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~Chapter 4~

Farore just stared blankly at Link; not really believing this was happening, but knowing it couldn't be anything but real. The ability to speak died on her tongue as she gazed down, a blush painting her cheeks a soft pink; skies above he was more handsome in person. After a moment Link cleared his throat, trying to break the awkward silence. "Do you need help out of here Miss…?" Link trailed off, hoping the girl would at least provide him with a name.

"Huh… oh! Right. My name is Fa... Fara. My name is Fara… who are you?" Though she smiled, Farore was chastising herself mentally. What was that; it was a lousy fake name, but at least she didn't give away who she really was… not that she would have been believed even if she had slipped up.

"You mean you do not know who I am?" Link demanded, shock on his face. Farore froze. Of course she knew who he was, but she didn't want to say that; he would see her as weird… wouldn't he? For the moment, Faroe decided to act as if she didn't have a clue.

"Umm, no, I'm sorry," she said, her voice growing softer with each word. Much to her surprise, and confusion, he began to laugh. Unsure of what to do, Farore giggled as Link's laughter was contagious.

"That's a first," he finally said "not to mention a bit refreshing. It seems I can't go anywhere now without being recognized. I'm Link, The Hero of Time."

"Oh!" responded Farore, feigning shock. "I know who you are, but I didn't recognize you. Forgive me," she added, giving a slight bow.

"No, no, don't be sorry; I suppose I'm just used to everyone knowing who I am. It is nice though to actually get to introduce myself for a change." Farore just smiled, not having any idea as to what to say. "Anyway, do you need help getting out of here? How did you even end up in this place?" The question chased away any calm she had. A distraction; she had to come up with something fast to distract him from the question she couldn't answer.

"I'd love for help; it's so easy to get turned around in here," she said, hoping Link wouldn't ask again as to how she ended up here. Link nodded in agreement to her statement.

"If that isn't the truth than I don't know what is. Come on, I'll show you the way out." Farore felt a wave of relief crash over her; she had avoided the question, for now at least. But that won't last forever; he has a curious nature, and I really shouldn't be here.

With Link leading the way, she quickly was out of the Lost Woods and standing on the ledge overlooking Kokiri Village. She could see it really was a charming place, now that there weren't thousands of miles separating her from it. Being actually in it sent an excited shiver down her spine and she figured it was due to her natural desire for exploring new places. Next to her, Link smiled at the sight of his old childhood home; unlike him, it never changed and that made him happy.

"This really is a beautiful place." The words left Farore quietly, as she was saying them to herself. Link heard her though and nodded his agreement.

"I couldn't agree more; Kokiri Forest is one of the most beautiful places in all of Hyrule," he replied. Farore could hear the love in his voice for his childhood home and it caused her to inwardly smile. She knew that Link could come off as somewhat unfeeling with his strong, silent personality, but she knew that was far from the truth. Link was loving and sensitive to the needs of those he cared about, even if he could hardly ever put his feelings into words; he preferred to let his actions speak for him. "So," he added after a moment, breaking into her thoughts, "where do you live? It will be dark in a few hours and I would feel awful if I left a girl to fend for herself, unless you do not need any more assistance."

Farore panicked once again. "I… well…." She forced herself to stop before she made a complete idiot of herself, which was probably what Din was hoping for. Where would she stay though? She knew Din wouldn't have had to worry about this because all the Gerudo stayed in the Fortress. But I'm not Din and I'm not a Gerudo. Farore had no money on her from what she could tell, so staying at an Inn was out of the question. Vaguely she knew Link was waiting, but for the moment she didn't care.

The reality of the situation was really hitting her hard and it made tears prick her eyes. She was mortal, alone, and she had nowhere to stay. Plus, an empty feeling in her stomach made her realize she must be getting hungry and she felt weary, both mentally and physically. This isn't fare you two! At least Din had food, water, and shelter! What about me!?

As Link waited for a reply he noticed the tears welling her emerald green eyes, and he noticed the sad look on her face. Was it possible she had no home? If that was the case, than he knew how she felt. When he had to save Hyrule, he very rarely got to return to his little Kokiri house; often he was at the mercy of other's generosity or the mercy of the elements while he slept under the stars. There had been nights where he had had a full stomach and a warm bed and there had also been nights where he went to bed hungry on the cold ground. It's not really my place to offer this but… I'm sure Malon won't mind at least one night.

"Fara?" Farore looked up and while Link looked a little uncomfortable, he still offered her a friendly smile. "You've heard of Lon Lon Ranch, right?"

"Yes. They provide milk for the royal family and they breed the best horses in all of Hyrule." Link nodded.

"That's where I'm staying right now, and if you have nowhere to go, would you like to stay the night? I know Malon won't mind." Farore was surprised at the offer, but she couldn't say no. She had no other place to go after all….

"Thank-you for the offer… Link. I accept." For a moment they stared at each other before Link turned away. Heat crept into Farore's cheeks and she couldn't hold back a small smile.

Maybe things weren't so bad after all.

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