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There was no moment recorded in the passage of time that was as sweet as the one she was lost in now. For once, just a second, the world was right. Peace and Love held everything instead of War and Hate.

Tree branches waved to the urging of a warm night breeze; fireflies skimming over the surface of both land and water were like stars close enough to catch. Crickets sang their nightly tune and the sound of water caressed by wind was nothing short of hypnotically soothing.

The grass was soft like silk as she rubbed it between her fingers. And the smells...

Fragrant flowers, new grass, the earthy scent of dirt. The lingering smell of rain, the smell of life. All these flooded her senses making the moment more special.

Making it perfect however was who she was sharing it with. His arms had her slender waist ensnared, and the steady drumming of his heart echoed in her ears.

"What are you thinking right now?" The soft, deep voice was whispered quietly in her ear and a tender kiss found her rosy cheek a second later. Her lips stretched into a smile of pure content. All she needed to be happy was him.

"Nothing," she breathed, "because the only time I think is when you're not with me. At those times, you consume every thought. When we are together though, thought goes out the window and my heart takes over."

"I know exactly what you mean." She heard the smile and the mischievousness in his voice before he playfully pushed her onto her back and trapped her to the earth with his body.

The moonlight illuminated his features; she swore his blue eyes were glowing. To him, she looked more beautiful and alluring each second.

Her dark green curls fanned out around her face and shoulders, blending with the grass. Her eyes were emeralds lit from within with the fires of love and her lips, pink as a rose and twice as soft, something he knew from much past experience, were a siren song he could no longer ignore.

Leaning down, less than an inch separated their lips. "What are you thinking now?" She smiled.

"Only how much I love you... Link." A shudder of pleasure went through him at her words, her voice. How he loved hearing her say his name.

"...Farore, I love you too." Without waiting for a response, he closed the gap between them and to both it was the sweetest kiss they had ever shared.

If only they could see that this moment was destined for destruction and that before them lurked danger the likes of which they had never seen.


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