in a thoughtful fashion before answering.

"Yggdragis is the tree that supports the nine realms, right?" I nodded. "Now look around you, do you see any tree standing here all on its own?"

I paled as I understood was trying to convey to me. "It isn't one tree, it's a forest." He nodded.

"Out there, there are probably millions and billions of dimensions we will probably never know about. Every tree with its own connected worlds, its own civilizations, cultures, maybe even its own gods. But, maybe some of those may look alike. In the past of my world we had vikings too, but we never found any evidence for the existence of dragons."

No dragons? I looked at Toothless for a moment. A world without him? I could barely even imagine that. "But then, how did you get here?"

Danny though some more. "In Yggdragis the worlds are connected by the Bifröst, where I come from we have similar connections. My world 'Earth' is permanently connected to the'Ghost zone' –the world where spirits, ghost, demon and possibly even draugr (would) live. However it might just be possible for worlds of different trees to connect too. There can be disturbances in the flow of time and space..." He saw my confused face. "A...sudden wind, that can get some of the branches to tangle up for a short while. That's how I got here, I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up in a world full of vikings, complete with the horned helmets and the accents, and," He changed his voice a little to do his best bad impression of Gobber's accent, "Giant, fire breathing, flying reptiles."

I chuckled at that. "But then, if you don't have those 'giant, fire breathing, flying reptiles', how do you get around? Because judging your knowledge and different styles of fighting and such, I would say you guys have contact with people from many distant places."

"Okay," He breathed out, rubbing his hands together. "This is what I was worrying about when I said you might not understand everything right away, but I'll do my best."

"Just like you, we have ships and some kind of carts, only we call them cars, and even some large vehicle that can fly. They look a little strange, move on their own and are mostly made out of some kind of metal."

I huffed in amusement. "Last time Gobber tried to repair a boat with metal he sunk it," I commented.

Danny laughed. "Yeah, I guess it has something to do with physics, with scape or mass or some other mumbo jumbo." I nodded. I guess I would have to find out everything I could later on since we had everything in the open right now. "But, how do you make those things move without any help? They are still objects, right?"

"Yeah, don't worry about that. We use different kind of energy to make things move. For instance, heat and steam was one of the first things we used to make ourvery first cars move. Now the most used energy for cars comes from burning gasoline –that's some kind of fluid deep underground. However, one of the most used kinds of energy we have is electricity."

I blinked in surprise and looked briefly at Sparky who had sat down behind Danny, just like Toothless was sitting behind me. "But how do you get electricity? I can't imagine that you have to wait for a thunderstorm every time or..."

"Sparky isn't Thor, and still he can make electricity. Imagine that you study a Skrill or other natural phenomena's like when your hair stands on end when you put on a wool sweater. Well if you try to copy that progress you might be able to make your own electricity." I got a crazy picture of about ten people putting on and off sweaters to get enough electricity to power a cart. I just shrugged it off because I was sure the people of the future had some better ideas.

"Do you also use this electricity to make those 'cars' and ships move?" I wondered.

Danny shook his head. "No, we are working on doing that but up 'till now it isn't commonly used yet. But we use it for most of our technology." I arched an eyebrow at the strange word. "If you would have pulled face in the company of my friends Tucker would have had a heart attack," Danny said with a chuckle before continuing. "Technology is the name of a collection of very advanced tools. We have, for instance, objects, roughly the size of a small crates that can find and show information from all over the world in the blink of an eye."

My eyes widened at that. "Wow. That would surely be a huge step towards progress."

Danny nodded. "Yes, and there are also these little things that you can take anywhere with you and fits in the palm of your hand. You could compare it to letters, but you can hear each other's voices and talk to them as if they're right next to you, even if they are on the other side of the world."

"So you mean that if I stood in one corner of the earth I could talk to someone living on the other edge?"

Danny turned to me and gave me a strange look before after a few seconds his eyes widened in understanding. "Oh right, you guys haven't found out that the world is round yet."

Now it was my turn to look surprised. "Well that would explain Astrid's aunt's little problem." I mumbled, "She just keeps sailing round in circles."

"Okay, now we are at the part where I can do an attempt to explain how I became half-ghost. I didn't lie about my family, my parents are specialist if it comes to the supernatural. They attempted to create a permanent and controllable doorway to the Ghost Zone, called a Ghost Portal. Their first few attempts failed and eventually they were on the edge of giving up. I told my friends, Sam and Tucker, about all the things that were going on and hearing about the last attempt they absolutely wanted to come over and see."

Danny gave a sigh and stared up at the heavens. "That's when things went crazy. Sam was probably the most excited about the idea of a different dimension, and she made me curious enough to go inside the machine and see what this all was about. Back then, the Portal was just a large fancy hole in the wall. When I walked in I put my hand on the wall to feel my way around, since it was pretty dark in there." Danny covered his eyes and groaned out, "I had barely touched anything, but I felt something move underneath my fingers. Turns out my dad had put the button to activate it on the inside."

I bit my lip, already guessing what might have happened. "The Portal was powered by two kinds of energy." Danny continued. "Electricity and something called ectoplasm, which is the natural energy source of a ghost powers. When the Portal turned on both energies were activated, and with me right in the middle, I was literally electrocuted with ghost energy and electricity."

I hissed in empathy. "That isn't pleasant. The only good thing is that you faint afterwards."

Danny looked up at me in surprise. "How do you know?"

"We once had a series of very bad thunderstorms on Berk, people stared blaming Toothless because the lightning bolts seemed to keep following him. However I found out that it was because of the large metal perches we had set up for the dragons." Danny snorted but I just continued explaining, "I tried to prove this to everyone by tying a metal spear to one of the masts of a ship. However, the lighting hit me."

Danny snorted again. "Oh yeah, just perfect. Climbing to the highest possible place during a thunderstorm, with a long metal object in hand AND a metal leg, exactly all the things you shouldn't do when there is lighting. You must have been an amazing conductor." He finished with an eye roll.

"Hey! I can't help it that Thor is angry with metal! And...what is a conductor?"

Still smirking slightly, Danny started explaining, "Electricity always searches for the easiest way to get to the earth. That's why it always strikes the highest point and prefers metal. Certain object that help electricity travel more easily, like metals, are called conductors." He sat back again Sparky's side and added "Next time you put large metal objects in the village you should make a long pole, go to Raven Top and stick it as deep in the ground as you can. Then you'll have a lightning rod to prevent the lightning from reaching the village." I nodded slowly, taking in everything he said. Some things sounded almost crazy and in other ways, they made more sense than some things I had been told since I was a kid.

"However, back to my story. I did indeed faint like you said and when I woke up and looked in the mirror..." I almost jumped off the log when a flash of white light blinded m. When I had blinked the dots dancing in front of my eyes away, Danny was sitting there in his demon/ghost form. "...I looked like this." He finished. "I don't know what exactly happened or how, but after a while I learned to live with it." He smiled slightly. "And before I knew it ghosts started coming into our world and I took the responsibility of sending the malevolent ones back from where they came. A lot of people couldn't believe I was actually the good guy at first. That's why I said that I was somewhat like you and Toothless were; The idea seemed completely ridiculous and crazy, but it turned out to be something better."

I smiled happily at my friend. So, he was indeed the good guy, and from what he told me I could deduce that there were probably a bunch of other benevolent ghosts too. That got me curious again. "So, can you tell me a little bit about ghosts too?" I wondered.

Danny's smile turned into a slight grin. "Okay, but first, forget everything you know and everything I told you."

Sitting a little straighter in surprise, I wondered, "Uhm, why?"

"You needed to know all that to understand the circumstances in which I became a half-ghost, but when it comes to ghosts themselves logic seems to take a day off, for all eternity."

Okay then, I took a deep breath and got ready to accept what would probably be the craziest theories I had ever heard. "Okay, I'm ready."

Danny nodded in return. "I just described ectoplasm to you as a form of energy, but it can also be found as gas, liquid, vapor, solid, and our personal favorite, goo."

I snorted at that. "Really?"

"Yeah, some of the weaker ghost don't have a permanent form and are just little living blobs."

Wow, I didn't know for sure if I thought that was funny, gross or if felt sorry for those ghosts.

"Ghosts can be found, not only in all sizes, but also in great variations of colors and forms. I might mostly be black and white, but you've also got red, blue purple, green, and whatever else you can think of colored ghosts. Same goes for what they looks like. Think of anything that could possibly be a living creature or even things that can't be, you'll find it in the Ghost Zone. Oh, and the Ghost Zone itself is a very creepy place, but if you know how it works and if you are careful it's fun to explore. The main reason is because of all the portals, the doors, and the fact that in the Ghost Zone humans are the ghost."


Danny grinned –he seemed to do that a lot today. "When a human enters the Ghost Zone, he or she gains a very basic ghost power that ghosts seem to lose once they enter it." With that he suddenly pulled his fist back and punched it straight through my chest. I gave a startled yelp, Toothless gave a terrified shriek and Sparky only flinched. It took Toothless and I a few seconds to realize that Danny's arm was transparent and that I wasn't hurt. The only thing I felt was a gentle chill where Danny had stuck his arm through me. "Intangibility," He clarified. "The ability to harmlessly pass through solid objects."

When he pulled his hand back I started gasping for breath and feel around to check if I was really okay. When I didn't find any wounds or painful bruises I let myself sag off of the tree trunk and onto the ground with a sigh of relief. "Sorry," Danny snickered. "But that was just too tempting to resist." I bent my head backward to look at him, a strange mix of displeasure and curiosity surged through my body and I sat up a little straighter. Danny saw this and his smile turned a little less grin-like before he asked, "Would you like to see more?" I could only nod silently.

"Okay, let's start with the basics." He stood up and jumped in the air. In the blink of an eye, his legs turned into that black, mist-like tail again. "First of all, all ghosts can fly."

I forced my shock down to ask something that had been bothering me ever since I first saw it. "And what is it with that...that, uhm..." I vaguely gestured to his transparent, tail-like lower body. He looked down to see what I was talking about and seemed to catch on after a moment.

"This?" He wondered pointing down. "This is called a spectral tail. Some ghosts form it automatically while flying."

Demonstrating this ability, he started zooming all around the place. I noticed that when he was going faster the 'spectral tail' would form a long streak behind him. To be honest, I thought it looked pretty graceful. When I got a glimpse of his face, I saw a smile of pure joy and excitement. I looked back at Toothless and Sparky and almost laughed at how they were following Danny with their eyes. Their heads shot from left and right, up and down and they turned circles with their noses when he made loops.

Eventually he came back down to float a few feet away and in front of me, his tail calmly flicking to and fro. "Yeah, okay," I mumbled slowly. "But what about your legs? What happens to those?"

Danny looked down and said, "I have no idea. I freaked out too the first time I did that. But my dad always says: If you can get it back to what it was before, there is no reason to panic." With that, the tail turned back into legs, he set his feet firmly on the ground and disappeared from sight.

What the? This is what he did with Savage...which means he can pop up anywhere at any second. Oh Gods. I started looking around for any sign as to where he could be, but I saw nothing. He was probably floating or something.

Behind me, Toothless shuffled a little, obviously uncomfortable. When I looked up, I saw that he was following something with his eyes. I slowly leaned a little toward him and asked, "Can you see him?" Toothless nodded and barely a second later he lunged and seemed to be holding something up. "Oh, come on!" Danny appeared out of nowhere, with his arms crossed and a pouting face, as Toothless had lifted him off the ground with his belt between his jaws. "Spoilsport," he mumbled and the Night Fury let go of him.

"So, that was invisibility." He said as he glared at Toothless who walked back to sit behind me. "It can be quit handy during a fight, but weak ghost can be seen by other ghosts. And there are also animals that can see us while invisible, like cats, dogs and apparently also dragons."

"And what was that with the green fire, beam, things?" I wondered, thinking back of how he had shot a boulder and it exploded but didn't have such destructive effects on humans.

Danny held his hands up and made them glow. "This?" he wondered aloud. "This is the ghost or ecto-ray." I nodded and he continued. "Basically a ghost turns his or her ectoplasmic energy in a beam that can be shot out of, for example, the hands. Depending on how much power we put into it and what we want it to do it can burn, simply push something back, destroy, light a room, or with a lot of practice it can even be used as a shield or rope."

He turned around and sent a blast at a rock, making a perfectly round hole in it. "But of course I would never put as much power in my blasts to do something like that while fighting a human. And plasm isn't as unworldly as you think. Ectoplasm is adapted to be ghost energy, but normal plasm is a highly unstable electrical gas. Both Toothless and Sparky use it to light their fire, by the way."

I looked up at both of the dragons, who had turned toward each other and seemed to be talking with clicks and guttural noises.

"And with the basics there is also overshadowing, the power to, uhm, take over living creatures and...make them do...stuff." Danny looked more and more nervous as he explained and I myself felt really uncomfortable too. "But don't worry, yes I used it while fighting with the Outcasts but I wouldn't do it to you. And overshadowing doesn't have and lasting effects except loss of any memories while being overshadowed. Plus a ghost wouldn't harm their host because they can feel everything their body feels." Suddenly he shuddered a little. "Brrr, host… that is a strange word to use, even for me."

Danny's actions told me that he was trying to be honest and not scare me, so I took a deep breath and instead asked, "Is there some way to fight or resist overshadowing?"

"Yeah, of course. Strong willed people can put up a resistance and sometimes even drive out the ghost. A ghost overshadowing a ghost however ends with them switching bodies." He put up a very sour face at that, managing to make me snicker and break the awkwardness.

"Now," Danny pondered "What to show next? ...Oh, I know!" With that, he flew back to me. "Where some powers can destroy, some can also create." He held up his hand and it and his eyes started glowing glacier blue while the temperature around usseemed to drop even more than it already had. And in front of my eyes a blue crystal formed in the palm of his hand. "This, as my overly wordy sister likes to call it," he explained, "Is Cryokinesis. Or as I rather say, ghostly-ice-powers. It gives me the ability to make, shape and control ice."

He seemed to look thoughtful for a moment before the ice started changing, twisting and reshaping and my eyes widened as I recognized what it was becoming. As finishing touch he put index finger and thumb on the head and when he took them away it had green glowing eyes. "Here, you can keep it." He said, handing the Night Fury shaped bracelet to me. It was beautiful: It curled itself up into a circle with its head on its tail, his wings neatly folded onto it's back and paws pulled underneath it as if it was really lying down on an arm. It was nicely detailed and the green in its eyes was moving and swirling around as if it was truly alive.

I opened my mouth to voice my concerns about the little piece of art but Danny was quicker. "Don't worry, ghostly ice is very hard to melt and even harder to break. And with hard to melt, I mean 'throw it in a volcano and it is still okay' hard to melt." With a smile it put it on my wrist. It was cool to the touch but not as cold that it was uncomfortable.

"And now, the two next I learned here. Well, one was perfected and the other I discovered here. First, the ghost stinger. It generates a ghost version of electricity and I have been using it to communicate with Sparky. However it is unstable and I wouldn't want to try and use it without a conductor. The other you saw yesterday, healing powers." He gave a frustrated sigh. "It is probably gonna take a while for me to really master that one."

"And then there is also the ghostly wail, but I'm not gonna demonstrate that one either. There is way too big of a chance that I would make something collapse and make you deaf. And I noticed that putting even a tiny piece of The Wail's power in normal yelling makes dragons go crazy."

My eyes widened in realization. "So that's why you have such a loud voice; you use your powers during class!" At this, Danny gave me a sheepish grin and rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. "Cheater," I mumbled quietly.

Danny coughed nervously. "Okay then, onto the last power that I know of right now. And I kept this for last, because even though I learned about this early, it took me ages to master it and even now it can go wrong sometimes, so cross your fingers." And with that he closed his eyes and even started shuddering in concentration. Then he started glowing and there was a bright flash that forced me to close my eyes. When it was gone, I started blinking and rubbing the bright dots away.

"Yes, that's a good start!" Danny cried out. 'Wait a second… am I hearing double?' I blinked a few more times and looked up where I had seen him last. '...Okay, am I seeing double now too?!' Two Danny's were floating in front of me and both put up a different hand, giving a joyful "Hello!"

My mouth popped open, jaw lying uselessly in the dirt and I lifted my hands and started pointlessly pointing at the two Dannys. They started talking, each taking turns.

"Boy and dragons–"

"–I present to you–"

"–duplication!" they finished together.

Duplication? I was able to shut my mouth with a click and tried to sound not too shocked. "Haha, wow. You know if you had wanted to you might have been able to try and train a Zippleback –you need two people for those."

"Sorry," The first Danny said, and the second continued pointing at Sparky "But this Halfa is already taken." Toothless and I casually turned a little to Sparky, who puffed up his chest in pride.

"But wait, there is more." The second Danny said and the first one started glowing again. This time I was prepared and quickly covered my eyes. I heard THREE 'woohoo's and when I opened my eyes there were indeed three Danny's. I think at that point I was doing such a good impression of a fish that Toothless might have eaten me. That is if he wasn't staring himself.

"I would stop doing that if I were you Hiccup."

"Yeah, if you keep continuing–"

"–you might catch some dragonflies."

The three Danny's started laughing, curling up into balls in midair as they gripped their stomachs.

"As I said before: Duplication."

"The ability to create exact copies of yourself."

"And those copies are each fully aware and functional in battle."

For the probably billionth time that day, I shut my mouth and swallowed. "How in the name of Odin do you do that?"

"You really want me to explain?!" The three Danny's exclaimed all at once and the third one finished, "It's hard enough already to just do it."

"No I just mean if every single one of you has a mind of your own, how do you work together while...separated?" I clarified.

"Oh, that."

"Well each and every one of us sees, hears, and thinks different things."

"But because we are one single person–"

"–we can hear each other's thoughts."

"Cool, I just realized that, in a sense, I can use telepathy."

I looked over the three Dannys again and suddenly realized something. "Huh, three. For a Zippleback you need two people, one for each head. If there was one more of you we could try if the same would go for a Snaptrapper, who has four heads." At this the three Dannys looked at each other with a slightly evil smirk. Oh Gods you got to be kidding me!

All three Dannys started off together: "Did someone just say–" There was another flash and when I opened my eyes I think I turned a little paler. Three Dannys, okay, that was how many Outcasts had been acting weird. But–

"–four?!" The newest Danny yelled, finishing both their and my sentence. Then there was a moment of silence while the Dannys were looking at each other before all of them cheered at the same time, "Woohoo, and this time without too much trouble!" and started a very complicated four sided high five.

"In Týr's name, how many times can you do that!?" I exclaimed, feeling the little uncomfortable at the thought of him having the potential of being his own army.

"Uhm, considering how much we know, –"

"–what is theoretically possible, –"

"–taking my own development of power into account–"

"–and the fact that my arch enemy made about fifty to a hundred–"

"–we have no idea!" They finished.

"Say guys, when we're talking about this, should we use 'I' or 'we'?" The third one wondered, to which three of them put up their best 'thinking face' and the fourth one said: "Oh o people, we have a philosoraptor."

After I kept looking for a while, as they kept pondering and even discussing a little longer, I saw some humor in this and said: "You know you are talking to yourself now, right?"

The four where silent at once. "Yeah, you could look at it like that–"

"–but at the same time it does make kind of sense when you with more of you."

"And even normal people often argue with themselves–"

"–but in this case it can be done out loud because it doesn't look that crazy in these situations."

To be honest, I thought this looked as crazy as the day Gobber would waltz around in a pink toga playing a harp (never gonna happen and never gonna get that picture out of my head, ugh!) but I guess he had a point somewhere. "However, this power has one big flaw."

"When I separate my body like that–"

"–we also separate our strength–"

"–making every copy and even the original weaker and weaker."

I nodded slowly, my 'army worry' lessening a lot at that news. "So is there some other crazy power I should know about?"

"Nope, that's about it." And with that, quicker than an eye could blink, and like something elastic shooting back to its original form, the other Dannys were absorbed back into the original one. "Just the increased speed and strength and improved senses, but other than that there is not something else I can think of right now."

I stood there, absorbing everything that I just learned and saw, as Danny walked up to me while changing back into human form. "Wow," I said slowly "Sorry that I put it like this, but that was really freaky."

Danny just gave me a gentle pat on the shoulder and said, "Yeah, that's what me and my friends thought the first few weeks. Just be happy that those powers are used for good and on your side when you need them."

I blinked at my friend's words. "What, really? So whenever I have trouble I can come to you and ask a favor?"

"Of course you can! You're my friend and those together with family stand one place higher in my 'to help' list than the rest of the world. And if I have nothing serious to do, you can even come to me with little problems. I'm not some high almighty creature that is unreachable by one single person. In just a teenager that wants to have fun with his friends and be there for them. And the same goes for you two too." He said to the dragons. "I do what I can and even more for those I care about." I smiled a little at that.

"Thanks bud."


"But say, what was it like those first few weeks? What gave you the idea to hunt evil dem–ghosts? How did people react to you? And what was this about that arch enemy of yours?"

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, that is if you ignore the fact that I had lunch with a half demon that called himself ghost and listened to all those adventures he had. I was getting more and more relaxed and by the end of the day. While we were walking home laughing and bumping into each other, I almost forgot again what the kid actually was. To me he was just another strange kid that was my newest friend again.

*A/N: Draugr are Norse mythological creatures that can be compared to zombies, ghosts AND vampires. Basically spirits locked up in their former dead body after it wasn't buried properly. They hunt and haunt the living and take revenge on everyone that did them any wrong. And since Danny has a human appearance and also a ghost one...0_0...Yeeeeeaaaaah, right! I talk too much.

Me: "So, how is the math going?"

Danny: *Twitchtwitch* "This piece of paper summarizes my darkest fears and weaknesses."

Inuyasha: "Well, I got this." *Holds up a doodle*

Me: "Inuyasha plus Tessaiga equals dead Naraku minus Sacred Jewel" -_-' "U f-ing serious?"

Hiccup: "This is fascinating, and very fun once you get it."

Inuyasha and Danny: *Look at him like he is crazy*

Me: "You sound like my mom."

Vesper: "...Hey, I think I got it. Is the answer i 3U?

Me: *Looks at paper* "Yup, that's it."

Danny, Hiccup and Inuyasha: O_O

Danny: "Uhm, are you trying to tell us something?"

Me: "Hey, I didn't make the tasks. They did." *Points at door*

*Door flies open* "SQUEEEEEEEEEEE-"


Danny: "Abandon all school work, run for your lives!"

Inuyasha: "Finally!" *Grabs a traumatized Hiccup by the collar and follows Danny*

*Fangirls storm by*

Vesper: *Nervous* "Any chance you can delay writing my story again?"

Me: "Happy very late Easter! And also a happy, very late birthday to me (April 25th) so see it as a present for you guys."