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~Moon White Rose

~Chapter 3~

Farore felt as if she couldn't move, and she vaguely wondered why she couldn't see a thing. She could however hear, and the ringing in her ears was growing annoying, and doing nothing for her headache….

Wait, headache? How can I have…? It all came back to her and Farore opened her eyes while jolting up from her lying position. This turned out to be a huge mistake as pain erupted throughout her body at the sudden movement; the light around her blinding. A moan sprang from her lips and immediately she lied back down, squeezing her eyes shut. The brightness had caused her eyes to water and she could feel the warm moisture trickle down her cheeks.

Crying? How could she be capable of tears, and pain, and sleeping? Is that what she had been doing? Calm, stay calm. Be courageous. Now think. She thought about her last few moments with Din, and recalled what her sister had said; a conversation that had started because Din had found about her love for Link. Din had admitted to feeling a lustful pull to Ganondorf, and Nayru had fixed that problem.

"'She turned me into a Gerudo, stripped me of all my power, and for a week I was living the dream of being with Ganondorf.'" With a sickening feeling n her stomach, Farore realized that's what must have happened to her. She must have been turned into… a mortal; most likely a Hylian if she were to be accurate.

Her immediate response was to panic; she could feel the fear brought on by her situation welling inside her. No, don't let mortal fears and emotions get in the way Farore. Stay calm. Din and Nayru aren't going to let anything happen to you. As she thought this, she opened her eyes again, but this time at a slower pace. The light was at first blinding, but after a minute or two, her eyes adjusted, and it bothered her that her vision, though clear now, was nothing like it had been before. The same could be said for her hearing and sense of smell.

All the sense are so… dull. How do they stand it? She'd think about that later. Now that her eyes had adjusted, she realized she was in a forest; trees surrounded her on every side and the light was the sun which had managed to find a break in the leafy canopy, no doubt Din's idea; her sister probably wanted her to feel as much pain as possible in this experience. Then again, I suppose that is the point. Still, can being mortal be all that bad?

Slowly she sat up, hoping that the pain wouldn't return. Moments passed with her feeling slightly dizzy, but once the feeling abated, she dared to stand. For a moment the world spun, but it didn't take her long to steady herself.

Then she tried to walk. Her arms flailed and her legs felt wobbly and she instantly fell on her rear. What? I can't even walk now? She had to admit though her whole body felt different. It felt like she was heavier and the terrain below her feet was different from what she was used to. Not to mention, you're mortal. You've been walking around in an immortal body for longer than any can imagine; now you have to get used to feet of real flesh.

"And I will get used to it," she vowed, before reaching up to her throat. Was that really her voice? The question frustrated her; most of what had been going through her head since waking up was questions. She was tired of them. She was also tired of imagining what Din and Nayru were doing while they watched her. No doubt Din was laughing and Nayru was filled with pity. "Well I don't want your pity, Nayru," she suddenly muttered to the sky. "And Din, shut your mouth."

Her sudden rush of anger and her repulsion at scorn and pity surprised her, and she realized it was her Hylian emotions kicking in. Hylians were a proud race; often, Farore had seen them refuse much needed help, sometimes lifesaving help, for the sake of pride numerous times. To think, her time as a mortal had only just begun, and she still had at least a week, if what Din had said was any indicator; but then again, Nayru had been in charge of Din's little experience with the Gerudo King. No doubt her wise sister had been merciful.

There was no guarantee that Din would be merciful with her, at least not by what standards Nayru would consider merciful. What was horribly wrong for her blue haired sister was sometimes quite acceptable for the fiery red head. Realizing this, and remembering that technically in a way she was being punished, Farore felt the urge to move; she suddenly felt very vulnerable. She struggled to her feet, but once she was standing, she began to try to figure out where she was. Trees surrounded her on all sides and she was in some sort of clearing. At first, she couldn't see a break in the trees, but then she saw not one, but four; one going in each direction. Immediately she knew where she was.

The Lost Woods. She knew the layout of the Lost Woods relatively well, but her memories seemed to be getting a bit hazy, and since she had no idea where she was, what she did know was no good. Especially since this is one of the mirror clearings, she thought. Very few sections had significant differences, and there was only one path to the temple or the Kokiri Village. Tears of frustration bit her eyes before spilling down.

"How am I supposed to get out of here?" she yelled. Not two seconds after she said the words, did she hear a twig snap behind her; she turned as quickly as she could, fearing it was a stalfoe or a pack of wolfos. It was neither, but who she saw made her eyes go wide, and in the same moment, she both hated and loved Din, who she could just see smirking at what was now happening.

"Well, it's not every day I see someone in such a dangerous place. My name is Link, and if you would like, I can show you the way out."

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