Ummmmmm… so as a for warning I'm making this up as I go so bare with it. It's gonna be funny that's all you need to know. I'm listening to my ipod and drinking juice! Here I go!


A little girl with blonde hair and grey eyes clutched her Barbie doll to her chest and cried. She was at least four and had no adult with her. Out of nowhere the Teen Titans rushed up beside her, causing the terrified girl to scream.

"Where is your mother!" Cyborg scolded.

"I don't know" She sobbed.

"Friend Cyborg!" Starfire yelled. "Be nice!" turning to the girl she asked: "What is your identification?"

"Sarah," she said holding back tears.

"What are your parents names?" Raven asked.

"Mommy and Daddy," Sarah cried.

Beast Boy groaned. "Where was the last place you saw them?"

Sarah then went into a detailed explanation of where they were including the latitude and longitude. Robin reached for her hand telling her that he would take her there, but as soon as his hand touched hers Sarah's she threw him over her shoulder. Sarah ripped off her face to reveal Slade. Robin stood up quickly and the two began to circle each other.

"What do you want Slade?" Robin growled.


"Whaaaaatttt?" Beast Boy asked, scratching his head.

"He said MILK!" said Terra.

"SHUT UP!" yelled Cyborg. "You're a statue!"

"Not anymore!" Terra explained. "Remember I came back and pretended not to know you guys,"

"YOU PRETENDED?" Beast Boy exploded.

"Ummm, no?" She stuttered. "hehe BYE!"

And with that Terra disappeared.

"Why do you want milk?" Robin asked.

"Well I was making breakfast and I ran out so I decided to steal some! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Because prices are so high!" Slade laughed.


"So Robin, tell me are you Jason Todd or Tim Drake?" Slade asked.

"Who the heck are they?" Robin asked. "I'm Dick Grayson,"

Robin gasped realizing what he had done. Quickly he looked for a way to earse what he had said. "No, I'm uh, Bruce Wayne. No! Clark Kent! No! Uh…" He slapped a hand to his face and groaned. "This isn't fair! You tricked me!"

Robin then proceeded to stomp his feet and pull his hair out. Starfire watched in confusion as he began to cry. She had never seen him act so strange. She knew tears could be a sign of joy or sadness, but Robin showed neither on his face. She was about to ask Raven what was going on when she got distracted by a bowtie wearing llama singing show tunes.

"I GIVE UP!" Robin cried. "I'm going back to Gotham because you're a bully Slade! A BULLY!"

"Why go back to Gotham when you can join me?" Slade asked.

"Do you have cookies?" he asked.

"Yes Robin, you can have all the cookies you want,"

"You would do that for me?" Robin sniffled, whipping away tears.

"Yes, anything for my apprentice,"


Robin die a back flip and cried out in delight. He really wanted those cookies. Starfire was confused. Raven was amazed at what just happened and Cyborg and Beast Boy weren't paying any attention because they were playing an amazingly intense game of charades.

"Bye losers!" Robin called out. "You should have no problem losing battles without me!"

Slade and Robin ran of but suddenly Robin stopped and turned around took the llama, causing Starfire to cry, and continued on his way. Visions of cookies and llamas floating through his head as he headed into his new life as a criminal.

"Do you know what this means?" Cyborg asked.

"Robin is evil now?" Raven Guessed.

"Nah, Slade screams like a little girl,"


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